“I’m with Ian Wright” Former high profile politician wants Kroenke out

Arsenal fan and former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow has joined calls for Stan Kroenke to sell up and leave.

The American owner has come under intense fire in recent days after joining a host of top European teams to form a new money-spinning competition – European Super League.

Following heavy criticism and protests from their fans, the six English teams who originally joined the alliance pulled out, including Arsenal.

The club’s fans couldn’t believe that Kroenke would get their team involved in something like that and they want him to sell and leave now.

Ian Wright was heartbroken that the Gunners joined and now supports the #Kroenkeout movement on Twitter.

He has now received support from a prominent Arsenal fan after Bercow insisted that he also thinks the time has come for Kroenke to sell up and leave London for good.

He told Arsenal Fan TV that Kroenke’s latest act has left him feeling disgusted and admits that he doesn’t think the American has any credibility left at the moment.

He said: ‘Politicians are sometimes accused of sitting on the fence and not answering the question and failing to say what they really think. If you’re asking me what I’m thinking about it, my feeling is one of utter disgust. 

‘Do I personally think Mr Kroenke has any credibility after all this? The honest answer is no. I’m with Ian Wright, Kroenke out. I think he should go.

‘I think that he has long been deeply unpopular with fans. What I am unhappy about is that I’ve never felt he’s passionate about football, still less that he’s passionate about Arsenal. 

‘He seems to be passionate about making money, about shareholder return. What matters to fans is the club and having some respect for the history of the club.’

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  1. 14 clubs “will not deal with Kroenke, and the other 5 owners”.


    Is his position now untenable ?

    1. Kroenke out is long overdue, it should have started since the Wenger era. Nevertheless it has started & made better with big voices joining the campaign. Fans are tired of Arsenal’s continuous decline & only see the ESL mistake as an avenue 2 protest. Kroenke should go so that my BP will stop competing with the sky in terms of height. Pls the next owner should be assessed critically 2 avoid a repetition of mistake. #KROENKEOUT!!!

    2. Agree, if i was one of the other 14 clubs i wouldn’t deal with Arsenal while Kronk was owner. KRONK OUT!

    3. So if any person is unhappy they can just protest and expect the owner to leave despite spending millions

      you dont like the ceo protest and leave

      you dont like the neigbour protest and leave

      and so on……

      Throwing tantrums here and there by protesting

    4. The Arsenal has some powerful political supporters in John Bercow and Jeremy Corban.
      Hopefully they can take some legislative action, such as the German model of 50+1%. I’m saving up for a share.

  2. The fundamental problem with Kroenke is not money……it is love. Kroenke loves nothing but his Empire and bank account and he is in contrast to our great club, which has always represented the ethics and morals of football. The greatest prize Arsenal could win is the end of Kroenke’s reign. The only reason he will not sell is he could not give FA about Arsenal supporters. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s about to go very wrong for Stan Kroenke…..bit by bit.

  3. Arsenal fan since 1970 here. Kroenke is a nightmare for Arsenal FC. Arsenal is club so rich in tradition, history, real passion, football heroes and giants, victories and winning many titles. Then we have Kroenke, an absolute nightmare of a club owner. No love for the game, zero passion for the club except the economics and businesses side of it. Filthy rich but also a filthy miserly towards spending; no ambition for the club to be the best. How on earth did the Board even let him in, much less to take over.

  4. Kroenke has no respect for the history of this club and fans. People who have devoted their entire lives to this club. Successful periods come and go but as a fan you always ok if your club is being run by people that love it. This American joker is just a money hungry bigot.
    Please fans let’s continue to protest and make life so difficult KSE leaves England and never comes back.

  5. Kroenke should remember what Arsenal carries as a club,let him go make money from somewhere else. #KROENKEOUT

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