Images – Mikel Arteta unveiled as the new Arsenal manager

Finally, Mikel Arteta has been named the new Arsenal manager.

We kind of all knew about four days ago that Arteta was going to be named the new Arsenal manager. All we were waiting on was the official confirmation.

Well, that came at roughly 14.00 UK time via the official Arsenal Twitter account.

Arteta has signed a three-and-a-half-year contract and according to, the Spaniards backroom staff will be announced shortly.

Now, some images are being released showing Arteta back at Arsenal.

There will no doubt be more images released later today and I suspect a video also with some sort of interview with the 27-year-old.

Freddie Ljungberg will take charge of the team to face Everton tomorrow. Arteta starts his role officially on Sunday and will be in the stands at Goodison Park.


    1. Let’s get behind Mikel and let’s recognize this for what it is this is not a quick fix its a project so we must be patient and support the coach and the team.

  1. We have the manager with the sexist hair in all football. Welcome Arteta. I do feel a sorry for Freddie though, never got his chance but am sure he is grateful nevertheless.

    1. Malmo wants Freddie as their manager. They sacked their manager last two weeks.
      I’d love to see Freddie go, because he needs to the experience of managing a first eleven team. For his growth so he’ll come back better.
      I don’t know if he’ll accept to stay as staff or he accept to go solo

  2. Damn right! Wonder how long it takes to perfect it 😜
    Freddie knew the score all along though and I reckon he’s done a good job. Hope he stays on with the first team.

  3. We have a coach, I wish Wenger was Manager to be there with him, and then stay around as Sir Alex. Bring football’s spirit & values as supposed to, respect for Arsenal.

    It is unreal how Kroenke did this, no respect for EPL. To see Sir Alex seat there in his stadium and club and not see AW at Arsenal is making Arsenal look laim, a big disrespect to EPL and Football! Nuts! Damn cowboys ruling nand ruining.

    See all communication? Around our Captain, Kroenke only makes sure to have us in stadium and get paid. No money for Arteta for next window!

    Then if we lose games, fans pissed, not attending as Frankfurt game, Kroenke will fire him as Emery! Find a way to keep us there as it is no interest for sponsor, nor TV or advertising in an empty stadium! End of Kroenke, forced to sell real fast…

      1. Yes Eddie,

        A topic :

        Should we sell Auba & Torreira next window?

        Knowing we need reinforce defense.

        What are Asenal realistic targets for this season at this day?

        Two topic to debate…

        1. If selling Torreira gets us a Ramsey, yes. Auba dor sure, he won’t be dearer than this January. His transfer sorts out the defence with at least one top defender.

          1. Looking forward to actually both article mate.

            I see someone replied before you did. Make it a topic Eddie.

            Knowning that Kroenke made it clear to Arteta that it won’t be no money.

            What can we expect this season? From Arteta really, under such a system…

            Should we sell wanted Auba and Torreira in january, generate funds to reinforce defense?

            To easy to blame it on coach, key to look at condition Kroenke imposes!

  4. Welcome to our new head coach with the most perfect hair he looks like a Lego man😳
    Let’s all get behind him and the team and get out of the mess we are currently in.

    1. I welcome the appointment of Mikel Arteta and wish him well.He has a huge challenge ahead of of him and will need some good luck along the way.Realistically ,with the squad he has inherited he will do well to keep us in the Premier League this season and let’s hope the Arsenal executive and our owner give him the resources he needs to clear out our numerous sub standard liabilities and replace them with quality young players. Until the squad is revamped we cannot expect Arteta to work miracles,indeed I do not feel there is a Manager alive, experienced or otherwise, who could turn this ship around unless the squad is restructured.

  5. Let’s get behind Mikel and let’s recognize this for what it is this is not a quick fix its a project so we must be patient and support the coach and the team.

  6. This is a response to Ken.
    You asked in the previous article why would Arteta ship anyone out.
    Well for starters, There’s been reports that Freddie already told the board there are senior players underperforming and not willing to fight for the badge. I don’t know how true that is tho, but the answer to your question is simply He’ll ship them out because we have senior players who are on a downhill already. Players who are declining, especially the defensive line.
    Also you should know this, the club plans to bring in a solid defender for Arteta, but he has to make space.
    You can’t really convince yourself that the likes of David Luiz,Sokratis, and Ozil are the players they used to be can you?
    First of all, I know you love Ozil, man I love him too but every player gets to the point they decline.
    Ozil already declined a lot. If you’re a genuine Ozil supporter you’ll know truly THIS ISNT THE OZIL WE USED TO KNOW. you’d know and admit his performances ain’t what it’s meant to be.
    I love him as a human totally, but as a player, he needs to move on.
    Luiz,Sokratis also can’t be reliable.
    Trust me Arteta won’t keep those two as his first choice CB next season.
    Hertha Berlin seriously are planning to offer 42million Euro for Xhaka.
    I’ll bite their hands off and run with the money. The club will.

    PEA seems like he has lost interest, he has refused to renew his contract. You really can’t tell me that he shouldn’t be sold if he refuses to commit to the club can you?
    Arteta might have need for Lacazette.
    The most important of em all, Arteta already pinpointed Mikel Oyarzabal as his first choice transfer to improve us.
    He’s a left winger, and plays the AM position also. Surely he won’t have plans to bring in a player with €75million clause to the club if he doesn’t have the intentions to cut off someone in the attacking position? Plus he has also stated he’ll be getting defense reinforcement.
    The club itself promised every single manager they interviewed that they would bring in a WC defender.
    Koulilaby(Price too high), Upamecano, and Ruben Dias are currently on the club’s wish list. I don’t know about Arteta’s wish list.
    So with every possible incoming players, there’s no way we won’t be losing a few senior players. Personally I’ll be happy to let go of Luiz,Sokratis, Ozil,Mustafi and Xhaka

    1. Sound comments Eddie. I would go far further than you in off loading players. I firmly believe Arteta will promote younger players as regulars and concentrate on making the midfield solid and firming up defence. In truth I would sell all the outfield defence bar Holding and Tierney,bit by bit but only when replaced, and I think this will happen. I have never rated BELLERIN DEFENSIVELY AND HE WILL NOT CON ARTETA, AS HE CONNED WENGER AND EMERY AS A DEFENDER, WHICH HE HAS NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE. From those in current consideration for starters I would keep only these, long term: Both keepers, Holding, Tierney, Guendouzi, ESR, Martinelli, Sako, Nelson(but with reservations) and more fringe players not yet tainted with laziness and lack of workrate.

      I would recall Nketiah, keep Lacazette only til MAY, sell Auba and asap get all the slackers gone from our club. Things will need to get worse before they get better and we fans NEED to be totally reaistic in NOT expecting miracles and definitely not top six even, this season.

    2. Another solid and informative post Eddie, well done mate

      I agree wholeheartedly that AFC should jump at the opportunities to move on both Xhaka
      and Auba if RM and HB are SERIOUS in there respected courtships of each player. Neither
      player IMHO opinion has a role to play in the necessary rebuild that is facing the
      club and the reported transfer fees being speculated for each would provide
      a necessary financial foundation for Raul, Edu and MA to begin reshaping the first 11. I
      would also add Ozil, Mustafi, Socratis, El Neny, and Bellerin to that list if there are
      serious suitors interested in there future services.

      If Arsenal were able to move on the majority of these players, the winter transfer kitty
      could presumably exceed north of $150M. What Arsenal fan worldwide wouldn’t be excited if
      the club acquired the following players by the end of the window?

      Dayot Upamecano
      Thomas Partey
      Ibrahim Sangare
      Y Atal

      Four young, precocious talents that would provide the necessary defensive foundation from
      which AFC IMHO could build an EPL and CL winning side from.

  7. Yes right now almost all or even ALL comments are rightly saying that we must get behind Arteta and so we must. But, I cannot help but wonder how long this honeynoon will last with many Gooners. 2 Defeats in a row perhaps? Or three? How about considering the painful truth that our current form is relegation form and any improvement in that dire form and firm evidence of at least most players, at last, fighting for the shirt, which will make a welcome change(and I omit to expect that of OZIL, AS HE IS A LOST CAUSE AND LOATHES WORK) will be acceptable this season. Realists like me do not expect top 6 even and I ACTUALLY SEE US FINISHING BETWEEN 9TH AND 16TH. But providing the many frauds are ousted, first from the start eleven and then from thr club, I for one , will be content with that. The plain truth is that many Gooners have never accepted how dreadful we currently are and one or two fantasists still insist we can make top four. Their naivety staggers my realism.

    What I see as success is that after three more windows, ie after JAN 2021, we have all the frauds and clowns gone from both the team and the club; that we have a defence that can actually be honestly called a defence, properly, and that we are proud of the efforts of all our players. It has been a very long time already since ANY of those things could be honestly said. Reality!

  8. EDDIE, fair play to you , wonderfully put , your back however, one or three ozil one eyed gunners might put a hit out on ya .one or two feathers ruffled , me thinks.

  9. I hope Goodison Park would be the place where the players showcase their efforts and abilities to Arteta. Kind of like a preliminary audition to win a regular spot

  10. Although I thought other managers may be better for Arsenal I’ll fully support Arteta. Players need to come and go quickly to have any chance of changing the rut we are in. Dayot Upamecano, Ibrahima Konaté, are centre backs who would help us. Konate is very tall. Mikel Oyarzabal is very Santi Cazorla. Can be a star. Either of Upamecano or Konate (both Leipzig) would complement William Saliba. Emery should stand trial for letting Aaron Ramsey go. Truly insane.

  11. Arteta needs a statement January window, that will get and keep fans onside longer. Its hard to do but Ozil, xhaka, mustaffi and maybe Aub(for a big fee) sold with some exciting replacements (not necessarily spending more than we get in) would be really encouraging. By the way, i have no problem with Auba, he has been a great buy but the lad isn’t getting any younger and if he can get a big club and we get a big fee, its all good good for me. I think we are top heavy with strikers.

  12. Looks like we’re screwed already! Arteta describes Ozil as a massive player for Arsenal. Oh dear Lord! Obviously he’s not going slate players publicly, but he didn’t need to say that either. We really needed a strong minded manager to kick some butt, yet that one statement from Arteta is so weak.

    1. 😂 I loved what I saw on twitter about him (Mikel).. about how he could’ve stayed at City, and eventually succeed Pep.. yet he’s come to Arsenal, we’re in a bad place and he’s come to turn things around, the man has b******s!!
      Hell yes 👊

      1. Well I just hope that translates onto the players, because he comes across too nice. I really hope I am wrong, but Simeone is who we really need to sort out this bunch of ill-disciplined, over paid, over hyped, so-called footballers!

  13. ThirdManJW I hope people like you and some who are ready to pick the team apart allow events to unfold naturally and not start this sentiment against or for any player. I ran away from this site for a while because some are experts coaches without leaving their computer, some just don’t have one minute patience to allow whoever is in charge to breathe. This is a new coach, a new mentality, philosophy. No one of us live inside the team and we cannot say exactly what is going on. PLEASE LET IT START before we destroy it with complains!!!!!

    1. Sorry Pat, but you’re completely in the wrong. Just because someone isn’t a coach, or an ex-player, doesn’t mean they are not an expect, or cannot become an expert on the subject. You learn, study, do thorough research, be committed, open minded, and one can become an expert in any field. If that isn’t the case, then why bother teaching anyone anything? Especially children. I am not saying I am an expect by any means, but I get most of what I say correct. I called out Wenger years ago, and I was spot on! The same with Ozil has well. I will bet anything, Arteta will get nothing from Ozil. Not because of Arteta, but because Ozil retired years ago.

      I would also state the obvious, that I cannot even pick the team apart, because we have no team.

      1. And if he gets something from him?, you stuck with emery many many times (not that it is important to me). But please we need breath. He is the new coach and in is not an imbecile. All am saying is let us respect the human being in place. Arteta will make the right choices. Am sure he doesn’t want to fail. And the rest of us are outside.

      2. Shut up dude, you spotted Wenger to be sackd years ago, look at us now. At least you honest enough to say it.

        Right with Ozil too, comparing what can’t be! You wouldn’t be a Arsenal fan, just as you wouldn’t be crying for months if it was not for Wenger you were all wrong about!

        Thus is Arsenal without Wenger ! Yours!

  14. See many wondering why Arteta is not on bench next game. He was Everton player before us, don’t see another reason.

    I disagree, this is a key game that could define our season as 3 next one, id rather upset Everyone fans, have Arteta on the bench, beat them ; than the opposite!

    But this Krienke’s hoard is so laim and always few steps behind, they did not think about it!

    The only target for Kroenke is a filled stadium, Arteta fails, it is not an issue as long as he keeps us in stadium for a while. Then he will be sacked so we can hope again and come back, just as done with Eddie and Emery before him! Smae for Wenger! Has us sack eqchnof them!

  15. Sorry using us in order to sack and the give us hope.We are suckers to Kroenke, they laugh counting money!0 while we cry!

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