[Image] Piers Morgan calls Arteta “Wrong and disrespectful”

The TV pundit Piers Morgan calls himself a great Arsenal fan, but he spends most of his time criticizing our managers. He was long instrumental in stirring the fans up against Arsene Wenger, and it seems he is now doing the same to Mikel Arteta.

Arteta, rightly or wrongly, dropped Aubameyang from the Arsenal starting line up against Tottenham, and Morgan has decided to deride our boss for imposing his discipline in the crucial North London Derby.

Can you imagine what Morgan would have said if we had lost the game?


  1. That is his personal opinion and does not necessarily matter. No single player is bigger than the team

  2. All you guys making a mountain out of a mole hill, didn’t you see Auba in training yesterday? Who has your boss never queried before? Is Auba complaining?

  3. Piers Morgan is nothing more than a TV shock jock. Earns his money courting controversy in the fickle world of TV media. We already know that football punditry already has its fair share fantasists and don’t need Morgan getting on board. He feels because he’s deemed to be a TV personality in news media (and news media being so far up its own arse) he has the monopoly to comment on every subject under the sun, including the running of a football club. Morgan is nothing more than an opinionted shitbag

  4. Piers Morgan should just go look for a job. I think he’s talking crap because he has too much time on his hands.

  5. I think arteta was wrong by making the matter public,he should have handled it better by telling the media it was a tactical decision or used one of the many lies coaches uses to defend their players rather than making it public

    1. lol tactics huh…….until we loose, you are many others would have demanded for his head.

      he is honest…..and had never sugar coated an answer

      1. The best of all we won the game, if we could have lost it, it could have been another story

  6. Arteta is just trying to assert his authority and it simply showed that no player is bigger than the club.

  7. By bigging up the mere opinion of this revolting self publicist, who is however, entitled to his view, just as we all are, we just feed him with the publicity he craves.
    My advice is to ignore Morgan and do not feed this self publicist with the “food” that feeds his ever increasing ego.

    I do make the important point however, that any so called fan who takes the side of a player against that of the manager – who is always the most important person at any club – is NOT the action of a true supporter!

    I also think a fan is not necessarily the same thing as a supporter. FAN AND SUPPORTER ARE DIFFERENT WORDS WITH DIFFERENT MEANINGS, though most fans are also supporters. BUT not all!

  8. Arteta did the right things bcos is not the first time Auba is not showing in time to the training ground. Is his old habit right from Dortmond his former club.

    1. Piers. U ought to be saying this had we lost the game but good luck to Arteta as his decision did not backfire. Discipline is very key and it was good it started with the captain who suppose to be an example to rest of the squad. Indiscipline and lack of consistency led us to where we are now ant is not befitting of our great club with great history. I support the coach 101 percent.

  9. Morgan is entitled to his view. However he and many pundits get carried away with their own self publicity. It is always sweet when they are proved wrong.
    A little between the ears is the culprit. Just because you scored a few goals or were rude on tv doesn’t make you an expert on the world stage and current events.

  10. Under most circumstances I would be concerned to ever find myself aligned with this oft-times troublemaking talking head, but he’s definitely right in one regard…Arteta was intentionally disrespectful, which means he had a definitive agenda, as to the true nature of that agenda, only time will tell…as for Piers unwavering support for Auba, that’s more problematic…I support the team, first and foremost, so I don’t agree whatsoever with what either the player or the manager did in this particular scenario…that said, what Arteta did was far more potentially damaging to the success of this club, so for that reason I place the blame squarely on him for what has transpired since he dealt with this issue “INTERNALLY”

  11. I agree absolutely that no player is bigger than the club. Arteta was right in benching Aubameyang (which to me should have been outright exclusion), but I am against publicly making it known before the match that it was for indiscipline. This only went to show that Arteta’s show of boldness is not deeply rooted, but shallow. Was it for fear we might lose, so he was preparing his defense in advance?

    Arteta must be made to undergo a course in human capital management. This is very essential.

  12. “Everyone is entitled” or the “I am entitled to my opinion” phrase or statement is only a stupid way of being irresponsible with words.

    The Manager is right in every respect with regards to this matter.
    And for those who think otherwise or believe he is on an Agenda they don’t know about and or doubts his management skill, are spewing absolute bollocks and have no idea of what they are talking about. Including Piers.

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