Image: Supposed release date for this leaked black Arsenal away jersey

A Twitter profile has claimed that Arsenal will be releasing the below away kit to sale from July 20, with our first-team to wear the jersey in a friendly on the same day.

The Gunners have scheduled in a US tour, where we will take on the likes of Chelsea and Orlando City SC, and it s against the latter which we are claimed to be ready to reveal our new kit to the world.

A number of leaked kits have proven to be wrong over the years, but this appears to be the second time this kit (or one extremely similar) has been claimed, and with the shirt likely to be in mass production ahead of the sale date, there is every reason why this latest statement could well prove to be true.

Would you jump at the chance to get your hands on this kit should it prove to be true?


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  1. Looks like one of those tight, stretch materials from the picture? I hope not, I can only take so much of the locals at the stadium wearing tops that clearly don’t fit at all πŸ™‚

    Looks very cool though

  2. Ea sports should do better designing our new kit in their next game series cos this years’ look dark and unreal patterns.

  3. I like the Arsenal early 1970’s home and away shirts. Never liked any other shirt since.

  4. No doubt I am getting all three tops.. new home one looks fresh, the pink one stands out and the black is definitely different as I didn’t like the last puma black strip with the stripes down the front of it, but I dig it.

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