‘I’m just so sorry we couldn’t do it for you,’ Aubameyang apologises to Arsenal fans

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has apologised to Arsenal fans after their exit from the Europa League on Thursday night.

The Gunners hosted Villarreal for the return leg of their Europa League semi-final game, having lost the first leg 2-1 in Spain.

They needed just a goal and a clean sheet to reach the next round but only got the latter.

Their elimination from the competition at that stage means they risk not playing in Europe next season, the first time in 25 years for the club.

Arsenal fans have been devastated by that development and Aubameyang has now taken to his Captain’s Note in the club’s matchday programme to tender an apology.

He admits that they didn’t start the game as they should and blamed ill-luck for their inability to take their chances after he hit the post on two occasions.

He then insisted that the players are upset that they had to leave the competition at the semi-final stage.

The striker wrote as cited by Mail Sport: ‘We struggled to find our rhythm in the first half and didn’t give Villarreal enough problems

‘And when we had a chance, the luck wasn’t there for us, when I hit the post with the volley and then the header in the second half. 

‘We are really upset about going out of the competition at this stage, for ourselves, for the club and most of all for you the supporters.’

‘It’s been such a difficult season for fans and we desperately wanted to give you something positive this season – I’m just so sorry we couldn’t do it for you,’ he added.

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  1. He should just shove his apologies up his lazy ass or feed em to his families coz we are used to dem hurting us with their mediocre displays

    1. What the hell is wrong with you man! I understand your anger but come off it. Football is a game, always a game! If you are going to abuse a person and his family because your team can win a piece of stainless steel, then I don’t know how you think. Get real, you win some, you lose some. We didn’t win, the man apologised. Next game. All these fans!

      1. Nothing wrong with voicing his discontent. Just don’t bring in “family” in your rant.It is unnecessary.

  2. He says that they didn’t start the game as they should, but isn’t that the job of the captain to recognize this and gee the players up to try to rectify the problem.

  3. aubameyang is a useless player, arteta is a useless manager, kroenke is a useless owner

  4. So are u saying they lost the game on purpose……

    I missed xhaka in that game…….say what u want…

    Looking forward to westbrom

  5. Heard it all before… and will hear it all again next season if we continue to play this drab and confusing way of football.

    I’m not saying we had a define right to win all games but to play with a bit of fight and pride for the crest you wear on your chest does go a long way no matter how sh!te the manager and players are.

  6. Well intentioned from our captain, but the time for apologies and excuses has long since past.

    Time to start behaving like a “grown up club” once again !

    Whilst on “captains” – let’s take a sample snapshot of 3.

    Aubameyang – nice guy, shows no obvious leadership traits.

    Bellerin – nice guy, shows no obvious leadership traits.

    Holding – nice guy, shows no obvious leadership traits.

    Notice a trend there ? (and I’m not talking being an “example” behind the scenes – I’m talking when the going gets tough on the park).

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