Image: Granit Xhaka leads his Switzerland side to glory over France at Euro 2020

Granit Xhaka captained his Switzerland side to victory over France in exceptional circumstances, overcoming a 3-1 deficit to take the match to extra-time, before eventually winning the tie on penalties.

Interestingly, it was Kylian Mbappe whose disappointing penalty attempt sealed an exit for the French, while Xhaka is expected to miss the quarter-final stage after picking up another booking today.

Could Xhaka’s performances raise Arsenal’s asking price with an exit rumoured? Or could we even move to reject his exit instead?


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  1. Having watched almost all of the Euro matches so far, looking for likely transfer prospects, I decided one stood out yesterday. This guy captained his team, leading by example. He had a great game himself.

    If he didn’t already place for Arsenal, I would have recommended him.

    But he wants to go to Roma instead. What does that say about Arsenal FC?

    AND, no completed transfers as yet!!!!

    As the Chinese say TIK TOK

    1. What it says about Arsenal, is that they have been extremely patient and generous to Xhaka.

      For his first 3.5 years at Arsenal, he was awful! Despite that, the club stood by him, and even gave him a new contract in 2018. It’s only since MA arrival, that he’s looked any good.

      It’s annoying that he’s going as he finally starts to perform. Whilst none of us know exactly what goes on behind the scenes, it does seem that Xhaka has wanted out for a while, and that MA asked him to stay a little longer.

      I think it’s more a case of him wanting out, than Arsenal desperate to offload him.

      Overall, he should gone years ago, but as always at Arsenal in the past, we’ve acted more like a charity than a football club.

  2. All players quit clubs, Ronaldo did it, Aguero did it, Sergio Ramos did it, this Granit is unfit to be in their catergory literally speaking in footballing terms only. If today we are getting a mere 15M in the peak of his performance, what would be get in say a year or twos time? A big fat ZERO. A massive loss of some 20M plus consider what all we lost due to his stupidity in the PL match 3 seasons ago when we missed out on UCL due to his clumsy defending. Let the man leave us for good and stop idolising him. And this man had the chace to lead us to EL glory for how many seasons and what did he do? NOTHING!
    P.S. – Cannot wait for that one match when he has as off day as usual and little Mou blasts him off during the post match interview. Two hot heads, expect fireworks, but that will not be our problem anymore.

      1. All Arsenal players are performers with there countries but failures at there club that pays them handsomely.Its good to see Xhaka win for his club that adds nothing to Arsenal so let him go perhaps we get those who love to perform for Arsenal though we will be happy if his market price shoots to 35million pounds, please sell him

  3. We have always complained of not having enough leaders on the pitch but somehow fans are pushing away one of the leaders in the squad. I wish Xhaka well in his career , I only hope we can get more for him. £13 m is a ridiculous amount for this versatile player with wealth of experience and potential at least a £20m is reasonable, anything less is ridiculous

    1. Has he stood out as a leader for arsenal on the pitch? I’ve never seen it. His recent comments suggest he blames his teammates for our shortcomings this year – not exactly inspirational.
      Never seen him lift the side; sometimes he plays well and improves the team, sometimes he plays badly and disrupts it, but never really see him lift his game when things are going badly.
      I believe he has some leadership qualities, likely seen as a good example off the pitch, but I’ve seen enough of him by now to know he’s not the full package. Literally any player from the Invincibles would make a better captain than him.

  4. Xhaka got a yellow card, which means he won’t be able to play the next match…Oh well…

  5. Whatever our views on his career with Arsenal, he had a very fine game last night against an arrogant French side which thought they were home and dry when Pogba scored.Today you can bet on their Manager being torn apart by the press and pundits, that’s for sure.Arteta is not the only Manager capable of making errors of judgement.After his performance Roma might well be encouraged to finalize a deal for Xhaka ,lest another Club moves in for him.

    1. Are you really comparing Deschamps & MA? I’m sorry but this is for being arrogant(how original) i guess the Spanish were arrogant too against Croatia?what about the Dutch and the Italians who thought it was going to be a breeze but you’re right Deschamps might end up being the fall guy you and people can say whatever you like about us French but we have a thick skin not only that but we are very self -critical and hard on ourselves questions will be asked an internal review will be done lessons will be learnt and we will be back stronger trust me on that.

      1. I was not comparing Deschamps with Arteta, I was merely pointing out the fact that every Manager can expect a multitude of criticism when they lose out to a side which they are expected to beat.Before the tournament I expected France to win the competition, but they have been found out at crosses which is a sad reflection on their much vaunted centre backs .Having watched their three matches I have been very disappointed by Kimpende in particular.It’s ironic really to think of the number of much sought after French centre backs and yet, along with the injuries to their left backs, this is the area where they have been found out.

        1. I actually agree with your perfect assessment of our performances Grandad i guess as a Frenchman your use of the word “arrogant”must have triggered my emotional response to you i sincerely apologise!👍

  6. Never seen Xhaka play this well for us even once.
    Time to move him on. Mo Elneny is limited but he has shown more for AFC than Xhaka. Would like to see Chambers given his chance in defensive midfield as he reads the game well.

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