In Arsene I DO NOT trust any more….

In Arsene…. I don’t trust! by ED

This is probably going to be met with mountains of criticism; but Arsenal cannot and will not win the Premier league until Arsene is gone. There I said it call me pessimistic but it’s the truth!

As much as I do love the club over the past few years it has been extremely frustrating watching us go through the same cycle of optimism at the beginning of the season, disappointment towards the middle end (a culmination of injuries and inconsistent player performances) and because we go unbeaten 7 or so games towards the end of the season and win the FA cup (hope). Now that I pointed it out it’s a bit nauseating writing about it.Anyway for the last two seasons this has been the case and now were on the cusp of repeating the same season of false hope again.

You can attempt if you want to defend Wenger (believe me I’ve tried) but the reality is all roads point to him as the main reason we continuously have this season of false hope. For example; take the injuries, major topic of discussion for Arsenal we always cite this as the main reason our team is unable to perform consistently throughout the season, a whole lot of what if’s. See its not pessimistic to assume injuries are likely to occur, in a contact sport I might add, its common sense. Whilst you may hire specialist physiotherapist to help recovery time and help prevent the injuries being too severe… doesn’t really stop the players from getting tackled or landing awkwardly on the field of play does it? I don’t know about you but for me the sensible approach I would take is to ensure that when injuries occur you have players of an adequate calibre who could come in do a decent enough job… With the greatest of respect to our players, when I look at players like Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini and Iwobi, I see two people past their prime another a loose cannon and the latter still learning the game.

Whilst I would love for Wenger to go out and splurge the cash on big money signings I’m more empathetic to the approach of signing ‘quality players for the right price’ but even that isn’t an excuse anymore… Dimitri Payet, 3rd Highest assist record during 2014-15 season behind Ozil and Messi, age 27, desperate to come the premier league at the time cost West Ham 12 Million. That excuse of ‘quality player, right price’ is a bunch of nonsense when it comes to him if you can pay 16 Million for Calum Chambers you’ve got to be kidding me if you think Payet was overpriced. I would take him before Walcott, The Ox and Campbell any day.

Went off on a bit of a rant… but I’m just trying to emphasise the point that clearly Arsene doesn’t know best, because the exact same mistakes are made every year and so continues the cycle of false hope and before anybody starts with the “yeah but we won two FA cups back to back“. Yes we did but against easy teams, but his inability to consistently overcome hurdles like Manchester United and Chelsea (just look at our head to head record for the last 3 seasons, its deplorable) leads me to the conclusion that the only silverware under him we could muster is a novelty competition famed for its giant killings as opposed to a title that establishes your credentials as one of Europe’s elite…

As much as I appreciate what Wenger has done for the club, I would also appreciate it if he wasn’t in charge next season, it’s nothing personal I just feel that after the period of transition we have flat-lined and the truth is whether it be tactics, injuries, personal recruitment that have been contributing factors to us not being able to win the Premier league title… it’s all on him and until we change manager this stupid cycle will persist…
Eddie D

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  1. Irrespective of what Wenger achieves this season, I think he should honorably do the needful – no disrespect.

    The club, definitely, needs fresh ideas in management. Even successful clubs like FCB, Real, Bayern, Chelsea, etc change Managers routinely to avoid stagnation and inject fresh impetus in the squad.

    “Arsene, thanks for the memories, but it’s time to say goodbye”

    1. His day job is the same as his night job. He is sent here from the future to save us all from the apocalypse – Wenger is a dictator and wont be happy til he has control over the entire human race. Where have you been man?.

  2. wenger has lost his edge but as far as what kroenke needs ivan an wenger are the dynamic duo….sir chips is catwoman.

    why wouldnt u retain the services of them if they consistently make u money an keep the team amongst the elite on a limited budget.

    stan kroenke is the biggest problem here.
    his model asks for expansion and profit not on pitch success

      1. Kroenke knows he is sitting on a cash cow…no matter how bad the product is or gets. No need to speculate to accumulate, the money will just keep rolling in…must be laughing all the way to his ranch!

  3. I used to say that longevity of a manager in a team was supposed to be an advantage. Look at SAF. When He left ManU, I thought it was our turn to become English and European champions. But unfortunately, we’ve flat-lined.
    Wenger will still be respected as a great Arsenal manager for a long time. But unfortunately, the longer he stays, the more he rubbishes his chances.
    Respect to him though.

  4. Wenger calls all this Criticism Boring! ?
    Wenger stated today that it is Boring when there is No pressure! ?
    Wenger was asked if he knew about the players behind the scenes talk, that inspired the Hull victory.. which Walcott leaked!
    Wenger replied, that he was the one who suggested to the players, to have these meetings and that he knew of it taking place before the Swansea game. … Which didn’t make any difference because we lost! ?

    Obviously Wenger felt mugged up… because the players were doing his job ( in away) and in return wenger tried mugging the players up by suggesting that he knew about their meeting and that it didn’t make any difference against Swansea! because they still played ? and lost! ?

    Its all Fun and games at the Emirates!
    Roll up … Roll up… the circus is back in town! .. Tomorrow!

    1. hahahhaha..lmao

      This is must be funniest thing I’ve read all week. What is even funnier is that it seems be closer to the truth of whatever is happening up there in London Colney.

      *speaking with Wenger’s voice* “You sum it up wellll!!”.

  5. Isn’t trust something that is earnt?

    What is there to trust about in Wenger?
    We can trust In him making the same mistakes and delivering the same results as a consequence I guess…

    1. Trust is earned and I do trust Wenger to do what he thinks is best, if he thinks what is best and what I think are best… I know they are different. Wenger has proven to know more than any of us… he is human and makes mistakes but he is a lot better than people like you or me at understanding football. If we was any better then where is our millions per year for managing a CL team???

      I do not trust Silent Stan who is Wengers boss!
      I do not trust Gazidis who was implemented as Silent Stans yes-man.

      I trust David Dein to put Arsenal 1st as a sporting institute and not a profit generating machine.

      I trust Silent Stan to withdraw money on a regular basis.

      The club is more than just the manager, why not use the thing in your head and comprehend the WHOLE situation instead of a media offered slice?

  6. I must say Merson has confused me recently. He reckons Arsene should go right? but when Newcaste are flirting with relegation he slams New for sacking Mclaren. He laid into them and spoke very highly of Mclaren. Now I know Arsene should be doing better and he is at a club with big expectations but comparing the job Arsene has been doing against the job Mclaren has been doing it is not even close. Newcaste spent allot of money probably close to what we spent over the last three seasons, and they are a club with tremendous support, in my mind Newc done what any club would have done. Merson tears Arsene apart on a regular basis yet speaks highly of a fellow Englishman, an Englishman who isn’t anywhere close to an Arsene Wenger.

  7. Wenger is being shoot at every corner. if he still refuses to see the truth, then he is not deluded but a liar.

    paul said that arsenal are a team who are happy with cl football and an fa cup here and there. and he did hit the nail like so often others seem to do.

    To retain that little reputation he still has he should move on and just leave. What is there he still can give arsenal new? things are getting only worse and worse.

    1. Why not think for yourself?
      Protest against the owner and withdraw all funding until Silent Stan has gone.

      NO TEAM OWNED BY SILENT STAN HAS BEEN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ALL MAKE PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Arsenal is no exception, we are a profit making tool for Silent Stan.
      Silent Stan will make sure someone who can spin a profit is leading the team, check out his teams in USA for evidence.

      Why do dumb idiots point the finger at people who are doing what the boss has told them to do?
      Why not point your finger at the boss who sets the managers targets??????

      Wenger leaves and we get who?
      You think Silent Stan will pay for a manager like Pep? Or do you think he will get someone who is known for developing players so he can sell them for profit…

  8. Well,well,well,I said it a while ago,familiarity breeds contempt,
    With the Arse,Wenger seems to have this adage well kept,
    No criticisms,no view from different perspectives,
    Just the same old ass narratives,
    Say what, some’s gotta give,oh believe that my fellow gooners,
    That old geezer plus his henchmen have to find a way to give in to the swelling tide,
    Otherwise the tide will sweep his sad self and his henchmen aside,
    Someway! Soon

    Nothing personal,Just business…

  9. “This is probably going to be met with mountains of criticism; but Arsenal cannot and will not win the Premier league until Arsene is gone. There I said it call me pessimistic but it’s the truth!”

    You’re not a pessimistic, you’re deluded.

    We will not win the EPL title with Silent Stan in charge and his little yes-man Ivan Gazidis would be more of an accurate statement.

    Manager doesn’t matter, Arsenal will never have enough invested in them while we have a profit driven maniac at the helm. After Wenger he will get either an accountant or the old head of Barclays/LloydsTSB/RBS…. Someone who knows how to make money.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves and if they spout that BS opinion then I will respond and hope some people can use their heads and make up their own mind and not rely upon sites to tell them what to think.

    Wenger and Dein: Arsenal transfer records broken regularly.
    Wenger on his own: Broke Arsenal transfer record in the only transfer window he was doing it alone.
    Wenger and Gazidis: Bargain buys until stadium debt largely gone and then Gazidis offers £40mil and £1 for Suarez… Try to blame Wenger and I will call you ignorant unless you show some form of evidence to back up the ignorant claim. Wenger has NEVER acted so penny pinching in the market until Gazidis came to Arsenal…

    Downthumb this all you want people, the truth needs to be said and I am sick of ignorance spreading quicker than rational thought!

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