I’m tired of being told I’m negative when Arsenal are terrible…

Okay peeps …I’m tired… by Dan Smith

I’m tired of being told I’m negative just because I didn’t think it was a good idea to rest players in the FA Cup, when it was obvious Arsenal’s League season was over.

I’m bored of being told I have an agenda, just because I want our owner to invest in one of our worst squads in our history instead of making money and being told January was a great transfer window.

I’m fed up with being called names for suggesting our youngsters are good but not yet great (look at Saka’s assist and goal record – it’s not great).

I’m bemused when I read how we are making great strides and can compete with Liverpool and Man City as we drop down the table.

I maintain that I don’t understand how I’m meant to write about Arsenal in 2021 and be expected to be positive.

By the end of the weekend we could in the bottom half of the table. For that to be the case in February and be expected to write positive articles, I simply can’t do it.

I simply think there are readers who whatever happens just want to hear how great Arsenal are and how they are going to be the Champions in the near future.

Last weekend we were boasting that IF we won, we’d ONLY be 7 points behind Man United. When I asked is that how far standards have dropped, I was told very rudely that I didn’t have a clue.

Well now we are ONLY 14 points behind Man United!

One reader told me we would be favourites for the title in March, which is so arrogant and so delusional it’s frustrating. Because in reality, only when we admit how terrible things are, will we see change.

I’m bored of our reactionary fan base. We win a few games and suddenly Arteta is better than Arsene Wenger, when we lose it’s Arteta out … and so we go… back and forth…

I can’t keep reading how we are making progress and being told I’m blind if I don’t see it..


Dan Smith

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  1. S says:

    If you’re prepared to support a club that’s worse than it has ever been since the prem began, be prepared to see it fold in the next 10 years.
    Then you’ll end up supporting a club that you know you’ll have some say over how it’s run.

    1. gary kerr says:

      I believe we are in a transition period. Sometimes the boys look good sometimes you can clearly see what is going wrong anybody who thinks this is a quick fix is deluded. Its obviously not the owners intention to throw millions of his own money at this, so lets get real. It will be years until we really challenge again without that investment. Maybe finishing in the top 10 out of europe will send a clear message whats needed. I hope thats not the case but i am prepared and in it for the long run. We need to stick together for the sake of the club but everyone is entitled to an opinion and although i might not agree i respect most of them

      1. Nick says:

        I think we can all agree that we are in a transition period…the thousand and one dollar questions is, transiting into what?

        I would suggest that appointing an inexperience manager during a transition period would likely to be a transition from a top 4 team to a mid-table team.

        1. Loose Cannon says:

          Nick, I agree with you that the transitions form a top four to a mid table is true, the writing was on the wall, most people failed to notice it. It has been a gradual decline, some of the pointers were
          Loris joining Tots, when we desperately needed a GK
          Ericson & Vertogan choosing Spurs over us.
          Juan Mata nearly joining us
          Hazard joining CFC
          N’Kante joining CFC when we needed a CDM
          Mahrez joining MC when he was linked to us.

          If we had these players, we would be title contenders (since City splashed more cash, the title would eventually go to them)
          Our management chose to buy irrelevant (except Carzola and Sanchez who were brilliant) players – either to the actual requirements or to their contributions on the pitch.
          All these were the failings of Wenger, when he gladly remarked that a top 4 was a trophy indeed and settled for the same rather than using his brains to hire the real talent/requirement.
          Some may say we have a stingy owner, but did that owner complain when we spent 72M on a winger or paid 350/week to a CAM or let go for free so many players?

          Sad but true the rot occurred during Wenger’s reign, it got coupled with the hiring of Sahnelli and Edu. Was it not Wenger who pampered his team in the latter years and accepted mediocrity, laxity and complacency? Luckily the owners have finally woken up and done damage control with the exit of Sahnelli and hope so Edu is next along with contract termination for the non performers.

          Emery had a mountain to climb, but since he did not have the full backing of the management, he could not act tough and finally met his destined fate. The management learnt from this and backed Arteta when it came with discipline.

          All is not lost, look at AC Milan, after dominating Italian/European football, they too when down and have come out of the abyss.

          Cheer up Dan, we too will rise once the likes of Xhaka, Laca, Chambers, Elneny, the few remaining Wenger’s diamonds are gone for good along with Edu’s Luiz , Gabriel and Willian.

          1. Nick says:

            Of course the fact that man city and Chelsea were paying higher wages and transfer fees had no bearing on those players choosing them over Arsenal. It’s all down to Wenger!

            Were we even in the market for the spurs players that you mentioned? Please cite your evidence.

          2. Nick says:

            Top 4 with the occasional title challenges and 3 fa cups equal to accepting mediocrity under Wenger in your view. Yet you think that standing at 10th in Feb is progressing in the right direction. The logic of that sort of boggles the mind really.

            Lest we forget, Wenger was pushed out after finishing 5th with an FA cup, and sixth in the following season. Rightly or wrongly, that was not deemed good enough for Arsenal. But now 10th in Feb and the manager is taking us into the right direction? Keep on drinking the kool-aid!

        2. OnceGreat says:

          Nick, I’m 100% with you. Ideal scenario for KSE is that the club gradually crawls away from the European competitions. That means that, come transfer windows, there’s great excuse as to why top talent wasn’t acquired.

          Not acquiring top talent means being able to pay lower wages to realistically mediocre players.

          TV rights and matchday income will keep on pouring regardless of the footballing success.

          And with the last 5 years of splashing the cash on players that made insufficient impact to our position on the table, I wouldn’t blame them.

    2. John Stoker says:

      A new owner required or Arsenal will be the new Wimbledon.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        A new owner with the same manager same result.

  2. Kev82 says:

    Agreed no progress is being made, we’re actually getting worse.. it’s getting very hard to back Arteta after 9 wins and 10 defeats.. I never wanted Arteta in the first place, Arsenal is not a job for a rookie assistant, we need an experienced seasoned manager to clean this mess up.

    1. Vic says:

      oh really ? and who may that be. One arsenal Youtuber suggested Mourinho, is that experience enough for you ? No experienced manager would come to Arsenal until our house is in order. Experienced manager go where a team is assembled and the owners are generous with the dough. Arteta and Edu inherited an almighty mess it will take this season and probably next to sort out the mess that has been for 12 odd years

      1. Kev82 says:

        Oh I am sorry if I offended you! I’ll try choose my words more carefully next time in case it annoys you!

        1. Robert Anderson 0078 says:

          Both of you are touchy touchy.

      2. Chaxe says:

        Spot on! We a have a bunch of average player that are overrated. The best coach in the world will struggle with this bunch of players

      3. OnceGreat says:

        @vic And yet, they splashed 30 million on a chelsea agent/early retiree – the fraud from Brazil, the couldn’t-be-bothered-to-put-in-a-shift Willian Borges da Silvaaaaaaa.

        Please. The club has enough funds to cruise to the top 4 but lacks professionals that are responsible for player acquisitions.

        However, the KSE are responsible for turning Arsenal into a club that will never be a title contender for as long as they own it.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      Kev82, I agree with you. When Wenger left Arsenal, Carlo Ancellotti was available and had a house in London; an experienced manager with a great CV.
      I would have preferred Arsenal to have persevered to the end of the season with Emery, who was sacked after losing 3 games out of 8. Arteta has now lost 10 games out of 23. The last manager to lose 10 games was Terry Neill, who was sacked.
      At the end of this season, if there is no improvement, Arteta’s position will be untenable.

    3. Tracy says:

      You’re absolutely right there,arteta has nothing to offer to arsenal…
      Arsenal will rather get worse by the day.. Arsenal’s team is better than Aston Villa but they are playing better…what am I saying? A more experienced coach at this moment is what we need not a dummy

  3. Sean Williams says:

    You are right Dan, we are not making progress. Arteta has been here over a year and our football is even more uncertain than under Emery. It is not the team, we have enough good players. We have a rookie manager, an apprentice managing a team who used to be one of the world’s great teams. Arteta should be making us dominant, assertive and powerful….that’s HIS job description. He hasn’t got the faintest. He is lost. Willian when he could have used Martinelli????? The players he has sent away are dominating for their new teams. He purely picks favourites, and not the most suitable….his man management seems to me bottom of the rung. He’s sent good players packing. Are supporters in denial. It’s been there, mostly every week, for over a year. C’mon it’s plain to see….every week.

    1. Defund The Media says:

      “The players he has sent away are dominating for their new teams”

      Exactly who are you referring too with this statement? Please don’t say willock because he scored on his debut lol

      1. Sean Williams says:


        You can’t tell me you are not keeping up with the news. Maybe you are. Saliba, Guendouzi. You may not like them, but that is a fact, they are a singled out as doing well for their clubs. Methinks you would gladly challenge reality and are in denial. Dan is on point too. We are not improving at all.

        1. Defund The Media says:

          I never said anything about us improving lol, Guendouzi is doing well I’d hardly use the word “dominating”, AMN and willock have played two whole matches for there new clubs respectively, so again hardly “dominating” lol, methinks you need to google what reality means pal.

          1. Sean Williams says:

            Then what are are you on about??? At least say something meaningful.

          2. Sean Williams says:

            Who mentioned Willock and AMN? You are getting seriously confused.

          3. Defund The Media says:

            What I’m “on about” sean is your factually incorrect statement…

            “The players he has sent away are dominating for their new teams”

            Your spinning an false narrative to fit your opinion of Arteta. If you think hes not good enough then fair enough, our place in the table makes a great argument for that on it’s own, you dont need to go make false claims and say “but that is a fact” when it isnt to support your personal opinion.

          4. Defund The Media says:

            Lol sean you didnt say them by name but when you say

            “The players he has sent away are dominating for their new teams”

            That includes AMN and willock duh lol think your the confused one kiddo.

          5. Sean Williams says:

            What are you on, I’d love some. You seem to add things to what people say that they don’t say. It’s very weird and confused.

          6. Defund The Media says:

            Lol sean you really dont get it 🤣, no worries just say what you want, dont let facts get in the way of a good story lol 👍

          7. RSH says:

            I agree with you Defund and I have no idea what the others are talking about. Guendouzi dominating is a gross exaggeration. He’s doing well in an inferior league and maintaining his transfer value at best. Saliba is doing well, dominating is another exagerration. (Arteta clearly still mishandled him by not including him in either squads though). Willock and AMN haven’t played enough to make that claim, Kolasinac is bottom of the table with Schalke, Torreira barley gets any game time, Mavropanos is fine but not proving to be anything special… There are REAL criticisms of Arteta but the only loan one can really complain about is Saliba’s who should’ve had a bigger role at Arsenal.

          8. Defund The Media says:

            @RSH well said bud and I didnt even think of torreira, mavro etc! There are plenty of things to criticise MA over but yes this is a gross exaggeration 👍

      2. Declan says:

        I think he might be referring to AMN man of the match for WBA today, Willock man of the match for Newcastle yesterday, Saliba player of the month for Nice……..etc.

        1. Defund The Media says:

          Right so one man of the match award a piece is dominating… gotcha

          1. Dan Smith says:

            Wilock wasnt man of the match
            Almiron.was ?

          2. Defund The Media says:

            Dan yeah I just checked, every west Brom player got a 7 rating, kane MOM, and yes almirion got MOM for toon yesterday lol

          3. Dan Smith says:

            And mate , that message sums up our fan base
            We try to convince ourselves someone is better then they are instead of admitting the problems
            E.g. Wilock scores a goal ,A MN , loses to Spurs and that’s enough to say they should be playing for Arsena

            Let’s ignore the over combined 200 games they had

          4. Defund The Media says:

            Dan exactly mate spot on 👏👏

          5. Declan says:

            He didn’t say how long they were dominating for 🤔

          6. Defund The Media says:

            @Declan maybe not but he implied all the players are dominating which is false, guendouzi isnt, mavro isnt, AMN got the exact same score (7/10) as all his team mates and they got beat 2-0, so again hardly “dominating”

            Love how no one on here can ever admit they were wrong lol

        2. Dan Smith says:

          West brom lost 2-0 ?

          1. Dan kit says:

            And Guendouzi got another manager sacked

      3. Stuart Ealam says:

        It’s edu casper I blame buying has hasbeens like Willian and letting Ramsey go and saliba out on loan its about time we got rid of directors of football and get a old fashioned manager like George Graham who know who to buy shit like Partney and pepe who are not prem players as it to tough for them put xhaka back as captain get some leadership back some decisions have gone against us so we go soft get up man up and start playing

      4. JB0000002 says:

        Saliba. Its alright tho cos we have Bob Balding

      5. foreverinourshadows says:


    2. Mohsan says:

      We have lost almost half the matches we have played and out of two cups but some fans see that as progress. I don’t understand how can you say Arteta is taking us in right direction?? When you object to it they start calling you negative n moaner. All I hear from all these fans is excuse after excuse, it’s never manager’s fault..they always find a way to blame every single aspect apart from manager. I just can not understand how are some fans still blaming Wenger for were we are when it’s been almost 3 years n we were never that bad under him. We are breaking all the records in wrong direction which have been standing there for decades n still ppl see Arteta as pep. We can not hide behind spending excuse any more as well because look at Chelsea we have spent same amount as them in last two transfer window, lampard took them to champions League last time n they were above us but still sacked the manager for poor showing that’s called ambition where as we are so ambition less that our manager has lost half the league games he has played n is still sitting in the chair comfortably.

  4. Dan Smith says:

    Admin has been crafty here lol.
    This was meant to be an introduction to why I wouldn’t be writing about Villa
    Then I had a list about something else
    They cut out list lol
    So now I sound even more negative

    1. Dan kit says:


    2. PJ-SA says:


    3. Sean Williams says:

      You don’t sound negative, you sound like you are telling the truth.

    4. RSH says:

      its a great article dan. I enjoyed it.

  5. PJ-SA says:

    Well written sir, a good read.

    And if you dare criticise certain players you are attacked by certain fans here. Seems to be favourites on here as there is with MA.

    MA has an ego issue. He genuinely believes he is doing everything perfectly and just bad luck is stopping us. So why, in his mind,should he change his ways like playing Willian if he’s doing nothing wrong.

    There’s also a massive victim mentality with Arsenal from the fans all the way to the manager. If you think you are z victim, you will be. Weak mindsets

    On a slightly unrelated note…I miss Rosicky! Great attitude, loved the game and played beautifully. Pity about injuries but he epitomised what playing for Arsenal should be about.

    1. RSH says:

      Agree. Lacazette posting him being pulled and acting like a victim after a second loss is just embarrasing. Where’s the accountability for the 90 minutes of bad football being played? Im so tired of people thinking some of our players are good enough too. Laca is NOT good enough I dont care how much he holds up the ball. He doesnt cut it. The mentality at Arsenal is still awful and it’s something I thought Arteta would fix. But he brings in a player like Willian who clearly doesn’t give a single damn about the club, and goes on to treat him like he deserves playing time over others when he clearly doesnt. Own your mistake Mikel, and bench him! It took him ages to do just that when we were on that other losing streak.

  6. Barry says:

    Agree..true fans can see the damage done…transitional Arsenal…how many years we heard that? Lack of investment…owner who doesnt give a hoot…players over paid who never give 100%…everything on the cheap…sadly i cannot see it getting any better

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Barry, agree with everything you say, except for the lack of investment. Arsenal “the Bank of England Club” has always worked on a self sustaining model. The Club has only spent what it earnt. The leagues are littered with clubs who lost their former glory and slipped down the divisions by overspending. One could argue instead that the money available has been poorly spent.

  7. McLovin says:

    I think we have a team that should be in top 6, despite the horrible recruitment of late.

    10 defeats in 23 matches is just unacceptable, yet it is accepted at Arsenal FC.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Only if your name is Mikel Arteta, not Terry Neill, who lost 10 and was sacked or Unai Emery, who lost 3 in 8.

  8. lcw says:

    Well Dan welcome to the club. You probably know more about football than the majority of us but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the manager is way over his head.

    Some of us have been saying it for months. Not only he is clueless when it comes to coaching, his vindictive attitude destroys morale and discourages players. Money wise, he has cost the club more than any other manager ever with nothing to show for it.

    That said he is not to blame. The owner gave him the key to the kingdom and the fans are oblivious to loosing. As long as they keep paying for tickets, TV and memorabilia, the horror show goes on.

    1. Dan Smith says:

      I don’t know anymore then anyone else
      It’s opinions mate
      I just can’t stand blind faith as in if we need Newcastle to beat Southampton to keep us in top 10 I don’t then want to read we are making progress and can compete with man city lol

  9. Dboy says:

    Booooring! 😴😴. Here we go again. Impatient people. Microwave fans want things to happen in an instant.

    1. Dan Smith says:

      Don’t think anyone is asking for the title or even top.4
      But there has to be a point where you admit ,we are not meeting standards
      Impatient ? It’s not wrong to say 10th in Feb is unacceptable

    2. dt1966 says:

      If 16yrs with hardly a challenge is impatient then you must be a saint.

      1. PJ-SA says:

        Or a Spud

  10. Sirjoe says:

    I keep hearing ‘the players MA sent away are dominating their teams’ please who are these players? MG? SALIBA? TORREIRA? KOLASINAC? come on, they’re average in even in small clubs. There’s nothing they could have done. They were all here under unai when they almost got us relegated bar SALIBA. Most of these players are average, the Aston Villa team we played is on the same as we are but with a better midfield. How many of our players will walk into their team? Most of us still looking at Arsenal as though we still have the likes of Henry, viera, adams, Fabregas etc. Our players now are no where near that quality yet we keep expecting them to go unbeaten. Wake up pals, our current team is a mid table team if they can get top four, it will be the same as westham or Everton doing the same, it will be abnormal. We need to build gradually to get close to where we used to be.

    1. dt1966 says:

      I get that we are miles behind but when were we almost relegated? Unless you are talking about the mid 70’s.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      “Under unai when they almost got us relegated”. Sirjoe, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Unai Emery was sacked when Arsenal lost 3 games in 8 and Arsenal was in 8th position.

  11. Dee says:

    Dan, don’t worry, this part of being an Arsenal fan, so many different things happening but not sure they are all the right ones, you keep writing because aslong as you are receiving any comments, it shows people are reading it, we are in a bad place with bad players but some light at the end of the tunnel in the youth players.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Dee, the players are better (as an overall squad) than the current league position.

  12. Innit says:

    I was against us getting Arteta simply because he had no managerial experience. I even preferred the likes of Ancelloti and Rafa Benitez over Arteta. They both have experience and won Champions League. They weren’t my top picks but just saying

    However, I backed him once we got him and after winning FA Cup and getting Partey my hopes were high but he just isn’t good enough and hasn’t improved us

    I also think the board is getting in our way.

    Unai wanted Zaha…Board wanted Pepe

    Instead of an experienced manager the board chose Arteta

    1. Newton vfb Donald says:

      You are right brother. We ‘re fed up with usless board.

      1. ozziegunner says:


    2. adajim says:

      talking about Partey, how many games has he played for us?, just asking, losing your best players to injuries all the time disrupt plans and MA is not excepted, KT in yesterday game, might ended better, because we would have exploited the left better

  13. adajim says:

    its good to ask questions Dan, but been overly critical of the situation and going overboard is a little below the bet.

    i disagree with most of your thought but ill never refer to you as been negative, its your opinion, its good to have different opinions on issues.
    The club seems to be going backward but that reality, utd went through same after Sir Ferguson left, i think we need to have patience and wake up to the reality that we are not what we used to be, though MA is a rookie manager, he is learning fast and making effort, lets stay with him and hope he get things right fast. am against changing manager everytime. we had loads of negative issues when he took over, we seems to be getting out of them, and the pattern of play has improved, lets looks at the positive, its not all gloomy

  14. Grandad says:

    I share your frustrations Dan, but those of us with a lot more miles on the clock, are not at all surprised by our lack of progress, as we realized the magnitude of the task awaiting Arteta or indeed any Manager following on from the latter years of the Wenger regime and the brief Emery stay when huge errors of judgement were made by our highly paid Management, which includes our pathetic recruitment team.When you analyse the calibre of player brought in, with the exception of one of two talented youngsters, you quickly realize that it will take at least 2/3 years before we can once again be a force to be reckoned with.First of all , in practical terms, most of the players brought in for heavily inflated fees, are so mediocre that they are more or less unsellable.Secondly the financial impact of the Pandemic has made it impossible for us to buy our way out of trouble.Lastly our Manager, who I support, has been influenced too much in my opinion by Edu who has little real insight into who is likely to be effective in the EPL where pace is essential.Faced with these problems, the fact that we are currently a mid table team is not surprising however much we suggest otherwise.Until the “clearout” is completed, and quick , hungry players are brought in, we will not improve regardless of who is at the helm.Rome wasn’t built in a day so we fans will have to exercise patience until the sky clears and the sun returns.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Grandad, a major issue for Arsenal is that the Club overpays ordinary players in comparison to similar quality players with competing clubs. It is worthwhile to compare how many players at other EPL clubs are on £100k or more per week. When Arsenal wants to sell unwanted players there are few clubs, who can afford their wages. Arsenal’s wage structure is all wrong.

  15. Nifty says:

    Great article…..👏👏👏
    If we are not deliberate about reviving our club, we will continue falling😔. I do struggle to understand our ambitions as a club. All I hear is top four – what happens to wanting to win the League. What is so special about qualifying for Champions League when you are not challenging for the title – oh! More money. We can’t even win an Europa league title after three years.
    I believe a club with Arsenal pedigree should be more ambitious than just wanting top 4 – and our investments should also show these ambitions.
    The purpose of transfer windows, I think is for teams to strengthen their squad – I hardly remember the last time Arsenal actually strengthen in a transfer window – maybe when we signed Giroud and co.
    Transfer windows should not be about spending big, but spending intelligently – I doubt we do the later.
    Who is now Arsenal standard? Certainly some players should be deem not good enough for Arsenal.
    Maybe our league position reflects our quality.

  16. RW1 says:

    I’m in one hundred per cent agreement which is why I wanted arteta out at Xmas but will have to endure another painful 4 months of uninspiring football before it happens … but we do need to talk about kroenke .. and the people who sold out to him … the real source of the decline of the club … what is frustrating is that he will only go if we get bad enough for him to sell which no one wants …

  17. Ayan says:

    Well, Dan, you are right! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For me, this Arsenal team is not yet complete to be challenging for any honours now. Until we get creative players that are good on the ball and mobile and also a complete Striker ( good on feet and aerially), we will remain stagnant. We also need a non sentimental and experienced Manager.

  18. CorporateMan says:

    Football is such a very funny enterprise !
    Arsenal beat Chelsea roundly on Boxing Day and had a decent run of victories thereafter and everyone is singing Arteta’s praises. He is the man to take us to the promised land
    Now after a run of bad results and the slay knives are out again
    Personally I’m happy to give the man some more time to see out what he’s trying to do – get rid of the dross and bring in a few more players of his choice
    I think next season is probably the right time to judge the man more fairly

    1. Victor Pius says:

      “Next season”? It’s always NEXT season. That’s when all our worries will go away magically. Never mind admitting that we’ve been poor, and taking responsibility for turning it around THIS season.

      Except, EVERY season always plays out like this season, doesn’t it… And then we have to look forward to ANOTHER “next” season.

      Arsenal. Aka “Next Season FC, Inc”.

      1. Highbury Hero says:


        Loved the Inc.

  19. SA Gunner says:

    How long is the time needed by Arteta to show his complete incompetence .

  20. Agony says:

    Arsenal a team on a serious decline year after year how far will they fall is question

  21. Stewart Macintosh says:

    Willian coming on time and again says it all about Arteta as far as I am concerned.

  22. Highbury Hero says:

    I think now is the right time for your I told you so Dan. Earlier in the season I still think you were negative. Also the Arteta out brigade seem to have been right all along (except for those who wanted him out because of Mesut, I won’t give you the satisfaction)

    He still has a chance to win the UL or finish in the top 4. He should do one of those to prove that he is the right man for the job and my opinion is the judgement should be reserved till the end of the season otherwise there will always be a back and forth. Don’t write our chances off yet.

    Some people (I would like to name Thirdman but I won’t mention any names) thought when the great Arsene Wenger left there will be success but they have been proven utterly wrong, got knocked out from the first punch. Instead of admitting they were wrong they keep blaming Arsene for everything wrong at this club. Wenger has nothing to do with it, just swallow the bitter truth that you were wrong!

    Turned out Arsene really knew best.

    1. Dan Smith says:

      Just to clarify I don’t want Arteta out ( can’t argue if he was )
      As you know my issue is the owner
      HE would just bring in another cheap option and we be having same conversation in 12 !months

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        Yes you have already made that clear long ago. This time he won’t be going for the cheap option and I don’t think money is the issue. The great Arsene wasn’t cheap and so wasn’t Emery.

        The management (or former) want(ed) the manager with weak personality or inexperienced so that they can control them and who can put up with their bullshit. It shows in their appointments of Emery and Mikel. There were a lot of proven and strong managers available but they didn’t go for them not because of money but because of control.

        1. Dan Smith says:

          Emery was cheap in terms of Wenger was on like 10 million a year
          Emery I read mixed reports say 6-7
          Artera 5
          So the worse we get the less our owner spends on managers
          Hence don’t think we will sack arteta and get a big name

      2. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

        Dan, we might not agree on some more rather divisive issues, like Wenger role in the demise of the club, but on this point we’re squarely on the same page…the only reason I didn’t respond earlier is that I’m neither shocked nor surprised by what has transpired at this club before or during the window…if you do a deep dive into Kroenke’s sporting empire you will notice definitive patterns that emerge…while some will wrongly ascribe certain flattering characteristics to our Billionaire owner, the facts suggest otherwise

        to be frank, he’s a rather simple man and a creature of habit…there was nothing innovative or cerebral about his approach to business, as his accumulation of wealth came largely as a result of fortuitous circumstances, a depressed real estate market, as a result of his timely marriage to the one of the Walton daughters, heiress to the Wal-Mart fortune…as such, he doesn’t like to overcomplicate matters…so when someone provided him with a formula that seemed to guarantee the greatest return for the least amount of personal investment, he simply ran with it

        at first this meant having highly experienced coaches in place at every one of his franchises, in the hopes that their mere presence would require less investment in high-end players, yet yield positive enough results that they would give the appearance of being highly competitive

        when this phase started to wane, they started to bring in a smattering of higher-end players, to give the perception that they were making the necessary investments, then placed a lot of focus on the draft(at his American based teams) or in our case, promoting academy players

        this approach still allowed him to maintain a self-sufficient model while simultaneously perpetuating the notion that they were serious about providing the fans with a winning culture…of course, they would never do enough to attain that goal, but they cared more about perception than reality

        when the more veteran coaches either got sick of the façade or simply fell victim to the consequences of the fake narrative, it was no coincidence that every single franchise in his empire started to hire coaches with very little or no experience whatsoever…these “surprise” hiring’s made sense for a variety of reasons, they usually required much less investment, so that if they didn’t pan out the fallout was minimized, and they put less demands on ownership, as they were just happy to get a shot

        now some have proved their respective worth, in relative terms, but none have won anything as of yet…in fact, the hiring of Sean McVay, with the Rams, was a little reminiscent of the original Wenger hire, as he was a little known coaching savant of sorts, with an innovative approach to the game…so this cut and paste approach to managing a sporting empire seems a bit unusual, unless it yielded incredibly results from the get-go, but I think it’s more of a commentary on a more seemingly realistic business approach to the highly frenetic world of professional sports…he doesn’t ever give his teams everything that’s required to succeed, he gives you just enough to potentially compete at the highest levels

        his Rams have two All-Pros, some above average players, who rely on a system supplied by their exceptionally young coach…his Nuggets have a two all-stars, with only one getting paid big bucks, and a coach who had only a year of coaching experience, which yielded a horrible record, before getting hired…they compete but no one actually thinks they can win the title and it’s year 6 of a 4 year plan…his Avalanche, have a coach with no experience prior to his hiring, then adopted a long-term plan based on tanking years to get high draft picks, which they did excel at because they invested a lot in the process because of it’s possible economic benefits…they finally look to be a viable contender, but Kroenke won’t change his business model one iota to go and get the one thing they need to win it all, a proper goaltender

        so as you can see, when you attack what appears to be the all-too-familiar half-measure moves by our club, it might frustrate you to no end, and rightly so, but to me it makes perfect sense because I’ve been witnessing it for years on many different sporting platforms…one saving grace is that he’s adopted a little different approach with the Rams this off-season, as he recently traded his overpaid QB, for a better QB, but to do so he had to leverage the future by giving up numerous valuable draft picks to get the deal over the line

        unfortunately, this is even more discouraging in that when we got our new stadium it was all about sucking it up and not spending, whereas when he built the new Rams stadium he has employed a more all-in approach…maybe because he actually spent some of his own money on this build, instead of trying to bilk their fanbase like ours, so he desperately wants the financial windfall that comes with winning the Super Bowl

        1. Sean Williams says:

          The Real Vieira Lynn

          Really top comment. His LA project is one of the reasons he cannot invest anywhere else. He has heavily borrowed. There is method in his massive LA stadium investment….the Olympics will use his stadium. He could not give a monkey’s about Arsenal FC…..if his LA project went apeshit he has a couple of billion in the rescue fund by owning Arsenal FC. Don’t expect him to sell his golden ‘recue remedy’ nugget. We are lumbered with him for a long time and Kroenke’s focus will be his LA Olympics project until at least 2028.

          1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            No doubt Sean…this covid has got his sporting empire by the short & curlies…he’s not like a Bezos-type businessman, who has cleaned up during this global lockdown, but having said that he’s just rich enough that he undoubtedly invested in the market when smaller investors got scared and reaped the rewards of another weaselly business plan…it’s the modern day version of wartime profiteering, which, once again, has seen the richer get richer, even while the world is burning

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Kroenke has borrowed heavily for Rams Stadium and to develop property he owns surrounding the stadium. If these developments do not sell, he will be heavily geared, with payments to be made.
            Will he need to sell assets like Arsenal for liquidity? Time will tell.
            In the meantime he owns 100% of Arsenal FC to do with what he sees fit, within the laws of the UK and the FA.

        2. Nickerless Bender says:

          Wow… that was pretty in depth TRVL. A real insight.

          But there is one thing that bugs me about Kronke that nobody seems to answer.

          What does he get from his sporting franchises tanking? There surely can’t be any commercial value in owning crap, underperforming clubs.

          So what’s the point?

          1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Nickerless, they don’t tank, minus for a short period with the Avalanche to acquire top picks in consecutive drafts, they simply compete at a level that gives off the appearance that they’re trying to compete at the highest levels, without having to make the investments normally associated with actually competing at the highest levels…in America, making the playoffs is somewhat similar to Arsenal qualifying for Europe…this is the gravy money that allows you to bring in new players while maintaining the “self-sufficient” model…if any of his teams win it’s simply a BONUS, it’s not the number one priority

          2. Nickerless Bender says:


            So in layman’s he reaps the pin money from Europe, sponsors and fans.

            Next year will be interesting in his investment as Europe looks slim, fans have lost interest and no commercial investors would want their brand associated with a laughing stock. 🤬

          3. Declan says:

            Stock value, bottom line that’s it. Value of Arsenal stock is rising whether we win or lose, he doesn’t give a crap, to use the American vernacular.

        3. Chapo says:

          Best comment I’ve ever read on here @The Real. I love doing researches, you just gave me an interesting topic to research on: “Kroenke’s Business Model and Its Application Across all Franchise within The KSE”.
          Top Comment, would have been better as an article on its own.

      3. lcw says:

        Another cheap option is better than no option and renewed hope is better than no hope.

    2. Nifty says:

      Arsene has everything to do with where we are today. He shielded the board for too long. His ambitionless football – settling for top four and just participating in the Champions League is the cause of the weak mentality we are struggling to correct today.

      1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

        So true Nifty!!!

      1. ken1945 says:

        Interesting that following their humiliation at home to City today, Klopp says that they have to finish in the top four and that is their main objective…. not CL success, but finishing in the top four.
        Now, as some have said we should have gone for Klopp before he went to Pool, what would be the reaction from our fans, if he said this about our club today?
        I assume they would be calling for his head?
        Following the seven goal demolition at Villa, the Brighton defeat at home and now the City debacle, is a manager who declared that top four is the new trophy /target, to unambitious for us?

        1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

          key difference is they have won EVERYTHING under Klopp, so your attempt to rehash the whole Wenger Cup argument is moot…are you actually trying to suggest we were right to keep Wenger in the fold so that we could hoist some FA Cups, instead of getting Klopp, who since his arrival has won both the League Title and Champions League…no wonder we can’t escape the ominous shadow left by our former manager…WTF

          1. Dan Smith says:

            Well two trophies isn’t everything
            Hasn’t won the cups

          2. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Seriously Dan!?!

          3. Defund The Media says:

            @ The Real Vieira Lynn to be fair dont caps EVERYTHING if he hasn’t infact won everything lol that’s on you mate

          4. ken1945 says:

            No, your suggesting I said that – what I was actually suggesting was that a top four finish should always be the first aim of a club – nothing to do with cup wins, PL titles or CL success.
            Interesting to see and note that it was you who mentioned Arsene Wenger, who hadn’t featured in my post – I was pointing out how this man who has won PL and CL still sees top four as the “must achieve” goal for his club.
            Pretty simple really WTF

          5. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Sorry, I should have been more specific…in a 5 year span, Klopp won all the MOST IMPORTANT titles and trophies in both English football and World Club Competition Football…I’m sure he goes to bed at night thinking I would give them all away if I could be guaranteed to bask in the grandeur that invariably comes with mounting a successful FA Cup campaign…welcome to Arsenal, home of LOWERED EXPECTATIONS!!

          6. Defund The Media says:

            @The Real Vieira Lynn lol…

            “Klopp won all the MOST IMPORTANT titles and trophies in both English football and World Club Competition Football”

            Trophies in english football as in plural ? Again incorrect as after the PL the most important trophy in english football is the FA cup, which he has not won, if your going to be passive aggressive at least be correct lol.

          7. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Defund…I always enjoy a good mincing of words argument, but from a purely grammatical standpoint, my usage of titles and trophies in their respective plural forms is actually correct, even when I’m referring to the most important title or trophy in each individual competition…since one might consider each to be either a title and/or a trophy or both, I needed to construct my statement as such, but the fact that I prefaced those pluralized terms with the word “MOST” it actually speaks directly to what is logically believed to be the MOST IMPORTANT title and/or trophy in each respective competition and not, as you’re suggesting, open to someone else’s personal opinion on what they might deem as other important titles and/or trophies, unless they truly feel that the FA Cup is equally as important as winning the whole League…your move

          8. Dan Smith says:

            Yeah , it’s more of an English thing
            By putting EVERYTHING in caps is like saying literally.
            So if I said Klopp has literally won everything, that’s not true is it ?
            Also by saying really your making o it the cups are simple to win
            If there simple to win , why hasn’t he ?

          9. Defund The Media says:

            Lol try to dance around it all you want but your grammar was incorrect.

            “Klopp won ALL the MOST IMPORTANT titles and trophies in both English football and World Club Competition Football”

            Your grammar 100% implies more than one trophy in both english football and world club competition football, unless there only is one important trophy in england (pl trophy) in which case “all the MOST IMPORTANT TROPHIES” is incorrect as there is only one lol

          10. Dan Smith says:

            Takes the caps debate out of it
            has he won everything yes or no ?

          11. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Maybe because he was devoting his attentions towards much more important objectives…the same objectives we used to care infinitely more about until our absentee landlord and his Pied Piper lowered our expectations under the guise of making us great again…having success on all fronts is incredibly difficult, especially when you consistently run with your Best 11, a concept that has been foreign to our club for more than a decade…as such, it means you have to make personnel decisions when it comes to secondary competitions, at least until it gets to the nitty-gritty rounds…I would think that you would actual concur with my thoughts regarding these matters, as it speaks directly to the lack of ambition shown by this club and it’s lacklustre owner

          12. Defund The Media says:

            “Maybe because he was devoting his attentions towards much more important objectives…the same objectives”

            Yeah your probably right but that has nothing to do with this current argument lol, I dont need to know why he hasn’t won it, the fact is he hasn’t won it which was the entirety of my point, dont imply things that arent true.

          13. Dan Smith says:

            So to clarify Kopp hasn’t won everything?

          14. Defund The Media says:

            Dan 😂😂

          15. ozziegunner says:

            Klopp just facing reality.
            I lost faith in Arsene Wenger finally when in 2015, he bought Petr Cech, claiming Arsenal didn’t need to strengthen outfield players.

          16. Dan Smith says:

            Well it be like me telling a fan not old enough to remember that in when w e last won the League we also won the domestic treble
            Then when they find out that’s not true saying ‘ well it’s only the fa cup and Leauge cup , let’s just say we did ‘

          17. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            What a terribly sad day for both of you…instead of simply sucking it up and realizing that you were in way over your head, you decided to combine forces, surely figuring that’s the only way you could even possibly compete, and this is the best you could come up with…so much for the old adage that two heads are better than one…it’s like I’m arguing with the writers from an old Adam Sandler movie…unfortunately, simply because you two agree with one another doesn’t mean jacksh** in the real world…the very world where Klopp reached the highest heights of European club football, while we were playing on Thursdays and winning just enough FA Cups that it allowed our former manager to retain his undeserved position at the helm of our clearly sinking ship…it’s too bad that you felt it necessary to pursue this course of action to such a degree that you’ve now made it crystal clear to anyone reading your comments that you care far more about the mincing of words than the truth behind the words themselves…keep it up and you might get a job in the PR department at the Emirates, as this sort of “wag the dog” philosophy towards information dissemination has ruled the day since Wenger and Kroenke first joined forces

          18. ken1945 says:

            Truth comes out for those who wait Dan – it’s only those who try to be clever, who slip up.
            If top four is good enough for klopp, why wasn’t it good enough for us?

          19. Dan Smith says:

            Hey I’m not ganging up and it’s got nothing to do with Mr Wenger or disrespecting Klopp
            It’s simply not true to say he won EVERYTHING
            Why are you taking that as ganging up?
            It’s a factual statement
            Also two years ago Man City win the prem and both cups same year
            It’s disrespectful to say those two cups dont count

          20. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            it’s just childish banter Dan…never once did I say that the Cups don’t matter, but I’m certainly not foolish enough to suggest that certain Cups/trophies/titles don’t matter more than others…if you can’t see the merits in that argument then I would question your capacity to reasonably evaluate the very footballing world that you profess to care so deeply for…I think you took offence because you have spent so long defending Wenger’s reign, which for well over a decade only really challenged for those Cups that are clearly second-tier accomplishments…as such, it behooves you to make sure that they maintain some semblance of import or you might have to come to terms with the some harsh realities that you’re simply unwilling to deal with quite yet

          21. Dan Smith says:

            No you literally said the key difference is they have won everything under klopp
            If you were on who wants to be a millionaire and that was the question , you would be wrong
            You can’t say well who cares about those cups ?
            I agree fa cup and Leauge cup can’t compare to prem or cl but that’s not what you said
            If I did a test and got 9 out of 10 I can’t say I got 10 out of 10?

          22. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Dan, If that’s the case, I guess you won’t mind if I take that same “fine-toothed comb” approach when analyzing all future articles you post…I’m not sure if I should devote the time, as that would be akin to a full-time job, but if such details are so vitally important to you, even in a traditionally informal setting like this, then I will acquiesce to your grammatical OCD quest for perfection…probably not wise on your part… you should never jump into the deep-end when you’re still wearing water wings

          23. Admin Pat says:

            Okay trvl, I have put this off for a while, but you are just a little too aggressive for me liking. You cause aggressive arguments, which I am afraid are not welcome on JA.
            You need to stop acting like a troll or you will be banned very quickly.

            And be very careful how you respond to this……

          24. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            that’s rich Admin Pat…I spend a lot of time adding quality content on this site and only engage in those sort of tete-a-tetes with willing participants…I don’t even submit back-to-back posts if no reply is forthcoming…I can only hope this message was likewise delivered to the other parties involved…I’m very disappointed by your redacting of my post to Ken late last night because you must admit that was some humorous sh**…Cheers

          25. Admin Pat says:

            I don’t allow swearwords as this is a family site.
            And I abhor personal insults and abuse.
            You have been on here long enough to know I don’t allow them. Even if you consider them humourous, they are still swearwords and insults…

          26. Dan Smith says:

            Point out my mistakes and I will hold my hands up.
            From very first article admin helps me out with my editing because yeah I’m not very clever lol
            But I never insulted your writing , I simply said you made up that klopp won everything.
            Your never find me give a false fact .
            Ill give an opinion but facts are facts
            Klopp hasn’t won everything?
            Don’t understand why you taken that as a attack ?

  23. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    I still believe that our problems stem from the fact that we overachieved when the season resumed following the covid stoppage…even some within the fanbase made an about-turn on their respective expectations for this season after our victories over ManCity, Pool and then Chelsea in the FA Cup final…of course, that was somewhat understandable for a fanbase that had witnessed our club’s glaring lack of success against Top 4 clubs for several years running, but there’s absolutely no excuse for the supposed professionals that run this club to do likewise…they knew full-well that we had some seriously problematic financial issues to contend with before we were ever going to realistically challenge for titles or even European places…from offloading deadwood and/or those with expiring contracts to addressing our myriad of needs, this club needed at least another year to get our house in order, especially considering our “self-sustaining” business model and the financial implications of covid…anyone with half a footballing brain and an ounce of common sense would never have made a move for an over-30 Willian, who would require a cost-prohibitive wage and guarantees about playing time…this short-sighted lapse of reason has cost us dearly, on several fronts, and now we are being unfairly subjected to the ramifications of this irresponsible act…it’s sad to think that these two young footballing grasshoppers have jeopardized their professional careers simply because they lacked the necessary experience and/or self-confidence to stay the course…so instead of doubling-down on themselves, they went all-in on a pair of 8s because it was the first time they were playing with house money…unfortunately, now we have to live with the consequences of this misplaced gamble

  24. jon fox says:

    OH Dan! How my heart breaks for you. No sarcasm either as you are a realist yourself and as such your comments are music to my ears. In one paragraph you use the words “reality ” and “delusional”, so welcome to frustration at our fellow Gooners.

    I constantly weep with frustration, – albeit only metaphorically, as I am no snowflake – at the sheer Gooner refusal to adopt any sense of what actually IS(as in right now!)the truth about where our club are today. The truth, not self foolery, about how poor, moderate or good our players are.

    The constant overhype of some players as world class after one or two merely good perfs is so childish. And many of our fans ARE children, some literally, but others also in thinking and attitudes.

    Children have little life experience by the nature of being so young but many of these arrogant kids think they know better than we fans who have seen far more life and unlike my older generation, they have such an arrogant sense of entitlement for their club.

    Many of them have never gone more than three or four seasons without a trophy and know nothing at all of what real SUPPORT back in the old days was like and what it entailed to call yourself a REAL fan, not some keyboard warrior who knows sod all about life back in the days back then, when I and older fans started following our club.

    As an older worldly wise adult who dislikes lazy thinking and non thinking, I feel like a fish out of water among some of the little children on here.

    It is why when I do meet fellow realists , I love to debate with them. It is rare enough among the children on here, as we realists know.
    So don;t let the delusuional ones get you downwith their silliness. They are not worth it, frankly!

    1. Dan kit says:

      “As I am no snowflake “
      Older posters like me will remember you threatening to get a lawyer involved because someone called you a liar on here .
      😂 in my book that would take some beating as a snowflake ❄️ ❄️❄️❄️

      1. Defund The Media says:


      2. jon fox says:

        YES, YOU WOULD THINK THAT! But then you are biased and not bright either. I was living , as I always do, by my life principles. I am one of the more ethical people around and will not allow, unchallenged, anyone to ever call me a liar. I do have faults but lying is not one of them.
        I always tell it straight, exactly as I think. Indeed I have a reputation on this site for being outspoken in favour of the truth as I see things.

        You are very confused, as you yourself have aslo criticised me for being outspoken and now you say I am lying! . You really are not very bright nor very principled Dan kit and you both loathe me and fear my ability with words to make you look the dull witted fan you are. Sigh!

        One of my faults BTW is wasting words on someone like you . You do not deserve to be able to debate with people of my intellect, so stick to your own dull witted kind, sonny!

        1. Defund The Media says:


        2. Dan kit says:

          Will do ❄️
          Would you say it’s probably less than 1% that I will become as intellectual and as great as you in the future or would it be more

          1. jon fox says:

            Oh definitely less . I’d say zero chance TBH. You would need a new and higher quality brain first, to have any chance.

          2. Dan kit says:

            How about just a Brain with a photographic memory ?
            Would that be a higher intellectually person who could make you look silly every time you post ?

  25. dt1966 says:

    Wenger has everything to do with it he was a great manager for 10yrs then became club accountant totally neglecting the squad and making the odd vanity signing to appease fans. What we are seeing now is the legacy of his neglect and boardroom incompetancy.

  26. Brad says:

    We are an average club and that’s putting it mildly
    I’ve had around 60 years of ups and downs with this beloved club.
    The downfall of the club stems back to the Wenger era.
    Wenger clearly had to go. But the state of the club then and to this day has been run atrociously.
    The hierarchy are the problem and until they are removed things won’t get better.
    You young ones be prepared for lean years.

  27. Dan says:

    Guys the owner is accountable and since our decline he has been in charge. The buck stops with him.
    Arteta has had one window really and has done well in terms of who he brought in besides William. The owner didn’t back him in January. He knows he needs another left back and midfielder but could only do loans since we in since bad financial shape. We have lost over £117 mil on players the last few years buying badly, that’s the difference between us and say leister who have bought well and sold even better. Give Arteta a bit more time to gets his players and his ideas across.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Just like Terry Neill and Unai Emery?

  28. Peter Shaw says:


  29. PBarany says:

    This was the best piece in this rumor- article- and post-mill in the calendar year.
    However I don’t think those fanatic supporters “just want to hear how great Arsenal are”. I think they are emotionally invested in Arteta so much, that they can’t handle those views that he is not our savior and solution to our problems.

  30. Herman says:

    I understand the frustration in us Arsenal fans but truth be told, we have to accept our position as an average team and forget about high expectations, build patiently but steadily to our way back up. Our team can outplay and beat any team on their day but we have no consistency. That consistency will take a long time for us to get. Remember how inconsistent Liverpool were during the first 2 years of Klop’s management but with time they became consistent. Arteta is not perfect but he is doing a great job. The mess at Arsenal is a big challenge to clean up even with the world best managers. It will take time. Please let’s be patient. We are still a great club but at the moment we are average but getting back to the top. Back Arteta.

  31. S says:

    I watched the Aston Villa-Arsenal game and noted a few things.
    1. Aston Villa players were taller and wins most aerial balls but we keep sending high crosses to their box.
    2. We counter attack so slowly. It does not work. Counter attack has to be maximum of three passes for it to ‘shock’ your opponent.
    3. About ten minutes to go yet when we get the ball, we play it around our box as if we are not working with time.
    4. We were simply too rigid in playing a particular way and scoring a particular kind of goal. We are being found out. Maybe Arteta would do far better as a coach in Spain. His game is too slow for the Premier League.

    1. PJ-SA says:

      1. MA is convinced Giroud still plays for us

      2. Xhaka

      3. MA has no idea how to get through deep sitting teams

      4. MA is under the impression everything he does is perfect. Other factors are always to blame.

  32. David says:

    It is difficult for us to compete against ambitious teams;
    How can we compete with
    And dead front line

  33. Millie says:

    On reading most of the comments above. Its hard to weed out the real supports, as the name suggests, support, from the delusional……
    Its hard to stick a title on you others. Yes I believe the majority of those I have no name for are quite young and maybe have only known Wenger as the head ( i was going to say manager but he was more than that ) of Arsenal.
    I am not going to hand out a history lesson on Wenger. But for all the good he did for football in the UK and the Arsenal. Of which not only Arsenal supporters should be grateful but the rest of the UK. We all know that and to go on to say that he is also the reason why the team, the management and the club are in the mess that we are in.
    To say we have to start again, like new, from the whole structure of the club to 90 % of the players etc is monumental undertaking. To start from scratch everywhere is massive. The real supporters. The ones that understand the gravity of our situation will know it will take time. Not one or two seasons to put us back into top four and champions league and challenging in all the domestic Cup and the league. And on top of all those ands. To play football the Arsenal way !
    Well the real supporters understand the reality of the task ahead and can see the positive steps that our present manager and staff are doing. Also seeing and understanding that we might go one or two steps forward but on occasion four or five steps back.
    We can only play with what we have and allowed to spend by the owner.
    It’s not wrong to disagree with the manager or on other supporters views as its healthy. Name calling is not. Yes we are in a frustrating time. Let’s grow together with the young, cheap, learning on the job ( reasons why he was chosen by the board/owner ) manager.
    Let the manager manage and us as supporters support. Like a marriage. Through thick and thin.
    COYGs !

  34. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    We need a manager who knows how to manage a team to win and that guy is not Mikel.

  35. Stuart says:

    I think your article is good and not negative. There are a lot of fans who are impatient and cannot see the depth of the issues the club is facing.

    What I see is the club paying for the mistakes of the last ten years. Firstly a board that to be honest did not know what it was doing. Wenger steered the club and in some ways had too much power. That when he went has caused organisational issues on who is responsible for what. A wage policy that has seen mediocre players paid way to much money. As a result no one wants to buy them. Also why leave for a smaller wage and have a lesser lifestyle. Cancelling contracts so players will leave is a good way to reduce the wage bill.

    The squad we have is improving, but the quality in depth is not there. There are younger players coming through but they need to be balanced with smart purchases of experienced players of around the 23 to 27 year old age bracket.
    Arteta is new, he is learning. I think he can succeed, but he will need time and backing from the board with money.
    Edu I am not convinced about. His contacts for Brazilian players is good but for others I do not see the connections. Marc Overmars would be a better choice.
    Are the players we sent on loan, better than we have? To be honest no, apart from perhaps one, Saliba. The others are in teams not doing well and perhaps they have improved those teams quality. But they are part of the deadwood currently at the club that need to go. AMN, Guendouzi, kolasinac and Willock. I would add Nketiah into that mix as he reminds me too much of Francis Jeffers. A goal poacher, nothing more.
    Arteta in the current age has a limited budget. He is doing what he can. Yes it would be nice for the owners to throw money into transfers, but this will never happen with Kroenke.
    I believe it will be another two seasons at best until we challenge for the top four.
    The time is for patience.
    Finally look at the results in the league, every team is having uncharacteristic results. They are missing the fans. We do make a difference at the games.

  36. JJ Pawn says:

    The main problem is lack of funding for Arsenal, the guarantee of which would have allowed an experienced manager to take on the task seriously, and thus properly use the likes of Ozil coupled with better finishers in front for goals, while building the MF to renew the steel needed to play a #10, and the stinginess of a solid back line. In other words, the type of money Chelsea had with a manager like Wenger and even Porchettino.

    When Arsenal gave up on using Ozil properly (without weapons in front of him when Alexis and Giroud left), it became obvious that Wenger was not being funded, even after he tied the club to Ozil. Worse it exposed both an immature fan and a anti-foreigner fan.

    Yes, Laca and Auba came on, but they were not world class, as we can see from the lost chances in front. The owners were not going to give Wenger the money to match his ambition. The rest as they say is history, and much mediocre ‘thinking’ among those seeking a scapegoat or two.

    The attempt to humiliate French Wenger was a running theme among the xenophobes of ‘little’ England. Their attack on ‘Turkish’/’Muslim’ Ozil gave us a glimpse of a lack of class through and through from owner to manager to fan following how the German’s own home team had done, bucking under emergence of fascism in Europe. The team players though have been a class act together quietly standing up for Ozil, with the stronger minds on the Ozil front shipped out. The fire of Guendozi and the loyalty of AMN was too much for a weak manager.

    Sadly, the above showed that Arteta lacked class and acumen to manage player emotions. Worse, to earn loyalty, he should never have buckled under to the owner pressure. Instead, Arteta should have maintained Ozil in the engine room and played 4-2-3-1 months ago, keeping the spirit of the club’s style, and the team’s self-respect intact. It was also crucial to maintain the players vs. owners narrative to eventually get enough money, or at least the fans in the know whom to support. At this time, Arteta is obviously not strong enough, and does not have the character for that confrontational way with the owners to let players know what side he is on.

    At best Arteta showed us that he but an assistant in mentality unable to deal with owners (as managers must). A proper manager knows when to stand up to the owners, and when to leave when not being listened to. Instead he took on the task unready, and did not earn the respect of senior players. So… now the senior players are gone as time has had its opportunity for the attrition…

    Now we have to wait for a while until the younger players, who are impressionable, can be given an Arteta imprint. It will be a hard road ahead, as other teams are able to use experienced managers and experienced players to ambush Arteta!

    Poor, poor fans, who just think that being Arsenal means success… that is how much Wenger did for this club, but the lack of a football culture among certain fans–the brutal British with studs up “old school” types who write in CAPITAL letter shouting and the computer players–means they lack any respect for Wenger and football itself.

    Thankfully, the rest of the world knows more… and will appreciate Wenger, Ozil and football, the kind of mix that made them fans of Arsenal unaware of the lurking Korenke just interested in making some money. Will there be change? Their work with Stafford to the Rams might signal a change that they want to win. But, to ensure any such sentiment, the fans need to know where the blame is and who to praise.

    1. ken1945 says:

      JJ Pawn, some excellent thoughts and observations regarding our club.
      A breathe of fresh air.

      1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

        more like a breath of old, stale air, the same kind that permeated our clubhouse for about 8 years too long under your beloved Wenger

        1. ken1945 says:

          Hello, jackshits on the prowl again – ready to jump in and sound rather silly.
          Opinions are just that and the sooner you accept we all have our own, the better.
          “Beloved Wenger” shows how immature you are – I respect what he did well and criticise what he didn’t.

          1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Ditto on your first claim—you glaring lack of self-awareness always shines through—would love to hear your analysis of Wenger’s failings, but I doubt any such critique will be forthcoming…for you to even suggest that I’m “immature” considering the kudos you so graciously offered to JJ for his cross between a mid-life crisis rant and a temper tantrum is rich, to say the least

          2. ken1945 says:

            Just his opinion again, that you try to belittle as a mid life crisis and a temper tantrum.
            Another example of your immaturity regarding someone who disagrees with you – please do try and act with a little decorum, whilst giving us all your pearls of wisdom and discussing those of others. – thank you.

          3. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            I knew you were going to double-down with your classic “holier-than-thou” approach to conflict management…the fact that you even uttered the word decorum, proves my point regarding your glaring lack of self-awareness…you’re “bull in a china shop” stratagem, when it comes to responding to those who have differing opinions, has become so familiar to me that I’m actually taken off guard when you act in a reasonable fashion…unfortunately, this usually only occurs when you’re responding to someone who agrees with your nonsense completely…still waiting anxiously for your Wenger critique

          4. ken1945 says:

            Waiting anxiously?
            From a “bull in a China shop” fan like me? Wow!!!
            I feel empowered that you seem to hang on to my every word regarding Arsene Wenger, our most successful manager ever.

            For a fan of mine like yourself, I’ll see what I can do for you, meanwhile please be patient – thank you.

          5. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

            Ken , I can only hope you had a chance to read my last reply before Admin removed it from the site…even though it had some bite, I’m sure you would have appreciated it nonetheless

    2. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

      although I agree with your sentiments regarding our absentee landlord, your defence of Wenger is completely misguided…he was the Pied Piper whom allowed Kroenke to get away with his somewhat fiendish plan to reap the benefits of a new stadium without having to personally invest whatsoever in the club…without Wenger’s connection to the fanbase Kroenke would have faced considerably more resistance, much like what occurred in Liverpool under their previous ownership…once Dein had left the building, the ambitions of this club lowered drastically, thus the emergence of the Wenger Cup…Wenger’s inability to manage all facets of the club, without the real “brains” of the operation, Dein, led to an extended period of settling, half-measures and band-aids…it was only a matter of time before Wenger was exposed for placing his own interests over the actually interests of the club as a whole…Arteta is simply a reflection of our inability to learn from the lessons of the past, which is why he was given the title of manager instead of the more appropriate coaching position…without the proper checks and balances, we will continue to be held hostage by the whims of one individual, just like under Arsene

    3. lcw says:


  37. Hudson says:

    I think Arteta is only being too patient with some players but I think we’ve only missed a natural left back for the games we’ve lost.

    1. David Rusa says:

      That and the two red cards in one game. Before the first red card we were one goal up at Wolverhampton and then the card and the ensuing penalty changed everything.

  38. Cozy says:

    It’s really appalling to see too many sad people here disguising as fact speaking fans, even. The OP of the article, very pessimistic energy.

    Where was this bad energy when we were winning ? Everyone knows Arteta is a rookie, will make mistakes, even Guadiola in his first season with a good team did poorly. What of Kloop?

    Most of you here enjoy it when we loose cos it makes sense now when the comments gets to over 150 when we lose and always below 100 when we win.

    It all make sense now.

    There are constructive criticism and there are plain sad comments. There thread is a sad place. I’d bet some people channel their life issues here. It’s that terrible

  39. lcw says:

    Honestly? what a bunch of malarkey.

    So this poor man who owns:

    LA Rams worth 4 billions,
    Arsenal FC 2.2 billions,
    Denver Nuggets 1.4 billions,
    Colorado Avalanche 500 millions,
    Colorado Rapids 160 millions,
    2 million acres of ranches across the U.S. and Canada in addition to few billions in cash was influenced by Wenger? That’s unreal.

    How about facing the truth and admitting that you as one of Arsenal’s supporters who pays for a mediocre product year after year is the only one responsible for letting Kroenke get away with it?

    Without fans , Kroenke will either sell the team or provide better service.

    It is not Wenger, the board, Emery or MA, it is you and I and unless we realize that we are taken for fools, things will go from bad to worse.

  40. Joe. S says:

    There’s nothing negative in being angry with those who have put the club in this position. It is certainly not the fans fault if Arsenal have players and administrators who have repeatedly let them down. Those who keep moaning about being patient and getting behind the shirt are suckers willing to be taken for a ride. I’m willing to support the local suburban club through thick and thin, but Arsenal should be among the biggest clubs in Europe.

  41. Joe. S says:

    Ken,me thinks you bow before that statue of Wegner at the Emirates a little too much. He is like some of those tragic characters from history. Greatness at his fingertips,but lost it all through complacency and failure to rebuild. Even ten years ago non Arsenal supporters would joke with me that it would come to this. Why couldn’t he see it coming.

    1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

      Preach Joe!!

  42. David Rusa says:

    I believe all is not doom and gloom at Arsenal. Many of us wrote off this season long ago. All we have to do now is try and finish in the top half of the table and then launch our real challenge next season.
    However we still have a chance to win the Europa league if we are as resolute as we were in the FA last year. If that happens we shall automatically be in Champions league.

  43. yoyo says:

    Love that shit🤣

  44. Trudeau says:

    Dan, you’re tired when people call you negative in your opinions.

    I’m tired when people call me an Arteta fanboy for being too positive for them.

    We both need to suck it up – 90% of the time, chat rooms aren’t where you should come to if you want a sensible debate. Dont let it get to you.

  45. swoshi says:

    it’s funny to read the comments from arteta fan boys…

    when we win…arteta is good…

    when we lose…it’s wenger fault…

    the board should resign for footballing reason


  46. Ezekjnr says:

    Arteta is not the Coach …….ARSENAL need……..wrong substitutions……..he has forgotten he suppose to go before Lampard…….
    he is indirectly Sacking himself

  47. jakseth says:

    Since Day one i thought arsenal was too big for Arteta. He should have come later in his career.
    He does many things wrong. just facts
    1- the revival in December came against lesser teams or in bad form. As soon as we start playing good teams, well, we lose.
    2- young player rotation was imposed to him because of injuries. He would have continued using same otherwise.
    3 How on earth can he let the back up left back go? he obviously thought saka would be the replacement but he is not even putting his plan in action. Cedric is not bad but he is not a left back.
    3- Martinelli, what is he doing with him? why take him out after 45min for tactical reason or not bringing him in when we need a spark when Willian is just doing consistently bad?
    4- Saliba… how can we explain that he was considered great at st Etienne and now at Nice, and not worthy of being on the bench with us? he totally deserved a run when we were leaking goals just couple weeks ago.

    there are so many examples of Arteta decision not making footballing sense. He needs to move on at the end of the season. I don’t believe in his process.

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