Images: Coveted Arsenal strike-target spotted in London

Alexander Isak has been spotted in central London on a night out with Real Sociedad team-mate Adnan Januazaj, amidst rumours of interest from both Newcastle and Arsenal.

The 22 year-old showed off his talents at Euro 2020 when starring for Sweden in helping them to the knockout stages of the competition, and has been linked with a big-money move ever since.

His current club decided to extend his contract during the summer, but that hasn’t deterred any of his potential suitors, and he is still expected to be be the subject of offers.

The Athletic claims that we are actively seeking his signature after missing out on new Juventus star Dusan Vlahovic, and social media images and videos of the forward will certainly not be pouring water on such reports.

I’m not getting ahead of myself, as from what I gather he is expected to see out the season with his current club, but you never know.
Hopefully he is getting a nice look at the city ahead of a possible move this summer, meaning we just need to find a temporary solution to our attacking needs to see out the season.

Do you believe Isak could take us to the next level? What do you make of the timing of this trip?


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  1. Gone from the hottest striker in Europe to someone who has only scored 4 goals this season…with a price tag in excess of 70million! What’s Spanish for they have seen us coming.

    1. A slightly more expensive version of Pepe with an anticipated output slightly less than Pepe. Europa Conference, get yourselves prepared for our grand arrival.

  2. I feel like isak is just another average guy tbh. I hope we go for haaaland even if we don’t get him. 75M for a average striker when haaland is the same price

  3. He would be a very positive signing along with Johnathon David from Lille. One of the two would give us the hence to give Auba to Barca, plus I don’t see why we are not asking about Dembele.

    Instead of letting each player walk for free, try and get something in return.

    If demebele doesn’t work out we can sell him as he is 24 or so and get some money instead of losing money all the time. Dembele could be an interesting player at Arsenal, could maybe thrive here.

    Wage wise it covers itself with Auba/Dembele…. one of the strikers above comes in with the two others exiting leaves money and space in the squad.

    Just leaves midfield where we spend big on a DM to partner Partey & let Xhaka go to Rome aswell as Elneny on the free.

  4. “Arsenal are reportedly said to be losing confidence in signing Dušan Vlahović this January following the announcement of his signing by Juventus”.

  5. I would’ve felt much better if the press had reported seeing him in The Gallowgate Centre in Newcastle lol. Please, let him go to Newcastle 😄🙏

    Arsenal have already got enough problems with this squad to deal with as it is. Doesn’t need anymore unknown quantities, un tested/tried players that aren’t going to improve our immediate future. He’ll be average at best !

  6. In my humble view, this is just another last-minute, high value signing likely to blow up in our face, again. Remember the 72M Nicola Pepe deal.

    Isak has plenty of potential, but I cant see him making a big difference to the team now. Maybe a good candidate for a 2/3 year project. I would prefer a short term deal with a proven striker like Diego Costa.

    1. Yes. Everton may get relegated and forced to sell DCL. A loan signing of Luka Jovic will suffice to see if he can adapt to the league.

  7. Any signing in this juncture of time will be a signing we will probably live to regret.
    Personally now for me we have to wait to the summer and see what the magician as up his sleeve to get us through .
    All January to get deals done so any last minute shopping will desperation on the club and managers part .

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