Image: Ben White announcement pictures emerge unofficially on social media

There are numerous sources claiming that the below image is true, with the picture appearing to show Ben White posing alongside Mikel Arteta and Edu Gaspar for his official Arsenal announcement photo.

The defender has been a hot topic in the press for almost a month now, with the North London club having entered into negotiations with Brighton during the Euro 2020 campaign, with a deal believed to have been agreed before he left the England camp to go on holiday.

Since returning from his break, he is believed to have completed a medical, and we have been anxiously awaiting the official announcement, and if this image proves to be true, that yellow writing will surely be plastered across Sky Sports News any moment now.

Could somebody have gone to the effort of falsifying the above image?


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    1. All those Memes of the old lady in Titanic ‘It’s been 84 years’ 🀣🀣

      Do any other clubs keep their supporters waiting this long?!

      1. Haven’t seen that one yet
        Probably announce him of last day of transfer window πŸ˜‚
        Sky reporting that Xhaka could be staying ,back training and no more Roma bids that they feel acceptable.
        Should be a fun season πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

      2. Well Spuds have kept their fans- BOTH of them – waiting 60 years for a TITLE.


  1. probably real. he’s wearing the hoodie that just got released today as well. doubt we’ll have to wait much longer for official annoucement. Also, pretty easy to trace who took this photo probably so yikes to the person who leaked it.

  2. After Ben White announcement, Plix Edu Work On Maddison N Give Lacca Another Chance

  3. According to Sky, 5 year contract with option for a further year.
    Also, Xhaka back training with the first team as deal to Roma apparently fallen through.

  4. YES ITS OFFICIAL AT LONG LAST! Boy these transfer negs run longer than Coronation Street! A whole lotta dough is Β£50 grand . We”ll soon find out if he’s worth it.

  5. WELL ITS OFFICIAL AT LONG LAST! Been running longer than Coronation St., I’d say!
    Now we’ll find out HOW good he is(OR is not, though I am hopeful personally).

  6. A lot of money, but he’s a good player and young. A future team captain? Let’s hope we are not finished….a midfield maestro has been a priority for some time.

    1. Prefer Tierney as captain, he’s shown everything captain needs. Love he cut his vacation short to get back to the club.

      White so far is hype and bit early to mention captain before he ever kicked a ball for Arsenal.

      1. Hardly hype. Bet you wanted Buendia too after his Championship win! White won the league with Leeds/Biesla and he came in to fill a club legends spot at the back for them and nailed it. Fans loved him. Last year he was great for Brighton and a large reason why Bissouma and Lampetey looked so good. Hardly a random unknown. Leeds went with 25 mil last year before he’d had a year in the prem and an England call-up.

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