Image: Arsenal kit on sale in Canada ahead of launch

Arsenal’s home kit has supposedly been on sale in Adidas stores in Canada this week, despite the official launch having yet to take place.

The official unveiling was expected to come next month, but it was possible that the Coronavirus pandemic could have put that back, especially with the Premier League division still onoging at present.

The season would usually have been completed by this time of year, but after a three month delay to proceedings, we still have seven league matches remaining, the latter stages of the FA Cup, and other sides still have European football to complete.

Arsenal fans now appear to be ahead of the game, with the new home shirt believed to have been spotted in Adidas stores in Canada.

I hate to say it, but this does not scream out to me as a shirt I have to own, but it wouldn’t be the first time that I initially didn’t grasp the concept.

I’m not going to lie and say I will not be buying the latest shirt as they always grow on me no matter how negative I feel initially, but am I alone in not taking to this straight away?



  1. If the pics are correct,then it’s a little too dark.Should always have the original Scarlet colouring as the main part. Just a view from a lifelong Arsenal supporter.

    1. Wasn’t the original colour from Dial Square days more Bergundy than red, I’m not sure? Perhaps Ken knows?

      1. Yes ,I think you are right.I’m not quite old enough to remember that ! I was referring to the more “modern” Arsenal.

  2. Go ahead make the owners richer. Then, daddie’s little boy comes out to tell us, “be excited”. Then you guys believe that. Lol. To the bank. We don’t have funds for transfer but sales are on going. Stay there and do nothing as they take us for mugs as they’ve done from 2006.

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