Image: New Arsenal away shirt announced with return of the cannon

Arsenal have revealed their new away shirt for the 2021-22 campaign on their Twitter account.

The Gunners have brought back their famous cannon for their latest edition, on a subtle yet classy yellow strip, and I will definitely be getting this one.

I can’t say I was overly impressed with this season’s away kit, with the white background and red pattern, and this is definitely an upgrade.

Will you be investing your hard earned on one of these?


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  1. Oldman-58 says:

    Looks very nice. Do we buy it though or do we take a stand?

  2. A J says:

    That ain’t the ’71 cannon.

  3. Sean M says:

    I loved the white kit and bought one. I know that it wasn’t all that popular.

    New leaked blue 3rd kit looks pretty swish.

    1. Sue says:

      Swish indeed!

  4. pjennings says:

    I agree AJ. That’s not the 70/71 Cannon. And what’s the duck’s nuts of doing away with the 3 cannon balls of AFC. That’s not cricket. Plus I hate Adidas. Give me Umbro brands anyday. Why can’t they go back to the proper YELLOW shirt, deep blue shorts, yellow socks with one deep blue stripe(hoop). Hate it when they try to get smart and go away from traditional. I don’t get sucked into buying rubbishing merchandise. I didn’t mind the champagne coloured away strip. Give me the original yellow and blue kit anyday. Anyway I thought people were boycotting all of that stuff. Will be like a lame protests. It will end up like the lonesome man and his dog turning up

  5. Topgun86 says:

    Actually really like it. Unfortunately I won’t be be spending any money on arsenal gear until we see a change. Don’t feed the problem! You want to get back to your roots, then start winning again!

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Come on people, stay strong! Remember, that the ONLY thing Kroenke wants us to do is put our hands in our pockets. We have the power!

    1. jamdownyouth says:

      100%. The only way to force Kronke’s hand is to hit him where it matters to him. He is only concerned in making money so maybe fans refusal to buy merchandise can go some way to get him out of Arsenal.

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