Image – BBC hand Arsenal a Premier League record score against Leicester City

We all know that Arsenal has been a work in progress under Mikel Arteta and it finally appears to be coming to fruition, however, the BBC may have taken the improvement a little bit too far.

OK, this was clearly a typo but it was well worth saving for posterity.

The BBC had Arsenal winning by a whopping 12-0 scoreline and let’s be honest, that is probably never a scoreline we will see in our lifetimes, so even as a typo, it is worth savouring for a smile at least.


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      1. You think your readers ARE then? This site is fast becoming a joke!
        When you don’t allow writers who have something of substance to say to have their article published, but then allow a nonsense piece about a TYPO to be here, what hope do you have!!

        You many not be amused and you can be sure I am not either! But your site is fast becoming a sick joke with some of the ridiculous articles about nothing at all.

        Listen up man and do something about it and don’t just make smart alec remarks!

        1. Well Jon, as you are pushing me…..
          This site caters for ALL Arsenal fans, not just the ones that agree with you, and many thousands of them actually enjoy the stuff that doesn’t amuse you.
          i have told you a 100 times to read the opinion pieces which are more your cup of tea, but I am NOT Going to stop publishing stories other people enjoy.
          Why do you think I am going to change this site to
          Ain’t happening mate, so please stop flogging a dead horse okay?
          You asked for that….

          The more you slag off JustArsenal and our writers and Guest writers, the more I am going to bite back…

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