“I’ll be back in Scotland” Tierney gives hint about his retirement plans

Kieran Tierney admits that he isn’t sure what he will do when he retires but has hinted that he will be back as a supporter of his former team, Celtic.

Arsenal signed the left-back from the Scottish champions in the summer of 2019 and he has become one of the most reliable members of their first team.

His fine form has earned him admiration from the club’s fans as he shows very good dedication on the field.

Most footballers end their career by taking up managerial roles just as Mikel Arteta has done.

But Tierney says he hasn’t thought so much about his next step probably because he is still so young.

He admits that he doesn’t know if he would be taking his coaching badges although he hears older players talking about stuff like that.

But a return to Scotland is definitely on the cards for him as he would be back supporting his boyhood team, Celtic.

He said on Arsenal’s Matchday program as quoted by Sun Sports: “I have thought about it, but it’s hard to say with it being so far away.

“It’s not crossed my mind to do any coaching badges or anything like that yet.

“Some of the older players talk about it, and doing the qualifications, it’s probably something you think more about when you get over 30, but before that it’s all about your playing career.

“Well when I finish playing I’ll be back in Scotland, no doubt going back to my old life of supporting Celtic home and away again!

“I’ll be back there doing something anyway.

“I’ll definitely live in Scotland when I finish playing, 100 per cent. I miss it every day.”

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  1. jon fox says:

    The boy is hardly out of short trousers, so let him enjoy his considerable playing career to come and let thoughts of his future after playing not worry him for many years yet.
    Cross bridges in life when you come to them, not before, as too much future planning, FAR too soon, takes the fun out of being young.

  2. ozziegunner says:

    In my view the best advice anyone could give Kieran Tierney is that he should put all his effort into training hard, staying fit, performing to his undoubted potential to become a great left back with Arsenal, play for Scotland and win as many trophies as he can. While doing that and earning great money, he should be investing wisely to set himself up for life after football. The rest will look after itself.

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