Image: Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Everton without two key men

Arsenal have released their line-up for the clash with Everton at Goodison Park, and you will notice two key absentees.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was absent from training yesterday, and you would expect that he must be injured as he misses out on the squad completely.

Gabriel Magalhaes is also absent after his red card in midweek, and has been replaced by fellow Brazilian David Luiz, who makes his first appearances since his horrific clash of heads with Wolves Raul Jimenez.

Gabriel Martinelli makes the squad for the first time since March, while Nicolas Pepe makes his return to action after a three-match ban for his red card against Leeds United.

It is unclear whether the boss has rung the changes with a view to resting players ahead of the Caribao Cup clash with Manchester City in midweek, or whether he is chopping the changes after a run of defeats, with Alexandre Lacazette and Hector Bellerin both benched.


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  1. Declan says:

    PEA has a calf strain.

  2. Defund The Media says:

    Good to see martinelli on the bench, weird didn’t see anything about auba being injured

  3. Sue says:

    Auba has a tight calf ☹
    Gabs on the bench 🙂 COYG

  4. ArsenalWhy says:

    Some called for the benching of Aubameyang, well we shall see how that works out tonight.

    1. Defund The Media says:

      Hes not even on the bench bud

  5. Sid says:

    Good to see Gabi back! Sad to see PEA miss out due to injury!
    I hope we have a good game….

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      I hope so too. May today be the turnaround we are all craving for. All the best to Arsenal, all the best to Mikel. All the best to Martinelli. May he bring what we are severely missing at the moment. All the best to Leno, may he be blessed with a clean sheet today. All the best to Saka, a spark of light in what have been one the darkest periods of our club history.

      1. Sid says:

        Agree with every word, my good sir!

      2. SueP says:

        Heartening words HH

      3. Jo-Gunz says:

        hear hear

  6. Francis says:

    Back 3 I believe

  7. gotanidea says:

    3-4-3 or 4-2-3-1 with Willian as the CAM. Good choice, apart from Pepe

    Bellerin and Nelson should’ve started, but maybe Nelson is injured

    1. Sue says:

      He’d been training… they’re obviously being careful after that clash of heads. Maybe we’ll see him on Tuesday?

      1. gotanidea says:

        I hope so Sue

    2. Adajim says:

      Excuse me, who should have replaced Pepe, ? Even willian is starting

      1. gotanidea says:

        Saka could’ve started as RW and Willian as LW, if Nelson is injured

    3. Declan says:

      Willian is on the left with Pepé on the right

    4. Armoury says:

      Willian is considered a good choice? Really? I’ve lost hope in Willian

      1. gotanidea says:

        Willian rarely loses the ball and his tactical awareness is excellent, so he could thrive as a CAM

    5. JAY HOTH says:

      Let’s wait for the results of the game against Everton as our Captain miss out the game due to missing the practice schedule.
      But what I want to inform you is that in January let’s bring in two new players for squad.

  8. Adajim says:

    that the best we currently have, and Luiz is better for back 3 than 4, so hopefully thre isn’t redcard , and the attack come to party

  9. Lord Denning says:

    Come on you gooners! If william will not perform well today then in January he should be removed from the squad or go on loan and Ozil be reinstated in the squad.Having said that arsenal needs a top manager in January

    1. Gily says:

      Arteta stays.
      We are not a hire and fire club. Let’s support the manager and club.

  10. Danny says:

    Shocking line up Everton will destroy this pathetic weak team could be the end for Arteta after this!!

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      What else can he do? Are there better players he can use?

      1. Gurrosco says:

        The players are definitely better than most than the teams above us. Too bad that MA can’t get best out of them.

  11. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    4 defenders on bench 2 right backs wtf..

  12. Vinod says:

    This team seems good enough to end the game with 11 players.

    1. Sue says:

      😄 Let’s hope!!

  13. ToluCOYG says:

    As weak as the team might look, we’re gonna win today.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Excited to see Martinelli on the bench. Even if he doesn’t get in today he is clearly very close. COYGs!

  14. Weeble says:

    I think a back 4. 4-2-3-1 Could even be 4-3-3.

    1. Phenom says:

      It’s a 3-4-3

  15. Reggie says:

    Big pressure on nketiah, i would have 100% had lacca in to replace Auba. Big call and he must produce.

  16. Jah son says:

    Only a miracle will do for Arteta today. TROUBLE!
    Aubameyang taking a break with one of those ozil style injuries

  17. Sue says:

    Surely ESR will get minutes later on 🙂

  18. HASS says:

    What a bad lineup, mainly due to the front 3. If the good Everton turn up we lose.

  19. Quantic Dream says:

    Iwobinho will score 🤣

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        Don’t jinx it please QD! 🙏🙏🙏


  20. Lord Denning says:

    If we don’t win this Arteta has to go,next game mancity then chelsea.I dispise Arteta he’s eloquent though just to give credit where it’s due but as a manager he’s one of the worst in this league, bottom five just like our position in the league.

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      All the best to Mikel, may he gradually win back the trust of the fans.

    2. Vinod says:

      This is not the game, Brighton game will be the decider.

  21. SueP says:

    It is sink or swim time.
    Please play your hearts out

  22. Femi says:

    Everton 3 vs Arsenal 0

    1. Gily says:

      Vice versa I think.

      1. Kedar says:

        Hope you gonna right after final whistle

    2. Vinod says:

      Richarlison, DCL, Iwobi, its possible. Thank god that Allan and Rodriguez are not available. First half performance would be crucial because I don’t see anyone coming off the bench for Everton who can change the game.

  23. Rux says:

    Mark my word, we are going to win 4:3.

    1. Highbury Hero says:


  24. Nifty says:

    How low have the mighty fallen. Our team is very poor no matter who is starting

  25. Ayo says:

    Lord, can my heart take another one?

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      Still don’t have immunity?

  26. Winston says:

    Ending the game with 11 men would be an improvement. COYG!

  27. Gily says:

    Our problem will be the officials who have suddenly remembered that all the rules must be applies when Arsenal apparently commits a foul.
    That’s what is called double standard.

  28. Kedar says:

    Hope Iwobi not scoring today…
    He can score consolation though

  29. Dendrite says:

    Let’s hope we end the game with at least 9 players.

  30. Ackshay says:

    Seriously though when is the supposed poacher nketiah gonna be in a the box when a good cross is sent it. Might as well play lacazette or balogun as they at least offer hold up play.

    1. Kedar says:

      You are right but Tierney Cross not that good though
      It was just a speculative inaccurate ball

  31. Sid says:

    If that Kean effort had gone in, would we still have said that it was unexpected? Not if we leave that much space open, inviting players to shoot. And to think that it wasnt even a counter, SMH…

  32. Sue says:

    Here we go…

  33. Sid says:

    Here we ho again…

  34. Sid says:

    Man unlucky for Holding, but again where is the defence….

    1. Kedar says:

      Little correction…
      Where is so called improved defence…

  35. Kedar says:

    We are scoring at the wrong end

    1. Perry ames says:

      Why is that funny

      1. Defund The Media says:

        Because hes a troll.

  36. siamois says:

    I don’t know what to say!

  37. lcw says:

    When it rains it pours.

  38. Declan says:

    What do Pepé and Willian bring to the team?
    Asking for a friend who thinks it’s eff all.

    1. Dan kit says:

      A goal

      1. Highbury Hero says:


      2. Declan says:

        Yeah a pen🤫
        Otherwise eff all.

  39. Sid says:

    What the DUCK!! Why is Nketiah channeling his inner Lacazette right now?!

    1. Kedar says:

      He had all the time in world
      Why he took it 1st time

  40. Gogo says:

    I’ve never seen The Arsenal play this poorly ever.

  41. SueP says:

    Becoming more open and the Nketiah miss was horrid. Sorry for poor Holding though

    1. Waslim says:

      What does Arteta see in Nketiah? It’s absolutely scandalous for him to play when Lacazette is on the bench? That horrible miss would have been put in the net by Laca.

  42. gotanidea says:

    Iwobi strikes back

    We really lose Xhaka’s left foot. Our ball flow is going to the right side too much

    1. Bob says:

      Xhaka is still awful, no matter how much you talk about his supposed magical left foot.

  43. lcw says:

    Nketiah should have scored.

  44. RW1 says:

    Nketiah is arteta’s bentner .. just get rid of both .. clueless club

  45. Kay says:

    Courageous line up with the exception of Pepe and maybe Nketiah as I’ve never rated him. Hope the young lads turn up.

  46. Gooner says:

    Nketiah what the hell, pls remove this player from our squad or loan out some third tier league where he can start in th playing eleven, i will prefer balogun over this shit player

  47. Gmv8 says:

    Sorry can’t watch anymore- it’s like watching your best friend commit suicide

    1. ArsenalWhy says:

      Hahaha man that is funny and sad at the same time.

  48. Sid says:

    I feel for MA. But then again, maybe a 4 4 2 with Nketiah and Lacazette would have worked? Nketiah isnt the player you want to recieve your long balls, crosses and playing with his back to goal. Rather Ceballos is also seemingly invisible in the Mid today…

  49. Kedar says:

    Bring on Lacazzett or Martinelli instead of Niketiah

  50. Adega Olatunji says:

    Arteta destroy his team by himself

  51. FootballisTrivial says:

    Such shitty pressing. It’s disgusting for EPL footballers to press like that.
    Who is to blame here? Arteta or the forwards?

  52. Hill says:

    Arteta must leave by tomorrow morning!!!!

  53. Sid says:

    Sue, here’s a chance for you to say the 4 magical letters… LOL

    1. Sue says:

      BOOM 😂 Hallelujah, Sid!!!

  54. SueP says:

    Come on Pepe….

  55. Palash says:

    Please dont miss this

  56. Palash says:

    Finally let’s just win this now

  57. Kedar says:

    Heart was in my mouth when Pepe was running to hit the ball…
    Seems like it will stop

    1. Sid says:

      Pepe is a good penalty kick taker. He hasnt missed a single one with us yet. And is quite cool when taking pks. I think him and AMN are the best PK takers in our squad.

      1. Kedar says:

        Yes I agree with AMN
        He is super cool Penalty taker..

  58. Sue says:

    Cool penalty…

  59. SA Gunner says:

    Has Willian beeen sent off

    1. Sid says:

      No I think he is invisible lol.

      1. SueP says:

        Sid its funny, but its not
        He is a senior player for gods sake

        1. Sid says:

          SueP he really has not done anything of note this game. He just seems irritated whenever he has the ball. Should be subbed at half time. Ceballos has been quiet too, but he has helped in defence sometimes.

  60. Palash says:

    Our players are still playing with low confidence

  61. Kedar says:

    If Niketiah could have scored then we would have been at the break

  62. Kitu says:

    Arteta needs to go and take stan and his whole family with him. It does not matter which manager Arsenal has if Stan is the owner…

  63. adajim says:

    i dont know why our players run away from ball. first time in a long time we actually score before ht. 69% loss of possesion, that too bad

  64. Sid says:

    Shit! Sigurdson is a great free-kick taker. Hope he slips and misses….

  65. Sid says:

    Willian seems a shadow of his former self 🙁

  66. SueP says:

    I thought that was a red
    God, what is the matter with them?

    1. Dan kit says:

      Ceballos is a dickhead
      Waste of a squad space

      1. Kedar says:

        He is good as CAM but MA plays him as deep line CM which is his not natural position..

        1. lcw says:

          He is good at nothing and especially CAM.

  67. RW1 says:

    The bs talk about arteta building confidence needs to be stopped .. we have none … literally none

  68. Kedar says:

    Niketiah is horrible so far..

  69. Sid says:

    Ohh no…

  70. SueP says:

    Well done Leno…..

    1. Sid says:

      His initial positioning was what led to that goal. And to think we have a set-piece coach, SMH..

    2. Perry ames says:

      Why Leno what about holding Luiz or any other player with a set of balls to actually attack the ball rather than do fuck all. Again we get back in a game yet we keep on passing the ball BACKWARDS everytime. We cant keep on blaming arteta even though the job is too big for him but ffs cant the players ie. Willian pepe, Luis, and some more of the senior players take on some sort of responsibility.
      Willian is a lazy piece of crap by the way
      I will be interested to see what arteta does now

  71. Sue says:

    Has Mina ever scored before??!!

    1. Sean says:

      Iwobi with the assist for the 1st goal

      1. Sue says:

        Inflicting more misery, just like he said he would!!

      2. Dan kit says:

        Own goal so no assist

    2. Kedar says:

      3 Times with beards
      Just Jim Beglin said

    3. Ackshay says:

      Yes and he is the main threat on set pieces, Which would explain why he was completely unmarked in a corner.

  72. Sean says:

    Jesus christ!! This team is pathetic

  73. Illiterate says:

    The nightmare continues

  74. Kedar says:

    Niketiah’s miss proved costly so far..

  75. adajim says:

    just 1 corner and its a goal, how is arsenal defending this bad

  76. RSH says:

    Awful again. Why does Nketiah still get game time? He’s garbage. Balogun should be getting a chance before Nketiah.

    1. Sue says:

      MA seriously needs to change it…

  77. Highbury Hero says:

    Not that bad trailing by 1 with 45 mins to go. At least there is no red card and we have scored so things are not that bad.

    1. Sue says:

      And we scored 2 goals 😜

      1. Highbury Hero says:


    2. Ackshay says:

      You need to check your eyes willian was sent off in the 1st min.

      1. Highbury Hero says:


    3. SueP says:

      Positivity from you and a lack of self belief from the team. Can you please waft some over to them?
      There were a few good signs but we need a lot more.

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        I can’t wait to see Martinelli back on the pitch. He has that self belief. His efforts may transfer the belief to the others.

  78. Sean says:

    Hiring Mikel seems to be the most costly… relation fight here we come!

  79. Gogo says:

    Sorry I love Arteta but he can’t save himself. I don’t see how. He’s just a fancy coach

  80. gotanidea says:

    Great save by Leno, but Yerry Mina’s goal showed why we desperately need a towering target man. I hope Arsenal wouldn’t waste any money on a CAM in January

    Without Xhaka’s and Magalhaes’ left feet, our passing flows to the right side too much. If Xhaka is leaving and if we still use a double-pivot formation, we must find another left-footed DM

    1. Skills1000 says:

      I have a feeling that we will win this match.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Only if Nketiah, Pepe, Saka or Martinelli show some magical skills. I don’t expect any breakthrough from the other Gunners and Willian didn’t look enthusiastic

    2. adajim says:

      i asked you once, does liverpool and city have target man

  81. Declan says:

    Why put a midget on the front post?

  82. Skills1000 says:

    Nketiah should have shown more hunger and shoot with precision. We had Saliba who could not even make the team. Our set piece defending is awful. Let us hope for a better second half. Arteta should stop this 3 at the back. Play a 433 or 4231 formation.

  83. RSH says:

    Willian is a total GHOST. Arteta keeps trusting bad players and then people pretend it has nothing to do with Arteta.

    1. Gogo says:

      I quit already

  84. Trudeau says:

    Willian and Ceballos have added nothing. Martenelli or ESR for Willian and Soares or Bellerin at RB and push AMN into the middle.

  85. Santacolor says:

    Willian is a waste of space!

  86. Winston says:

    Let’s hope for another penalty in the 2nd half. Don’t see us scoring otherwise

    1. SueP says:

      Nketiah should have at least made the keeper make a save. Perhaps it will have to be a penalty

  87. adajim says:

    am suspecting ceballos or ?KT for the redcard today

  88. Adega Olatunji says:

    Bringing William to Arsenal is just a punishment for the fans

  89. SA Gunner says:

    Arteta has turned Arsenal into a very poor team to
    watch. Arsenal have never been this bad. Say what you want about Wenger his teams were always great entertainment. Please can Arteta be fired along with his support staff . Get him a high school squad to work with.

    1. Palash says:

      just look how pepe and ceballos are playing.

    2. gotanidea says:

      I couldn’t stomach Arsenal’s poor performances in the end of Wenger’s tenure. Arteta just doesn’t have impactful attackers and made some poor selections in the previous EPL games

      1. Skills1000 says:

        I just wish we win this game. It is tiring going through this disappointing results week in week out. What is wrong with Arsenal?

  90. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    nketiah mustafi would b better up front dat miss sums him up u cant coach players like him there just not good enough but he thinks he is,arsenal u23s r better than 1st 11

  91. Declan says:

    The very very last time I spend a tenner on this crap that Arteta is serving up. He picks Willian, Ceballos and Pepé who add nothing to the team. It’s on Arteta when we get relegated.

    1. Declan says:

      Forgot to add, it reminds me of when Rioch was managing us, pathetic.

      1. Sue says:

        Oh don’t remind me of Rioch, Declan…😠
        Have you paid to watch this??

    2. Dan kit says:

      I was about to pay the for it aswell but changed my mind at the last minute decided to stream it instead 😂

      1. Sue says:

        Very wise, Dan 😉

  92. adajim says:

    on a serious note , i see a team playing withpout passion, always waiting for a the opposition to score before trying to do something. total lack of awareness and unable to mark . Jogging around the pitch, this syndrome from AW time, i thought our players have gone pass it before never knew how wrong i was. This team lack the basis. i mean if you are defending be serious about it not just jogging to the guy with the ball with no intention, no duel won, no contest for the ball at all

    1. Winston says:

      Seems like we have transitioned from uncoordinated shadow pressing to coordinated sitting back. We look like a man down without the ball

  93. Clive says:

    Hw do we explain this? Nkattieh leading the line for Areenal football club. this is pathetic.

    1. David says:

      Arteta has been obsessed with him since day 1. Brought him back from leeds where couldn’t get a minute game time and started playing him instead of high flying Martinali (before his injury). I tell you this Arteta is a Muppet.

  94. CFArsenal#10 says:

    @I got an idea
    Do you get the picture here? Willian is and has been a magician: performs a disappearing act at every game
    I am not sure if you are sarcastic when you post or you are actually that clueless. Enjoy the Brazilian Houdini.

  95. Ackshay says:

    Now I’m getting pissed pepe is trying hard to breach that defense but Willian and nketiah are invisible.

  96. No2No2 says:

    I don’t understand Nketiah’s contribution to this Arsenal team. Actually to football in general.

  97. RW1 says:

    The fact that arteta keeps nketiah on is the sign of an utterly clueless manager .. after watching for 4 decades I can’t stand watching this bs

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