(Image) AST display huge KroenkeOut poster opposite the Emirates

With Daniel Ek’s bid to buy out Stan Kroenke’s ownership in Arsenal seeming to overshadow the Gunners last game of the season, the Arsenal Supporters Trust have decided to advertse their point of view in a huge poster opposite the Emirates, just in time for it to be seen by the game-day fans returning to the ground.

#KroenkeOut #FansIn

They have certainly got a catchy slogan, and the #FansIn part refers to Daniel Ek’s promise to include the AST in and set up he creates if he takes control of the Gunners…

#KroenkeOut #FansIn

The AST have also made it clear what they are looking for in any partnership with the owners (whoever they may be). They tweeted this call-to-action to help get the fans motivated to join in…


  1. Video broadcast after 2:00pm showed a police presence everywhere outside the Emirates, even blocking access to the stairs. They out numbered fans at that time.
    Apart from the billboard poster placed by Arsenal Supporters Trust, there were no signs evident to demonstrate against the ownership. It was pouring rain and the demonstration consisted of less than 100 people. There were more security than fans, which Kroenke would have to pay for.
    There was no pressure on the owners, Board or management and the bus went through with no obstruction by the meague number of demonstrators.
    The apathy of London based supporters to Arsenal’s current situation was as mediocre as the seasons performances.
    Stan and Josh Kroenke must be laughing their heads off.

  2. I admire what the AST are at least trying to do. As a member I am 100% behind what they are doing. Keep it going lads.

  3. But come next season if the change we want don’t happen,we will still continue because this fight we the fans must win….
    Gunners forever

  4. Cheers spurs . thank god we are not in the special brew cup . [ How low can you go ] lets see if the board will do what is needed.

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