Image: Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Liverpool tonight

The teams are out for tonight’s Premier League fixture with the below Arsenal side set to take on Liverpool.

We come into tonight’s match on the back of five straight wins, and playing some of our most impressive football of recent years. We also go into the match with a near-full squad of options available, with only Takehiro Tomiyasu believed to be anything less than 100% at present.

Would you have made any changes to the named line-up to take on Liverpool this evening? What score are you predicting after seeing the XI?


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  1. Unchanged again but I would have had Xhaka on the bench as he will be targeted by their master of the dark arts……

      1. Elneny or change the formation to suit.
        You surely realise what’s going to happen with Xhaka playing with a target on his back!

        1. Anyone know where to watch the match…… has stopped streaming Premier league games

    1. We dont really have options for midfield.. and we’ve won 5 straight with line up I think so even as a non-fan of Xhaka, I definitely wouldn’t change our line up.

      Please boys, fight for thr badge!

  2. So Tomiyasu is still unfit

    Liverpool’s forwards are very cunning, so our defenders would most likely have a torrid time tonight

    Hopefully Lacazette, Saka and Martinelli can give Liverpool a taste of their own medicine. Odegaard might be too “straight” for those tricks, but Lacazette is the expert of that scheme

  3. we have to device a means to limitnand defend against diagonal/long crosses from Alexandra Arnold and Robertson. The Liverpool Full backs are so good at that.
    Our forwards have to be clinical as well.


  4. The team would probably have to work harder today, we risk injuries, I would probably bring in Tavares and Smith-Rowe for Martinelli and Saka, set my team for counter attack,

    This way Tierney, Xhaka and Tavares can cover the left with Cedric, Parteyand Smith-Rowe on the right, giving Ødegaard opportunity for through balls,

    Just my thoughts.

  5. It’s good to have the same team, they’ve got used to each other. As long as Xhaka doesn’t decide to be stupid, we have got a good chance of upsetting the applecart.

  6. Diaz is a tricky one…

    Jota is very dangerous

    We all know what Mane can do… they got salah and Firmino on the bench too. Our defense must be alert at all times… then we need to take our chances. We can win this. Draw is fair. Defeat isn’t the end of the world.. just put in a fight… COYG

  7. not surprised whatsoever that the starting 11 is unchanged…let’s hope that the tactics will match the personnel, in that if you start this group with the sole hopes of sitting deep and hoping to counter effectively, it might be a long evening…now if this is an indication of us wanting to play on the front foot and impose our will on a team with far more irons on the fire presently, then I will be pleasantly surprised, even if it doesn’t achieve the desired results…this is the type of fixture where the “eye test” is so relevant…we need to think far less about eking out a 1-0 result and focus on how we can win a 3-2 affair

    1. Without reading your comment. That’s what I summarised in my post below. Spot on. How we play tonight is everything.

  8. ..any streaming sites, now that hesgoal has started acting like hesgoal..
    ..Arsenal has to surprise us!..aye!

  9. Today is the final decision time for the eye test. I hope we do well against pool, win, lose or draw.

    1. In his defence there’s no-one in the box for him to hit, haven’t seen Laca make a proper run into the box properly even though he’s looking good.

      Martinelli put in a perfect ball but no-one on the end of it.

    1. Agree Angus
      Well, apart from lack of finishing and proper threats on goal, Arsenal have looked confident on the ball and Liverpool slightly jaundiced

  10. Even first half 👍
    Partey bossing midfield and Martinelli having a great game on that left side

    1. agree with that sentiment, as we need a bit more directness if we’re playing on the counter…Ode is nearly invisible out there with the tactics on offer

  11. This reminds me of how we played against Man City earlier in the season when we were robbed. Just imagine how good this young team can be next season..

  12. Cedric has been surprisingly effective with his defensive zone coverage…great to see, especially against this opponent…we need to take advantage of the fact that their big gun isn’t on the pitch though

    1. Agree probably his stand out performance for us as well. He has been good in recent weeks too. Nice problem to have when Tomi is fully fit.

  13. Klopp must’ve been in shock.
    We’ve been fantastic so far.
    Let’s keep the concentration and get a goal

    1. That instinct to pick a 1st time pass or releasing is sooner, will come over time!! He’s been the best player on the pitch sp far imo

  14. Good solid calm performance from Arsenal. No panicking on the ball, picking our passes and finding some rhythm. Had Liverpool on their own half for alot of the 1st half, they didn’t bomb forward but use the weapons of the in swinging Cross from the full backs, block them out esp Trent, He’s a super player 👏

    Saka should be the one to make way for SmithRowe in the 2nd half, lad just not on it tonight. Maybe fatigue, he is only 20!

    Martinelli and Partey have been super, now get Øde involved more as he hasn’t much but when he has u feel something will happen.

    Let’s keep it up for the 2nd half.

    1. When the leagues best attack’s best chance was from a corner that was easily saved you know your doing a good job. 0-0 nothing done yet but like against City the performance is there.

  15. Arsenal were worried about Liverpool CBs’ and GK’s passing skills, hence the highly compact positions when defending

    The first half shows we’re able to keep up with one of the best teams in the world, as long as our players are fully fit. We just had some misunderstanding and bad first touches in the final-third

    I think Arteta won’t change anything in the beginning of the second half, but he might go for the win after eighty minutes

  16. Partey, Martinelli, Tierney and Saka all looking good as a lot of our others but it’s end to end. Can’t understand the negative comments on Saka, perhaps from spuds!

  17. All looking good ATM,a win is practically possible but esr should come in ASAP saka and laca are struggling.

  18. This is a game where Aubamayang running off Martinelli and Tierney’s passes would have thrived. It’s going to be a tense half or an anti climax. Pepe is the key.

  19. It’s what happens when your striker plays from outside the box … take saka and lacazette they aren’t a threat

  20. talk about team depth when you can take Diaz and Jota off and replace them with Salah and Formino…it will be interesting to see what, if any, tactical adjustments will be made now that we’re playing from behind…I would like to see ESR entering the fray asap

    1. Yeah Liverpool’s squad depth has gone up massively this year. Obviously adding Diaz jan/Konate but the youngsters Jones/Elliot and the fringe like Tsimikas/Minamino kicked on with Jota going strength to strength. One preseason prediction I had that was miles off, thought they were in trouble if they got injuries.

    2. You’re spot on about squad depth, that’s where we’re lagging behind teams like Pool,City,it may have finally caught up with us tonight.

  21. Liverpool showing why they are a top team, we need to keep our heads up and continue playing.

  22. It would be such a refreshing change
    If Arsenal could actually score a goal
    or 2 against a top side.

    There NEVER going to beat a team
    like City or Pool 1-0

  23. We were playing close to our best in the first half, Liverpool always had a few more gears unfortunately and it’s showing now.

    Can’t win a game when your striker never gets into the box and hangs back like a CAM

  24. Have to take off Lacazette and Xhaka for ESR and Pepe otherwise the game is lost. Too late,just as I was typing. Isn’t Ben White poor?

      1. How many goals have Jota/Firmino scored against us now?!! SMH, Kev..
        Started off so well; that first half flew by… certainly is a game of 2 halves!! Oh and just for the record I’m pi$$Ed off (& so is Coco) 🤣

      1. Just very annoying every bloody time we concede first to them an onslaught of goals follow really quickly

        1. Yes they are like sharks smelling blood. You have them on the ropes and boom goal out of nowhere then they start grinding you to death.

    1. They haven’t thrown in the towel
      We’re likely to lose but I don’t get your point of view. It’s not Brighton or Southampton but a very accomplished team who woke up after a poor first half.
      Ramsdale made a mistake and it lifted Liverpool

  25. Why does Firminho love playing against us so much honestly his record against us is insane compared to his usual goal output.

  26. We’re not there yet. 2nd best 2nd half, Øde scores it’s a different game. Ramsdale should of saved that.
    So frustrating after all that hard work.

    Let’s see what we’re made of mentally now!! Smithrowe come on kid let’s lift the team!!

  27. Why are lacazette and saka on the pitch they have done nothing in 66 minutes .. but takes odegaard off .. seriously clueless

      1. Arteta should have realised long ago that Saka is very ineffective on the right. If Martinelli was on the right he would have put in more crosses. We need better midfielders as Odegaard and Xhaka are not good enough. Statistics show that our defence has not improved contrary to what people are saying. 50mil for White was not a good buy. We need a player like Maddison to replace Odegaard who is only good against weaker teams.

    1. Not clueless, Arteta is accepting the game is lost and regrouping for Villa. There are all 3 points, we need to be rational now.

      1. Ridiculous pool were poor tonight but they still turn us over through hard work and organization .. that’s a systemic problem not strategic thinking

  28. Now we’ll see the true character of the team, we’ve been on a great run but true ability of players/managers shine through in tough circumstances.

  29. in a game when you’re sitting deep and countering, which isn’t our strong suit, ESR should have been the preferred choice over Ode…that way you have some more directness in attack and you could always bring on Ode for someone like Xhaka if you needed to score late on

    1. Not over ode but laca or saka … arteta still has no plan b … sticks with options that are clearly not delivering

      1. Odegaard had hardly touched the ball for 20 mins and was getting bypassed time after time . His lack of pace gets shown up

        1. He had nothing in front of him … martineli was doing it all by himself as he got nothing from xhaka either ..

  30. It is pretty obvious that squad depth or lack of it has caught up with us,the lack of rotation,fatigue…this game was a step too far.Jota must have known he was going to be subbed,watching Salah/Firmino on the sidelines must have given him a kick up the a****!!still I have seen enough to be positive .

  31. Saka been poor but Arteta won’t take him off.

    Liverpool showing their quality and Klopp teaching Arteta tactics.

    Sorry but this shows why we need to move on from Laca, just can’t show a presence against top sides.

    To be fair, he never has even before Arteta took over. Martinelli and Partey played well, but lower level for rest of the team.

    Just not ready to challenge the big boys yet.

  32. Xhaka can’t run. Tackle. Shoot. Pass. How ffs how dose this guy fool managers

  33. Soft goals real soft cedric is really a pub player we played fair but never laid a glove on pool

  34. Yet fool Xhaka does. Beside the fact that we were toothless this game was lost in the midfield. Partey and Xhaka just didn’t boss.

    1. Evidenced by what exactly? They’ve created pretty little outside both their chances that went in, their only other shot on target was the easy save 1st half. 1st wasn’t even a chance. We didn’t get dominated anywhere. Ramsdale made a mistake and Firminho finished where Ode missed otherwise even, certainly didn’t lose a midfield battle.

      1. Too predictable Angus my man. The fact that we stayed in the game was due to the Martinellii, Tierney combination doing all the running. We needed ten passes, Liverpool could open us up with three or four.

        1. Except they didn’t mate, that is the problem. They didn’t open us up at all. We had 1 clear cut chance each. Even game and we lost on the margins to a team that is superior.

          1. I agree with Angus he summed it up perfectly we lost on margins to a superior team although the media and haters will say Liverpool destroyed us.. if only we had a top class forward.

              1. We just aren’t clinical enough especially against the better teams but with a top class cf we will be a lot more ruthless.

            1. Liverpool didn’t destroy us, but we huffed around too much whereas their more direct approach got the three points. I always go by the player ratings from BBC Football they are not as one eyed as mine would be or whoever does them on this site. As usual Xhaka was rated down at the bottom. Arsenal will never be serial winners while he remains an Arteta favorite.

          2. It’s what every other manager has also said after losing to Arsenal. ” It was a game of margins and they took theirs”.

  35. Disappointed to have lost but it was far from embarrassing.
    Character from the team and played until the final whistle

  36. 5 things we learned tonight

    1. Ramsdale is human and having his worst period.
    2. Saka is looking worn out on the right wing, give Pepe a chance
    3. Smith Rowe deserves a chance in Lacazettes position.
    4. Cedric is not good enough he weakens White as well.
    5. Xhaka is not good enough, let Saka have a chance in left midfield

    Bonus thing we learned? We have so much to do to be as good as the top 3.

    1. We already knew the bonus although Chelsea are not that comfortable in their spot. This is a team that got 4th late on under Lampard, came 4th again with Lampard/Tuchel by 1 point and this year is nowhere near the top 2. All whilst literally winning the jackpot from their transfer ban ending coinciding with Covid.

  37. I’m okey that Pool and City are better then us! What I love about this game was the fight, the spirit and the determination! Now we need another good run before we smash United!

  38. Agree with you. Martinelli had a very good game. The only change we need to make away to Villa is start Pepe in place of Saka who could come in from the bench if we are in need of goal.

    A spirited display from the boys. I am very proud of their performance. Get a win at Villa and we are 4 points ahead of United with a game in hand.

    I fear for us away to Spurs and Chelsea. We must win Man U at home and as many games as possible as we can’t rely on results away to Chelsea and Spurs. COYG!

  39. A quality striker what we need to win these big games, lacazette not the answer so don’t renew the contract, i don’t count nketiah as a substitute player. Buy 2 quality striker and one midfielder in the summer

  40. Honestly I wouldnt pick xhaka for the local pub team some of the things he did 2nite beggers belief and not in a good way this thing about him being a pass master bul%lsh&t

    1. His passing was off today a few of our moves in the final 3rd broke down because of him. Wasn’t awful though but if you want to be City/Liv the bar is higher.

  41. Good performance just that the team is some way behind a team like Liverpool.

    A forward who can do some magic at critical moment upfront is a necessity for big clubs and Ramsdale disappointed at the most critical time.

    Experience is a big difference between the two teams as well.

    Martinelli with a few magic on his legs can be world class. Just that a magic moment in Jota is missing in martinelli

  42. OT Unai Emery 👏

    Won Europa League, now has just came from behind away to Juve to knock them out and into quarter finals of the Champions League!

    Funny how things work out.

    1. I wanted Arteta over Emery 1st time round but when we hired him I thought he was a smart choice. Honestly I think he just wasn’t ruthless enough in the dressing room and that cost him. Would also add Juve have been pretty poor this year they are in 4th 1 point above 5th, 9 behind 1st.

  43. It was a very balanced game. Only difference is they have better finishers. That’s how I wanna see us play going forward even against big teams.

  44. Martinelli just needs a little bit of work on end product. Guy danced around TAA and the Liverpool right side today. That minus ball was so amazing just needed a little touch, then that quick free kick and even the attempt on 90 or so minutes. Damn unlucky I would say. We played reasonably well and were on course for something, before Liverpool showed their experience. I think we can bounce back against Villa and contrary to many I felt Xhaka was Ok, maybe it was Laca and Saka who were off today and Ode was missing in action. But anyways onwards and Upwards.
    Ps- Start Pepe next match over Saka, man looked lost today.

      1. I think subs were on point for them and their game management was also almost perfect after 2-0. We created multiple chances is what I am happy about eeven though we did not win.
        By experience I meant how they went about the game, initially slow atarted second half strong and then sat back knowing we dont have a centralised focal point of attack. Also their tactical fouls to break up key moments of our attacks.
        But nice game nonetheless.

        1. At that point after the goal I agree but that required the ramsdale mistake and the goal scorer was the one due to be taken off. Don’t start me on fouls deliberately stayed away from it today.

  45. Not bad. Still a young team, we getting there. I saw someone on here say Liverpool is not playing well. They are arguably the best team in the world right now. Our lads still need some experience. But we are really proud of them. COYG!!!

  46. emi is better than ramsdale. emi saved us in the big games I’m yet to remember a big save ramsdell has made that has won us the game in the big games

    1. He made a big save in the last game against Leicester just as Leicester were having a little spell 2-1 at that point would of been squeaky bum time. Easy to forget it was the last game and realistically more important than this one. He’s also made a bunch of better saves throughout the season and his distribution helps our game plan.

  47. How come we don’t get to score through crosses,imagine martinelli destroying arnold,henderson then matip only to cross the ball and there is no one in the box to tap in.GUSH what the hell is laca paid for just seem to me he is avoiding goals,i mean even nketiah or pepe would have scored that one.

  48. you simply must score against top teams to be relevant…as such, you can’t have your offense be focused around a player like Ode who goes dark against the bigger squads, especially when you don’t have a Striker who can create chances for themselves…this was a bang average performance by Pool, yet we didn’t score again…our tactics were no different from any other bottom half side facing a Pool or a City, sit back, try to absorb pressure, then counter…Klopp knew full-well what was coming, which is why he could afford to save Salah and, to a lesser extent, Firmino for the second half…all this talk about not being embarrassed is nonsense and hardly a silver lining for a team hoping to compete for European positions

    1. Only reason Liverpool looked average is because of how we played, you can’t have it both ways. We need a striker, Vlahovic should of come but he made the wrong decision. Summer we’ll sign someone.

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