Images – Ozil and Guendouzi still don’t look happy in latest pictures

Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi have been axed from the Arsenal first team and the duo can’t hide their unhappiness at being asked to model the club’s away jerseys.

Ozil has been a problem for Arsenal as they attempt to ship him out to another team while Guendouzi fell out with Mikel Arteta during the Premier League restart.

The Frenchman didn’t play again after his on-field antics in Arsenal’s game against Brighton.

Both players might be sold before next season starts, but for now, they are on the books of the Gunners and they have to fulfil obligations just as other players have to.

One such obligation is modelling the club’s jerseys and their facial expression in the latest shoot screams disinterest, as revealed in the Sun.

Arsenal has just launched a new away kit that they might pull on when the travel to Liverpool towards the end of next month.

The Gunners drew inspiration from the marble halls of Highbury in their latest offering and it’s the design they asked their players to model.

While the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were smiling, Guendouzi and Ozil showed nothing to suggest that they were happy to partake in the shoot.

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  1. Photos shoots are typically taken months and months in advance. These were very likely before even the pandemic happened.

    1. I was gonna say that Sue but you beat me to it. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. Martinelli is not smiling either

        1. You all beat me to it.
          You should see my moody look🤔.
          Have you seen the official video of the kit release it’s brilliant.

          1. Shame they did t use that money for the video on transfers Declan 😂
            Doubt that was cheap to do .

  2. Do we care? They don’t deserve to wear the shirts especially Ozil who don’t work but just wants the wages.

    They better leave

    1. Dan, I think Adidas financed/made the ad.
      Sue, yes I loved the nude Seaman bit and Tierney’s carrier bag. There are some other nice touches too.

        1. Grandad, red with white sleeves home, yellow with navy blue trim away, end of story. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  3. Not the best photos of them. But it proves nothing at all. The shirt will take some getting used to, for me at least

  4. Have some sympathy for the man! He is forced to pull on a jersey which means he might actually have to play for 60 minutes or so. And what if he gets injured? The last time he came to the stadium he got injured, remember he sat in the stands? He suffers the pain, not me.
    He is hired to sell jerseys, that is his main task as per his faithful platoon of followers. Not tackle, dribble, run past defenders, shoot, score and all that is associated with the game. And then we have the victim card, how injustice is done to him by asking him to train, where else the other two pay cut rebels are getting game time?
    Add to it we have Willian, Auba, Pepe so this is worry some as the excuses of Iwobi and Giroud no longer stand valid. Cabellos / Aour so no further excuses, have some empathy for the man and the stress he is undergoing having to up his game and perform with all these exciting players and Papa Wenger no longer there to whisper sweet nothings in his year, the demanding Arteta demanding performances, so how can the man smile?

  5. To my and to others perceptive minds, I see how clearly that things are rapidly changing since Arteta came in. All the old comfy non tryers and half hearted spongers are now sidelined awaiting either a sale or the ending of their “self entitled contracts”.

    What has become blindingly obvious is that AT LONG LAST only real men, not little immature boys, will wear our shirt regularly from now on. As he is not a miracle worker, no bright Gooner should expect titles overnight but what we have ALREADY seen is that from now on you either shape up or ship out. I am thrilled that we FINALLY have a real professional in charge who will not tolerate spongers and trouble makers in the club at all, let alone in the team.

    1. Well said mate,i agree 100% with you.
      I just love Arteta giving Ozil and Guendouzi what they deserve,Matteo is young and passionate so there’s hope for him somewhere else but times up for Ozil who has shown his true colours to many times now,no one wants a trouble maker.

    1. Ozil is an arsehole,is there another player in the world who earns what he earns for doing nothing except for making contraversal off field comments and hiding in cars whilst his mate fights off attackers which is incidently pretty much what he did when he was on the pitch for nearly every big game.
      He will become a slimey Turkish Politican,worst signing ever.

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