Image: Doubts over key Spurs star emerge ahead of NLD

Arsenal may well be boosted by news coming out of Tottenham after Harry Kane was spotted nursing a potential injury.

The striker scored both of his side’s goals this evening as they earned a 2-0 lead over Dynamo Zagreb, but he had to be replaced after 84 minutes, and the physios were having a good look at his upper leg.

The English striker needed icepacks on his upper thigh after being removed from the field, and Arsenal will be hoping for bigger news on the subject, although there is nothing concrete to be heard as of yet.

Kane always seems to be nursing some sort of injury ahead of Arsenal though, so even if his leg was broken, he would be playing come Sunday…



  1. Would of course be nice not to face Kane in the next game but I’m more worried about our own Thomas Partey,

    He was clearly a long way short of being fully fit against Olympiacos, and I think it’s important to get him fixed-up properly this season so that he can feature properly in the future and not become the new Diaby.

  2. Like Yossarian. I am concerned about Partey but for slightly different reasons.

    I think Partey has already become the new Diaby. Not because of his injury concerns but similar footballing traits. In quite a few games now I’ve seen give away needles passes, trying to do too much with the ball in his possession and getting robbed of it, trying to be too intricate and messing up. Granted, there have also been a lot of good stuff come from him to like when he does attempt the killer pass and succeed with the outcome having a positive effect. But still, the errors he’s making are familiar and to make it worse… frequent.

    As for Kane playing on Sunday, that’ll be a definite. However, it’s not just Kane we should be worried about. I’m not really worried about any of the individual spurs starlets Son, Bail etc. What’s more concerning is that Mourinho has set spurs up to be ruthless and workman like, dirty even. The spurs football ethic is to grind the opposition down with robust, dirty play, win the ball back at all costs and just get it to Kane,Son and Moura. Mourinho has always set his team up in that fashion. He prefers workhorses with a clinical finisher in front of them. Look at Chelsea, stalwart back four, Terry, Carvalho, Fereirra and Gallas. In front of them you had the second back four if Obi Mikel, Essien, Makalele and Lampard. It was the job of the back eight of Chelsea to fight dirtily, win the ball and get it up to Drogba.

    It’s pretty much what he’s done at spurs and why they have succumbed to boring football. He wants his team’s to be fighters before they’re footballers. That’s the reason he didn’t like Bail or Alli. The same reason he didn’t like Joe Cole. He doesn’t want flair players, he wants grafters and yes men. If you watched that spurs documentary you’ll know what I mean !

    Arsenal have got to be up for a fight on Sunday, not a football match. Spurs will kick, bite and bollock their way to a win and to prove we are still soft. If we can get the three points then all good, if not then at least let spurs know they’ve been in a game. No niceties, no hoping that spurs will let us play and be civil. We’ve gotta mess them up. This would be a good time to have some cloggers in the team. Players who just love to mix it up, players who after the match are covered in mud, blood and guts

    For god sake, don’t try to play Bellerin against Son !

    1. “For Gods sake don’t try to play Bellerin against Son”. You missed out saying nor against anybody, ever, in our shirt! This weedy tree planter who has lost his only asset, his pace, MUST be got rid of this summer at any cost.

      1. Lol……….I Agree. To be honest, even when he had pace I didn’t really rate him. For what he had in pace he lacked in awareness, creativity and real defensive mettle !

      2. “Weedy tree planter”? What a moron. Since when has planting trees been worthy of insult? Even if it were a problem he could always stop planting trees but you’ll always be a cun…

        1. Argooner, I was obviously NOT insulting his planting of trees. I was merely describing him, Mr Woke, you fake “liberal”.

          IF you were a true liberal, as I am, you would support freedom of individual speech. But you don’t! And YOU call ME a moron for doing just that. INCREDIBLE!

          1. What on earth are you on about? It has absolutely nothing to do with being liberal or not, you chose to insult/belittle him with a snide comment about his environmentalism, nothing to do with his footballing ability. If you want to call that free speech then fine, but there’s no such thing as consequence free speech ie. If you make a moronic statement then you can expect to be called moron. The irony/hypocrisy is that you’re getting your knickers in a twist about it. Or are you allowed to insult people start crying when someone calls you up on it?

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