‘I’m going to keep pushing’ Is Guendouzi now working against Arsenal’s interest?

Matteo Guendouzi has just completed his transfer away from Arsenal to Olympique Marseille, and he seems to be working against the Gunners’ interest already.

The midfielder was a hot-head at the Emirates, and he fell out with Mikel Arteta, which was part of the reason he left the club.

He was on loan at OM alongside William Saliba last summer, but the defender is returning to the Emirates.

Saliba has enjoyed his best professional season so far with that loan move as he thrived and even earned a call-up to the France national team.

Arsenal will give him a chance on their team from next season, but Guendouzi wants him to remain at Marseille, and he reveals that he will try his best to make that happen.

The midfielder said, as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘William [Saliba] now has Marseille in his heart.

‘I’m sure that he’ll come back to Marseille next season.

‘I’m going to keep pushing so that he stays with us.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba will certainly have a place on our team in the next campaign, and Guendouzi is trying to fight a losing battle.

He didn’t have the character to remain at Arsenal, else he could have been one of the top Premier League midfielders now.

Saliba looks more decent, and that attitude will help him to have a great career.

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      1. So let me get this right!!!! Gouendouzi is getting the blame for Saliba being persuaded to stay at Marseille, rediculous comment. After the way Saliba was treated by Arteta, not giving him a squad number, not giving him any games and not giving him a chance. Saliba has just finished runner up in the league, just played European football, qualified for the CL, played for France and feels wanted at Marseille and we read that stupid comment. As if Gouendouzi or any other player is going to decide Salibas fate. Rediculous!!!!!!

  1. I hate this guy with passion, he is d real definition of bad blood (bad energy) many pple dnt know d damage his attitude can cause Arsenal. Am glad he is gone, he is not worth it

    1. You are the definition of bad blood for hating him for stating his desire to have a friend and compatriot play for a club in Marseilles whose coach and fans adore him over one that deemed him dispensable.

    2. @Savage
      You “hate someone with a passion”, who you’ve never met, who hasn’t done anything to you personally and all because someone else, somewhere, you don’t know who or where, has labelled him a “bad apple”.
      World wars have been started and supported by feeble minded fools, who let some sinister muppet with an agenda, tell them who their enemies are…IJS

  2. I’m disappointed that Guendouzi is coming out and trying to influence Saliba.

    However, he has NOT had a go at our club, in this instance anyway.

    I believe MA made the right choice in getting rid of a bad apple – it’s the ridiculous transfer fee the club received that is criminal – but that seems par for the course looking at our transfer dealings!

    1. Ken, for William Saliba to stay at Marseille, all they have to do is make an offer acceptable to Arsenal. Until they do that Saliba remains contracted to play for Arsenal if Arteta selects him.

      1. Absolutely OG, he is our player, as he has said before.
        But that doesn’t detract from my observation that Guendouzi has not dissed our club, he’s actually said what a brilliant signing he was / is!!!
        Just need Mikel to start playing him and make him feel wanted – something that has been lacking to date.

  3. @Tolu this isn’t bad blood but utter disrespect from Guendouzi. Saliba is still an Arsenal player and has a contract. Why is he making it a mission to take away Saliba? For me though, if Arsenal can get at least 50million pounds and upwards, then, he can be sold. If not, keep him.

    1. My point is, Arteta didn’t make it easy for Saliba. He never have him a chance. Club legend Henry said the same thing. Now he’s come back much bigger than he left and Saliba calls the shot now. He will run down his contract and leave for free imo.

  4. Makes sense to me that Guenduezi would want a valuable team mate to stay. Guenduezi doesn’t owe Arteta anything. He was badly treated and it will come back to haunt Arsenal when he becomes one of the world’s best midfielders long after Xhaka and Elneny have been sent to the knackered yard.Without any inside knowledge of what Saliba is currently thinking it would be fair to lay off Tolu.

  5. So a player that has now joined a club permanently wants another really good, influential player to play for his team next season…..absolutely criminal!!!!! How dare he, wanting goo players in his team….the nerve.

    Let’s reverse the situation and imagine a permanent Arsenal player trying to persuade great loan player to stay longer at our club…..it would be encouraged from all so let’s not be hypocrites!

    1. @PJ-SA
      RealTalk…It wasn’t long ago, AFC fans on this very site, were hoping Odegaard would persuade Haaland to come play for AFC. All the while he was still under contract to Dortmund. The bold faced hypocrisy I tell ya…

      1. @NY_Gunner,how brilliant you are to compare a situation whereby a player is set to leave for sure plus the club willing to listen to offers and a situation where a player is set on staying and the club also wants to keep him?

        1. @Fk
          I see your still playin “blow monkey” for Arteta. Wether Haaland was leaving or not, at the time he was still under contract to Dortmund. Which was the point made. That and the sheer feeble minded hypocrisy…

  6. There’s a difference btw persuation and a brutal dig.in this case matteo is aiming a brutal dig at us by openly saying with chest that ‘i’m going to keep pushing’ despite the fact that saliba has confirmed he is staying at arsenal.Highly dissapointed in you guys claiming to be ‘arsenal fans’.

    1. Who cares if he’s having a dig, he’s not an Arsenal player. If he does convince Saliba to stay then that’s fine because I wouldn’t want a player in our team that’s so easily convinced to not come back anyway….so where’s the down side?

      Stop being so fragile.

      1. Exactly,RK, having a dig us not a criminal offence. And what exactly was Guenduezi banished for too much attitude? The last we saw of him in an Arsenal shirt he was scuffling on the sidelines with an opponent. We do we have from that? He hates losing and was resentful that an opponent had taken out his goalkeeper during the game. A real troublemaker? Why couldn’t his novice manager deal with such a hot head?

        1. @Joe. S
          RealTalk…Dude stood his ground in defending a team mate. No one else was about to. For that, he’s labeled a “bad apple”. Things is, Matteo punked out Mikel by not apologising and stickin to his guns. Big ups to him.

  7. So, a French international, who is the main beating heart of his team that is competing in Champions League, doesn’t have the character to play for under-performing Arsenal? I don’t blame him, it’s the manager responsibilities to mold players. Arteta thinks he’s playing FIFA where motivating and guiding players are not needed.

    1. “the main beating heart of his team”
      “under-performing Arsenal”
      “Arteta thinks he’s playing FIFA”

      Your logic fascinates me. Tell me more???

  8. Alright then if you think he’s right for saying what he said but if saliba ends up leaving i hope you won’t be one of those moaning about his sale when it turns out we miss him as most of you on here have proven to be double mouthed.

    1. @Fk
      If Arteta had cared so much about Saliba, he would have brought him in after the first loan spell, where he showed much promise as well. He instead sent him out on another spell, where yet another manager cultivated Salibas talents, with Mikel claiming he pulled off “a masterstroke”….Lol

      1. Its painful to watch your almost childlike obsession with this rotten apple Guendouzi. Feel free to follow him to whatever team he plays at. this might be a alot of teams before he retires. Coaches tend not to like mediocre indiscipline players.

        1. @Mark 2.0
          No more painful than you all up in your feelings about someone, based on someone else’s opinion…

  9. In the end, I’m certain Saliba and his minders will have their say in where they want to be come August. They are also being cagey and who can blame them Thing is none of this is being done in the best interests of Arsenal football club. Saliba probably sees his best interests playing in a PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona or AC Milan shir while Arsenal are looking at how to make the best of a serious stuff up.

  10. Come on Guendouzi, more action and less talk. Just push your club to fork out about £50 million and some of us will be more than happy to drive Saliba to Heathrow Airport on his way to Marseille..

    Persuade your club (Marseille) to pay up for Saliba or you should all put a sock in it..

    I think I’m being Fair here.

    1. @Goonster
      Why pay the 50 mil. when he can wait and leave for free. Which is most likely what will happen… Now, that’s being fair…Lmbao

      1. @NY_Gunner
        Wow, that is some amazing advise you suggested to Saliba…
        Mate, what have you been waiting for all this time? I really do think that you have the talent to make it as a “Professional Footballer Advisor”.
        Good idea, you should encourage Saliba to run down his contract and wait to for his dream / big move to Marseille.. But until then he is still under contract at Arsenal..

        You, Guendouzi and Saliba’s representatives should wait until he has run down his contract then you can decide his next move.. But for now he has still got another 2 years left on his contract and Arsenal still want him to stay. One more time, Yourself, your boy Guendouzi and Saliba’s advisors should have a private meeting regarding how he can masterfully run down his contract in order to achieve his dream move to the global monsters (Marseille).

        And may be if you guys can pull it off, it might help soothe you and Guendouzi’s bruised egos. It would definitely soothe your petty, childish and personal grudges against Arteta / Arsenal..

        And another question. Are you also still on the AMN’s advisory board? You seem to have gone a bit quiet on that front. Or is it that may be Guendouzi and Saliba are the flavours of the month for now until another opportunity (flavour of the month) presents itself?

        All I am trying to do is to be as fair as I can be. 🙏😊👍

        1. @Goonster
          As if Saliba is following my posts and taking career advice from me. Dude knew that option was always there.
          You should be more worried and concerned about why anything I say or do matters so much to you…IJS ✌🏾

          1. Don’t upset Goonster NY_Gunner…. Next thing you know, it won’t be Mikel’s fault, but one of our previous managers 😂😂
            Can’t see what’s wrong with Guendouzi saying he wants Saliba to stay – but the long and short of it is, he has nothing to do with it AND he hasn’t dissed our club in his comments.

  11. Some people can’t pass their intended routs just because there a dog backing. Why the worry? Saliba is a man mature and responsible for his future. Sure he knows what to do. Teo can only blow hot air but definitely can’t do much in holding Saliba back from BIG Arsenal. Actually if Arteta had refused to sell him (Teo), he too would still be an Arsenal player by contract or do you want me to say by force-willingly or not. So what have we got to fear here?

  12. The only problem with us @arsenal is that we know how to scout the best players, signing them is our problem, we always drug our feet and the players scouted end up going opposite camps. My petition to the Arsenal Board…. Fans have rights to Joy and it’s your responsibility to give us this joy by scouting and buying not scouting for other clubs to buy

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