“I’m a bit disappointed in the news, to be honest” Campbell slams Arsenal

Kevin Campbell is very unimpressed by the news that Arsenal has fired Steve Bould as their Under23 manager.

Bould spent around three decades at the club as a player and coach, but he has been unceremoniously kicked out, according to Sky Sports.

He is the latest old member of the club to be relieved of his duties as the Gunners continue to rebuild their team.

At the start of the pandemic last season, they made several members of staff redundant including their top scouts.

The sackings have continued as they look to rebuild the team and change every part of what most fans know about the club.

Campbell is unimpressed by the sacking of Bould who has been key in helping the club develop some of their best talents.

He admits that Bould has been at the club for long and probably went stale, but insists that he doesn’t like how he was fired by the club.

When asked by Football Insider for his thoughts on Bould’s dismissal, Campbell said: “It shocked me.

“I’m a bit disappointed in the news, to be honest. He has been at the club 30 years, it’s a long time.

“The club must feel that they can bring somebody in who can improve the development of the younger players.

“Steve is an ex-teammate of mine, I know him well. He has looked after the youth team, the Under-23s and he has also been the assistant manager to Arsene Wenger. He has done so much for the club.

“Maybe he went a bit stale. 30 years is a long time at one club. Hopefully whoever comes in can take the Under-23s to the next level.

“I just don’t like the way it was done. I hope he is alright and I know he won’t speak ill of the club.

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  1. Maybe he went a bit stale

    Steve Bould served the club well and on that basis deserves his retirement. In more recent times I remember him sitting next to AW and never uttering a word. As for the manner of his departure it can’t be pleasant to be released

    1. watching him sitting like a ventriloquist dummy on the bench beside Wenger was an image I’ll not soon forget…things were certainly not copasetic between the two men ever since Bouldy took over for Pat Rice…sounds like Bould was increasingly frustrated at his lack of input on the training ground and Wenger didn’t like Bould taking the credit for the defensive improvement in the team, in the same way he had disliked the recognition given to Martin Keown who occupied a temporary role of specialist defence coach in 2006

      in a January 2014 news article the following comment about their seemingly untenable relationship was written, “You could clearly see the friction on the touchline during games, with Bould and Wenger hardly communicating with each other; the former often mouthing barely concealed words of contempt as the ball kept hitting the back of Arsenal’s net.” Gazidis finally intervened and forced a then fragile Wenger into granting Bould the access he craved, which resulted in Arsenal only conceding 5 goals in our remaining 11 games and we secured 4th place…I feel for the guy, even though at the time I was convinced that he was there simply as a symbolic gesture to the fans, so it appeared as if Wenger was taking our defensive struggles seriously

        1. I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll believe the sources where I got this information long before I listen to your generic conspiratorial gibberish…you should try reading a book with words sometime soon little Johnny Troll

  2. Sad end but he will never be forgotten as a championship winning defender. Boy could we do with someone playing like him, those near post flick ons and no nonsense defending.

    1. 👍 It all went south, when Wenger reportedly resisted Bould’s input into coaching the Arsenal defence. I mean to say what would Steve Bould, one of Arsenal’s best ever CB’s, know about defending.
      Good to be able to sit on the bench, chew gum and say nothing, while watching Arsenal’s “top class” defending. No wonder he has no hair left.

  3. Very few fine players turn out to be very good coaches.Pirlo is the latest example.Many average players turn out to be good coaches.Graham Potter is a good example.

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