Image: Arsenal confirm request to postpone North London Derby clash with Spurs

Arsenal have officially put in a request to postpone this weekend’s Premier League clash away at Tottenham.

The Gunners have previously made their stance clear that they wish to continue to play football as scheduled, but Mikel Arteta’s side have finally requested that they delay the upcoming clash on Sunday after a number of absences.

It appears that the majority of our missing players are in midfield, not helped by the AFCON where Aubameyang, Elneny and Partey are participating, although it hasn’t been made clear which further players are not actually available for the proposed matchup.

We were without Smith Rowe and Odegaard in midweek, as well as Tomiyasu, while we lost Granit Xhaka to a red card, and are believed to have picked up further injuries from that game, although who exactly is unavailable will likely be made known in the coming days.

Should we be forced to play our Under-23 side? Could there be a Covid outbreak which is yet to be declared?


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  1. If it isn’t covid related then play the game. AFCON, injuries, bone-headed red cards and ill-judged loans are not a reason to postpone.

    Leeds played us with nine senior players. This is embarrassing. Especially after the faux outrage at Liverpool last week.

    Like VAR, the PL’s inability to show transparency when making decisions is making them look like a bunch of muppets.

    1. I completely agree about injuries, AFCON, suspensions, etc, but these are the stupid rules brought in, and all other clubs are using it for their advantage, so why not us?

      We basically have no midfield against Spurs, no RB, and almost no senior/experienced subs. I pray it gets postponed because will have it easy.

    2. That’s exactly my point! If Leeds can play us despite all their injuries, then we should play this game too. NLD is just another EPL match, nothing special, why are we hyping it as if we’re playing Bayern Munich.

    3. 100%….all these teams that have postponed over the last few months have listed Covid AND injuries. Driving me insane how stupid it is.

      Should be a rule set in stone to remove any ambiguity.

      “Any team that has “insert number” or more players that are unavailable due to positive Covid tests may apply for a postponement.” ….removes all the guessing and everyone is aware why the postponement has gone ahead.

  2. I heard some people are saying they should reject arsenal application (Neville) and some are angry because they think this is their opportunity to beat a weakened arsenal (Tottenham)….. I hope their prayers never come to fruition and let the match be postponed

    1. Pool could have fielded a team but did not.
      What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Plus it would anger the spuds.

      1. Why wasn’t he speaking out when Man Utd games were called off for less l? He wants a weakened arsenal to drop points so his beloved Man Utd can weasel there way up the table

  3. I did predict this immediately post the Liverpool game. So glad hey took up my idea. I can’t see any reason we would be turned down as our last opponent got the first tie postponed. Wolves has our first game postponed and every other club has had their request for postponement met. This of course would be great for us. As we would have a week to prepeare for Liverpool and all our players would be back for the NLD. Our only PL tie before the Afcon players return would be Burnley at home. Fixture congestion is not as great for us as we have no European or FA Cup ties Mind you gives us no excuse to do well in all these fixtures.

  4. The fact that we field all our players doesn’t guarantee a win in NLD. If the young guns can show fight and passion in NLD, they won’t lose.
    Arsenal is a club of Class, which is what we stand for. We don’t get referees support, VAR support and decisions in our side yet we fight hard to get everything we own today.
    I am disappointed when I saw the news of postponement from us. When did we stoop so low to this? We didn’t even have much Covid cases.
    The problems we have are caused by ourself. We don’t have squad depth yet we keep loaning the little ones we have, we knew in the summer Partey and Elneny and Pepe will be going for AFCON, yet we didn’t make a solid plan B to cover for them and we fail to trust our academy products by giving them a chance to prove themselves.

    IMO, The NLD should be played no matter what. We should play anyone that’s left. Bring in the U23 if it comes to that. Tottenham are not in form at the moment, why are we scared of them.

  5. From what I understand the rules for postponing a match revolve around the availability of players in the squad of 25 plus any of the “B” (under 21 listed players) who have had premier league experience.

    The rules state that if a team have less than 13 outfield players available (i.e not goalkeepers), then the match can be postponed.

    It is not specific to Covid particularly, and other teams have postponed for far less, so why is it now an issue when Arsenal make a request?

  6. I remember some of our fans not agreeing with other clubs asking for postponement of their matches weeks ago.
    Now that we are in deep trouble personnel-wise we are okay our games being postponed?

    I say let’s not be hypocrites. If it’s not covid related then the game shouldn’t be postponed.

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