Image: Gabriel Martinelli shocks Arsenal fans with cryptic post

Gabriel Martinelli has shocked Arsenal fans with his latest Instagram post, and there is many theories as to what he could mean.

The Brazilian forward posted a sand-timer onto his social media account, giving off the inclination that some big news is coming, but the worrying thing is that a new contract would seem unlikely given he only signed a new deal last season, and hasn’t done much during the most recent campaign to warrant a new one.

It could well be something not directly related to Arsenal, but the fact he has posted the sand-timer on the above image is certainly a worry, although I’m not sure I would complain heavily if he was to leave on loan after his struggles under Mikel Arteta last term.

Would any Gunners be frustrated if Martinelli was to go out on loan?


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  1. I think it might be Olympics related. He might get called to Brazil still. Also might be some club news like a shirt number change or something like that..

    1. Might be true. I read somewhere that Flamengo are not releasing a striker, so Marti still might play at Tokyo. But am not sure.

  2. Send Martinelli on loan and leave who here please, Willian? These people better think of integrating him into the first team before its too late. Any attempt to send him on loan would mean they really do not know what they are doing.

  3. i think many fans on here have way too much time on their hands. they think too much into situations, it is crazy. wonder if martenilli posted that he just farted, and it was a stinker too, how many fans would translate that into a sign that he is leaving.

  4. Guess he will announce his new squad number soon. Would love to see him playing with 11.

  5. New Number this season. Just signed a new deal…no11?
    SmithRowe New Deal, No8.

    Saliba has signed contract extension and is on Mikels Plans this summer. Withdraws from France Olympic squad.

  6. For sure arteta is killing arsenal, he has failed to pick out good players… I dnt see us getting anythng again this season

  7. Marti must pick up body mass.
    He is light too good for pace
    There will competition between him and crowe which will improve them
    Saka improved Pepe.

    1. I would be totally upset, as Arteta, is making a habit of getting rid of our best youngster’s and our future for a short term fix.
      Think he should go.

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