Image: Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Wolves tonight

Arsenal are at the Molineux as they look to beat Wolves in their Premier League clash tonight.

The Gunners will be weary of the threat posed by their opponents, despite the fact that they are winless in their last eight PL matches.

Nuno Esprito Santo’s side beat us at the Emirates during our torrid run of results not too long ago, but their fortunes have turned around drastically since, as has ours, but only one was for the worse.

Wolves form may well have been hit by the loss of Raul Jimenez, who has been sidelined since a clash of heads with David Luiz, and his return is yet to pencilled in.

We already knew that we would be without both Kieran Tierney and Mat Ryan, but Bukayo Saka’s return will hopefully see us return to winning ways after our draw with Manchester United at the weekend.

What do you expect the scoreline to be having seen the line-up?


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  1. So sad
    Everything was going well.
    We should have taken off ESR &not Lacca.
    Anyway let’s bring on Auba&Martinelli for Saka &ESR then play 423,hope we can catch them on the counter with some pace &fresh legs.

  2. This 1s on arteta he plays Luis every game a 33 year old fat slow brainfart play him now & again but every game

  3. Throw all the attackers on and go for it, we really have nothing to lose. Teams below us each have 2games in hand and only 2points behind.

    Top10 going to be difficult for us to get in if we lose this!

  4. Another game killed by horrible refereeing, the level of incompetence inconsistencies and double standards is mind blowing…

        1. I know dan disgraceful!! And another red watch the comments flood in again lol, Bad performance from the team and as per usual the fans…

      1. That’s it mark, we consistently have more comments for a loss, people just want to vent there own sh%t, bitch and moan, not celebrate a good victory.

  5. The game’s gone if that’s a red card! Was it a 5 year old who wrote the rules for the fa ? What next your hair is offside ? A yellow card for breathing? It seems we have to play against the officials every damn week!

        1. It just gets worse, Cliff…haven’t felt this gutted in quite a while!! Not meant to go above 10th are we??

  6. Luiz and Xhaka are known for these. Situations differ and the call might not be right but its always the same guys getting reds.

    Shame. Well at least there’s Europa League (as if we can win it lol)

  7. David luiz starts another arsenal wobble 9 men and Matt Ryan injured wehey runnarson on!
    Undefeated run over!!

  8. Now Leno?…
    Becoming real comical..
    Someone remind me, How many red cards have we received this season?..

  9. Ffs…..

    MA needs to take responsibility

    Luiz is a favourite, most red card prone CB we have while others are fit

    Laca off, our only forward that holds up play

  10. It seems all the bad stars are aligned today!
    We might have a chance to nick a heroic draw.. though that looks bleak…

  11. Surely no one can blame Mikel Arteta for this awful display by mature adults. And by the way, Mari is officially our best CB. There’s no argument on that.

    1. I don’t blame arteta but as the manager the buck must stop with him and he should take full responsibility for it and for one have the balls to never ever play luiz again because even though the sending off was ridiculous he alone puts himself in the position for the so called official to make a call

  12. This loss is on MR Jon Moss ,corrupt official who as always had a thing again Arsenal .
    This is why none of our refs get invited to the big world tournaments

    1. How can you accept it’s a red card when he is the last man and also say it is not a panelty…
      If it’s a panelty it’s a red card because he was through on goal

          1. For example, a sending off due to a second yellow card will result in a one-match ban, as will a red card received for a professional foul.

            Dissent leading to a red card will generally earn a two-match ban, while violent conduct can be punished with a suspension for three games.

    1. Agreed bro. Loved the first half. Really unlucky after that… Leno had enough and let the fourth official hear a piece of his mind. We move on though..

  13. Arteta responsibility??
    Oh come on Luiz has been good recently 5 our 6 games clean sheets.
    Just a wobble tonight he was trying to get back onto the line to clear the shot just put it down to a surreal rubbish night and onto the villa game.

  14. Focus now lsds. This is just one loss. Let’s get through this without embarrassing ourselves any further. Weekend game versus Villa is a must win now or I fear a downward spiral.

    1. Arteta has to lift players now..
      They gave everything in this game upto the Red card
      It was unfortunate and it was panic decision making my Luiz
      Arteta should Motivate them and ask them to face Villa with same energy and positivity..

  15. Positives would be Pepe, Saka, Cedric early on, Partey.
    Onto the next game, though we might nick a draw yet..

    1. Have to agree I’m that shocked I’m smiling in utter disbelief as to what the hell has went on tonight! Flabbergasted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Sean this is depressing and I dant even blame MA for this awful show. Luis show be responsible enough to know his age. Sometimes I want to believe they are agents, Cech, Luis, William…

    1. The referees did nothing wrong. The faults are of our players.
      You make hays when the sun shines. We had 5 clear chances BUT scored just one. Wolves had zero chances and scored 2.

      That’s the difference.

  16. Too bad we lost, but I love the spirit of the team in the face of adversity. If I learnt anything in this game, it is that Arsenal is now hard to beat. With 9 men, Wolves could not score the 3rd goal.
    On to the next game. We move.

  17. Crazy game we ended with 9 men on the pitch. We still looked like could score with ten men. What was Leno thinking?

  18. You have to feel for the Manager. Got the team playing well than we get senior players messing things up.

  19. I can’t be a gracious loser. Wolves have had more luck this game than Arsenal have had all season. Are there any lessons to be learnt from this game, Mikael?

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