I’m dreaming that Karim Benzema signs for Arsenal…


Hello folks. Another game, another trophy. That is two trophies in our last three games! This is becoming predictable. I am bored of winning all these trophies already! Lol. Let us all have a bit of fun and enjoy this success while it lasts because while we are all very excited about the new season, winning the league will be far from easy. Chelsea, Man City and Manchester United are all gearing up in big ways especially with the later bidding 100 million dollars for Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller and promising him gazillions in wages every other week. So it is with the giddy excitement of a five year old in a candy store that I welcomed the rumour that Arsenal have had their bid of 40 million pounds accepted for Karim Benzema. Emphasis on ‘rumour’ albeit a very different kind because this isn’t coming from the Metro.

Normally, I don’t do rumors in my articles. It is really annoying to get all excited and then come crashing down days or weeks later when all the supposed done deals get undone by other clubs. Paolo Dybala was a done deal until he made a detour and landed in Torino to sign for Juventus. Arturo Vidal was a done deal but his medical was conducted in Bayern Munich’s medical facility. So why am I writing about Benzema? Well, for this one time, can I at least dream – while our opponents are making the big headlines with confirmed bids and signings? I need this. We all do. Every once in a while an insider comes around who is privy to big football signing information before it is announced. A couple of seasons ago, that guy was a certain @agent Jim. Today, he has been replaced by one @Futbol_Agent. It was only recently that I started following @Futbol_Agent and he got a few deals right. So you can imagine me falling for his every word like some teenage girl trolling Zach Efron.

This doesn’t make his tweets gospel but it does bring a glimmer of hope to Gunners in particular, who cannot even get reliable crumbs of transfer information from our boss Arsene Wenger. So when @Futbol_Agent tweeted yesterday night that we have had a 40 million pound bid for Benzema accepted, I was elated for sure. Who wouldn’t be? Benitez plans to play Bale as striker so this all adds up. @Futbol_Agent also tweeted we had lodged a 32 million pound bid for Julian Draxler. I don’t even want to get into the Draxler news because our pursuit of him has been as elusive as the wind and rumor has it that Juve want him too. So that one is far from a sure thing but it is still exciting and much better than waking up to nothing but Flamini’s impending exit and Jack Wilshere’s new found abs.

So it is okay to dream and dream I will. Imagine that Karim Benzema signs for Arsenal… Surely, he is not as clinical as Sergio Aguero or Robert Lewandowski but he edges Giroud in many ways. Their stats are similar in terms of goals scored and assists made. We have been through all of that already in this blog. But what Benzema brings that Giroud cannot is crazy pace, mobility, good positioning within the 18 yard box and a Walcott–like ability to beat the offside trap and run behind defences. Benzema is also a champion’s league winner and a striker who scores all kinds of goals. Did I also say that he is a very good dribbler and playmaker? Oh yes he is. Simply put, with Benzema up front, our attack will be a lot more dangerous with crazy movement and speed. Arsenal plays its best football when we have a mobile front man. Walcott gave us a glimpse of that in our last two games against West Brom and Aston Villa (FA cup) in which we scored a total of eight goals, after failing to score in games leading up to that with Giroud in front. So I will very happily have Benzema at Arsenal. With him, we will collectively score more goals.

For all of those fans who think he is not much of an improvement on what we currently have, I totally disagree. Never mind that he does not score as many goals as his big name demands but who has ever outshined or outscored Christiano Ronaldo in the same team? It is almost as if Ronaldo is the only person allowed to score all the goals, take all the free kicks and all the penalties. The guy is ruining Gareth Bale’s brilliant career already. Everybody works for Ronaldo and the guy sucks up all the oxygen in the room so much so that you never realize how much contribution the other players are making. When Ronaldo was in Manchester United, he also made Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez look average. He does that to everybody he plays with, so I have a good feeling that if and when Benzema signs with us, he will shine brighter just like Sanchez has. Imagine a front three of Sanchez, Benzema and Walcott with Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla behind them? If you can permit yourself to dream just this one time, you will feel what I am feeling this Monday morning. If we end up not signing him, well, we have been here before. But until then, I choose to dream. Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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  1. DO we have a more than able back up for LeCoq?? Can’t imagine Flamini, Arteta filling in the shoes. Should sign a decent DM andBenzema if …..

    1. benzema would be fine cz his track record speaks for itself at exactly a goal per two games for real madrid and he would also be an upgrade to giroud but i don’t know why but am still not convinced by him…i think we should challenge man utd for muller who has a better all round game and a very good opportunist in the penalty box and rarely gets injured…the ball actually finds him most of the time if you notice and he never lets you down on one on ones…i dare wenger to sign the younger and more efficient muller and end this boring chorus of striker, striker, striker in like the next seven yrs

    2. From what I see in the last few games of last season and the preseason game, Wenger will field Carzola & Ramsey behind Ozil as double pivots – Ramsey will have to accept to do much of the dirty work. LeCoq won’t start all the games, possibly in tough away game where we need more defensively secured – so there’s less chance of him getting injured. We all want an extra DM for peace of mind, but with Wilshere, Ramsey, OX, Carzola, LeCoq, Arteta all want playing center mid – it will be a tough call for Wenger

  2. Nooooonsense! 100mill for Muller!!! its not like their ucl spot is secured 🙁

  3. So Man Utd is going to sign a striker, according to sky sport LVG said its a surprise.My Man utd supporter mate told me that, man utd TV presenter said its happening in the next 10 days and they are all in for a big shock. Looks like its going to be someone big, so they are going to strength the striker position.

      1. i think someone who is associated with Addidas, Man utd wants realse their Addidas kit in August 1 exactly 10 days from now.So i am thinking of Ronaldo.

  4. Benzema is the dream this window, anyone who says otherwise can kindly name themselves so in the even we land him….I can watch each and everyone one of the dissenters spend the next year waxing lyrical.

    He’s everything Wenger wants from the CF in our system. Don’t do the flawed comparison nonsense, Benz is in Ronaldo’s shadow…just ask Bale and Suarez how easy it is to go from focal point, to bit on the side. Think how good Bale and Suarez were in england with a team setup just for them. It would be a lightening rod for Arsenal to get Benzema.

    Got my fingers crossed Reus lands at Madrid sooner rather than later. No better way to get the best out of Ozil than bring the guy he considers the best ST on the planet. If we get Benzema I can genuinely see us as title challengers for the first time since seeing Eduardo’s leg obliterated.

    1. Well, Suarez had an outstanding season with 25 goals and 21 assists in all competitions. and had a big contribution to barcelona winning champions league.

      1. Yes…..but compare that to Liverpool the year prior in a vastly inferior team that was centered around him.

  5. Thank you Uche.
    Me and you on same page here!

    My choice (among the 3) in turn are:
    1). Benzema
    2). Aubamayang
    3). Draxler (Actually, he’d have been my Ist choice of the 3 but for his
    injury problems. He has picked up another ‘light’ injury as we
    discuss now.

  6. DON’t mess with my feelings. Just don’t.

    I’ve gone through so much as a fan of Arsenal FC, when it comes to Rumours.

  7. With Benzema, it would be a nightmare line up for defenders. All three can interchange, play wide or middle and with their pace and movement how and who do you mark?
    Enough of mediocrity…make it happen Mr Wenger!

  8. All we have to do is dreaming? Oh Arsenal. My Arsenal. Do the Board and Manager know that there are fans? Spare us from dreams and give hope and reality.

  9. Whilst Benzema would be a better option up front, why not go all out for Reus. He is a Rozza fan, excellent on the ball , knows where the goal is and will cover LW position? Will be happy with Karim but ecstatic with Marco!!! Santi will again play from depth and just in front of Le Coq. Need to keep Le Coq so by buying a top DM we will antagonise him, BUT, can he play week in and week out???

  10. Something tells me that AW sometimes does everything to the extent of having less time to give to transfer business or else our scouts don’t reach certain places… The ‘exceptional players’ that AW talks about are always going elsewhere or what?. If it’s Benzema, get me early so that he gels with others early enough to avoid the issues of settling in the hardest league.

  11. KARim BENZema
    the Benz car of the forwards.
    Would be good to have a Mercedes Benz to compete for the our Ford Ranger pickup truck lol.

  12. uche u got me posting.cz I already promised maself I wouldn’t post until we got a sanchezlike signing…….I’ll settle for benzema cz seriously there are hardly better signings available.

    1.he’ll bring real quality to d team attack wise(fantastic hold up play,good dribbling skilss & power to follow up his dribbles)

    2.unpredictability: he can swap positions with any of d front players & still perform optimally.

    3.fear factor:his is a name that will make d likes of terry ,kompany,and rojo think “God help me with this guy”

    4.fineness with finishing: if this guy gets a thru ball u know “here it comes…. I mean d goal”and u knw those kind of balls that scampers across d goal post n begs someone to place it in?Benz will get them in.& finally ozil gets to feed a baby that surely knows hw to swallow his meals & not place them around his lips or into his pointed nose.
    soon let’s hope he comes

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