I’m sorry but Arsenal fans can only blame ONE MAN …….

Was this summer Wengers biggest mistake? by JH

The start of the summer was great, we finally had ourselves a world class keeper, for the first time in many, many years. Petr Cech signing for £10 million seemed like the transfer of the summer at the time. Arsenals weakest link had become one of our strongest, a true star to go along with Ozil and Sanchez.

Things were looking up, some pundits (though they have since changed their mind) even tipped us for the title. In fact a lot of Arsenal fans had the same feeling, we had almost the full transfer window to sign a top striker. This time, we thought, we will finally replace the Dutch traitor. Well, that’s what we hoped. And I think most times, It’s the hope that kills you.

Martinez, Bacca, Dybala, Mandzukic all left for elsewhere. Cavani, Benzema, Zlatan, Lacazette even Charlie Austin all linked, all stayed. As striker after striker was linked, striker after striker either left for elsewhere or committed to their club.

Arsenal will be stuck with Giroud and Walcott up front, Welbeck will be the new “like a new signing” when he returns, and part of me sees him as our only hope, he has electric pace, power and strength. If, IF, he could finally get everything to click, he could be the answer. But that is a big if! He is 24 years old now, and it’s pretty much a case of ‘Now or Never’ for the former United player.

Olivier Giroud is not good enough to win the title, he is incapable of getting a goal out of nothing, and he shows to much mercy in front of goal. Theo Walcott blows hot and cold much too often, sometimes he will bury whatever chance he gets, but sometimes he can mess up the easiest of opportunities. And right now Danny Welbeck has neither the close control nor the composure in front of goal to be our number 9.

The simple fact that Arsenal apparently offered Giroud the number 9 suggests to me that we were never willing to go all out for a world class CF. Wenger likes Giroud, he likes him a lot. I am sure the majority of our fans want Giroud replaced, immediately. To such an extent that most fans (including myself) were begging for Wenger to sign Charlie Austin by the end. He isn’t a big name, but he is clinical in front of goal.

As I am sure most of you know, I am a defender of Arsene Wenger, I have backed him for the last 10 years whilst others have called for his head. Through the debt, through the sale of our best players, through the trophy drought, through the highs and the lows. But the fact is, Wenger not signing a new striker this year is indefensible.

I am an AKB, always have been, but today I think Arsene has swayed a lot of fans towards the WOB. Now I am not for one second implying that Wenger needs to be sacked. If however, as a direct result of him not buying a striker, we do not improve on last season, serious questions need to be asked.

Our inability to sign a striker this season is alarming, whilst I will agree with what Wenger will say “There where no world class forwards available” But we dont have a world class striker. We have an average striker, therefore all we needed to improve was to sign a good striker. Now Wenger cannot claim there where no good strikers available.

Martinez, Bacca, Dybala, Mandzukic, Benteke, Dzeko. All good strikers, arguably all improvements on what we have. Dzeko may have been difficult, maybe City wouldn’t have sold to us. Dybala seemed set to stay in Italy with Juve all along. But can anyone honestly say that the others would not have joined us over the teams they went to?

Arsenal are the only club in the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A that have not signed an outfield player. Despite the need for a striker, despite the need for a DM. Arsenal have spent just over 1% of the total spend by Premier League sides this year, £10million out of £860million. All this coming after Lord Harris came out to brag about our £200 million budget.

Right now Wenger is going to take the blame, But I do not think we would be in this situation if Arsenal had taken David Dein’s advice and dealt with Alisher Usmanov.

But it is plain and simple – there is only one man to blame for us not having a striker this year. And that is Arsene Wenger.

A disappointing summer for all Gunners.

Who do you think should be our striker? Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck or maybe even Sanchez??

By JonnHirons.

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  1. Wenger the only man I know who would enter a donkey in a horse race and seriously make you believe that it can win the race.

    His whole philosophy of giving youth a chance is going to fall apart just because of his arrogance and stubborness to buy WC players in key positions ie the spine of the team.

    1. whether he bought or not is irrelevant- what matters is results…he had money to burn this window an already has a good squad.

      if he chooses to not fix certain areas-thats his choice

      but NOW we are competing for the title and the champions league…if he does not properly compete for them- he should leave.

      he has no excuses, already has decent team an cash to buy where needed.

      its on him now- none of u can say…oh well man city spent 150 million.
      so what?! wenger could have done the same- thats his choice

      he and u have to stand by his decisions-


      1. What is evident is that Wenger as a coach and manager of the team is not good enough for Arsenal to push on further.

        Wenger knows his job is safe, the players appear to know that the expectation is to finish in the top four, so where is the motivation? Where is the desire to challenge the top sides? It appears the club is in a period of contentment, as long as they are in the Champions League and making money, this is regarded as adequate. This mentality is unfair on the fans.

      2. I don’t understand the arrogance of Arsene. He has failed to prove this silly point for three seasons. He just will never do what everybody see as ‘the right thing’. He never can prove that Giroud is good enough or that Walcott can lead the line consistently.

        Instead of building another invincible team, he has successfully made himself invincible. He is just untouchable, its annoying now.

        He should please leave that team and go away with his stupid arrogance.

        Think about challenging for the title? Get real.

      4. Complining, moaning, and crying done us Arsenal FANS nothing for the past 11 years.
        Time is for the fan to take the matter in their hands to show Arsene F$$$cking WingSh%%%t you cant do this to us year in year out.
        PROTEST, PROTEST, and PROTEST Physically in Emirate and away games, sit out outside the Emirates to bring media Attention to disasterous situation we are in just becasue this filthy Stiking man.
        Bring banners to the stadium and if they stop you bring clean sheet of papers and glue them together and write big on them what you want to say.
        I hate you Wenger, I hate you I hate you, leave our beloved Arsenal and go to Hell.

      5. Sharing someone’s comment

        Top 10 Most Unbelievable Magic Tricks Ever –

        #1: Arsene Whinger (stage name Mr. Bean), the French weirdo magician (you can book him for children’s parties).

        His main trick?
        It’s called the Hot Air of Fading Hope Trick:
        “We have 200 million in the bank to buy players – now you hear this – now you don’t. See – disappeared – magic!

        See you at the start of next season when I will perform the same trick again for Arsenal fans.

        That little performance will cost you the highest ticket prices in the Premier League, which we have just raised again. My shares have doubled in value since last season as well!”

    2. Well cant say i didnt told you so,Arsene and arsenal is team joke next up 4th place champions league qualifier and we get knocked out then we start struggling like spurs

    3. Negligence and no ambition.
      They are taking the fans for mugs. Just to avoid the press and the scrum , he even left the country for France just like he did last year.
      This man almost Played last season without a fit striker . He was in Italy chilling instead of his office and trying to get an upgrade
      Such disrespect.
      I knew they have been lying all along about waiting for a spectacular deal . You could sense from a mile away that they had no intention of signing anybody.
      The pattern was obvious when Cech was signed a few days after the new shirts were revealed. Simply something to get the fans excited to part with their money .
      Same with Sanchez .
      Neither Ozil , Sanchez nor Cech were the most critical need of the team. A DM , a poacher and an established defender were .

  2. Finally Wenger has signed EXCEPTIONAL players in team. He has signed Messi and CR7 both.
    Now we will win every competition even La liga also.

    P.S. Wenger has bought them in Fifa-15

  3. Arsene Wenger has no excuses for yet another season. Last season was his fault as well and so was the season before that. Every season since we have had money again he has been frugal in spending in. Other teams buy more than one marquee signing a summer and have a squad set and ready to go, Arsenal never do. There’s just no intent from anybody in the club. It’s like we buy Ozil so now lets do nothing. We buy Sanchez, so now lets just sit on that. Hopefully it will keep suckers coming into Emirates and buying season tickets. Hopefully they wont notice we only start season with 2 CB’s… 4 season running with Giroud as our only real striker. Joke manager, so tired of hearing the Wenger praise. Got over this guy a long time ago and just waiting for the clock to tick down. Now to waste yet ANOTHER FREAKING SEASON and not win anything except at most another FA Cup. And lets be honest, that doesn’t cut it anymore.

    1. Like I said in one of yesterday’s threads; Wenger will regret not signing Jackson Martinez.

      I do believe we came very close to landing Benzema (which is why Wenger probably ignored Martinez), but I feel like the lack of a plan B is really concerning (like with Suarez 2 years ago).

      Also, not signing a player that’s between world class DM and Mikel Arteta’s level is very worrying, if Coquelin picks up a multiple match ban or injury we have no adequate cover. Plus Wenger will likely have to sign TWO DM’s next year

  4. Hearing rumours that we didn’t sign Cavani because Wenger was reluctant to spend X amount on him because of his age, we wanted a loan deal, similar to the Falcao one. Wenger is one stubborn B*stard.
    As i said previously…
    Wenger Out.

      1. man if it ends up being true we tried to loan cavani
        the banter will be epic

        we spent years deflectin the 40 million an one pound jibes from other fans about suarez

    1. I can categorically tell you that earlier in the summer we were in contract talks to sign him on a permanent deal and it fell through because we wouldn’t pay 220k. 100% honest truth.

  5. Unforgivable if we fall short this season.

    I know not that many suitable strikers went in this window but we missed out on Martinez and Benteke.

    Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott will really have to perform better than what they have shown.

    And what’s up with Campbell? Is he even going to kick a ball for us?

    1. IF we fall short this season? C’mon… Our squad is just screaming 4th place yet again. What is there to even get excited about this season? Same clueless manager, same squad, and as usual favorites for 4th and a R16 exit in UCL. That’s basically every Arsenal season.

  6. Seriously can’t just understand this man at all but I blame the fans who tolerated this nonsense since 10yrs. Wenger just deceived arsenal fans that the reason we haven’t been spending id due to the stadium project, but all lies the man is stingy to the core.

  7. How disappointing really all the hope and excitement gone at 6pm. How can we call ourselfs title contenders when we are always 2 steps behind our rivals after this transfer window we fall even further behind. We are a top four team at best and that’s good enough for the manager and board. It’s not fair that the fans views or constantly ignored and given false hope every year to keep quite until the window shut then told we tried our best

    1. Why is it shocking,they won all trophies so they didn’t have to buy because they didn’t sell any top player but they still buy two players to strengthen their squad so why haven’t we who struggle all of last season and manage 3rd but all season never able to challenge for the title. Can we challenge now with the other teams all upgrading their squad? Its going to take a miracle for us to make the EPL top 4 or CL round of 16. Wenger said that we don’t need any CF yet 4 games so far and only 1 goal to show. Wenger’s head will roll at the end of this season if he doesn’t take it to heart and leave before. Guess he like been challenged by Arsenal fans and pundits, that’s why he does nothing. Let’s wait and see …….

    1. Didn’t kenny Rogers pen a song about wenger… The man is a joker can’t stand seeing him on the bench any more sitting there like a giant Gallic slug in his stupid sleeping bag … Old tired arrogant failure … That’s it really …just want him gone and whatever results determine that are fine with me … I can’t believe the club I’ve supported over three decades has been brought to this state by an indifferent board and an idiot manager … It’s utterly bizarre and despairing

  8. Another Fail by Wenger, means we will fail also. No matter how hard the 11 or so who he puts out on match day try.

    Not enough quality depth in key areas
    Not enough goals
    Not enough competence as a tactician

    This is the short version, as I’m tired of repeating the obvious.

    I wish the boys all the luck in the world because with a long season, injuries and a now richer/tougher league with stronger teams we will need it in spades.

    And luck only takes you so far!

    1. First person who has noticed that the so called small teams are no longer pushovers.
      They now shop in sainsbury .the same place as arsenal while Chelsea ,Man United and Man city shop at waitrose.
      Many players in teams like Swansea , Southampton,West Ham ,Liverpool and Everton are better than the arsenal equivalent.
      They are not catching up , they have caught up with us .
      I have no doubt in my mind that we will be dropping points against many of these teams .
      Personally , I have put money on arsenal dropping out of the top 4 .
      Man United , Liverpool and Chelsea may not be firing but you can see from the way those teams attack that they will come good eventually . When they gel , they will be spanking teams left, right and centre .
      As for us , we have been sussed out . Same team , same players ,no addition and the geriatrics amongst them are a year closer to retirement .

      Like I said , I have money on arsenal coming 5th and I am about putting an additional bet on Ozil and Sanchez demanding a transfer at the end of this season .
      No disloyalty there , just a man trying to eat .

  9. please no one give the epic line….no one was available.

    thats an insult to the likes of
    pedro..jackson martinez…kondogbia…arturo vidal…douglas costa..carlos bacca..dybala…mandzukic..Konoplyanka…arda turan..
    list goes on..

    compare those names to giroud welbeck an recognise le coq will not play 60 games.

    no one can justify this window

  10. No one is to blame beside you fans alone. I for example did always knew what the boards and Wenger intention where.

    Getting Ozil created a delusion that the club would start to change, but he was nothing more then a tool to distract fans from the truth.

    Sanchez was a buy which happened bec Wenger knew that Walcott was out for good and that he would not come back for a while. You all must thank Sanchez, bec he came in cheap bec he wanted to come here to play.

    Mertesacjer, Arteta. Our Captains are panic buys aswell.

    If the manager doesnt care about competing, how should we fans react to this? Should we all turn like that guy on this side named Budd ( with a Wenger picture) being happy that we own money, the money we will not use anyway.

    I for now will be happy to see Wenger Fail. I will be cheering from today one for more 8-2 and 6-0. Bec only by constantly being reminded that we are not good enough, every stupid fan out there will get the message sooner or later.

    Players like Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey, Mertesacker and many other. Players who harm us the most are the loudest. And somehow they all tend to bee Wengers favorites.

    Even if Fans wont wake up in time, i will be still supporting this team still. I am not an Arsenal fan bec of Wenger and he will never make me support this club bec of him. I support the Arsenal which was made from Champions. Champions i adored. Like Denis Berkamb, Henry, Veira, Pires, Fabregas, Van Persie. Players who represent the club. Players who you see outside the stadium so people will remember them forever. All the legends which make me love this club are not at Arsenal today. They have all left this club, bec a Vermin of a manager is to arrogant and to selfish to invite them to continue to work with the club, so instead they bring glory to other teams. WAKE THE FAKKK uP.

    1. Thanks for remembering me. Don’t know what you said about me (too long read) but I am happy you put my name in there. Means you will dream about me.

    2. If it’s the “fans” fault like you say, then you are essentially blaming yourself since you are an Arsenal fan.

  11. I still can’t believe we didn’t sign a single outfield player for the first team, the only team not to do so in the top five European leagues WOW! I knew Wenger would not be very busy but i expected at least a striker and Cdm. Signing an important player not only improves your squad but it also lifts the players and the fans, it gives everybody that excitement. Now i am hoping we challenge for the title, win a cup, and go further in the champions league that we did last year. I at least expect that from Wenger and the players. I was really expectant for this season because of how last season ended and because we actually have money to spend, i thought this would be the season we really go for the title after such a long time, and try to win the champions league for the first time. I know Wenger is a world class manager, but he doesn’t help himself with that extra to progress to the next level.

  12. Having the 4th place as the main purpose in the game makes us into a Spurs II. Under Stand and Wenger we will never win again.

  13. I prefer Welbeck because to me Giroud has proven he is not the guy to win you the game in the big games. If we want to win the PL or CL we have to win against the big teams. Giroud goes missing. Never mind he can score 20 out of 80 chances against Hull and Palace and the likes.

    The fact is Wenger does not rate Welbeck or Walcott and that is why neither get a fair chance to make the 9 place there own.

    Wenger started Theo against Chelsea in the community shield only to bench him against West Ham. By this time Giroud had not played for nearly two weeks and looked stale. Then Wenger playes Giroud for three games and sits Walcott on the bench. He then starts Walcott for the first time in more than 3 weeks against Newcastle. How can anyone be surprised Walcott was off?

    Wenger should give either Walcott or Welbeck a long run of starts in the 9 slot. Who knows they might become decent strikers. There pace for one would help Ozil and Sanchez.

    1. err what??
      theo was given loads of chances last year an season before-
      he has shown he hasnt the attributes to lead the line

      when wil people learn

      1. huh. first time i had to thumb you down muff!
        theo won us that crucial game against spurs in that he got injured and was
        in a very good form until that incident. and when wenger finally gave him a chance last season, theo was almost there again.
        i agree with jansen, that we should give him a run upfront for at least five games to show
        who he is.

  14. I don’t know why us fans were optimistic about Wenger signing a ST or CDM on deadline day. He was reluctant to spend all summer, today wasn’t going to change that. Honestly i don’t know why he doesn’t spend, he treats it as him own money, and he’ll be damned if he thinks he’s taking that war chest of ours when he departs.

  15. Seriously, i wasted a whole lot of time sticking to sky sport live transfer news today hoping Wenger would sign, even a minute ti deadline i still expect something until the arsenal rep Ian Bolton said it vividly we aint going to bring anyone in, my heart was broken like never before, seriously, i cant really explain ao much i felt the pain…Infact, i hated on Arsene Wenger the more..

    Henry Thiery couldnt slate Wenger publicly on the air but made a jibe when he said ‘Own goal was our best scorer so far’…
    I rest my hope case, we shall lift major trophies after the death of Wenger or whenever he retired voluntarily…waiting patiently for the time, ..
    Expect many gloomy days ahead

    1. I spent a whole month checking that crap Gooners Den site that kept telling us Done deal for Benzema, Cavani signed, 1000 goal striker has been signed. and just about every striker he could think off . Walcott cannot head a ball, Giroud cannot torment defences, and our midfielders are expected to find the goals instead. Tough times ahead.

  16. How can this man genuinely look people in the eye and say we can win the league. HAS HE LOST THE PLOT. 14/15 points off winning the league last year ok we sign class goalie but jesus is he for real no other signings. Wanyama ideal for cover in midfield even Austin who i think is average but No One. Unless this man is a genius and delivers the epl trophy he needs to go at end of season.Give a young ambitious man like Klopp an opportunity to bring us to the next level.Please!!

    1. @atmarsenal

      He dont care mate, his happy geting 8million a year,we are mugs geting floged of,higest ticket price im europe.

  17. Paul Merson said that Wenger expected to do the same things and hope for different results…!!

    Who said Wenger wanted different results?
    Wenger never said he wanted to win the league?
    Wenger never said he wanted to challenge for the league?

    Before the start of the league Wenger had a 81% approval/popularity amongst the Arsenal fans…. Just to tell you (with no disrespect) how many deluded gravitated around the club…

    Shirt sales are up 62%…!!!
    Let’s not talk about the prices seat, they are a joke…!!

    Are you (did not say “we” because I stopped being a mug 5 years ago and have not bought a shirt nor a season ticket) getting your hard working money worth?

    The way the club is run sports wise is a f*cking joke…
    The fans are being cheated and taken for “idiots”
    Wenger could not give a f*ck about the fans.

    Right now he is in Paris getting ready to fulfil is contract with BeN Sports… F*ck the fans, for sure.
    £8millions a pop for a minimum productivity… That guy is just taking a piss!!

    Tired of this shite…!! This is a farce!

  18. Grow a spine and don’t you undermine the team we have. Theres still the whole league to be played.

    Arsene Wenger is here.. and has been here for this long for a reason.. some of the things people say about him are unfair and childish.

    You beat palace AWAY..
    The same team that beat Chelsea AWAY..

    Newcastle is a boxing team… and still we got the points..


    We’re winning ugly… I’m optimistic. Cavani and Benzema can go throw a frisbie around with higuain.

    ARSENAL. Grow a spine. We need no players.

  19. I want to see what happens if Arsenal come 5th this year – 4th spot might actually be quite difficult especially if, as usual, they have a lot of injuries which almost always happens every year. But, then again, they manage to find a way to capture their 4th spot trophy.

    Anyway, the reason why I say that is what would happen to the board? They won’t have the extra money that they could get from champions league revenue but I wouldn’t be surprised that, if in the event this occurred, they’ll keep sticking with him until he retires or quits himself as nobody will get rid of him – Gazidis, Kroenke and Wenger – such a funny bunch of old men not knowing anything but the value of economics.


    Myself and other Arsenal fans were fooled by an idiot(s) on Twitter claiming so and so was about to be signed. ‘Gestifutefifa’ was the fool I was following today but to no avail. Hope he gets slaughtered somewhere!

    Oh, and with next year’s transfer window almost guaranteed to be more frantic and expensive than this one, Arsenal have no hope whatsoever. If he isn’t willing to spend £50m on Cavani etc then he won’t be prepared to spend £10m on anyone of true value next summer.

  20. The biggest whole in this Arsenal team are some fans that get on the backs of their team and manager instead of behind their back.

    I am ashamed of the Emirates Stadium Library..

    no voice

  21. Whaaaaa, Whaaaaaaaa,Whaaaaaaa….
    Quit cryin an grow a pair….Damn moan merchants got bamboozled by the media into thinkin we were signing this player or that player….Now butts are hurtin.
    Grow the FK up…

    1. look theres nuthing wrong with crying like a 5 year old girl, listening to coldplay..eating walls vienetta.

      its my party an i’l cry if i want to (shouts out to the 60’s)

      1. @muffdiver
        Just finished my last bowl of kush. Knocked out a box of oreo double stuffed and chased it with a vanilla shake(homemade) While listening to P-Funk AllStars.
        I’m good…LOL

    2. Lets just see what happens and judge the team and the manager at the end of the season. If we go on to win the title this season the majority on here will be saying we always backed him. The tranfer window is closed so let’s back the team



    3. How about any outfield player?!!

      I never knew we were that good that we didn’t need even need a single outfield reinforcement this window. We must be real special!!!!

    4. How about any outfield player?!!

      I never knew we were that good that we didn’t even need a single outfield reinforcement this window. We must be real special!!!!

  22. Let’s be honest, not signing a top striker is just yet another mistake of many that Wenger has been making for a long time now. A new striker definitely would have improved our chances of major success, but even with a new striker there’s still too many mistakes being made in other areas that affect our chances of winning.

    Timing of substitutions, putting players in the wrong positions, favouritism, ignoring form, same tactics for every game, no plan B, lack of rotation, unable to sell average players because of their huge wages, and so on, and so on.

    I’ve been wanting Wenger out for a long time now because of how awful he has become, but even I’m in a state of shock at this transfer window. We should also remember, it’s not just Wenger. The board are a complete joke! They put no pressure on Wenger at all to succeed and only care about making money for themselves. One has to agree that our club has become a complete shambles.

  23. We need no players are you for real or are u a spud fan on here taking the piss.We beat two teams away with og’s for fxxk sake we piss around passing nowere and when we get the chance we cannot put chances away.Theo is no way a CF Giroud needs loads of chances before he might take one Welbeck tries but is always injured.We are no were close to winning league and if people believe we are then you have no clue.Wenger Out ASAP Please

      1. @xi_gunner
        RealTalk Gooner
        But they need the pundits and social media journos to tell them to have faith in order for them to take it seriously…

  24. I swear anyone who still thinks signing mega deal big names is the answer to everything better get a reality check about football..

    Wenger signed you Cech (whom you dont appreciate enough YET)
    He signed Sanchez
    Ozil & Cazorla.

    He built this team slowly and carefully…

    And youre whinning about signings?

    Down all you Piers Morgan types.

    1. @xi_gunner

      “He built this team slowly and carefully”, doesn’t mean it’s been good though.

      Slowly, yes I agree, unbelievably slowly! Mourinho’s back only two seasons and already delivers two trophies (one major one) and a Champions League semi-final, and a lot of his squad weren’t even his signings! Yet every player at Arsenal is a Wenger signing, surely making it easier for him to succeed than Mourinho. Arsenal fans can only dream of the league and a Champions League semi.

      Carefully, I don’t agree. Van Persie left three years ago, and we’re still waiting for his replacement. It’ll be four years by next summer, and even then we’re not guaranteed Wenger will sign a top striker. I wouldn’t say Flamini, Sanogo and Welbeck were carefully thought out transfers.

      Finally, you mention reality, well the reality is – the transfer market is a sellers market, and is completely insane at times. I don’t agree with the monster fees being bandied about, but that’s the reality of the situation. We’re sitting on £200 million so we have no excuses about these fees. Every other club in Europe is willing to play ball whether they like it or not, apart from one…Arsene FC! Another piece of reality for you is that a lot of that money comes from the fans, so that money should be invested into the squad to try and give the fans what they all want…success!

  25. I’m just done, just really done with Wenger. It has got to the stage where I am starting to lose enthusiasm for this club, which is really sad.
    It is just inexplicable what has happened and you cannot fail to hate how stubborn and blind our manager is; it actually makes me mad.

  26. The same tune every year, we will beat Stoke, Giroud will score a goal or two and the AKB’s will start praising their Icon singing WENGER knows best, and on so on and so forth another season aiming for that 4th ( 3rd better) , business as usual bullying the low feeders and struggling to draw with the top four or not loose by an avalanche of goals…………….now everybody brace for impact Chelshit and MANURE are coming both with a thirst for blood

  27. I’m so lost for words but I won’t be disrespectful towards the manager. Times like this I thank GOD I don’t live in London or in Europe for that matter because there is no way I would spend my money to constantly witness failure year after year. Yes we won the FA Cup back to back and now hold the record for the most successful club in the competition but that for me now is simply not enough, even if we win it again this season. That’s just being as stagnant as ever. I’ll still watch the games and cheer my team on from my living room because I still have to pay my cable bill regardless. Feel sorry for the local fans, it’s just too much to take at this stage and now I fear the worse. If we don’t achieve anything worthy this season I see our top players walking away as they’re not getting any younger either…

  28. I don’t care of you thumb me down or up but i will said the truth here, Arsene Wenger doe not have fault, we don’t need to blame him but blame the fans that paid stupid and fool money for the ticket to watch Arsenal match for many years without Win the EPL and give us same excuses every season.. you can continue to pay that money and that American man will continue to carry your money to America for dinner.. Lol and he will continue to give Arsene Wenger good salary for doing the business, stop fooling yourself all Arsenal fans that base in UK.. boycott the match like 3 times and protest against Arsene Wenger and changing of Board and management… We need our Arsenal back, i can’t allow those stupid Chelsea to talk to me any how… Good night my lovely fans and Happy new month

  29. I don’t care if you thumb me down or up but i will said the truth here, Arsene Wenger doe not have fault, we don’t need to blame him but blame the fans that paid stupid and fool money for the ticket to watch Arsenal match for many years without Win the EPL and give us same excuses every season.. you can continue to pay that American old man, that will continue to carry your money to America for dinner.. Lol and he will continue to give Arsene Wenger good salary for doing the business well, stop fooling yourself all Arsenal fans base in UK.. boycott the match like 3 times and protest against Arsene Wenger and changing of Board and management… We need our Arsenal back, i can’t allow those stupid Chelsea to talk to me any how… Good night my lovely fans and Happy new month

  30. The point of being manager of a big club is to win the league. It is clear now that Wenger has no interest in winning the league. On that basis why has he got this job? I would have thought that his job description is trying to win the league. The supporters now need to get him out of his job so someone else can do theirs. How can a manager with no interest in winning the league be in charge of one of the world’s biggest teams? Wenger has to go now. Otherwise the point of being manager of a football club is lost. We need to get Wenger out of his job and try to win the league. Wenger must leave.


  32. There is a shortage of strikers because these days everyone practice passing in training. Then why not tell your players to practice shooting then?

    Big mistake leting Podolski go, now that we look back. I’m surprised Wenger couldn’t even get Lavezzi, if he really did try to sign the other players from PSG. Even Lavezzi would’ve been an upgrade to Giroud.

    4-3-3 can only be played well if you have proper wingers, ones that take on other players, dribble, cross, stretch opposition shape. We have too many players playing in wing position that come inside, hence we are not able to stretch teams and therefore rely mostly on fullbacks to do that.

    You will see if we play 4-4-2 it will pay instant dividends to our strikers and creative players. Problem is if Wenger is willing to drop Cazorla, Ramsey or Ozil from time to time, otherwise you have to play diamond midfield, which I don’t think will be bad since it won’t give width but you will have two options upfront to pass to instead of one main striker.

    1. I agree with you completely 4-4-2 is what is needed

      4-4-2 Diamond

      Bel, Gab, Kos, Mon
      —–Wal. Alex—

      We can rotate our 5 strikers, Giroud, Walcott, Alexis, Welbz, Campbell and even try Oxlade.

      Rotate the mid, Carzola, Rosicky, Ramsey, Ozil, Willshere, Arteta, Oxlade

      Problem is when Coquelin does not play well or gets injured, we need to revert back to 4-2-3-1. We should have bought Schneiderlin as he is perfect for 4-4-2 diamond.

    2. 4-4-2 suffers from most of the same problems as a 4-3-3. Both are irrelevant seeing as we play that weird old 4-1-1-3-1 that is about as gimped as you get when trying to put it accurately on a position board. I agree with the sentiment about width though – and it’s been our problem for a decade since the days of Ljungberg and Pires.

      If he wants to play with wingers overlapping then he needs to play with the DM…or play with 3 at the back and use true wing backs. Neither are options as Wenger likes to play attacking so will continue to play with that scary situation where we have 2 defenders against 2 attackers waiting for counters. The best course for solving the problem though is just to instruct our wingers to play wider…which isn’t such a hard managerial job to have to do!

      4-4-2 would be suitable for attacking games but sacrificing the DM is generally too dodgy for us. Considering we can actually play with 3 strikers on the pitch (Welbz/Theo, Giroud, Alexis) you would think 1 of them could produce something instead of requiring us to use up to 8 players in our attacks at all times…

  33. He could’ve got many strikers that want UCL but are not in it this season. Huntelaar would’ve been good for us for a couple seasons at least and he would’ve been cheap. Someone should ask serious questions and grill Wenger in the next press conference about his transfer activity.

  34. Those AKB’s out here are just as much to blame as that decripit c**t Wenger! AW had been useless for nearly 10 years now, zero ambition, anyone who defends him isn’t a real fan. AKB’s should be ashamed – validating this c**t every year. Any other team would have forced this 7 million a year failure out long ago. I’ve been a fan for 34 years and never seen such blind-faith. Enough is enough, boycott the games till he hands in his notice. In the long-run the team will be better off.

  35. Ramsey asked for ten games. We’ve now played four our next 6 we have stoke first then Chelsea, Leicester, manu, Watford and finish off with everton. If we’re not 2 in the league by then this year is fail simple as that. WOB just got stronger with fans on fence and AKB more deluted than ever. I’ll chill on the fence in the US and see how this plays out. Sad day

  36. Here comes the True moan merchant (NY_GUNNER)……..even if for once, he won’t bring himself to say it!……evidence of wenger’s naivety and arrogance being contagious

    1. @SA
      I don’t moan son. Got no reason to.
      I’ll leave that to the impotent mind midget sheeple like you and your like.
      Carry on jr…

  37. Robin Vanpayslip: why did you make no outfield signings?

    Arsene Wenger: Look, in today’s world everyone has an opinion. I look just to do my job well. The assessment of that? I will leave it to you.

    Robin Vanpayslip: cool story, bro. So why didn’t you sign an outfield player?

    Arsene Wenger: Look, in today’s society everyone has an opinion my job is to balance the books *lights a cigar using a £50 note*

    1. Giroud: Boss I can do it
      Walcott: Boss I can do it.

      Wenger to reporters: I’m convinced Giroud and Walcott can do the job upfront.

      Thats all it takes.

  38. Thank god for a big debacle by Real madrid of not able to land de gea, all attentions have diverted to them. Hate to admit it but well played Man utd. First club to stand and make a mockery of that Perez.

  39. I don’t even know what to say. We came third last season and Wenger makes one change. 11 years of not winning the Premier League and I’m starting to believe that Wenger doesn’t want to win it. He better be ready to take some serious heat if we are no where near the top by Xmas.

    1. The summer transfer of Arsenal becoming invincibles we only signed Lehman….

      Take a breather…

      Ferguson had also windows with hardly any transfer activity, and still won the league…

      1. yeah…and man city and chelsea had fantastic players that could win the league back then isn’t…
        I see your kind of person is one that rely on donkeys to win a horse race.

  40. A big club like Arsenal don’t even have a player to wear the number 9 shirt. What a joke.
    out of Europes top five leagues we are the only ones not to sign an outfield player.
    We bought/got the least players in the league.
    Instead of making the squad bigger our squad becomes smaller this term.
    Man says he is available 24 hours a day to do transfer ends up with 1 player in the whole summer.
    Thinks there is no one better than Giroud in the world to play as CF as judged by not signing a striker.
    It is a luxury to be a British player breaking into the first team at Arsenal, Wenger will always show you belief. If you do bad, no worries you will keep your spot in the squad.
    Arsenal is the stingiest club amongst the biggest clubs in Europe.
    We have a high wage bill mostly because overated players are paid to much.
    Manager tactics always the same, use 1st sub at 70 minutes.
    Players start game casually and chase game at the end, or the opposite if we take the lead.
    Every season our football gets worse and worse, until we beat a team at the bottom by 3-4 goals.

  41. Give couple of days watch them akbs wengers love childs,how they come out from wengers arse n deffend him,saying oh let the season finsh thn judge him.12 years u morron uve been saying that.

  42. As with almost every transfer window since david dein left i am, dissapointed, to be polite. Both the article and most if the comments on here are spot on which once again shows that everyone can see as clear as day what needs to be done except for wenger.
    Dont get me wrong, i am all for developing talent but in order to achieve this development you need a good balance of young talent and experience with at least one LEADER in the team and sorry to say we do not have an Adams, Vieira, Mcklintock or O’leary in the squad.
    I have come to believe that wenger just wants to make money for the greedy yank so that he can keep his job and break fergusons record by managing AFC for over 27 years. Hopefully i am wrong but if i am not we have quite a few years of heartache to endure.

  43. Dont even start saying oh thers no one available,was van persie available,was ronaldo available,was zidane availabe? world class players dont become available,if u want some one u go to club and make them offer,unsettle the players.club wont come out n say oh we are gona make our best players available for sale.every one knows that,but u thick akbs will make excuse for thats buffon.

  44. Wenger has been great before but he is no longer great. I think wenger should be honourable and bow out with grace as it’s the right thing to do. I read everyone’s comments and apart from three silly fans (you know who B@DD and N$ gu##er mainly) every seems to really sound like they have had enough. It’s time for change. Even if Walcott and giroud score in the next game it don’t change the facts that they are not good enough and that wenger is arrogant and will not win the Cl or prem at arsenal

  45. No one available?! Jackson martinez, hernandez, gomis, (7m clause) french up and coming kids etc. Someone was available if he tried hard enough to get them. Here’s hoping welbeck comes back strong and quick and walcott steps up, time to earn that pay rise. Sanogo, poldi, akpom out, in nada!

  46. There were people available Schneiderlin and Cavani were available – Wenger just didn’t want to pay, yet it seems to be perfectly OK for Kroenke to whip the odd £4 million out of club funds for nothing???

  47. Positives form this transfer window.
    * World Class – Goal Keeper
    * Lots of new talent for youth teams
    * Reduced wage bill by reducing our squad size of over 21s from 25 (24 really as Diaby never counted) to 21.
    * Did not sell any of our top players
    * Loaned out more players to aid development (Sanogo probably the only one who will nver come back)
    * Campbell is like a new signing, taking over the baton from Diaby
    * We have shit loads of cash for Winter Transfer to help in areas where needed (CDM, Stiker)

    * No Strikers, world class ones where not available, I can’t see this change just look who United just bought.
    * No CDM to backup Coquelin, if he does get injured and Arteta, Flamini do not work we can always get one in the Winter Transfer.

  48. xi_gunner, NY_Gunner and BUDD. We all hope your faith is rewarded by Christmas because thats the only thing that can save us. Chelsea won the league last season, made no changes and were made to pay for their arrogance. We came third face the same problems in our first couple of games. Whats the difference between us and Chelsea?!.. Mourinho saw his error and spent…

  49. I`m 80 years old. Will someone be kind enough to tell me what the hell AKB and WOB mean?
    Out here in the Australian bush there`s not a lot to do and I look forward to seeing the Arsenal
    results each week, it gives me something to look forward to ( I was brought up at Highbury) but
    Mr. Wenger`s attitude to making Arsenal the team I knew depresses me.

  50. It’s debatable if this stinginess is to do with Kroenke or Wenger. Kroenke undeniably puts pressure on Wenger by putting nothing into the club and taking a lot out, but paradoxically we will never get rid of Kroenke, unless the club starts doing badly and the share price plummets. The share price has gone up 50% since Kroenke took over, so he’s doing very nicely ATM.

    Everyone says that the Emirates was great for Arsenal, but it was the cause of David Dein departing and Lady Bracewell-Smith being talked into selling her shares to Kroenke, which she has since said that she regretted.

    Arsenal would’ve been much better off with no overall owner, and power for running the club devolved between Wenger and Dein

  51. Wenger is like a child. The more you try to make him do the right thing, the more he will resist.

    Arsenal FC is managed by a CHILD.

  52. Thank you to those who enlightened me on AKB and WOB! I think I fall into the latter bracket.
    My own abbreviation could be F.Y.W., but I`m too old to be crude.

  53. If there is no EPL title win this year, Arsene is really “a specialist in failure” as Mourinho said. We are totally disappointed with the transfer failure.

  54. instead of using the lame ‘no players were available’ line, this miser coach should just speak the truth that “there were no French players available” because we all know that’s the only place he cares to look

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