Image: Arsenal name full-strength starting line-up for Rangers challenge

The teams are out for today’s friendly match with Rangers, and I’m a little surprised at how strong the starting line-up is on paper.

Manager Mikel Arteta may have been unhappy with his side’s defeat to Hibernian on Tuesday, and clearly has set his team out today with a mission to bring back victory, and I would be seriously shocked if this team wasn’t to run away with a victory.

Okonkwo is the only player who you may not expect to feature from today’s starting line-up in the Premier League for the upcoming campaign, and I’m really excited to see this team in action.

I’m expecting at least four goals from the firepower in today’s line-up, and hopefully Okonkwo can put his mistake from Tuesday behind him to keep the sheet clean this time around.

What are your predictions after seeing this line-up?


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  1. Excellent looking back four and with Balogun up front I’m looking forward to watching at 2pm.

        1. Tavares looks a steal at 7m, just hope we can find a way to fit him and KT into the starting x1.

          May be him being 6’1 he could go left centre back of a 3? With white right centre back and any one of the other 3 in the middle. Maitland-niles rwb Tierney lwb

  2. I know it’s the Scottish Premiership but predicting we will score 4 today when Rangers only conceded 4 goals at home in the whole of last season is being optimistic!

  3. that is not arsenal’s full strength starting line up, will be good enough to beat Rangers tho.

      1. Mari has to be a main stay …brings calmness to the back line with a speedy Ben white , tavares and whoever plays RB, we shud be Ok …

        We need brilliant defenders who can hold and shield the ball under pressure, and play good long passes…Mari is doing that today

  4. Tavares and Esr have been the standout performers in our team for the first half. Hope we win to build up confidence.

  5. Story of the half, a hat-trick of very presentable chances by missed Auba.

    Tavares looks a decent buy.

    Once again if, buts and maybes – should be out of sight.

  6. When Holding turned up with that new shave, I thought for one scary moment Pascal cygan had returned. Then they scored from a corner and my fears were almost confirmed…….Ben White please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Round up for Gogo
    Tavares best player so far, Bala and Auba missed 2 chances each, Mari playing some great long passes, Cygan back playing for us🤣, ESR busy as is Pepe but keeps losing ball, Cedric hot and cold, Elneny and Partey steady.

    1. Thanks Declan this surely helps. Keep it coming please will appreciate. Cygan back again?

      Very excited for Tavares. I think he should be subbed for the real Scot to play against him old enemies. After all it was all his idea to come here.

  8. Finally we have another good ball dribbler in tavares on the left with Pepe on the right…might be a handful for EPL defenders thereby opening space for our left forward to join the CF…..Tierney has got a tough competition here…

    Flo and ESR very dynamic, if aubameyang can get his form back…I see a good season ahead…

    El neny the hardworker as always, let’s see what lokonga brings to the table..

    Like I said last season, ESR would be a huge star for the club even bigger than saka , lad be looking like a young Kelvin debruyne…all he needs is to develop the long defence splitting passes and it’s complete for him…

  9. What’s with Auba these days? Is he still suffering from malaria, just a tap in goal, I can even sense ESR anger from that rebound shot

  10. What is clear, this lot will win zilch. We need a few top players. Aubameyang missed sitters. I know it’s pre-season but there is very little change in our approach. It hurts to see players like Kolasinac still playing for us. On the good front Partey and ESR look like they mean it.

  11. Even in context – farcical.

    TOTAL DOMINATION, but ends up a draw.

    Defence – no comment, as sod all to do but defend two set pieces (when we were poor).

    What we actually need from Brighton is Lewis Dunk ( oh sorry, he does not play out from the back ! ) – just a point made in frustration !

    Up front – WOEFUL. Our “finishing was diabolical !

    Multiple changes during a game, never good, but worrying signs nothing has changed.

    To make any meaningful impact next season. this side needs major surgery.

    In terms of minutes under players belt – good workout.

    In terms of overall performance, no need to comment- you’ve all seen it before.

    There’s a cold lager with my name on it in the fridge !!!!!

    Groundhog day I’m afriad.

    1. Oh dear AJ
      It was hard to tell from the previous comments as there were moments of gloom, then elation, back to gloom and relief after the EN goal.
      Enjoy your cold 🍺

  12. Tavares – love a debut goal – nice right foot!
    Numerous missed chances (Oh Auba) plus dodgy set-piece defending, despite this I did enjoy the game, honest 😄
    ESR and Partey played well.. shout out to Eddie for his goal and a shout out to Rangers for the signed shirt for Saka 👍

    Up next – World Matchplay Darts 👍 The perfect Saturday!

    1. Agree sue about Partey and ESR 👍
      Shame to hear of Andy “the Viking”Fordham’s passing this week ,haven’t watched in years but remember when he won the BDO against mev King .
      A big bloke with a big heart .

  13. Well well, no win yet buh few positives.

    1. I know it’s just a game but it’s tavares for me at LB… comfortable with both feet, takes on defenders and would get us loads of PKs

    2. Mari , Holding partnership for now, though we need to work on our setpiece defending, it’s become worse

    3. Bellerin going forward is pure class and would get us more goals if only he could work on the defensive side of his game, he would be undroppable

    4. Maitland Niles might be a good back up Defensive midfielder, so comfortable on the ball
    5. ESR should be the first name on the team sheet
    6. Hein seems to be more composed than okonkwo in my opinion.
    7. El neny must remain with us, he’s a really good squad player.

    Then, willian should have limited game time going forward,
    willock struggles with our style needs a full season on loan likewise nketiah and Nelson, preferably EPL teams.

    On to the next game,I still doubt arteta is the man as we don’t seem to outclass and demolish teams anymore buh let’s see how it goes

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