Image: Arsenal fans almost twice as happy as Spurs with their manager

TheAthletic have run some surveys of late to figure out the happiness of fans with their club’s season and current standing, and despite sitting higher in the table, Spurs’ fans are much unhappier than Arsenal’s.

According to the survey, just over 45% of Tottenham’s fanbase would be happy to see their current manager Jose Mourinho still at the helm come the new season.

On the brighter side of North London however, close to 90% would be happy to see Mikel Arteta still in charge.

I still recall when the Portuguese was hired and some would joke about which club got the better deal, but there is only one set of fans who are laughing now.



  1. What a bogus list, not due to Jose’s low numbers, as he’s such a polarizing figure that those numbers would likely just be a direct reflection of whatever was going on with the team at the time of the survey, but because there’s no way 87% of Arsenal fans support the manager and/or our position in the table…if that’s a true reflection, we’re screwed…is this 2016 all over again? hopefully this is just an early April Fool’s prank

    1. @TRVL- I’m with you on the “supposed” support for Arteta.
      I would agree he is going nowhere until at least the end of this season. As for next season? Surely this depends on the final outcome of both League position and the Europa Cup. I am very surprised little has been debated about how fortunate we have been in the Europa Cup draw. If it goes to form , we “ should” be playing Man Utd in the final. We have the easier of the draw and I would suggest it would be inconceivable if Arteta keeps his job if we fail to at least get to the final and/or get seventh place and a Europa League spot. Seriously. Just how mediocre have we become so quickly?

      1. maybe Arsenal fans were surveyed immediately following the Chelski or Spurs match…remember though, that during the last several years of Wenger’s reign there were several polls of this ilk that suggested a similar level of support, yet that didn’t seem possible from a simple “eye test” perspective…you know what they say about stats…

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