Image: Buendia & Odegaard stats claim they are very different options

The Athletic’s Tom Worville has compared supposed Arsenal targets Emi Buendia and Martin Odegaard, and insists that they are very much different players.

The graphic clearly shows that the Argentine has a much better all-round game, from his tracking back to his forward-thinking, while Odegaard is special in the areas that most suit his game.

It could well come down to how Mikel Arteta wants to attack, but these stats certainly tell me that while Odegaard is a talent, Buendia would bring much more to our side in all areas of the team.

Latest reports also claim that Buendia would be the cheaper option of the two, although it remains to be seen whether Arsenal have other targets at present.


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  1. Buendia is a much more relevant player than Odegaard. If we get him it would be hard for even Arteta to suffocate his game. A quality player.

  2. Buendia is clearly an upgrade on Odegard. There’s no reason why Arteta and the Koenkes keep procrastinating rather go straight for the better choice, Buendia. Simply put, they should go in for both players if they must retain Odegard.

  3. Get buendia, sterling, besouma, anad odegard only and arsenal will be okey. Also no need for the striker we have auba, matineli laka and even sterling can play bt left back is needed to help tieney

  4. Ode’s unwillingness to stick a foot in and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be the kind of player who could provide the amount of goals we so desperately crave from the midfield position, means that he’s nowhere near worth the ridiculous price being suggested…frankly I wouldn’t target this player even if the price seemed right, as he might appear to fill a position of need, but his skillset makes him more of a luxury buy because we would still need to pursue another midfielder if he was signed, to address those traits he doesn’t bring to the equation…I’m not totally convinced by Emi quite yet, but he definitely checks more “need” boxes

  5. You simply cannot tell, that’s the reality.

    If you swopped them directly for the past season and put them in each other’s teams you’d see very different stats.

    One team won their league, the other really struggled.

    1. And the other player helped his team win the league while the other player scored a couple of goals and assists in a struggling team. The difference is crystal clear, what we need is Buendia.

      1. and one was in the championship while the other was in the prem.

        you cant compare, these stats are useless.

  6. If we get Buendia and Tapsopa I would be happy.. as they
    speed up our attack while ode is more safety minded.. and slower on the ball

  7. Beware the dreaded”stats”.Neither player fits the bill as far as I am concerned, and if Buendia is so good why has he never been capped by Argentina who are no longer the power house the user to be.Where would Arsenal play Buendia? On the right wing at the expense of Saka or Pepe?At number 10, at the expense of ESR and perhaps Aziz?On the left at the expense of Martinelli.In essence do we need either as badly as we need Bissouma to drive us forward from CM? I think not.

    1. Buendia was just called upon the Argentina team having played the entire season on the right wing for Norwich. And you have heard of Argentina’s current right wingers, this bloked called Messi and other one called Di Maria, right?

      And you think Saka and Pepe will play the whole season for us? Without injuries or loss of form?

      At the expanse of Azeez, who has practically zero appearances for the mens team?

      Come on, these are some weak arguments. Especially if your counter-argument is just to disregard all the stats.

    2. Grandad, Hurray for a post that hits the real truth rather than side with one or the other of both faultly sides in Buendia or Odegaard. I would prefer Buedia to Odegaard but am not esp struck on either as being what we most need . But Bissouma is a must have and should be snapped up when the window opens in week or so now.

      At least Buendia has a solid goal scoring record, whilst Odegaard has not. But I’d prefer a better player than both, ideally.

    3. His presence will ensure competition among the actors as well as consistency for the team. He is clearly an upgrade.
      All those you name here were there this campaign and we scored a meager 55 goals coming last out of the first 9 teams in the attack

  8. buendia would be a perfect buy.He is complete and all-round.his passions and enthusiasm ls his best traits.he is a fernandes type..But we need not to loose matteo permanently yet.Arteta must prove to us he can transform the lads to a more matured and reliable players not even matteo alone.that is merely puberty of football which is addressable

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