Image: Official £1.8 Billion takeover bid from Daniel Ek expected this week

Speculation has been growing around the prospective takeover bid from Daniel Ek, and his offer to buy Arsenal is now expected to be tabled in the coming days.

Fans of the club have been protesting about the club’s owners recently, with a huge crowd turning up before our fixture with Everton on Friday to complain about Kroenke and their recent attempt to join a new breakaway European Super League.

Entrepreneur Ek is now believed to have stepped up his attempts to buy the club he follows closely, and Sky Sports now claims that an offer is a matter of days away.

Is it too soon to get excited about this?


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  1. If he can get rid of Vinay and Edu,assuring Mikel of his long term and providing him the players he needs, then it makes sense. Also 10 years of Stna involvement we have gone from bad to worse. He made too many mistakes, keeping Arsene without ambition was one of the biggest, good Ivan put an end to that misery.

      1. Ha ha he didn’t mention Statdna, he just misspelt Stan’s name 🤣🤣 who is the melon now🤪

    1. I do wish Stan could agree to sell his share ,,,as a fan I don’t support his involvement with the club he is just after the little profite the club make

  2. Another lot of pure speculation. Kroenke does not want to sell. It has been stated that he has no intention of doing so. Ek can make all the offers that he likes and fans can believe as they wish, the press can hype a deal but its not going to happen. Kroenke has other plans. He is here for the long term.

    1. Wow!!!
      Someone seems excited about the ownership of our Club. You must be the minority leader Sir.

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