Image: Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Everton without two key men

Arsenal have released their line-up for the clash with Everton at Goodison Park, and you will notice two key absentees.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was absent from training yesterday, and you would expect that he must be injured as he misses out on the squad completely.

Gabriel Magalhaes is also absent after his red card in midweek, and has been replaced by fellow Brazilian David Luiz, who makes his first appearances since his horrific clash of heads with Wolves Raul Jimenez.

Gabriel Martinelli makes the squad for the first time since March, while Nicolas Pepe makes his return to action after a three-match ban for his red card against Leeds United.

It is unclear whether the boss has rung the changes with a view to resting players ahead of the Caribao Cup clash with Manchester City in midweek, or whether he is chopping the changes after a run of defeats, with Alexandre Lacazette and Hector Bellerin both benched.


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  1. Safe to say Iwobi got the better move. He’s starting and working with a legendary manager. Meanwhile, we got a record signing flop

    1. Hahahaha, don’t say that bro. He is going to be the greatest manager of all time and our loss will be someone’s gain. I think we should keep him and extend his contract by another three years. He has done for us so fa what cruyff did for Barcelona. #Arteta for life

  2. Today was Nketiah chance to get himself into the team! This was his big opportunity to show the manager I am what you need and I want to be the first teams, first striker! I was so hoping he was going to grab this opportunity with both hands!
    Today was the biggest opportunity of his career. Two goals a good game and he would have been in droppable…….
    Does he want it enough? Like his life depended on it?

    1. Dont think he can lead the line alone. Just not enough on him. He at best can be a striker who is good in a double act, feeding off his partner.

      1. But at least he is much better finisher than that usel*** Niketiah
        Why MA rate him so much that’s the mystery..

        1. You are correct. We should try and sell Nketiah. He can grow and develop elsewhere. But right now, our priority is not to lose Gabi again. And maybe we can sneak a goal in from Gabi.

    1. I dont think Arteta would risk him like that on his firrst game back. I think a conventional left winger or inside forward would be better given the context.

  3. Ok, Wilian and Nketiah are still playing, but Pepe who’s at least trying (far from good though) goes. I don’t get it.

  4. Even with a draw which is best we can hope for arteta must be gone in the morning … it’s embarrassing now to be an arsenal fan

  5. Come on boys we are already losing so there is nothing to lose let’s go at them like ten thousand thundering typhoons!

  6. Well clearly the structure they are trying to put is not working for the club but knowing Arsenal they will still keep at it because it’s a cheap solution and then will get rid of it when we are in championship. Then they will buy another cheap solution. #KeepArteta

      1. In championship 😉…lol! Come on man not fair to put all the shxt we have created in last few months on the young shoulder of Martenelli. He is not there yet to carry the whole team.

        1. Yeah not fair, but according to the board MA is to stay. So if there is no change of direction, then atleast a change of players can get up hopes. Gabi is that kind of player. And him being back means we can have different options…

        1. I know you want to support our beloved club, HH but history only shows results. Not the performance. The fact is, we have the worst record in the EPL for shots. We are 20th!. We have just 1 point from 21. 1 draw 6 losses. Yes we had lots of the ball again. But what else?

    1. @HH, some of pro Arteta fans have either completely lost it or they are just being stubborn now. How is that a fantastic 2nd half when we did not score and took us 80odd minute to register anything on goal?

        1. Yes, correct… absolutely correct but that does not mean that you call it a fanatic second half. There is a difference in saying good performance and fantasic second half…later is always referred to winning.

        2. Agreed. AMN had a blinder I think. And the rest too did well. We limited Everton, who currently are better than us.

          1. Let me turn the statement around Sid, when we scrap through its deemed as sign of a champion that some times you have to grind out the result but when some one else grind out the result against us we are stil priased for fighting against a team better then us. So head is ours and tail as well?

          2. Yeah on that I agreed. But I genuinely think second half was better. But the problem it seems is that every game we show some progress, the next game we reset back to the old self… thats what frustrating me

  7. Another loss with another drab performance from the lads. Mikel needs to go im sorry but enough is enough… for gods sake chelsea sacked mourinho for bein in this position when he had just won the league 6months before!!

    No managing experience at all, no chance in the Prem!!

  8. Awful awful and again awful but wasn’t expecting a point today as we are a crap team now. Shame on arteta and all the money hungry mercenaries that so called play for us

  9. How many decent balls have we not made into the box, but there is no one there to receive it.

    How is our plan to cross into box but not have anyone there?

  10. Again .. explain to me why Willian is always starting ahead of the youngsters? and he did something worse than Ozil?!

    MA didn’t get his lesson after Xhaka ..

      1. Yes highbury. I agree with you. I have a feeling the problem is Arteta. The players are not playing eith much freedom. Also, Arteta must recall saliba in January. Saliba should replace Holding in the defence

        1. how much do you know about Saliba?, how much of his games have you seen. we have Mari, let him get the job done

        1. They are getting there Sue, slowly. I think they played good in the second half not their usual pathetic selves.

          1. We can only try to understand each other DTM. It’s frustrating and painful to all of us but things will get better.

  11. Edu & Arteta pack your bags and go!

    Having Luiz and Willian is all Edu plus Pepe!

    Playing terrible is Artetas fault

  12. Please let that farcical Arteta experiment be over with. If this rot is not stopped we’re going down.
    Arteta FO!

  13. The urgency that suddenly came about the team in the last 5 minutes should have been for the entire second half. This has established that some players are better suited in some positions. I think if all are fit, Gabi at LW, Saka at RW and Willian at CAM might work. But Willian doesnt have that vision that someone like Ozil had. So dont know about that. But the only positive for me is that Gabi returned!

    1. Admittedly Williann had a better second half but if he is in our top XI based on his performances this year than we are in more trouble than I thought…

  14. Positive from me is Martinelli is back. Willian played well in the second half.
    Arteta should stop playing Nketiah in subsequent games. Martinelli should play the number 9 role. Aubameyang should go to the left. Another disappointing result. But we have to support the team in times like this

    1. Agreed. Martinelli has the unique attributes to play both as a left inside forward or as a striker. Just hope MA integrates Balogun sooner and sends Nketiah to loan. Seniority should not count, that player has already got many chances to prove himself and has underwhelmed in most cases…

    2. martinelli to the left, Saka to the right and auba and lacca in the middle, auba leading the attack, lacca behind

  15. Arteta should now be sacked and anyone who still believes in him should go support where he goes. He is a pathetic manager how does he start Nketiah ahead of Lava when he is short of punch upfront is beyond me. Hell Lava and Gabi did more in 10 minutes than the rest in 85 minutes

    1. I’m sorry but whoever thinks Willian was any good did not watch the same game I did. He is not good enough for Arsenal, and the fact that he was not substituted for me, makes it clear that Arteta does not know what he is doing. Why sub Pepe when Willian was significantly worse?? We have no style of play which frustrates me even more. Watching arsenal is like watching stoke play. I don’t mind losing, but we have to show some level of creativity. We did nothing today

  16. ill preffer a rusty Martinelli to a fit clueless Pepe, he should be the 2nd worst player today, followed closely by Elneny. is everything about dribling, he had a good chance to shoot in the 18yard still looking to dribble, am sure MA had seen enough thats why he was removed immediatly,.
    this is what you get for joking with 1ist halve all the time, football isnt won only in 2nd half

  17. Honestly, if we played like the second half in every match and gave these youngsters more than one chance, we’d be in the top 6 easily.

    1. We played with a bit more heart and won the possession stakes but, like Spurs, Everton sat back. The goal at the end of first half really changed things as teams can let us have possession because we dont look like scoring. So frustrating.

      1. Well, I felt like Spurs did it on purpose and we were no threat at all. I feel like Everton were more forced into it and were still trying to get out and we looked more dangerous and in control by the end. AMN had at least two crosses that were tap ins if someone was just in the right place.

        But we need results ultimately.

    2. If the other teams had major injury crisis or better run blind then we could actually be sitting on the top of the table????

  18. Too many players performing badly and below par to be a coincidence.
    This is a mission to get rid of the manager surely?
    Soon they may get their wish or end k relegated.
    The players are a let down but my only criticism of Arteta is that we persist with this formation.which is clearly way too predictable.

    Everton are on fire so didnt expect s lot today but we seem to be the team everyone wants to play to beat.

  19. Seems as though the man city game is the last we’ll see of the 18 pts Europa League squad.
    Because I have a feeling a few of them won’t want to hang around for the FA cup in January.
    Against benfica we have no choice but to play first xi

  20. Enough of the defensive formation/tactis, we are not used to it, despite playing defensive we still conceeding goals, why dont we attack, it couldnt be worst than this

  21. Iwobi didn’t score against us but he’s the one laughing.
    On boxing Day(?) we can expect giroud to do the same

  22. It was a good second half performance. Unfortunately we couldn’t score though.

    Did I miss Auba? No
    Did I miss Xhakha? No
    Did I miss Bellerin? No

    I would say give these youngsters more game time, maybe Balogan for Nketiah. Even if we lose, we will lose with some pride.

    I also did not think Ancelotti was doing a Mourinho in the second half, his team was forced to do it. I do not want to take away any credit from these youngsters.

    1. Agree with this. Didn’t miss anyone. Was only looking forward and hoping for them to turn the effort into a result. It didn’t happen, but I’d rather see this than any day that what was happening before.

  23. Lolol so hard at some people on here, calling people twats etc, this site is devolving at an alarming rate. The misplaced anger and irrationality is comical 😂

    1. I don’t see the point in getting angry anymore, Rory. We couldn’t even beat Burnley yet people expected us to beat an in form Everton!! 😂

      1. Exactly sue, it sucks big time but coming on here calling people all these names who they dont even know because there team lost lol the mind boggles.

      2. Exactly Sue, detach yourself from being an Arsenal fan and watch it as a neutral, then one could have enjoyed the second half performance and applauded the youngsters for putting their efforts albeit the result.

  24. Being positive and optimistic is a good thing but access of anything is never good. It can blind you from what’s coming ur way, it will make unprepared for what’s ahead and it can make u live in a cucu land. Better be realistic then cry over spilled milk later.

  25. Wow willian instead of Ozil, we are a total mismatch. Too many passes that didn’t get to its destination, Pepe like ball to his feet but we don’t have that skill on the pitch, Arteta’s promises to turn the team in a different direction is a total fail. Board’s politics eventually yielding fruits.

    1. Can Pepe ever live up to his £72 million price tag? I doubt that very much. It’s almost painful to watch him pretending to dribble and run at defenders!

  26. It was a better second half, yes. But if you measure our performance against our FA cup win it was still way down low. We have simply become more grateful for reducing the smell of crap!

      1. Hi lovely Sue, I haven’t seen us play full time because of Sunday’s fixtures. But today I saw a full game, I can’t recognise our team anymore babe. It’s awful

        1. It is indeed, shocking seeing how far we’ve fallen… and to just expect loss after loss…. 🥺 I honestly don’t know where we go from here…..

  27. When the commentator says willian has only had 1 shot on target all season, and he gets more game time than Laca today?

  28. I am even scared of looking at the league table. I was wondering maybe some magic would just move us to 4th position on the league. I am tired of this honestly

  29. No excuses for Eddie N’s miss. He just isn’t good enough. A creative midfield would have torn Everton apart but we were lumbered with Eleny and William. It must also be confirmed that Pepe is a waste of money. Have we actually seen him beat his man once this season. Time after time he diludes. The team is broken, and yet and yet there was a lot more energy today. Was it because Aubameyang was missing? I know he would definitely have taken that clear cut chance which Eddie blew but all too often he is a ghost. Isn’t it also galling how commentators who once hated us now treat us like a sick patient with their condescending sympathy. Look Arsenal are not too far off the pace. Everyone raves about Everton, but it was only a matter of fractions. Arsenal can be better, get rid of Eleny, Xhaka,Pepe, Eddie N, Bellerin etc and sign two young dynamic players. Things will improve.

  30. AMN had a good game despite some difficulties. KT too had a good one, except that the first goal came from his side. Second half, CBs performance was good. Elneny disappointed. Ceballos was good second half, Willian too. Nketiah tried hard, but for me he should have atleast hit it on target,that was horrible from him. Also as a poacher, he should not be trusted to lead the line but be partnered with someone with good holdup play to feed off. Saka was good as always, but didnt get too many oppurtunities. Laca came on and tried very hard and it almost paid off, Pepe great penalty, but lukewarm game elsewhere. Gabi is back!!
    Overall nice second half performance and urgency which shouldd be translated all throughout the game.

  31. This mentality is so common now in our fan base where I think we are the only big club fans (but any more) who priase their team day in day out for either loosing or drawing a match. It started with big 6 teams and now we have gone down a level or two, we are doing same against weaker teams. I would never have predicted us praising team to first draw at home to Southampton and now loosing 2-1 to Everton. It’s become like a joke and we are a joke at the moment for rest of the clubs.

    1. I saw it coming after each defeat there were a lot of we lost but it was Leicester.. Wolves…blah blah blah I warned about the consequences of lowering our expectations and that not before long losing to a top 10 team would become acceptable even expected SADLY I was right!

  32. If the board does not sack arteta,then he has to do the following in January.
    1. Bring back Saliba and Ozil to the squad.
    2. Our central defence should be Mari, Luiz, Saliba, Gabriel.
    3. Play Martinelli and Lacazette as number 9.
    4. Play Pepe/Smith Rowe in the number 10 role. Ozil as an option from the bench.
    5. Play AMM in the middle
    6. Cedric to start ahead of Bellerin at right back.
    7. Discontinue the 3 at the back experiment

    4231 formation

    Cedric Saliba Gabriel Tierney

    Partey Elneny

    Pepe/Smith Rowe
    Saka Martinelli Aubameyang

    Nketiah should be playing Europa league games. Saka and Willian to rotate at the right of attack
    I dont think the club will sack arteta at this moment.
    Let us still support the club we love

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