“I’m not surprised it didn’t last long” Wenger reacts to the death of European Super League

Arsene Wenger has reacted to the collapse of the European Super League after Arsenal and the other English teams pulled out of the much-derided project.

The Premier League’s top six and six teams from Spain and Italy combined formed the new competition that was supposed to replace the Champions League.

The proponents faced criticism from UEFA and club fans immediately, however, they continued to push their idea and it looked like they would force it on everyone.

However, Manchester City first and then the other English teams pulled out of the agreement.

Without the Premier League top six, the idea was effectively dead and the organisers have now suspended the proposal.

Fans around the country were the heroes who helped to make sure that their game wasn’t sold off and Wenger says it was never going to succeed.

He claimed that the organisers ignored the basic principles that made the game what it is now.

Wenger told beIN Sports via Sun Sports: “I’m not surprised it didn’t last long.

“I never believed from the start it would happen.

“It ignored the basic principles on which football is based which is access to sporting competition has to be through sporting merit and by the results of your domestic league.

“Once you ignore that you kill the domestic leagues, and you kill the whole culture of domestic football.

“So that means I didn’t believe for a second that that would ever work.

“Our fans would never accept that and rightly so.”

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  1. Good news. But look at the unrepairable damage this has done. Who will trust the dirty decieving six? They will never be taken at face value, not while being owned by Yankee Doodles. I saw something very strange on YouTube just before. It has to be fake news. But the story has it that Perez is fining the 6 premier league clubs each 100 million pounds for breaking their deals to the Super League. Nothing said about the other clubs for backing out. That’s why it maybe fake. But it was on YouTube. If all true, that won’t affect Stanley Kronke bank account

    1. Weirdly, now that the ESL is defunct…for now anyway, I see this whole thing as a positive.

      It has not only united all fans of these respective clubs in their hatred they have towards their owners (only really the American owners), it’s brought into focus what kind of people they are to the whole footballing community.

      We as fans have been deeply unhappy with these American owners for years, whereas for everyone else looking in, it probably just came across as mere discontent. But now everyone can see what we’ve been seeing for years, because the ESL would have affected everything!

      Whilst we have the whole footballing community on our side, and even government support, now couldn’t be a better time to force these people out, or at least bring about some major changes as to how football clubs are owned and run in the future.

      I would like to say that Kroenke better not show his face at the Emirates again, but then again, when does he?

  2. Here in Australia, a man like Stanley Kronke would be described as a gutless DINGO. A Dingo is a native wild dog. Gutless, meaning, the way they attack people/ other animals

  3. As usual, Le Prof speaks common sense and the truth.
    How I wish he was in charge of FIFA/EUFA /PL/REFS…. at least we would know that the mistakes are genuine and not riddled by corruption.

    1. His only mistake would be in stilL not doing up his coat zip without a struggle Ken!!!! I’d make him world football supremo if I had the power.


      Then, and finally after all these years, we’d have an honest FIFA.

    1. Jon and Benjamin, agree 100% with all you say.
      What a difference to how we perceive our owner!!!!

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