Image: Stats show that Nketiah is outshining Lacazette this season

Eddie Nketiah has been impressing since filling in for the ill Alexandre Lacazette, and has kept his place in the Arsenal side since the Frenchman’s return.

His inclusion in the starting line-up appears to be justified by the stats, if you haven’t already seen enough from his performances to convince you that he should continue to lead the line as we look to close in on a top-four spot.

It’s a shame that the 22 year-old is out of contract at the end of the season, but he should have plenty of options for his next club if he does end up leaving as opposed to extended his time in north London.

I personally would continue with him in attack regardless of Lacazette’s condition, with the Frenchman an option off the bench if young Eddie does begin to lose form, or simply for a fresher approach if things aren’t quite going to plan.

Do you favour Nketiah over Lacazette on form or maybe even overall? Should we be looking to keep Eddie as backup to a new summer signing going into the new season?


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  1. Outshine Laccacette!?
    Christ thats not difficult
    Hardly a recommendation is it

  2. This is life ain’t fair man.
    People turn at you every little chance they got. But it’s what it is.
    It used to be laca brought the best out of those kids, he offers more than auba, he has hold up play.
    Man missed 3 matches for what reasons none of us is aware of, then suddenly it’s now nketia who’s better than him on all stats.
    Same nketia that has been called different names and being labelled deadwood..
    This is Life, people only remember you when you as longer as you can offer them something, the moment you stop doing that you will be dispossessed..
    I can’t even feel bad for him, regardless man is getting his salary in full.

  3. Said from a long time lacca is pants. I think he doesn’t really bring anything to the squad. I hate it when people talk about his hold up play because ots poor. He can’t turn and pass or turn and shoot. He gets the ball and plays it back. Takes no skill to do that

    Nketia is good. Not the best not the worst. If I was him I would definatley sign something ASAP. Arsenal is as big as it will get for him. Maybe he will improve a bit the future. But for now he is alright but not amazing nut better than lacca

  4. Like i say some people just write crap to suit. Lacca did a fantastic job, he was the focal point to the way Arteta wanted to play. Nketiah needs to be as good as the article is trying to make out. In fairness he isnt but he could still do a job as he is playing to show potential suiters what he can do.

    1. It’s crazy, there’s no chance we’d be in the running for top 4 without laca’s contributions this season. His replacing auba basically saved the season (same as last season). Regardless of whether Nketiah is better, or is doing better right now, there’s no respect, which is sad.

      1. You mean Laca? The so called striker who collects 180k a week and Gabriel, Martinelli, Saka, ESR have more goals than him? And yet collect more wages than them?

        Arteta should never extend his contract. One of Arsene Wenger mistakes buying for 56m with huge wages but have been poor as a striker season after season. Scores only penalties.

        He’s stollen a living for years.

        1. In each of the last two seasons, we tried to play Auba as the main striker, but it didn’t work, no one was scoring, then laca came in and the team started scoring again. Very recently we went on a run of wins where he didn’t score but assisted in almost all of them and helped us to win the games.
          I’m not claiming he’s the perfect striker, or that his wages reflect his abilities adequately, I’m just saying we’d be out of the running for top 4 by now were it not for his contributions. He had a couple of bad games recently and everyone jumped on his back with glee. No decency or respect.

    2. REGGIE, If you believed in using correct words- I REALISE YOU DON’T – you could not possibly in all seriousness say Laca did a “FANTASTIC job”!

      GOD ALONE KNOWS WHAT YOU WOULD CALL ,if you truly think woeful Laca is “fantastic”.

      Probably the must ludicrously wrongly used hype I have seen on JA, EVER!

      1. It’s all about perspective, Jon; we’d be nowhere without laca this year – we were banking on auba returning to form and it didn’t pan out, so we turned to laca again, and he helped turn it around, again. The team started playing better and we started picking up points and here we are – what is that coincidence?
        In his two most recent games, I agree he wasn’t good at all and the team suffered, and Nketiah has come in to help turn things around again, but that doesn’t detract from laca’s previous performances this season.
        The game against wolves, where we scored the only goal due to his challenge on the gk, is the perfect in a nutshell example of what he was bringing to the side – aggression and finding a way to help the team.
        If he does leave in the summer, which seems almost certain, he should do so with his head held high because he’s really kept us going these past two seasons. If we do make top 4, he will have made as big a contribution as any other player imo.

  5. Nketiah remains the 9 for Arsenal . His contract should be extended like Arteta’s own. Arsenal has brought him into form and are still in the process of making him a World Class 9
    We cannot keep building players and giving out for free.
    There are teams out to dismantle what Arteta is building. If he wants game time, sign a new contract and send him on loan to acquire enough game time and raise his Form as well.
    This why we afforded to send Saliba on multiple
    Loan deals until he is in top Form to join the French team.This is how we should handle Eddie Nketiah’s case.

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