Image: Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta calls out social media platforms

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has called for the social media platforms to take responsibility for their failings on protecting it’s users.

Thierry Henry removed himself from social media whilst making a statement that he would only return once measures were put in place to tackle racism and other forms of abuse, after years of false promises.

Mikel Arteta and Arsenal Football Club are now calling for more to be done by the major companies also.

What more can be done by the people to force these companies to stand up and be made accountable?


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  1. People calling out social media are living in a dream world. In the past a tiny minority of the elite controlled the written audio or visual media. And a lot of the time they were biased as hell and made millions for themselves.
    Today social media is a great leveller allowing billions of people to have a say and be heard. Now the elite have to share the information education entertainment media platforms and some don’t like the competition.
    Arteta and Henri have become insanely wealthy by just kicking a football around. Now they want to exercise mind control. Arteta uses the mainstream media to tell Arsenal fans how well his team is doing … in 9th place. Henri made millions as a pundit.
    Neither like fan criticism. The fans who make these players obscenely rich should praise or remain silent.
    Let them eat cake.

  2. The argument isn’t about criticism of how well a player, coach or pundit performs at their particular profession, but personal abuse on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference or disabilities/afflictions.
    One thing that disappoints me on Just Arsenal are posters, who denigrate Roy Hodgson’s speech impedement, for example calling him “Woy”. Calling this sort of behaviour out is not “mind control”, but displaying consideration for a fellow human being and exhibiting good manners, which has nothing to do with “elites” or “social class”.

    1. ozziegunner, with you 100%.
      UE was also abused for his “good evening ” by people who find it difficult to actually speak and use the language they were educated with.
      Hats off to the club and Henry.

      1. πŸ‘ Exactly right, but defending Emery doesn’t win you too many friends on here, ken.

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