Image: Confirmed Arsenal Team to take on Man United

Arsenal have named their team for the trip to Manchester United this afternoon, with Holding making his return to action.

The defender has been out for the last fortnight, after picking up an injury in the warm-up against Manchester City, and will be a welcome addition after a number of injury setbacks of late.

Mo Elneny’s inclusion was the only other surprise, while those who may have hoped that we would continue with a back-four may be disappointed.

Looking at the United side, they appear to have set up in a 4-3-1-2 formation, and I’m confident that our team should have the better of the initial proceedings.

Which team would you prefer to be backing today? Predictions?


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    1. Man u have played 3 hone games… lost 2 and drawn one so I really dont see your “realism” here.

        1. Think Rory is trying to say there is nothing to be scared about and I agree .
          But we all know the threat of mr Dean so ……
          And Bruno seems to have a plethora of penalties to his name so that seems like a match made in heaven with them 2

            1. That was a beautiful half of football..Maybe I’ll be more optimistic and hope for a win now…But time and time again…

              1. Yes Jimmy! Fingers crossed bro we can get the win! If not at least we have played MUCH better today, looks like were starting to see what MA has been trying to implement πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

        2. Do it yourself lol, plus that’s not ARTETA’S previous results so irrelevant. And most of our players havent been here more than 3 years so Who the hell cares if we won at old Trafford 8 years ago.

        3. PJ-SA, Past results are completely irrelevant, esp as even the most recent was a year ago and all the others longer still. How can any of that be relevant to today? Of course it cannot, as all sensible fans realise!

          1. It affects mentality, proven fact in sports psychology. Your insuasions about what consitutes a sensible fan is 100% anecdotal. Facts don’t care about your feelings

            1. Ok ben shapiro, can you show me the data you got these “proven facts” of psychology papers in mentality of sports teams? No? Didnt think so. Didnt seem to effect Leicester last week against us. You have to have the actual facts before saying a statement such as that.

    2. Can’t blame U Jimmy, Arteta just can’t get it right.

      Unless Mustafi injured, he should be in for Gabriel, add experience in back.

      I’m fine with defense tho, as long as no Luis… But it is no creative midfield to feed attacking players.

      Why keep playing Auba on left?

      Why Willian is there?

      Bellerin holding mustafi Tierny
      Niles Partey
      Auba Laca Saka.

      Arteta just can’t get it right,, keeps guessing…

  1. Looks like a back four to me.. though I wonder if Saka plays as a CM or LWB. Let’s break the hoodoo!

      1. More like the other way round. 4-3-3 without the ball and 3-4-3 (Xhaka playing out like a LCB) with the ball

  2. Hmmm … at least xhaka is not there … no idea what elneny will be doing though … and so far this front 3 has failed to threaten top teams … if he plays willian behind laca and aube and let’s them roam up front it might work … looking foreword to seeing how partey does against this lot … can’t say I’m optimistic but can always hope

  3. Arteta has all my respect!

    Dropping Xhaka and bringing in Elneny just tells me Arteta is truly an intelligent, humble, and learning coach!

    Now, Elneny will sit and Partey will advance! Beautiful!!

  4. Ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves for our 2nd statement of intent. Our title triumph starts today. Today is when Mikel find his formula! Today is when everything clicks! I forecast a goals galore with the scale heavily on our side.

    It makes it sweet that it comes at the expense of Man utd. I feel sorry for poor Solskjaer for what we are doing to them today. Hope they have mental strength to deal with the psychological effect after we are done with them.

    1. I love your optimism. And I also hope you stick to this optimism even if we don’t get a positive result today.

    2. Winston and Auba today is the turning point everyone was waiting for. A loss of less than 3 goals will be a good game for Man utd.

  5. This is directed at Jon Fox, Sean Williams and JJ Pawn.

    I’ll try to keep this simple and brief. Sometimes back I came on here and narrated the suffering we Nigerians were going through. The Lekki Toll Gate Massacre of 20-10-2020. I linked the Nigerian government lacking moral values with Arsenal also lacking moral values in the way they treat certain players. As such I decided to quite Arsenal because they were going against my principles.

    Jon Fox you were the first to comment on that and sympathise with me, also asking me not to leave. Sean Williams also weighed in and of course JJ Pawn also asked that I stay and not leave. Firstly I want to tell you guys a Big Thank You. Y’all don’t know how much I needed that at that point in time. It really lifted my spirits up. Though I didn’t reply, I saw your comments. I didn’t reply because I needed sometime out of all these chaos going on in the world.

    Jon Fox thank you, Sean Williams thank you, JJ Pawn thank you. Though it was only the three of you amongst the multitude on this site that showed love and concern, I really appreciate. Well the good news is y’all just did enough to convince me to come back. So yippee I’m back. I still won’t buy jerseys but I’ll start by commenting on here and watching Arsenal play. I came to the realization that the classless acts have not been committed by Arsenal but by the people running the club, so I blame the individuals not the institution itself.
    This is to us having future banters on here with y’all. πŸ‘.

    NB: The Nigerian Army are going from house to house killing people at Oyigbo Rivers State. The government had declared a 24hr curfew for the past two weeks there. 24HOURS CURFEW FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS. Its been total lock down at Oyigbo. People are dying of starvation, no access to basic amenities. The massacre at Oyigbo is the worst of all killings that has happened in recent years. We Nigerians need the support of the whole world at this point in time.

    Back to Arsenal, I’m about leaving to watch the Man Utd match. Please no negative football and hopefully we win this one. COYG

    1. Chapo I also commented on that infact I made 3 post on it, but for some reasons best known to the admin, he deleted my post. I’m glad you are okay bro.

      1. Typical of your Admin as usual. Since that’s the case my gratitude goes to you too. Thank you so much, really great to see this from fellow Arsenal fans. This is the Arsenal Family bond that made me fall in love with Arsenal at first. Thank you LenoHappy.

    2. I didn’t read your post then but I am reading it now. My prayers are with you and your family.

      Whatever is happening in Nigeria is inhumane and I can’t imagine the atrocities you and your fellow countrymen are going through right now.

      I am not in any capacity to prevent or change it. All I have to offer you is my sympathy and prayers. Hoping it all ends soon.

      As for Arsenal, I think you have put it really well. It is not the institution but the people running it which by now the majority of fans agree are driven by greed and apathy.

      I really hope we win today, less for the fact that I support Arsenal, more for the fact that it lightens your day.

      Take care, my friend!

      1. Sure Sid πŸ‘. Loving the way we playing today though. Is that the way we’ve been playing in my absence πŸ˜‚. Just a goal missing.

        1. Nope, I guess today the lads have come in determined. Still missing the goals as usual thoughπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  6. Don’t jubilate yet. No creativity in arsenal squad if they take chances well in their favour but for me it either lose or draw

  7. Willian instead of Pepe is a better choice imo. Pepe loses too many balls which can be costly against a big team. His trickery is useful against small teams who don’t hurt much with the loose ball. Against a big team, its a huge risk. So credits to Arteta for this decision.

    As for Willian, I am keen to see him play as a no 10. But not sure if Arteta is ever planning to do that.

    There is not much we can improve in the lineup. Lets hope we come with a positive result. COYG.

  8. WELCOME BACK CHAPO and though it is small consolation in these bleak times for your country, better times do lie ahead, even in our darkest moments. Enjoy the game and lets hope we win, for you most of all!


    1. Thanks Jon Fox. Well what a welcome back the boys are giving me so far. Can’t wait for us to find the back of the net come the second half.

  9. The fact that Xhaka and Ceballos have been left out is to me an example of strong Management .I hope Arteta is rewarded for his decision making, and I think he will be.The front three need to put themselves about this afternoon, that’s for sure.

  10. Aubameyang, Lacazette, Willian,


    Elneny, Partey,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Holding, Bellerin,


    Flexible 4-3-3

  11. At first I thought the line up is too defensive, but then I realize Unites have players fast enough to hurt us, so I see what Arteta did with his selection.
    So far we don’t seem to be playing bad.
    Let’s get that win

  12. holding is such a poor footballer even b4 his acl,arsenal have better cbs out on loan alot dose he get away with it lol

    1. I guess his agression, aerial prowess and good defensive ability lets him get away… though the good part doesn’t come against pacy guys most of the time, lol.

  13. This is so so crap, you can have all the possession you can get but unless you test the opposition keeper you aren’t doing shit

    1. Spot on Sue. Was it you I was telling their midfield is better than when xhaka plays. Xhaka is very static. We outplayed utd this first half

      1. I mean a midfield duo of Partey and elneny. Look how many recoveries just the two of them have made and how many forward passes. It’s our forwards that have not really scored. Those two are creating chance upon chance

      1. Sorry that was deflected, lol! My disappointment in Lacazette’s recent performances is making me blind, lol!

        1. Lacazette is soo frustrating, works so hard in midfield and holding up the ball(7 ball recoveries in 45 min) BUT THE MAN CAN’T FREAKING SHOOT. just look at his goal vs liverpool completely skewed the shot but went in.

      1. He scored a goal in another time zoneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
        There was a slight deflection. But that guy doesn’t impress at all – only complaining.

    1. The ball was taken off his feet by a slight deflect. I wish people would get off Laca’s bk. When last has Bangyang scored?

  14. Is this the best we have played against a top side away from home in ages? I still fear getting sucker punched like last week; which appears to be Manure’s game plan.

    1. A waste of space is a little harsh mate but even on his
      best day the Spaniard is an average EPL right back

      Arsenal could do better

        1. Bellerin will always been seen as a scapegoat player no matter what he does ,life as a footballer I suppose .
          For me he’s been solid this season

  15. This is what I wanted, this is bar far the best football I have seen the team play under MA at home or away. Congrats to MA and team for such a good performance so far. What a stellar game Elneny is having in middle and also Laca up front. This game has actually made me Elneny fan. Those balls from Tierney from left and Bellerin from right amazing…let’s go Arsenal we are doing everything perfect from pressing to passing to attacking…πŸ‘πŸ™‚

    1. Bro we just need one goal! Saka wasted a golden chance IMO. That said, we seem to be bossing the midfield! If our CBs were a little pacey we would have totally dominated the game.πŸ‘πŸ‘

      1. Partey and Elneny combo is sweet to watch, distribution is unpredictable and smooth, this should be our starting partnership to be honest

    1. Sue we forced man u into there lowest shots at home since 2015, loving the fact were pretty sound defensively now! Just need to get our attacking play up to scratch now πŸ‘Œ

      1. Midfield is rather decent too, Rory πŸ˜‰
        Now please come out all guns blazin’ and get a goal (or 3, hehe!!)

        1. Haha yeah elneny and party has been lovely to watch! Looks much better without xhaka in there I must say, yes please god win this game we have waited too long to beat the man’s at O.T!! 🀞🀞

      1. Everyone put a shift in, Kstix. How good were Partey/Elneny?! Even the playing out hasn’t had me on the edge of my seat πŸ˜†

  16. I hope this isn’t gonna end up like the Leicester game, where we dominated the opposition but couldn’t maximize the chances

      1. Yeah Sid, my bad, arrgh!
        Based on that first half performance, we deserve the 3pts!
        Are we playing at home? Lol

  17. I can’t count any longer, the number of scoring chances Arsenal fluffed.
    What is wrong with these players? I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite.

  18. better ball movement. no shots on target. no customary penalty for united yet. i fear the next 45 minutes.

  19. Very solid game, we were obviously the best team during this half.
    The onus is still on our attackers. Saka should convert that cross, Auba needs to make those inside run.
    Laca ? Well will be Laca..
    Hopefully we get the goal in the second half and we win this convincingly.
    Partey already adds something different to our midfield.
    People are sleeping on Elneny, he’s been solid and fan under Artera since he got back. Solid game from the Egyptian. Credits to him and Partey

    1. agree. Partey and Elneny have been great. Fullbacks adding another dimension to our attack finally and are making good runs. Everything just breaks down as usual when it falls to our attackers. Bad crosses, bad decisions, or just missing the target. Not good enough.

    2. Eddie I think we are set for the season! The displays in the last 2 games have been encouraging and maybe MA has seemingly finalized his formula. I just wished we were a little lucky in the Saliba front. His pace would have helped us dominate games.πŸ™‚

  20. Saka need to be replaced. Tierney is working twice hard to make up for him. Saka and Lakacete are below par today.

    1. What are you talking about, Laca is providing one of the best hold up and link up play in have ever seen by him. He is just a pain to Man U defence and Saka missed a chance but he is kind of player who can produce that magic moment not great so far but not bad either.

  21. Another yellow card for Holding or Gabriel and Arteta’s plan would be destroyed. Our CBs must be careful and the attackers/ midfielders must protect them

  22. Probably best 45 mins we have played … sadly laca and willian aren’t the threat we need … willian is a good squad player to have but don’t see the point in keep lacazette … partey and elneny worked well and saka growing in to a top class player … defence pretty solid and more mobile than with Luiz … tiernay more effective than bellerin who doesn’t do much for me

    1. Bro. Laca has played really well. Have you seen how many times we were able to keep that ball upfield because of how aggressive laca is playing?

      1. He was awful his first touch was atrocious he found few open space no running off the ball … hold up play is a limited criteria to judge performance unless it does something … he did nothing with it … overall team play was excellent but arteta will need to come up with a different attacking formation if he is to build on this spark

  23. Been very impressed with both our summer signings in Gabriel and Partey, serious players defensively and can play a pass.

    Bellerin starting to gain full fitness, his pace is coming back & Willian isnt giving us nothing that Pepe wouldn’t. Hopefully on the second half to give Luke Shaw the run around.

    Leno has looked more composed on the ball which was great to see aswell as Rob Holding esp after Injury.

    We will rue these miss chances for Auba, Saka and Willian. Utd will get a chance and nick it but hope I’m wrong but Leicester did the same.

    Hope not. Cmon Gunners get an early goal in 2nd half and get these massive 3 points away.

    1. willian doesnt lose the ball every time he receives it. so that automatically makes him better than Pepe.

        1. True. Il shut my mouth on this argument iv lost before it starts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what can I say I like abit of the flair Pepe brings!!

  24. So impressed with the 1st half performance. Hope we don’t lose the initiative in the second half. A win would make it all the more impressive…🀞🏽

  25. I enjoyed that half. Please don’t mourn about Auba on the left. This first half has shown me one thing. In the early phase of a build up, the only place Auba knows how to receive the ball is on the flank. He kept being out muscled in the middle. However, I fell like his presence in the middle is stopping united from playing through the middle.

    Loving how Willian and Bellerin are overloading the right side. I’m enjoying it. I feel like Auba needs a more assured touch though. We can’t expect the chances to keep coming. It doesn’t work like that. If/When they come, we need to make it dangerous.

    I’m sure united are going to find a solution to Elneny ,Partey and Bellerin in the second half. Hope mikel has a plan.

  26. I never thought I would be saying this 2 months back, but Elneny is making the midfield more fluid than Xaka.

    One man whose heroics might get unnoticed in the first half is Gabriel. The lad is everywhere. Not letting anyone through and running up the pitch and winning the ball. He might just be our Van Dijk afterall (which all of us were expecting from Saliba)!!

    The attack was fairly adventurous. Not perfect but better than what I have seen so far this season. Laca wins the ball and holds it but his first touch is a little questionable. If only he could be a little more adventurous! Lack of confidence maybe?

    If we continue with the same intensity as the first half, there is no doubt we are going to come up with 3 points from this game. COYG!

    1. Spot on man. Elneny is proving he’s a better player. Do you notice the back passes have reduced drastically? We’re actually creating chances. We should be 3 goals up if out forwards didn’t waste chances.

    2. Agreed Elneny has been brilliantly going quietly about his job. Being undercooked and that works for Arsenal as he can play a great pass too.

  27. I hope you xhaka fans see how interesting our midfield is with Partey and elneny.? No back passes like the norm

      1. That was a scintillating football. Only our front 3 couldn’t convert. That’s the last thing Arteta needs to fix after fixing the defense and midfield. More of this pleaseeee

  28. Good 1st half. Better movement and more urgency. Ran into space well to create chances.

    Elneny was impressive. Auba should move more on the wing to combine with Saka and Tierney when they have the ball. It’s hard for Saka to do it on his own

      1. Was he played in the middle of the front 3? Thought Laca was in the middle and Auba was on the left.

        Anyway, whoever played on the left of the front 3 should support the left wingback more

  29. Partey is a joy to watch ,his passing range is something we have been missing ,the way he gets out of tight spots is a real talent ,short or long passing so good to watch πŸ‘

  30. Why does Laca has to play every game? Arsenal are really playing one man down. And you wonder why he is not on the French national team.

        1. Aha, so that is what MA meant when he said we need to address some of the field things as well πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

      1. im doing it Sue, I’m believing….. If we blow it then I’ll put clown makeup on, but I’m going all in these final minutes. CMON ARSENAL!

    1. Arteta said it in the interview when asked about the 14 year old record. Man legit said we need to fix that. After 84 minutes of scintillating football, fixed… Man like Arteta.

  31. Well done the team especially Partey and Elneny. A great effort -also Gabriel
    And well done Arteta
    Not getting sacked this week πŸ‘

    1. SueP if team plays the way we did in first half specially I don’t think any one is going to call for his head even if results some times don’t go our way. Brilliant performance.

  32. MOTM…Elneny. He had an excellent game, controlled the pace and midfield. Intelligent display the way he defended from front at the end, causing mistake by lindlof was fantastic.

  33. Off the ball laca was the most important player.He was man marking Fred which destroyed united’s diamond syestem

  34. brilliant result and as importantly a better performance … hats off to elneny thought he was our best player … the difference with xhaka dropped is obvious … donet want to see him again

    1. πŸ‘…I must admit Xhaka has been a very improved player under MA but elney brings that movement which he lacks…plus if he keeps up his display like today then I don’t see Xhaka’s place in team. His passing, always making himself available to pass to, his vision, his intelligence off and on the ball and ball carrying when needed to break lines in middle was brilliant. Very impressed and that coming from a person who didn’t like him one bit and thought he was rubbish player
      ..says a lot about his performance.

  35. Point off 2nd place. Aubameyang scores the winner at Old Trafford to secure 1st win ther since 2006

    Cmon Arsenal get in there!!

    Partey and Elneny my starting midfield this season. Elneny chasing players down on 89th min to make the make mistakes bloody brilliant from the Egyptian. Partey is world class jesus he is brilliant.

  36. Does any one else find Leno at the end on the ball on his belly with feet up in air looked like a seal with ball…posing for photograph. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  37. Partey and Elneny created an African wall today!
    Great work!!

    Thanks MA, we needed this win!

    4 points between us and Liverpool!

  38. Gabriel my MOM closely followed by Elneny. Arteta spot on with his tactics and substitutions. If we can play like this every game, only sky is the limit.

    Oh yes, win at Old Trafford after 14 years. If this is not improvement, i dont know what is.

    As i have been saying, and I’ll reiterate, trust Arteta. Give him all your support atleast till the end of this season. Raise questions in the next. He is bringing fight and solidarity back to Arsenal. Something we have been missing for ages.

    Did I mention our poor defense has conceded the least goals in the league after facing City, Liverpool and United at home!

  39. Thank you athletics Madrid for giving us a jewel in Partey, thank you very much lille for giving us Gabriel( a compensation for pepe) and thank you Arteta for bringing back elneny from loan and trusting him…. Also thank you Arsenal for bringing all these diamonds together in order to make us great again…. Up Arsenal for life….

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