I’m very happy at Arsenal, that is all I can say!

The Arsenal left-back Nacho Monreal insists that he is happy at Arsenal and plans to fight for his place in the starting XI. He had an impactful season last year and hopes to replicate the form that appears to have prompted clubs in Spain to sit up and take notice.

The claim comes at a time when there is speculation around the future of Monreal at the Emirates Stadium. Monreal joined Arsenal in 2013 and the 29-year-old is continuously linked with a return to Spain. In the recent weeks, there were reports that the Basque club Athletic Bilbao were interested in making a move for the Spanish international. But, Monreal quashed any such rumours and reiterated that he is happy to stay at Arsenal.

“I’m very happy at Arsenal,” Monreal told Goal. “Of course I enjoyed playing in a lot of the games last season and that is the target again – that is all I can say right now.

“When you play for Arsenal, you know they are one of the biggest clubs in England but, here in Singapore, you see they are also one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“The reception we get from the fans everywhere we go is amazing to see for the players and we are very happy to be here with them.”

Last season, Monreal capitalized on the poor form and fitness of the regular left-back Kieran Gibbs to make an impression on Arsene Wenger. He made 39 appearances in all competitions and was selected ahead of Gibbs even after he made a comeback from injury. For the FA Cup final win against Aston Villa too, Monreal played ahead of Gibbs.
However, there were rumours that he would prefer a move back to his home land and that he would be open to a move to Athletic. The Basque side club generally prefers to sign players from the same region. But, Monreal shrugged off those suggestions and is now focused on keeping his place in the starting XI.

Monreal isn’t one of those solid performers who enthrall the supporters. Nevertheless, he is a steady performer and has learned from his initial hardships at the club. There were matches where he had trouble with the pace of the forwards and was caught off position. But, to his credit, Monreal improved and made Wenger give him a chance. And once he got that chance to be a starter, he made it his own.

The Spanish international is surprised at the reception for the club in Singapore. He understands that Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in England but landing in Singapore made him realize how big the club is in this part of the world.

He is also happy to see Cech come into the side and integrate with the group so fast. Monreal is quick to acknowledge the positive impact of Cech’s signing on the entire squad and is too eager to wait for the season to start.


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  1. Giroud.

    I don’t have anything to say about him but I enjoy watching fans go into a tizzy at the mere mention of his name.

    1. Yes mohawk…you are right. Fans get into a tizzy (whatever the hell that means) when you mention Giroud because he is world class and better than Benzema.
      He is better than Diego Costa. He is better than Aguero. He is better Ibrahimovic.
      He has won us the EPL 3 times in the 3 seasons he has been here. He is such a fantastic player.
      I am with you @mohawk. Please teach me how to love Giroud and get a tizzy overtime I hear his name.

      1. By the way… where in the world did you get the idea that I LIKE Giroud as Arsenal’s top striker? I can assure I don’t and I never said I did. I just find it amazing that fans will go into epileptic spasms merely because Benzema’s stats are comparable to Giroud’s. This means they are BOTH not ideal as Arsenal’s #1. Anything else you made up in your head.

        1. “By the way… where in the world did you get the idea that I LIKE Giroud as Arsenal’s top striker?”

          Please Mohawk, tell us what other striker we have?

          How can Giroud not be the top striker when he is our only striker?

          Since he is our only striker and came back scoring immediately after injury after Welbeck failed for weeks, what is there not to to like about Giroud?

          It’s ok to prefer ‘trying other players’ who might do a better job than Giroud because they are ok at their current clubs, but until such players are proven to be better than Giroud at Arsenal, or even in the EPL, what are you chatting about?

          Would you sell Giroud before replacing him with any player you prefer? Personally I would not.

          I would love to take fans like you back to 1989. You would have been saying the same about Alan Smith and this guy was like a carbon copy of Giroud, same style, same steady goal tally, scoring crucial single goals every now and then which when looked back at, saved seasons and made them.

          We came 3rd last season and almost 2nd because of Giroud … and he was injured for a 3rd of the season …. but sure, you carry on not liking him.

          During his last season in La Liga, Sanchez was the 3rd top goalscorer. This was as a winger. He was behind only Messi and Ronaldo. All three, Ronaldo, Sanchez and Messi scored more goals than Benzema who was a STRIKER.

          Last season Giroud scored 19 goals in 36 total appearances in all competitions (with a 3rd of the season injured) while Sanchez scored 25 goals in 50 appearances (6 more goals). Giroud in the easier La Liga would be scoring more goals than Benzema. The EPL is much more physical than La Liga and faster, Giroud is proven in the EPL, is physically strong enough for the EPL and there is no way I would depart with Giroud until his replacement has proven the same.

    2. Did you watch him yesterday? From the highlights it looks like he was FANTASTIC as he has been for the past 3 seasons…hahaha.

  2. With our world class striker…Olivier Giroud who is better than previous strikers Henry, RVP, Adebayor, Eduardo da silva etc. we will win the EPL again just like we have won it for the past 3 seasons with him leading our attack.
    Our creative midfield has improved the past two seasons with Ozil and Sanchez and Giroud has made the most of that. So I defiantly say that we don’t need any signings or striker because Giroud is world class. He is better than Ibrahimovic, Benzema, Diego Costa, Aguero, Suarez etc
    Giroud is so highly rated that squawka scores him at 404 and scores the lowly Benzema at 957. As we know 404 is greater than 957. Other analytical sites will also rate Giroud higher. @mohawk…one of Girouds greatest lovers know this. Giroud is also the most exciting to watch and a more natural footballer than Benzema.
    So everyone that says we don’t need Benzema is correct. Giroud is by far the better player and an exceptional talent.

      1. I wasn’t bashing Giroud. I was praising him. And let’s get on with football…in the past 3 seasons Giroud has been here he has won us the EPL 2 times and he has won the golden boot in the EPL 3 times and he has been the EPL player of the year and has made the shortlist all of the 3 seasons he has been here. That’s football. Giroud is such an exceptional player.
        Giroud is better than Benzema. In a pure mathematical sense…404 is greater 957.
        That’s high praise.

          1. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Chelsea and surprisingly Man City. I am not 15. I am 11 years old of watching Arsenal not being classified as one of the top clubs.

      1. Yes Gigi sweet, babe….take a shower, put on something nice and I’ll be waiting for you in the other room.
        Listen for those of you who like numbers a lot and don’t actually watch the players or watch only our players;
        Squawka total score ratings for the past 3 seasons are below. Squawka is pretty detailed in their analyses of players.
        2014-2015: Giroud 404, Benzema 957
        2013-2014: Giroud 598.60, Benzema 1075
        2012-2013: Giroud 445.37, Benzema 936

        1. These #s you mention are meaningless. Goals mean things. Assists mean things. Passing means something. Those just meaningless #s. Nice try.

          1. exactly..and in how many games..?
            as said below time, period, games,
            numbers alone are….number

          2. Well, in league play Benzema had 15 goals and 10 assists playing in a Real Madrid setup that centers around Ronaldo.
            Giroud had 14 goals and 3 assists playing in an Arsenal setup that caters to no superstar. So Giroud generally has more opportunities than Benzema and does less.
            Meaningful yet?

          3. Go to squawka and play around with the metrics. Benzema also assists more, and Benzema has way better passing metrics such as key passes, pass completion rate and successful passes than giroud. I like this site because you can compare both players side by side and for the past 3 seasons.
            Only an idiot would think they are equivalent. They don’t even play the same way. E.g Benzema has 32 successful take ons and Giroud had 7. Benzema dribbles more and is way faster and certainly makes more off-the-ball runs.
            This is the end of my argument on this subject. I can’t stop anyone from their delusions. Just go to squawka and the sites like this that give detailed analysis of the way a player plays in addition to goals and assists.
            Benzema would be a fantastic upgrade to Giroud. We don’t even need a Henry class. With our midfield and without Ronaldo overshadowing Benzema will score 20+ in the league.

        2. Mate you are pants at sarcasm and are dangerous with stats. “Total Stats” when Benzema played equivalent of 5 games more – you sure that is appropriate? If you want to play that game then Mertesacker has a total score of 959 ie: Mertesacker > Benzema – and we know you rate Merts. Type in attacks score 90 min metric for last season for OG and KB – KB wins 33 to 30, sounds about right to me.

        3. yeah….definitely not older than 15..hahaha

          sweet dreams about me hahahah espeially in the shower, i always respect my fans loving me so feel free, only that i wont jlin u but go ahed feeel free, tolerance and all that hahahahaah por guy, get a life Little kid.

          oh and…all those numbers withut a time oeriod mean…zero 🙂

          1. lool sweetheart…You are nothing more than an ignorant old man. You can’t even spell e-s-p-e-c-i-a-l-l-y and have so many mistakes in your writing. Its so painful to read.
            You don’t even know how to insult and are also inept at making constructive arguments also. You’re a joke. Leave the arguments to your daddy @mohawk. Just do what you do and support everything he says.

      1. If tizzy means wanting the club to win major trophies, please nominate me for the tizzy award.
        Thank you. Thank you. I’m honoured to receive this award. Thank you for coming out.

    1. i got it….Giroud rejected you!
      come on liitle man, turn the page, be happy,
      support the team, love will come along

      1. Nope, I used to watch Henry, RVP, Adebayor and Eduardo da silva play for Arsenal. That is what happens.I was watching the invincible 49 the other day and it dawned again that we do not have a striker with the necessary qualities to lead Arsenal. Go watch what Eduardo da silva did in his first season at Arsenal before getting injured. I remember him at this point because I know how good he was.
        I never knew about Giroud until he came here. The moment he is gone from Arsenal, I will not tune my channels to watch him because he didn’t do much here anyways with all the creative force around him. But I am sure you and his other lovers will do.

  3. Monreal and Gibbs are fine
    Gabriel can be 3rd option.
    If Wilshere Chamberlain
    Walcott Wellbeck and Giroud fire
    Arsenal will be nigh unbeatable.
    But will they?

  4. I love monreal.
    Solid player.
    Wise and a warrior.
    And he reminds me of tom petty …and I love Tom Petty and his music so…Monreal won’t back down…you can stand him up at the gates of hell but he won’t back down!

    1. You are right.
      I have no problems with Nacho Monreal. Not world class but a very reliable player for a LB.

        1. I can go back to playing with DD’s, its you who should go back to shower…lol
          I doubt you know what that means old man.

  5. kid-ool you are so annoying.Your hatred for Giroud drives u to irrelevancy as the discussion here is about Monreal.You are the guys who call every Giroud miss a sitter!How many sitters yesterday?
    Lets get behind the boys and leave those that are enjoying life in Madrid and have never given any hint that they would love to kiss the Arsenal badge.

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