Image: Fenerbahce president claims that Arsenal paid entirety of Ozil’s wages

Arsenal allowed Mesut Ozil to join Fenerbahce in January for the remainder of his contract, and their president Ali Koc claims that they didn’t pay a penny for the deal, nor towards his wages.

The Gunners had already made the decision to drop the former German international from their playing squad for both the Europa League and Premier League, and his departure was believed to have been a big positive, although these latest comments from Ali reveal that it may not have been as big a deal as we had thought.

Ozil has since agreed a three-year deal with the Turkish giants, tying him to the Super Lig club until 2024.


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  1. Arsenal are stocked with a team of Mediocre staff when it comes to in and out transfer of players.

    We buy averagely rated players at exorbitant prices (Mustafi, Pepe, Xhaka, ) and sell them even at more ridiculous prices ( xhaka going for

    1. We are doing it again with the 50M offer for the inexperienced and green, Ben White. Will we ever learn?

  2. Hmmm, can we class this as the new regime “clearing out the dross” and releasing money off the salary bill as has been claimed?

    I doubt it somehow and, as some of us kept saying, the only winner would be MO…. then, to make matters worse, they go and give another 30 plus year old player a reported £300,000 a week three year contract!!!!

    Not our problem anymore??? I beg to differ!!!

    1. Crass stupidy to agree those wages for MO. It was a panic contract after Sanchez went, But I also distinctly remember (as with Auba) fans saying “keep him at any cost” so there was pressure to do it. But fans are fickle – we have selective memories when it suits us. Just imagine the claims that we are a selling club if we let either of them go because of wage demands.
      I think (hope) things have changed, partly because Covid has made player demands more realistic, partly because we are concentrating on younger players still on the way up.
      A pointer may be Odonkwo. Apparently eaving because we refuse to pay a 19 year old third choice keeper who has never played for the seniors £1m a year. No doubt the club will be criticised, but I at least agree with their stance.

      1. guy, can’t disagree with what you say, but why did we then, under completely new management, make the same mistake with both Aubemeyang and Willian?

        That’s the point I’m making and one you seem not to want to discuss.

        As for covid, with the crazy rumours about paying £50,000,000 for one CB, while not letting a £25,000,000 signing prove his worth (Saliba) and letting another have a reported £5,000,000 permanent signing deal added to his loan deal (Mavs), the insanity seems to continue!!!

        I certainly applaud out club IF it has decided to stop this madness, but how long do you think it will be before fans turn against The Arsenal (and MA) when clubs like city and chelsea carry on doling out their endless billions in order to win everything?

        As for MO, he must be laughing all the way to the bank – what a mug he made of our club!!!!

    2. At least some of us had a strong feeling that the board just wanted toxic Ozil out of our club at any cost.

      The guy had become a complete distraction, enigma, nuisance and weasel for the club. Was bringing nothing but drama and negativity that was not helpful all.

      Glad the club bit the bullet and got rid. Should have done that in 2019.

      1. for me Mikel getting rid of toxic waste is more memorable than his FA cup victory. The man us a headmaster not to be taken lightly or fooled around with. As for MO, he has been laughing his luck and chuckling at his bank statement ever since he joined us so did RM after they conned us for some 40M+ transfer fee. Smart decision by the club to pay him out as money can buy you many things but not peace of mind.And we true goners have that after the “dross” has left. our gain Fener’s pain. Who cares anymore?

  3. Don’t forget the enjoyment Ozil gave us.
    That first goal against Napoli.
    I’m those days when we played Champions League.

  4. Why are people still following Ozil on this site. It’s not like he was some arsenal legend.

    1. It looks like Fenebahce contributed to Ozil’s wages in accordance with his onfield performances for them (1 assist in 11 games).
      Arsenal just complied with their contractual obligations and at least Ozil was out of the Club and had to “exert” himself rather than being paid out his contract attending training and sitting at home on match days.
      It will be interesting to see what he delivers on the pitch for Fenerbahce in the Turkish league in future seasons. Now that Fenebahce are paying his wages, the fans will expect him to perform accordingly. Past reputation is soon diminished and volatile fans can turn if a player fails to deliver.

  5. Hardly surprising! Ozil was never going to give up huge amounts of “free” income, and no club with an ounce of common sense would pay Ozil that kind of money.

    If Ozil actually offered something on the pitch…maybe a club would have taken a punt at a certain price? But as we have seen, he’s struggling even in a farmers league!

    Maybe all the Ozil fanboys will apologize and will admit that Ozil critics were spot on, and that we only had Arsenal’s best interests at heart.

      1. What is there to apologise for?
        Have we not just had our worst season in over two decades – failed to qualify for europe – had two Madrid second choice players on loan and creating nothing – worst home record ever…. all since MO left!!!!

        Get over it – MO was never the reason for our ills, but he was made the scapegoat…. just as Xhaka is now.

  6. I don’t understand arsenal ‘s business. You can’t go for ben white when you don’t have a good number 10 go for maddison

  7. Thats the cost of stability in the team.A disatisfied Ozil in the same training ground with the rest of the team was always going to bring distractions here and there…a comment in the media,a tweet etc

    1. Unge, who said MO was causing unrest?
      Certainly not MA, so perhaps it was just fans who think they know better than the manager?

  8. I remember when arsenal fans were complaining about Arsenal not having experienced players and when we were playing against Man utd & Chelsea it was refered to as man against boys , but now that the club is trying to buy some experienced players we complain again

  9. Ozil is now in the past, as far as AFC is concerned. He had his good moments and his bad ones. At least, we no longer have him to blame for finishing in 8th position yet again and missing out on European football completely.
    This summer, Arteta and Edu had better get it right, if not we may have another bad season ahead.
    Creativity was our major issue last season, but now we’re more focused on buying a CB for 50m. When will AFC learn?

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