Image – Sokratis sends respectful farewell message to Arsenal fans

So today it is confirmed that the big Greek Sokratis has had his contracted terminated by mutual agreement with Arsenal, but although he has not been at the Emirates very long he has been very useful (and amusing at times as well!)

He has obviously enjoyed his time in London and has left a very nice message (in fact, two) to Arsenal fans confirming his departure.

And he followed that up with…

So it is goodbye, but we could never complain about the commitment he showed whilst wearing the famous Red & White.

We hope him the very best for the future, whoever he plays for (except the Spuds!)….

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  1. With this latest cancellation, Arsenal football club have now let go Sanchez, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez, Mkhitaryan, Wilshere, Welbeck, Sokratis and Cazorla for free all under 3 years.

    Now add Luiz and Mustafi in the summer and 200m worth of talent will have left for NOTHING. Shocking!

    All the best to Papa in the future, what a professional he is!

    1. Didn’t we use to cry bloody, grit our teeth and blame THE GREAT ARSENE when he used to sell players whose hearts were not with us long before their contracts ran out and for a very good profit? Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy, Hleb, Fabregas, and the list goes on?

  2. If we had a better “contract extension or sell” policy we would have a lot more funds for transfers. We rarely sell any player for a significant fee.

    We also need to stop “bribing” players with high wages. Signing a player that will only move for high wages is usually a sign that they feel little for the badge.

    1. Although I dislike Stan as an owner, it’s quite clear the blame can’t soley be put on his shoulders

    2. We are the same fans who always tell the club to give a player whatever he wants to join our club.
      When it goes wrong, we turn on the hierarchy.

      1. yes, but we are being emotional they cant afford to be, thats why they are paid huge money to get the job done, thats not good enough

      2. I agree to some degree but we can’t afford to have mercenaries at the club anymore.

        Look at Liverpool a few years ago. Never had UCL for a few years but still started to attract players that bought into the soul, culture and direction of the club. I stand under correction but I believe the Pool players aren’t on exorbitant wages like some of the other top clubs.

        Sold their best players in Suarez and Phillip. We would NEVER see Arsenal sell our best players at their peak because we are desperate to keep them, this is a big issue for us always. We act like the world will end if they leave.

  3. this is coming 6 months later, arsenal should have taken the olive tree in the summer but played hard to get and paid extra pound to Papa who didnt play a game all through, mismanagements across board no wonder the club is broke.
    goodluck to Papa, he gave his best

  4. Very decent and class player unlike Ozil. Ozil never appreciated for all the money we paid to him even though he did nothing for us for the past two seasons.

    Money he couldn’t have got if he had stayed Madrid.

    Ozil should never come to the Emirates again. His followers can now leave and join Fernabache also

  5. Can you please make use of your brain for once and see we are in a bigger problems with management of our club instead of spewing your hatred for a player who doesn’t know you exist. Goonerboy just let you know who badly we are run and all you think of is a player who is presently happy he is fulfilling the promised he made to his mother. Move on boy as Ozil has clearly moved on.

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