Image: Supposed leaked Arsenal kit in collaboration with TFL emerges online

Arsenal have supposedly designed a pre-match kit in collaboration with Transport For London, and while I’m not sold on it straight away, I think it will grow on me.

We are no strangers to donning blue despite our primary kit colour being the famous red, but the below shows a clear likening to the tube seats which can be found on the underground.

At first, I admittedly was disappointed with it, but the colours aren’t actually that bad, although I can’t say I’ve ever sat down on the train and thought to myself ‘I’d wear that design’ whilst looking at the seats…

What do we think guys? Does this need a major rethink or do you think you could come round to it?


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  1. Pre-match kit.. I dont think it matters much if they warm up in potato sacks.

    NLD postponement is a huge win for us. Spurs have more games to play than us so after our Carabao cup run, we only have PL to focus on.

    Hopefully reinforcements are on the way.

    1. It’s funny as he’ll all the uproar it’s caused cause its Arsenal. No one said anything about Arsenal at the start of the season having the same number of COVID cases as spurs, plus injuries and player on extended leave for the Euros. They cancelled 4 fixtures we had to play our first 3 games of the season.

      I do agree that games should be played if you can field a team and have at least 3 subs. That’s 14 players and is the actual UEFA rule. We had less than 14 and when you look at it. COVID or not how can you relistically ask a team to play with less than 14 players.

      Wish everyone would get of their high horse. Everyone else is okay to do it but when it’s the gunners it’s now wrong.

      It’s just hilarious

  2. Yawn!
    Who the hell cares, except kids and grown up kids too who are STILL KIDS.

  3. Horrendous, awful design and who thought approving this was a good idea? Should add a tinge of brown and yellow, so when drunkards puke on the shirt you won’t notice the stains.

    1. Yes Sue, I was a train guard in those days on the metropolitan line, and they were similar to the Victoria. The bakerloo line was awful…

      1. 😁. I remember the wooden, twice an hour on Sunday, carriages that rattled along from High Barnet into Camden Town. The 251 bus from Arnos Grove to Edgware looked like something out of 50’s movie

          1. Very brown indeed! But the Northern Line was the worst, if it wasn’t black to start with it was at the end!

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