Image: Mesut Ozil has his smile back for first training session with Fenerbahce

Mesut Ozil enjoyed his first training session with his new side Fenerbahce today, having completed his move from Arsenal this week.

The midfielder had fallen out of favour in North London, not picking up a single minute of competitive action since March 2020, and finally agreed a deal to leave.

Ozil could make his debut this evening against Kayserispor in the Super Lig, and was pictured in training ahead of the clash with a huge smile on his face.

Can we finally put the saga behind us and be happy that all parties got what they wanted in the end?


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  1. How long are we going to keep having constant unwanted articles about this ex-player? Anyone know? My guess is about ten years or until this site ceases to exist!

  2. Ozil cost Arsenal 42 mill to buy and he got 60 million quid salary. Arsenal got nothing on Ozil’s free transfer. Ozil won. Arsenal lost big time. But it’s just not Ozil its half the team. Socritis cost 27 mill to buy and was paid 15 mill in salary. Leaving on a free. Mustafi cost 41 mill to buy and 17 mill in salary. 60 million all up and can leave on a free in July. Luiz 8 mill to buy 10 mill in salary. Can leave on a free in July. Lacazette 55 mill to buy 50 mill in salary can leave on a free July 2022. Aubameyang 60 mill to buy and can leave on a free in 2023 after collecting a total of 80 mill in salary. Pepe cost 72 mill to buy and is contracted till 2024 on 100k p/w. Then there is Torreira 27 mill to buy contracted till 2023 . Willian 2023. Soares 2024 Guendouzi 2022 Mari 2024. WilliamSaliba 27 mill to buy contracted till 2024. Losing a potential 100 mill on the Ramsey Sanchez/Mkhitaryan debacles only highlights the systematic failure for years paying huge transfer fees giving long term contracts on massive salaries then getting little to nothing in return. It would be fine if all the players were top quality but most are duds running down their contracts because no one will buy them. Emery and Arteta have had to deal with this chaos and the results right now are not good.

    1. @ Wyoming
      Mistakes have been made. But have we learnt from them?

      I just hope so on behalf of my beloved AFC.

      I want Folarin Balogan to stay. Can the current management make a statement by getting him to sign a contract instead of buying anyone when we have an understudy for PEA and AL.

    2. Wyoming I praised your post yesterday outlining the shambles and chaos that has been our transfer/contracts debacle going back years and still continuing. If I were not a fan but a disinterested legal attorney I would be bound to conclude that someone(s)plural, has had their fingers in the till for a long time and not only the dreadful owner, who we all know is a piece of filth.

      I exclude all managers from any allegation, from AW to MA, as this is a corporate, not team matter.

      The only other possible conclusion, IF it is not skulduggery, is that this is a scale of incompetence unrivalled in Prem history, even if you include the Leeds fiasco around 15 years ago that led to their relegation and impoverishment.

      As I have repeatedly said on JA, that scandal(which you again outline so accurately) whether theft or incompetence or both, is down to the owner which is where the buck stops.
      Weep Gooners, at how our club is being corporately vandalised and devalued!

  3. i guess the cynic in me would say that i would ,too, be smiling, if i had just conned many millions of pounds ,out of arsenal football club over a period of some years.i know his contract was offered to him ,but, if he was anyways a decent human being, he would have left the club a long time ago. again, the cynic in me says that it is very easy to be generous with money that you are actually getting under false pretenses .but, having said all that, i wish the player nothing but the best of luck in both his professional and private life. as an old man i can say with some confidence that karma always comes a visiting when one least expects it to do .and nobody, absolutely nobody, is immune from karma.this player has all the money in the world and he is smiling right now, lets hope it lasts.

  4. thank you JON FOX, i am just so relieved that this sad saga is finally over. sick to death of ozil articles for the past couple of years. once the dust settles on this transfer i am hoping not to see any more of these totally unwanted articles.

    1. The next series of article will be on Pepe and Willian. The subject matter will focus on that Pepe is not good enough for Arsenal,his £72mill price tag and his wages. For Willian it will be the same except there is no price tag, but his wages and the length of his contract. All this will be enough to keep the articles going until the summer.

  5. why can’t we just move on from this ozil sh*t i mean how does his smile at fenerbahce still concerns us now that he is an ex arsenal player for crying out loud enough pls there are other important matters we need to discuss rather than discussing about ozil who has now moved on…Enough is a enough Grow up!!!

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