Image: Arsenal are warned that replacing ‘exceptional’ talent would be a mistake

Arsenal have been warned not to jump the gun and offload the ‘exceptional’ manager Mikel Arteta by expert Graham Hunter.

The Gunners boss has endured some strong highs and extreme lows already in his short time in charge in North London, and there have been reports that the club have considered removing him from the role.

Graham Hunter has warned that the decision to sack Arteta would be one that they regret however, and claims that he would show it almost immediately with his next employers.

Reports claiming that certain players are not on board with the manager cannot be overlooked however, but the club has stuck with Arteta so far, and they do appear to be keen to keep him at the helm.

Is it about time the club stuck with the manager and didn’t bow to player pressure?


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  1. I have a lot of time for Graham Hunter who is a fellow Aberdonian, who has been based in Barcelona for some time and is indeed an expert on Spanish football , players and Managers.He would have been well acquainted with Pep Guardiola who speaks highly of Arteta in terms of his coaching ability and no doubt that has influenced the views expressed. “Infantile” is a rather strong word to use in my opinion when wrong would have sufficed.In any event,I have no doubt concerning the firm intention of our Board to stick with MA this season and next by which time, hopefully he will manage to acquire 2/3 quality players .This will of course depend on how successful we are in unloading players who do not figure in his future plans.

    1. I would agree that the use of that word is inappropriate. Trouble is, on this forum many fans have insulted Arteta in far worse ways.
      Arsenal needed significant rebuilding which is what Arteta seems to be trying to achieve. Unless Arsenal had a lot of money to spend this was always going to take time.
      Given the issues with the squad and various external factors it should not have been unexpected that the team would struggle at times.
      Many fans however won’t accept this and are already seeking to get rid of Arteta. They justify their arguments with spurious comparisons or simply come up with factoids which others in the same echo chamber keep repeating.
      Also remarkable is that even when the team does well they find reasons to fault the manager.

  2. I always believe if Arteta is given full support in the transfer to bring in players of his choice not by making decision depending on the money that is available then we will see and know who Arteta is.

    1. Ok- but was it not Arteta who insisted on signing Willian? And Arteta who sanctioned the Aubamayang contract? Not the best endorsements of a smart manager who knows what he is doing are they ???

      1. I have wondered just how much influence Arteta has had in the terms of the contracts reached for both Willian and Auba.

        If Willian was on his wish list and Auba’s extension was considered vital, did Arteta sit down with Huss Fahmy and thrash out the final deals? I know he is the manager rather than the coach, but just how much power does he exert on these important matters? Is Edu making the deals happen? It is a grey area to me especially when the likes of Soares and Mari were bargain basement aquisitions and have been useful additions. Two different ends of the spectrum on the finances.

      2. Hello Mr. Phil.
        Tell me or even us one great coach in the world who in his entire career, in the beginning, middle or end of his career never made an error of judgement as par player signing and renewing of contract.

        Tell me one. Just one.

        And the coach that will discard the highest goal scorer in the league in his team and not renew his contract for the new season.

        Tell me one.

        Be reasonable for once and stop being sadistic in your comment.

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