Image: Arsenal congratulate 18 year-old Nathan Butler-Oyedeji on his first professional contract

Nathan Butler-Oyedeji has signed his first professional contract with Arsenal, 12 years after joining the club.

The 18 year-old insists that he is focused on continuing to work hard to reach the level he wants to be after signing his new deal with the club.

The winger spent much of last season with the Arsenal Under-18s, as well as featuring for the Arsenal Under-23s in the ELF Trophy last term.

“This is a great opportunity for me and I just want to focus on doing what I do best now,” Nathan told after signing his new deal. “I’ve been here since I was six, so to come all this way and get my first professional contract is a dream come true.”

Butler-Ovedeji appears to have a good head on his shoulders, and will continue to work hard in hope of getting his chance to work up the ladder, and we wish him luck in his efforts.


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  1. Keep these great stories rolling in and let’s not forget who’s watch it was when they joined The Arsenal.

    1. That’s so right @Ken1035
      Let’s also not forget whose watch it was when the following were signed
      Marouane Chamakh
      Andre Santos
      Park Chu-young
      Mikael Silvestre
      Ryo Miyaichi
      Carl Jenkinson
      Joel Campbell
      Kristoffer Olsen
      Matthieu Debuchy
      Yaya Sanogo
      Kim Kallstrom
      Shkodran Mustafi
      Lucas Perez
      Takuma Asano

      Just saying…….

      1. In just saying Phil, you forgot some of the following:

        Just saying……..

        1. Ken, let’s likewise keep in mind, which of those players came in while the obviously irreplaceable David Dein was in charge and which players arrived in the years following, like some of your more questionable options at the tail end of your exaggerated list

          1. another predictably skewed factoid that attempts to disparage the very man who made all things possible due to his innovative spirit and seemingly tireless endeavours…it certainly doesn’t surprise me that you have attempted to reduce a highly nuanced discussion into a bumper sticker-like one liner…let me know when you graduate to the adult’s table

  2. Of course Phil, you keep naming those that weren’t the best, as it seems to give you pleasure…. meanwhile I’ll remember the ones that made our club legendry throughout the world and remember the Invincibles, the trophies, the CL nights, the doubles… and you know what Phil, these were even achieved with some of the players you would rather remember than those who made our club great…. I actually feel rather sad for you my friend and look forward to catching up on Sunday.

    1. Well @Ken95BC- if getting pleasure out of those earlier sides of Wengers allows you to forget just how poor he became as a manager then I can only believe it is Wenger you must support more than the club itself. Obviously his sacking hurt you and many others, but was a long time coming and ultimately fully warranted.

  3. Wow Phil, that’s a pretty jaundiced view you have of a golden age in your club’s history. And of course no other manager has ever bought a player who hasn’t worked out? And if they didn’t, even if it was through injury or player attitude it was always the managers fault of course. I know which list I prefer to remember, by the way. Imagine this happening every season: 96/7 Vieira, Anelka 97/8 Overmars, Petit 98/9 Kanu Ljungberg 99/00 Henry, Suker 00/01 Pires, Wiltord, Lauren 01/2 Edu, Toure, S Campbell 02/3 Gilberto 03/4 Reyes, Lehman 04/5 RVP, Fabregas 05/6 Hleb, Walcott, Adebayor, Diaby 06/7 Rosicky 07/8 Eduardo, Sagna 08/9 Arshavin, Nasri, Ramsey 09/10 Vermaelen 10/11 Koscielny 11/12 Ox 12/13 Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud 13/14 Ozil 14/15 Sanchez. That’s some incomings from the first 18 years, excluding youth players

    1. @Guy- Wenger qualified for Champions League with these players. That alone deserves respect. But what could have been achieved with the right players at the club and not cheapskate signings like I have noted. And before financial constraints come into the discussions remember what Wenger personally admitted about being able to sign any player, other than a select few, for Arsenal. Also he said he would never buy anyone who did not improve on who we had at the club. Remember these comments?
      We could have brought Jonny Evans for £4m. We paid £34 for Mustafi. Sort of sums up Wenger in his mid-later years Dont you think.

      1. Phil, the fans didn’t want “another united cast off”…can you remember the posts from our fans on JA?

        By the way, as you mentioned Strpanov… did you forget Anelka and /or Overmars?

        As I said, we are STILL reaping the rewards of the Wenger years and two bad seasons out of twenty isn’t too bad…. I also note that one list is a lot bigger than the other, so you nerd to delve further to catch up!!!

        As for the jibe about Wenger versus Arsenal – every single supporter who actually understands what he did for the club will always thank him and just pointy put the facts, as Guy has done, when lies and c@@p are posted about him…. I’m still here and supporting MA and his players this season… but every time I look around the hall of fame at the Emirates, it’s AW and his players who dominate our club and you can never rewrite history.

        1. Exactly Ken- you can never re-write history as you say.
          Chelsea 0-6
          Bayern 1-5
          Man Utd 1-6

          Plenty of humiliating results in there Ken and that’s with decent teams as well. The fact Wenger failed to move with the ever changing face of football is what cost him his job. He was never wrong was he? It was always one excuse after another from him but some are just too blind to see it.
          So of course, his early reign is there in history for all to be proud of. His latter part says everything about himself and the club. He was consistently rewarded for failure and this attitude ran right through our club snd is still there today.

          1. No it isn’t Phil, otherwise we would be witnessing attacking and entertaining football – finishing in the top four time after time after time (x20) EVEN with the players you seem so keen on remembering…. just as you seem so keen to remember the “humiliations”.
            Care to list the teams we humiliated during the Wenger years?
            Here’s a starter for you (and I know you were there!!!) – CL game against Inter… or the first English team to win at Real Madrid… all done while we had the players you list!!!

            Speak tomorrow!!! In Wenger we trust.

  4. All that the above shows to me is that however good or loved Wenger was he still made a few howlers in amongst the great signings. He wasn’t the first and won’t be the last and I’d agree that the later years never came close to the thrill of Vieira, Petit, Pires and Henry years – well not for me anyway

    As for Nathan, I hope it goes well for him and that the academy keeps churning outmore decent prospects in the future

  5. But that’s it Ken- it’s easy to temember the good times. But the bad times are what got him sacked.
    Looking forward to a long overdue phone catch up on Sunday. It will likely be a long long call
    Take care mate

    1. Phil, you can either live in the world of doom and gloom, or remember the good old days of glory and light…. should I be wearing sackcloth for doing the latter?
      Look forward to the call PAL📞👍👍😂😂

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