‘Imminently’ – Key star set to sign new five-year deal after terms agreed

Kieran Tierney is set to sign a new contract with Arsenal ‘imminently’, according to Arsenal correspondent Chris Wheatley.

The left-back joined the club in 2019 from Celtic, and was an instant hit in North London, quickly becoming a fans favourite after a number of impressive displays.

His consistency has now paid off as he is in line to sign a new bumper five-year deal with the club, despite having three years still remaining on his initial terms.

Football.London reports that an agreement has already been put in place, which Edu and the club will get written up for the 23 year-old to sign ‘imminently’.

Tierney is in line to make his first appearance at an international competition today when his Scotland side face England, although it wouldn’t be a massive shock if he didn’t make it.

KT missed Monday’s loss to the Czech Republic with injury, reports do claim that he has been passed as fit to face Bukayo Saka’s Three Lions’ side.

The young Scot definitely ranks as the core of the club for the present and future, and this could be considered an important piece of business for the club.

Emile Smith Rowe will hopefully be the next to sign a new deal

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  1. Hope he isnt another Jack Wilshire! Think we should have waited 6 months to see if we can remove the plaque of his treatment table.

    1. I have never seen someone so negative as you in my life reggie,i wonder if you ever have a laugh once in a while to balance up all this negativities of yours

      1. Matthew, nothing much to laugh at about Arsenal at the moment and i say it as it is, not dress it up in frilly dresses and curls to make it sound good. Truth is Tierney is a sicknote regular, if you see it differently, you are dressing him in that frilly dress. Its something Arsenal never consider and they are suckered on a regular basis.

    2. I agree Reggie…I probably wouldn’t have rushed to extend, considering his propensity to be sidelined due to a variety of injuries, unless the wolves were circling and they feared him having his head turned

      1. Common sense to me TRVL, we habeen bitten far too many times rushing in to sign someone on a long contract, without being sensible about circumstances. The guy still has 3 years left, i dont see the hurry, at least earn your contract. I obviously like Tierney but he only has to cough and hes pulled his hamstring.

  2. Tieney is a good player indeed. if he can complete signing five years deal,that’s well and good.

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