Images: Bukayo Saka is making history with this England side

Bukayo Saka made his second start of Euro 2020 last night as he helped England to beat Germany to reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

The 19 year-old picked up the Star of the Match award for his performance against the Czech Republic last week, and Gareth Southgate made the decision to stick with the youngster against Die Mannschaft, and it paid off as we went onto win by a deserving 2-0 scoreline.

This was England’s first win at a major competition over the Germans in over 50 years, and while Saka didn’t contribute to the goals, his performance made us proud, and he will hopefully hold onto his place when we take on Ukraine at the weekend.


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  1. What a performance! And he’s just 19. Rooting for England and Switzerland all the way come on Saka and xhaka

  2. I still maintain my stance that players should play for their country of origin.watching the euros,you see many players of african origin playing for france,germany,england,switzerland&also some turkish players playing for germany.i think countries that wins tournaments by assembling players from any part of the world looses all credibility because it just shows their fellow countrymen are not good enough to deliver.the french people should feel ashamed celebrating the last world cup because it was won by african players likewise the germans in 2014.which is the main reason i support the italians because they always look inwards for their players

    1. Okay now I know you are making false assumptions.
      Saka was BORN in England. Ozil was BORN in Germany.
      So should you play for yr gransfathers country? Or what if you had 4 grandparents all from different countries….

  3. Your father’s country of origin is your main country&that’s the country each player should represent&i strongly believe that if that’s how it’s done world cup winners would’ve across the world by now&not just mainly some few countries from europe&south america

      1. I believe after marriage,a woman moves in with the husband,leaving her family home/country behind so that automatically explains where a child belongs

        1. MATTHEW I am so glad that you with your Neanderthal patriarchal views on how life should be, are not in my circle of friends.
          You would soon be ostracised with those abhorrent views. I suggest the 19th century is more your era!

  4. Wow jon!,but am only saying the truth be it 19th or 21st century&i’m Nigerian admin&admin you still havn’t answered me if patrick is your son as mr.jon fox implied

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