Image: Fans play around with Spotify/Arsenal rebrand

Arsenal fans are understandably excited by talk of a potential takeover by Billionaire Daniel Ek, and some have gone as far as to design new kits and new badges to go with it.

I don’t imagine any of these would or should even be a thing, but I can’t help but like the idea of the black and green redesign of the logo.

I in no shape or form want my club to move away from our famous Red & White history, but the design work above definitely deserves some credit, although surely we don’t believe the new owner would want to wipe away the history we have created.

Others believe this could lead to a potential shirt sponsor deal down the line however, or the simply addition of the Spotify logo on the sleeve.

Would fans be happy to ditch our famous Red & White heritage? Would Ek’s takeover lead to a near-instant link with Spotify?


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  1. I’m Sorry. My mind is so focused on Villarreal that I can’t think about the future right now, especially rumours. I want us to win so badly


  2. One of the most ridiculous articles I’ve seen on here. In any case, Kroenke killed off any ideas of a takeover yesterday, its dead in the water.

  3. He made first offer at 1.8 billion.

    Kroenke will expect more, 2.3 to 2.5 Billion should do it…

    These cowboys don’t buy a team to sell it, but to them erything has a price tho.

    He is indeed bringing other investors in, Dolgate be good parter, he is a true fan and Spotify can benefit from his exposure on Africa’s huge market.

    Also represents Arsenal’s diversity :values…

    Main issue is Kroenke; he wont let go so easily; fand must be louder, use this Superleague sell out shamefull trick which must be Kroenke’s last one ever.

    Spotify owner knows & steps up for that; fans must keep voicing this in order to get him da heck out…

    Ged rid of him with no one to come in and put money into club, is not helpfull, but we have real good 2 options in these 2 guys….

    Out Kroenkes sell outs!

  4. To quote the hasty PATRICK! Would Ek’s takeover lead to a near- instant link with Spotify?”

    Firstly, a pedant alert, as Patricks lack of literacy – as an English language speaker is extremely poor, esp for someone who regularly writes as part of his living – always annoys me and his superfluous hyphen in” near- instant” makes my point very well.

    But my friends, let my language pedantry pass for now. I want to ask Patrick exactly WHAT takeover he is talking about?
    I am under the impression that as yet there has been only a verbal intention to bid but no actual bid and that any possible future bid has been turned down by Kroenke and son.

    When you base an article on a mere intention, that shrewd football judges are all saying is unlikely to come to pass, then the whole subject is based on a falsehood. And I abhor and will always call out falsehoods.

    I will be adressing, in my soon to be submitted article, how we fans, taken as a whole, are so often guilty of falsehoods and of blithely fooling ourselves.
    Patricks way of misusing English is an aspect of hype and conjecture that we need to address and stop repeating. My forthcoming article will give far more flesh to this long held view of mine.

    1. Pedant alert number two. Addressing NOT Adressing. I can spell very well but am as prone as anyone else to typos.

        1. Donald, you are ill informed ! Had I used two “i’s” THAT would have been too wordy and unnecessary, The second “i” though not wrong, is not grammatically needed. The reason being that the first “I” is the subject and in one sentence the subject did not alter.

          I have an English degree. Do you!

    2. Would you believe it Jon?today i had to do the same i had to explain to some that he hadn’t made a bid on social media but merely expressed his desire willingness to do so!

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