Image: Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Villa

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has opted to name the same starting eleven against Aston Villa as he did against Manchester United last week, with Mo Elneny keeping his place alongside Partey in midfield.

All eyes will be on Emi Martinez’s return to the Emirates, after his move to the Midlands after helping Arsenal to win the FA Cup and Community Shield this summer, but it will likely be the Gunners current players who steal the headlines.

Should we perform anywhere close to as well as we did last weekend, Villa will struggle to enjoy much of the ball today, nor will they be expected to get any form of result.

While it was only a penalty that separated us at Old Trafford last weekend, I’ll be expecting much more luck back at the Emirates today.

What are your predictions this evening?


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    1. Another example of how bad arsenal are. Arteta must go cos thus style of football is rubbish. . Poor poor poor fn shit football 3 fn nil!!!!!!!!!

  1. Willock driving into the box to get on the end of things like lacca should be. But hes not even on the bench pff

    1. Willian, Auba on wing for width, and sticking with Laca hurting team. Not first time a tactical opponent has ripped the 3-4-3.
      Tactical managers have no trouble with this formation. Having Holding marking Grealish is big Arteta mistake, and the 3rd goal is the end.
      Limp performance from Arsenal, can’t say anyone was above a 5 for me. We are where we should be in the table, 10th.

  2. Make Arsenal Great Again?
    Your guy just lost the election m8.
    The rest of the premier league are the bloody “fake news” media!

    1. This was exactly what he was doing when he was our goalkeeper last season fast thinker knows when to kick when to pass short or long knows when to come put and catch..all this we don’t get any more…difference btw Martinez and Leno is now so clear

  3. Am sorry to say that if u r not seeing a style of football emerge after a year it basically means arteta like emery doesn’t have one … for me he won’t take us foreword … time to call pocchetino

      1. Then Emery didn’t deserve to loose his job…
        He also had same squad….
        In fact he didn’t have Gabriel and Partey…
        Emery was bad with same players and MA is not… How??

    1. He has been good for us overall. I guess today is one of those rare times when both his tactics as well as the players were defeated. Imagine the midfield that dominated ManU getting destroyed by Villa! Also the solid amazing CB, as well as KT, Saka, and all of them having so little impact…

      1. Man U itself is dying after Sir Alex
        4 Losses out of 8 doesn’t good look for an Arsenal Manager
        On paper Arsenal Team is much better than Villa and you can see what’s happening..

        1. He seems to have finishing problems, maybe reached his cap at Lwb. Why not play him at RW, as both Willian and Pepe not working out?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        1. I hope you still have a happy birthday, bro! Just sad Arsenal aren’t worthy to give you a gift at the moment..

  4. Disgusting! No more defending this sh*t! Why the F was Partey taken off? Willian should have be subbed first half.. Elneny awful! Arteta AWFUL!

      1. So embarrassing Sue, 1 step forward, 10 steps back.. we hardly ever create anything and don’t score goals it’s painful to watch! I gave Arteta the benefit but running out of patience with him now.. banter FC are back.

        1. Didn’t take long, did it?!! Jekyll and Hyde or Forrest Gump’s chocolates?!! Hahaha…
          I’m beginning to wonder if anyone could do a job, or is this just how it’s going to be?!!

          1. So dejected Sue 😳 I don’t know but I don’t enjoy watching this team anymore, even Aubameyang looks crap now 😕 fed up

            1. Price won the darts, so I have a smile on my face!!
              Shocking, to say the least, Kev… I honestly thought we were better than that…

              1. Sue are you supporting Wales? 🤪 yeah I suppose we are what people say we are mid table team ? I hate to say but villa is a better team than us and they almost got relegated last season. So shocking Sue we have major problems and they’ve been highlighted tonight.

  5. Astonvilla the better team today. They deserve to win and they did it with style.No one mark Grealish and Barkeley snd they are paying for it.

  6. If anyone thinks arteta is the man to manage arsenal then you are talking out of your arse because tonight we have hit an all time low. Probably the worse arsenal team in the last 30 years , aubameyang has been shit since he signed his BIG MONEY contract and aston villa are shit at best

  7. Grealish and Barkley did a 7-2 against Van Dijk’s Liverpool.
    Result Never In Doubt.
    Maybe arsenal aren’t that weak & Villa are Actually That Strong.

    1. Good new excuse…it’s never the fault of team. Liverpool also drew against city and won other matches why do you not compare us to them there.

  8. MA…. improvement…best ever manager…on his way to greatness…🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣…if this is what greatness means and losing 4 matches in start of season is a big improvement then some of our fans are as lost as this club. Sign of a club who want to do or achieve something big look across the city and ask would Chelsea would have put up with all this…even Ole is under pressure at Man United but then not MA bec he is the promised saviour and he can not do anything worng can he??? To top it all off hahaha Willian Arsenal’s very own Messi. The people who have been against his signing and criticised him were abused and called all sort of names …now enjoy ur Willian aka Messi.

      1. I don’t know why we play in pink when ever they do they lose. We will find a way back we always do we have remos…👊

    1. I think the relative time frame of Ole and Mikel as well as the results that he delivered are what earned him respite from pressure. Ideally he should have 2 full seasons, but in this day and age, I just hope we give him one full season and see. Because he certainly has improved us a lot, but the people declaring him a certified maestro and greater than Wenger are having a laugh! This is MA’s first full season, and those peaks of brilliance followed by troughs of despair are expected if not wanted. Let’s hope that we ride over the wave.

  9. Arteta has made terrible mistakes on Ozil and Eminiano Martinez but some of you don’t want to accept it what has Willian done since he came.

    Leno, terrible playing from the back always slowing down the play.

  10. I didn’t think we’d all have an off night… and once again, I’m a tad glad the break is upon us… this battering/awful performance will take some getting over….

  11. Stop the count it’s 4:0 in my book.I said here Arteta is an overrated rookie.The man is arrogant for nothing. I sympathize with the players he has mistreated.Here we got a football dictator that we must get rid off

  12. Auba is a good scorer, but needs supply. He does not have the touch to settle the ball and pass it on. Nor does he have the touch to pass the ball on to lead to team mate’s score.

    We are missing Ozil.

    Willain and Ceballos are bad. Not creative and poor quality. Their passing is poor. Pepe and Saka need Ozil. Partey needs Ozil, and without Ozil, Partey has to play box to box, which is too much for him.

    Emlio must have been in pain watching…

    Without Ozil’s threat to keep them honest Villa ran all over Arsenal today.

    1. Careful what you say on this site mate, they don’t like the truth here especially where ozil is concerned.

      1. My Arsenal are done! They have destroyed Wenger and his ideas. The Kroenkes have crushed Arteta now. He will be gone soon, as there is not way that he can stay on and have self respect. Coaches/Managers should refuse to work at Arsenal until the owners stop interfering.

        Fans have to buy this team out, but first by driving the team’s share value down. The Kroenke on worship money and China is their cash cow.

  13. When the next transfer window comes we continue another usually story of no money. Meanwhile, we signed Willian we didn’t need, extended Luiz when we needed to free up wages.

  14. You wondered why chances are not created when you spen all the time playing back. Saka and Laca shouldn’t be rewarded with a starting line up. All the hype about saka was to fool us. Tierney is doing everything thing.

  15. Arteta should play Pepe in the middle . He should play him as a number 10. And he needs to go back to a 433. The 3 at the back has worked because of David Luiz long balls setting up most of our attacks.
    As for Leno, he needs to concentrate more and organize his defence. The decision not to play Ozil makes no sense. Mustafi should have been the one to give way to Ozil.

  16. Arteta should be sacked along with the players for this performance total discrace!! And those deluded fans dreaming of a top 4 finish think this shows how far behind we really are be lucky to finish in top 10 absolute joke of a club!!

  17. Funny how Mesut Ozils name is being mentioned more and more now don’t you think? If eve4 a manager got it wrong it is Arteta. Absurd decision that could well up costing him his job.

      1. Yes Sue. The decision not to play Mesut is not due to footballing reasons. The club dont want to pay him the appearance bonus. And it is costing the team. If Arteta wontbplay Ozil in the number 10 role, then he should play Pepe. And Reis Nelson should be starting as well.
        Lacazette and Nketiah need an apartment on the bench for a long while. We need Martinelli back.
        I’m also worried about Aubameyang poor performance since signing the contract.

    1. History repeating itself Phil and Sue?
      Only this time, he’s not available to call on…. Look how Grealish tore us apart and we are told that players with skill are redundant.

  18. Hope now the difference BTW Leno vs Martinez is clear as day is a fast thinker while the other is a low play thinker..
    Just look at that pass from Martinez to greenlish that’s what we missing from our goalkeeper

  19. Any one who thinks Martinez would have saved us today is delusional, we were simply out played by a more tactical team. Arteta isn’t the man for us, we would keep losing against the smaller teams.

  20. All the Arteta is our future and pur saviour posters please explain this. Even Emery didn’t make Arsenal this poor. He came in made big decisions… And won a cup . Now he has turned it into a shit show ….. We beat United …..that’s our season highlight lost 4. And he will continue because the boys club with Edu is intact…. Meanwhile people will blame Wenger 3 years after he left and Ozil because he is the highest earner. M A is a poor rookie coach he has coached this team to worse than they were before

  21. The most depressing game I’ve seen.
    Out thought, out fought, out played, out skilled.
    Out of any chance of getting top four this season.

  22. That’s all on MA and his selections!

    While the players doing good in EL and Willian being the worst he still get his chance and Laca is ahead of Nkeitah.

    Enough killing Auba on the left side!!

    Pepe is doing good you keep him benched for 60 minutes and keep playing Willian?!

    Laca and Willian should only play in cup matches until they return to their form, give Nelson and Willock some chance please!!

    1. Pepe only did better than willian because he came out on the 6oth minute when most of the players are tired.

  23. This 343 formation should be discontinued.

    He should go back to a 433 and play Pepe in the middle. We lacked creativity. Arteta needs to allow the forward players to be more creative and play with flair. He is too defensive minded.

    Willian Aubameyang Nelson


    Xhaka Partey

    Tierney Luiz Gabriel Bellerin

    Above should be the first 11.

    Lacazette and Nketiah should be benched

  24. We need a creative midfielder. It looks like Edu is a collector of rubbish countrymen. Why on earth will he buy Willian and keep Luiz.

    You don’t do this if your intent is to challenge for trophies. I never liked the way MA treated Ozil and co and it is coming back at us.

  25. One win, we are good and all that, but once we lose a match, fans are back on their usual blame game…. i have said this countless times, you can’t treat Ozil that way and expect miracles, i have watched this team, it becomes so difficult to score against a team that sits back….. One pretty pass from Ozil could change this whole game believe it or not, no current Arsenal player is as creative as Ozil.

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