Image: Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Norwich

The teams are out for todayโ€™s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Norwich at Carrow Road.

The Gunners are aiming for a fifth straight win in all competitions, while the home side are hoping to break a run of five without a win.

We had a few players ruled out by Coronavirus when the team news was announced on Christmas Eve, while Sead Kolasinac is also ruled out with injury, and the manager has been able to return to almost the same starting line-up that took on Leeds in our last PL outing. Holding comes into the team to replace Tomiyasu, which we failed to expect in our predicted line-up earlier on today.

What are your predictions after seeing the confirmed line-up?


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  1. Kstyx says:

    Nothing short of a win. Coyg

  2. Kedar says:

    White is playing RB today
    Decent selectionโ€ฆ
    Should be enough to beat Norwich..

    1. gotanidea says:

      I didn’t notice that. Too bad Tomiyasu is unfit, but I’m excited to watch White play RB

      1. Kedar says:

        But arenโ€™t you worried about Holding??
        We canโ€™t which Holding will turn up today..

        1. gotanidea says:

          Holding is a good CB

          He was inconsistent, because our attackers’ bad high press last season made our defense suffer. I think the attackers are more commited to do it this season, after Aubameyang got suspended

      2. DaJuhi says:

        Arsenal FC messaged Tomi, AMN and Cedric miss out due to COVID!

        So Tomi isnt injured after all, good news..

        1. gotanidea says:

          Yeah, but does it mean they have to be isolated for two weeks?? If that’s the case, they will miss two important matches after today’s match

          1. Sue says:

            Tomi’s absence will be felt, for sure โ˜น

            1. gotanidea says:

              Yup, but I think White will play well in the RB position

              1. Sue says:

                Hope so, gai, seeing as Wolves and City are up next ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

          2. GoalDan says:

            I donโ€™t think you have to isolate for two weeks now, 7 days I think with negative test on the 6th and 7th day. I think ๐Ÿค”

            1. gotanidea says:

              Good if it’s just one week

  3. gotanidea says:

    As expected, our A team will play

  4. Sue says:

    White @RB?

    1. DaJuhi says:

      Yes. He’s played RB for Leeds before I think.

      1. I says:

        Giving Holding game time is needful.
        This will help should Gab or White sustain injury or suspension.

        I like the rotation up front as well.

      2. Sue says:

        Cheers, DaJuhi

  5. Dan kit says:

    Would have preferred ESR and Tavares in but should be an easy 3 points

    1. DaJuhi says:


      ESR was injured while ago and in the past he has missed several months due to niggling groin injury so I think MA is extra-cautious with him. Rightly so IMO.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  6. Sean Williams says:

    A good team. Shame Tomiyasu is not available.

  7. SueP says:

    Arteta means business with this line up

    1. Lenohappy says:

      SueP, any Arsenal line up Should be able to win against Norwich easily. Anything short of 3points today is a disgrace.

      1. SueP says:

        Exactly right Lenohappy

        1. SueP says:

          Our turn now with COVID!!
          I wonder when they tested positive and doesnโ€™t isolation time depend on vaccination status?

  8. Sue says:

    Tomi, Cedric and AMN all have covid

    1. PJ-SA says:

      The RB cone at Colney was a hotspot obviously ๐Ÿคฃ

      1. Sue says:

        As well as Chambers, you’re not kidding!! ๐Ÿ˜„

  9. Benny says:

    Where is the best streaming site to watch this with no pop ups? Thanks and easy win 3-0 ๐Ÿ‘…

  10. Samson says:

    Nice but I miss tomiyasu

  11. Stephanie says:

    Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it)๐ŸŽ„โค

    Nice lineup


    1. Sue says:

      Season’s greetings to you, Stephanie!

  12. PJ-SA says:

    Well done KT, started it! Great team goal

  13. PJ-SA says:

    Martinelli having a cracker, winning the ball back often

    Other than that games dipped quite a bit, need that 2nd goal.

  14. Sean Williams says:

    What the $&$& did Xhaka do wrong?

    1. Dan kit says:

      Stuck his head in

    2. Adajim says:

      Didnโ€™t see anything at all myself. I think our players looking at referee despite Norwich rough tackles and Xhaka protests is nothing much

  15. Dan kit says:

    Xhaka doing his best once again to ruin our run

  16. Sue says:

    Great goal, KT

  17. Sue says:

    Odegaard with both assists ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    1. ACE says:

      Careful Sue, it appears you didnโ€™t you get the
      memo from the board experts that MO was a
      terrible summer signing and will NEVER impact
      games from the middle of the pitch.


      1. Sue says:

        ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘ (Just for the record, I really like him)

      2. Ozziegunner says:

        ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

  18. FootballisTrivial says:

    Tierney is one of the best crossers in the League methinks.

  19. Adajim says:

    ODE having good form in arsenal shirt. His tally this time is more than what he produce all through last 1/2 season on loan.
    Laccazet showing us again why we need prolific striker.

  20. gotanidea says:

    Our players were more organized, more skilled and more confident than Norwich’s, so the opponents had to resort to rough challenges and provocations

    As I said many times before, Odegaard’s diagonal passes and runs are essential for Arteta’s system. Hopefully Xhaka can cool his head down, otherwise he needs to be replaced before getting his second yellow card

    1. Josefilory says:

      Beautiful piece…. giving credit where due……2nd half still to come…..

      1. gotanidea says:

        Can’t wait to watch more goals. But the players need to relax a little, to avoid injuries

  21. Kstyx says:

    He seems to be in full form right now. Long may it continue. I’m loving the shape of a fully fit arsenal team Sue. Reason I still don’t want Arteta is because of how we play against big teams. If he can show up in big games, his in game tactics and substitutions and his man management skills. If he can work on those, he probably has my vote of confidence. But those things still seem far fetched for him

    1. Kstyx says:

      Reply to Sue on Odegaard’s assist

    2. Sue says:

      Yes, he’s playing very well. Not long until City come to town, Kstyx, see what MA comes up with… one thing I’m certain of – there’ll be goals ๐Ÿ˜„

      1. Kstyx says:

        Sure thing Sue. Seeing the scoreline between city and Leicester now shows that City is not invincible. They can be scored against easily. It just depends on how well we defend against them.

  22. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    if arteta dosnt take XHAKA OF AT HT hes stupendously bonkers,xhaka is a mental hospital case

  23. Quantic Dream says:

    Seems like a very easy game. Norwich are really allowing us a lot of time on the ball.

    1. Josefilory says:

      No game is easy….. Arsenal have played the first half better….that’s what happened……making it look easy……2nd half still to come.

      Don’t take anything away from the team.

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        I agree the boys have done well but not once has our goal really come under serious threat. This is a very poor Norwich side.

  24. DaJuhi says:

    Only way to lose this game is if Xhaka does something stupid..

  25. Dan kit says:

    Saka is a lucky boy

  26. PJ-SA says:

    How was that not a penalty? Shot on target and hand in an unnatural position.

    Not on purpose but that a 100% goal if it didn’t hit Aarons hand.

    1. FootballisTrivial says:

      Joker referees of England

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  27. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    red card on the way 4 xhaka madness

    1. Nifty says:

      Don’t you get tired

  28. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    nice goal saka

  29. Sue says:

    Brilliant goal Saka!!

  30. PJ-SA says:

    Xhaka trying to kick Saka in the celebration even ๐Ÿคฃ he’s getting bored

  31. SueP says:

    Great goal!

  32. PJ-SA says:

    Subs subs subs….come on MA, another game in 2 days!

  33. Ackshay says:

    City vs leicester is complete madness, players must be still drunk

    1. Sue says:


      1. Ackshay says:

        Imagine a similar carnage for our match vs city with a new year hangover

        1. Sue says:

          I’d rather not ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    2. PJ-SA says:

      Definitely watching the rerun later

  34. PJ-SA says:

    Only dpwn side today is that Spurs are getting better and better under Conte

    Seriously though why not take off Saka/Martinelli for our next game.

  35. Siamois says:

    He is our Frenchman and number 9…….๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ช

    1. ACE says:

      Such a fantastic ambassador for AFC and a true
      professional. Will be sad to see the Frenchmen go
      if his short term future isnโ€™t in NL.

      And Auba sure could learn a lot from his good friend.

    1. Siamois says:

      Great day Sue isn’t it?

      1. Sue says:

        Fantastic, Siamois!!!

  36. Sue says:

    ESR, our top scorer does it again ๐Ÿ˜

  37. SueP says:

    Deep joy!!

  38. Sue says:

    Raining goals in the PL today

  39. Siamois says:

    Credits to MA and the team!I’m delighted to be proven wrong by MA,may long it continues, COYG!!๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ช

  40. SueP says:

    That result has done wonders for our goal difference

  41. Phenom says:

    Odegaard my MOTM!

    1. siamois says:

      Agreed! I’m delighted for him,I like him a lot as a player,he reminds me of the old school numbers 10 , dictating the tempo and splitting defenses passes.

  42. Chuxzzy1 says:

    When last did we score 5 in a EPL match

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