In defence of Ozil against Martin Keown’s comments….

How Can We Blame Ozil? By Dan Smith

Out of all our ex-players Martin Keown has been one of the best at being a pundit, not too loyal where he can’t admit flaws with the club, but not burying us either to suit his own agenda. Like many gooners, Keown has been very critical of Ozil over the years, frustrated with his lack of consistency and performances in the big games. I feel, though, our former defender has got it wrong this week going in hard on the German. As far as I’m concerned how can you criticise someone who hasn’t even played?

To clarify, he’s played an hour in the League, where he assisted the assist, when he was subbed we were leading at Watford, yet he still gets judged harsher than those who have featured every week and equally haven’t pulled up any trees. That’s why it was important he spoke up the last few days. So many have their say on his future he had a right to reply.

For his image it was important he let fans know his hurt of being left out of the squad, that this isn’t a case of someone happy to be paid 350 000 pound a week to stay at home playing on his PlayStation. The fact he remains adamant to see out his contract leaves me to assume that maybe he hopes this time next year he will be working for a new coach, one who values him…

Even after beating Bournemouth there were fans not happy with our style of play, so every time we bemoan a lack of creativity, it’s music to Ozil’s ears. Like Emery though, he’s stopped short of talking about any row. If all parties are insisting there’s been no bust up, we must take that as gospel and therefore how is that the players fault?

While Keown mocked his immune system, he’s only not featuring purely based on our manager’s judgement. It is the Spaniard who thinks we are better suited with 3 DM’s, how’s that Ozil’s fault?

If he wasn’t our highest earner would he be being made an example of? All of this could be a simple tactic to further impress the Kroenke family by lowering the wage bill, just like he did by ending negotiations with Ramsey. As Ozil pointed out, it was the club’s choice to offer him such a lucrative extension. He never lied to them, he made it clear when he put pen to paper, he was seeking to finish his career in North London, not simply stay in the short-term. It’s not his problem that his employers had a change of heart almost immediately, if he had done that, he would have been accused of being disloyal.

Keown’s opinion that he’s let the club down is unfounded, with him clutching at straws by calling out his body language, something that apparently would have gotten him into trouble during Keown’s playing days. Yet the greatest player we ever had, Thierry Henry was famous for the odd shrug of shoulders and hand on hips.
Is it not true that Ozil has simply been used to playing with better talent? Maybe the club let him down by not showing him more ambition? Did the previous regime protect him too much like Keown said?

Or is it as simple as needing creativity, but not playing someone with a record number of assists since arriving in England? Leave the dirty work for whose job it is If we are left on Monday night talking about a lack of creativity again and Ozil has been told not to travel. Blame the man who’s made that decision, not a man who keeps insisting he’s training fine and nothing is wrong with his attitude.

If the team asks for creativity and such an option is sat on his couch, I know who I blame…



  1. Thank you, this article simply pointed out what I’ve been telling fans for weeks.

    Emery is the one who thinks we’re better off playing 3 DM’s and our best one up front…
    Not Ozil.

    How any players wages are a concern for us fans is beyond me, the club decided to give Ozil that money, he didn’t force the club. Yet the fans complain to Ozil about his wages…

    Just like I did with both Xhaka and Mustafi, I watched their performances on a consistent basis under Emery before I decided judge them holistically. With Ozil, we haven’t gotten an number of consistent games under Emery to properly judge him on.

    1. Nice comment Spike. Glad to see someone else on here can see through all the BS and blame the right person, Emery.

    2. I agree, Emery is getting many things wrong. Wage is not player’s responsibility. Critics are not helping.

  2. I think Keown just doesn’t like Ozil’s attitude when Ozil is playing the victim in front of the media. If Ozil doesn’t like the criticisms, he should have proven it last season when he played regularly

    Creative is not the label I would give to an attacking player that could only produce two assists in EPL last season. Arsenal have given Ozil countless chances and huge salary to motivate him

    It’s time to try someone new if Emery still wants to use a no 10 tactic, such as Ceballos or Willock. But I agree with Juan Mata that no 10 is not extinct, just not as effective as before

    1. Sanches was so good at Arsenal…Look what has happened to him at ManU. New manager and new game philosophy….That didn’t suit him. That is what has happened to Ozil and Pepe.. Problem is Emery philosophy and his tactics..I feel so…Ozil was tremendous under Wenger. But he faded under Emery…

      1. @SadGunner

        Completely agree with your point about certain players thriving under one manager, then flopping under another. Not all players will fit into a managers philosophy, regardless of ability. Ozil was a lot better under Wenger, but to say he was tremendous is stretching it. Ozil was already fading before Emery got here as well. He’s been poor for about 3 seasons now, and only had one fantastic season under Wenger.

        1. I agree that he has been poor for about 3 seasons out of which one is Wengers last season. The whole arsenal was flop in that season. Everybody complain about 350k salary of Ozil. In fact Ozil was ready to run down his contract and walk away on free transfer. In that situation Arsenal would have to buy another attacker of his calibre which may cost another 100m. A part of 350k Ozils salaray is deemed to be that 100m. Therefore ineffect that 100m is also included in 350k. To be frank I m not an Ozil fan. But he played well for Arsenal for few seasons. Now he is in his 30s. So everyone can expect a dip in form. That is natural.. It was not his mistake
          Which ultimately renewed his contract for 350k. So I feel it is not fair to blame the player…

          1. I don’t blame Ozil, or his agent in the slightest for his new contract, and his old contract being allowed to run down. That’s all on Wenger, and Gazidis. I just feel, when you look at his entire career at Arsenal, he has never justified the transfer fee, a consistent place in the starting XI, and didn’t even deserve a new contract, let alone a monstrous pay raise.

            I just don’t get how some fans are happy to criticise the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, Sokratis, etc, yet Ozil gets a free pass? Ozil should never be held accountable for his performances, with every excuse possible being used to deflect his poor performances, and even his attitude! I thought we were passed all this post Wenger, but it seems we have the exact same situation with Ozil now.

          2. Well said TMJW, I don’t blame Ozil’s wages on him either, that’s on our management then, but imo he’s not innocent in how it came about either, no one forced him to hold out for such a monstrous amount.
            The rest is spot on too 👍

          3. I m not trying to defend Ozil. What you said is true. He should have contributed atleast for half of what he was paid…

        2. I strongly believe that the present Ozil scenario is nothing but the ego and stubbornness of Emery and I think he is well known for it.

    2. You do have a good head. I Wonder if Ozil was signed at the beginning of this season. Ozil has not been given game time? Are you for real?

    3. I think Ozil is far much better than Ceballos.Unai has been leaving out Ozil on account that he didn’t not defend when we lose possession, but that’s the case with Xaka Mateo,Cenallos and those two young Stars operating in midfield. Not playing Ozil is something not ta tactical but personal.wr have even let Iwobi ho who managed the so called intense football known by Our couch seems to have been lost the direction sometimes.let Jim play Ozil .

    4. @gotanidea
      I said many times on this platform that U.Emery needs to use the tactics that will bring the best out of his players.i recommended C.Chambers in place of M.Niles;it is obvious now that Chambers is now playing better & more effective than M.Niles.
      Ozil is not finished he did well under Wenger; Serge Gnabry now doing well in Bayern; Aron Ramsey yet to click in Juventus. It’s all about the coach philosophy and understanding of his players. ie A.Laccazet can be a play maker bcos he can hold the ball just like Wenger used Ashavin sometimes in his playing days.

  3. At Mr Dan Smith
    Sir or Madam you have to give it a break I can see the situation is doing your head in. Ozil can’t fix arsenal problems he will only get more blame. He Mr Ozil himself is rumored to have said that Emery ain’t no coach. See Dan at arsenal as you know there is no system of play Pat pointed this out for quite some time know God bless her soul. Even Jon Fox has given up. Emery for more than a season now can’t figure arsenal out whilst Brendan Rogers in a matter of weeks have his team playing his way already. You complain about the 3 defensive midfielders but refuse to see the amount of long balls played by Xhaka and Gwendouzi but then we start from the back which highlights the confusion. I think you’re biggest problem isn’t Emery but the few fans who throw their support behind him and tells you we are third in the standings. I say this because you waited Wenger out because the arguments were good but with Emery the excuses are just comical to say the least. Try to fulljoy your Sunday or make conversation with Sue or even Eddie.

  4. Dan, I think you’ve missed the point which is Ozil’s football has declined and the decline is so sudden to the extent that even Ozil himself is in a state of shock not knowing what to do to remedy his declined football at Arsenal. But as a saving face, he has been offering some scraps as defence to buy time knowing fully well he can’t recover his lost top form to continue playing at the top level of the game for Arsenal anymore. And as a result of his inability to play at top level of the game for Arsenal consistently, he has chosen to be clever as a defence to continue to buy time at Arsenal to deceive. But unfortunately for him the new Arsenal regime in place at the club will not put up with his continuous pretence to cheat the club. And therefore they want to ship him out of the club whether he likes it or not as they have had enough of his being a luxury player at Arsenal and will no longer tolerate his antics tricks at the club.

  5. Some of these so called pundits and fans are jealous of Ozil’s lucrative wages. The man worked hard to warrant him this amount of money you all crying about. Work hard as well and stop this jealous nonsense you have on Ozil including your couch Unai Emery who doesn’t even know his first eleven at this stage of the season. Great Managers in past, the German national team, at club level, The likes of jOSE Morinho, Joachim Low admitted that the man earned them wins after wins. Hands off Ozil and work for your money. Stop this jealous thing you have against Ozil and hard hard as he did in the past years of his greatness. Unai earns way less than Ozil, Neymar and other players he couched, he doesn’t want big players who earn more than him. Thats pure ego as opposed to his so called “tough manager” idea. Name me one player who has “worked hard” in the position Ozil plays and done way better than him

      1. By the way Reality, please check Martin Keown’s record as a player for the Arsenal before you disparage him as a “so called pundit”.

  6. Blaming Emery is like saying Man U were wrong in asking Sanchez to create space as the dip in form was well pronounced.
    Emery isn’t that very good a coach but Ozil had not helped himself of recent. Remember issue of flu and all what not leading to selecting which matches to play last season leaving others to play the big games. I am his fan. He should redeem himself.

  7. Ozil has had tough times recently in his life. He faced racism, car-jacking and the man almost lost his life with his wife and friends in Kolasinac. Now he is facing persecution from the so called pundits and fake fans. Martin Keown should know better than just criticise the man the way he’s doing

  8. I agree that for this season at least, it’s harsh to blame Ozil for anything since he’s hardly featured at all. But if we are to judge his overall contribution to Arsenal’s development, as a team player and one of our best players (allegedly), he comes up short in my own humble opinion.

    That is not to say that it’s his fault he was offered a huge contract, it’s obvious the club wanted to make a statement after the Ramsey mess by tying down our players. But since then, Ozil has looked like a passenger. Forget the injury layoffs, performance wise, I hardly remember the last time I said “Ozil won this game for us”. Last time I felt he turned a game on his head was his and alexis’ rout at chelsea 3-0 two years ago. Why should he start over other clearly more motivated players? It’s not like he didn’t get his fair chance.

    Now none of us know what goes on behind the scenes, or Ozil’s actual work rate during training. But this is not the first time he’s been accused of slacking, true or not, that should warrant a reaction by the player as well as the manager. But saying he’s doing well in training, training “fine” is misleading. There’s obviously more he could do but chooses to stick to his way, so he has to bear the consequences.

    In football, players are measured on performances first and club connection second. Thierry Henry, whose name is too sacred to be mentioned in the same sentence as Ozil, was a big game MONSTER. Every game really, but on a rainy night against the spuds, you knew the king was gonna show up. Even if it took him 80 mins to click, there was no chance he was going to let them laugh at us. That was his mentality and why his frustration often translated to body language. He knew that it was up to him as a leader and the best player on the team to carry the weight, but Ozil having been our most expensive player for a while and our current highest paid, doesn’t show the same commitment and willingness to soldier on.

    His interview yesterday shows me even more how far up his own head he is, in regards to the club’s vision. In true defiance, he clearly says he’s not leaving even if they don’t want him and that to me is him playing the fans at the expense of the club, using his popularity to initiate a standoff with management Pogba style. I respect all gooners and their opinions, but I cannot wait to see the back of him. If for nothing else, just so we can use those 350k/week salary on other players who would not cause the same rifts and divides every time they play/miss a match. It’s ridiculous…

  9. I agree for each point. We basicly have a coach who is implementing board’s strategy to push Ozil out, blaming wage them begged him to take and commit, promising to build a strong team! He could have made same and way more with sponsors in a club with ambition as Barça, Juve or Bayern who wanted him then!

    Ozil is not Arsenal’s issue but Kroenke who appoints Emery, keeps him when everyone can see he doesnt know what he does…Can’t pick a team, Ozil can’t change that nor that defensive boring football Emery offers!

    Funny how B team plays way better, they have Arsenal DNA from Academy, speed, passing, agressive football people used to envy!

    1. Well that’s what the Academy used to have Mogunna. Not so sure now Freddie’s not there and it’s in the hands of Mertesacker

  10. Hehe – by now my views on Ozil are well known, I’m not a fan but I hope he can make it back in to the squad as he does offer vision that no one else quite matches.

    This article though takes a rather peculiar stance on things though.

    Since when did assisting an assist become a thing? I think its a bit of pish looking to give some validation to Ozil’s otherwise unproductive 70 mins in the league – but regardless I wonder how many other players you also credit with pre-assists or is that just reserved for Ozil?

    “it was the club’s choice to offer him such a lucrative extension” – sure the club just decided yep let’s give Ozil a raise. It wasn’t Ozil asking for that much (or more) for him to stay was it? Or him playing on us losing Sanchez already, and how massive losing both would have been? I agree the club could have refused his demands but let’s be honest Ozil is hardly blameless in the whole saga 🤷‍♂️

    “Is it not true that Ozil has simply been used to playing with better talent?” – really so Giroud and Walcott are better talent than Auba and Laca? What a load of pish.

    As for the final paragraph going on about Ozil’s creativity, well you like to judge Emery on just the league Dan so now be honest and tell me what Ozil did last season or this to earn his start? Last season Mhiki outperformed him across the board in less minutes (league only remember) and this season he has done nothing in the 70 mins he was given other than one made-up pre-assist. 🤷‍♂️ Don’t even think about using that ‘out of position’ line either because it was the same for Mhiki and I’ve seen enough people advocate pushing Auba out of position on to the wings to create the PALs up front so if its good for one it’s got to be good for all right? 🤷‍♂️

    1. Hehe – by now my views on Madhatter should be well known, I’m not a fan but I hope he can make it back to reality some day because at the moment he does not offer anything new and has no real vision.

      What’s the name for an excellent pass to a striker who then cocks it up? Just a pass I guess. Maybe if more of Ozil’s passes to strikers had been converted his assist stats would have been much better. Auba has made far more cock-ups than Mustafi believe it or not.

      The 70 minutes Ozil’s played so far were fine. Well, that’s to anyone who watched the game with an open mind, rather than just reading the mindless waffle of those jumping on the latest anti- Ozil bandwagon.

      1. Awww my comments affect you so much you feel the need to try and insult me Gunner_Jack? Grow up chap, you’ll have to do better than that😂

        “What’s the name for an excellent pass to a striker who then cocks it up?” – hmmm and here was me thinking that would have been covered by big chances created no?

        Go back and read my other comments on other threads and you will see I don’t think Ozil played too badly in his 70 in the league, I do think he could have done more though. More specifically I was talking about his creative output though and that was a big ol’ nothing unless you count the one made up pre-assist.

        As for the open-mind comment – that’s too funny, I am one of the most open-minded fans on this site. I believe that every single player on our squad is usable and I believe that our manager has more to him than he has shown in the league so far….. Are you as open-minded my friend? 🤔 😂

        1. Sure hope you’re right about Emery because all he’s shown since he got here, never mind in the league so far, is a fear ridden approach which shows he’s more interested in trying to stop the threat of the opposition rather than exploiting any weakness they have – aka not using our attacking capabilites to the full and instead exposing the weakest part of our team, the defence.

          Gotta go – hope the ‘pool stuff Utd

          1. Well if we are taking the whole season into account – are you seriously trying to suggest that the UEL/Cup fixtures were the same ‘fear ridden approach’ or will you admit that was some nice attacking football?

            Don’t you think that playing attacking football risks exposing our weakness in defence even more? Those big losses we have taken doing just that previously would seem to suggest so.
            I’ve never argued that Emery was 100% right in choosing to play defensive, but I can see the reasoning where it makes sense to try and not lose when we have been so weak at the back 🤷‍♂️
            Imo he is free to make his choices as to how he thinks the team will best perform, just as Wenger was free to choose to carry on attacking even when it wasn’t the best idea because he thought that was our best option. I will judge him, like everyone else, on how he finishes the season, not only where we placed but how we got there too

      2. Yeah, that’s not biased at all on the other hand. Saying it’s Auba’s fault… lol

        25.6% – Since his Premier League debut in February 2018, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has the best shot conversion rate (25.6%) of the 68 players to have scored 6+ goals in the competition.

        But yeah, Ozil’s 70 mins were “fine”. Even when we were breaking with lightning speed until he got the ball and tripped when Pepe/Auba/Ceballos were screaming for the pass. Magical really what we’ve come to expect from such a creative player, to break even.

    2. Spot on, MH. I’m not forgetting either the suspicious absence due to “illness” back at the West Ham game. There were rumors that Ozil missed on purpose because he didn’t want to play in a new position UE had instructed him to play. He doesn’t follow the regular standards for every football player out there, if he were lighting the league up that could be forgiven. But take away the performances and “creativity” since that’s nowhere to be seen nowadays and he simply doesn’t deserve a start yet.

      1. pharaoh….your points answered:

        Yes it was a rumour, nothing more nothing less..just a rumour. UE never mentioned it and neither did the player, so as they were the two concerned, sleep easy on that one.

        How can he light the league up if he isn’t selected?
        It’s like turning the light switch on and then complaining because there’s no light bulb to brighten the room
        A little like our football at the moment, put the light bulb back in and see clearly again.

        How do you intend to take the performances and creativity from a player who hasn’t played but 70 minutes in the league? That’s why it’s nowhere to be seen these days.

        What “regular standards” are you talking about, as that is the most ambiguous statement I’ve read for ages…what exactly do you mean?

        Good post Dan.

        1. Fair point, it is a rumor and nothing more until proven true. My point was more that this case is one of many where Ozil’s work ethic has been questioned, many times it could have been fake news I’m sure. But as the saying go, there’s no fire without smoke. Why did we never see Santi’s motivation come into question. Despite enduring a million times more struggles and setbacks.I am judging his performances based on what I’ve seen since he’s joined, believe it or not. And while he did have one record smashing season, his performances have declined (again, in my own opinion) consistently after that. Whether that’s partly age factor or tactical differences or ineptitude doesn’t change the fact that he is not the same player he once was.

          In regards to standards, of course every fan’s viewpoint is different and their measurement of success as well. But any player who has not an off week or month, but season is subject to criticism. It seems to be different in Ozil’s case always, he is beyond reproach apparently. He could have lit up the league last year, couldn’t he? Or the year before that. Plenty of chances there to prove me and every doubter wrong, whether you believe he performed well enough is up to your own standard and how you measure a player’s relative success. But numbers wise, performance based stats that are universally agreed upon he had a dismal time of it. Even Wilshire could only run on that one season’s fumes for so long, and though I loved that guy I knew it was time for him to go.

          For me Ozil is the player embodiment of AW, once an all conquering force that time and circumstances turned sour and stale. If anything, your lightbulb comparison actually fits Ozil himself perfectly. The light is not there anymore, you can’t fix a burnt out bulb.

          P.S. I really would like to also mention that even if we ultimately disagree (because I know we will), I still understand why you think it’s unfair the way he’s being phased out and not even getting the chance to turn it around, which I think is the wrong way to handle it by UE. But on the other hand, I can’t really blame him for slashing an underperforming player that’s clashed with him personally before, the man is not jesus and he also must want to send a strong message to other squad players.

          1. Pharaoh, so where do you see the light in this current side, capable of assisting our lethal attacking force?

            Don’t say Cebs, because he has already fallen foul of UE’s negative approachby being dropped.

            The truth is that there is no lightbulb under a coach who’s first priority is to defend, no matter if it’s a team at the top, middle or bottom of the league.

            The reason we never saw Santi’s motivation questioned, was because he played for a manager who believed in his style, capabilities and, let me remind you, there were fans on here who also claimed Santi was finished and a waste of time and money following AW’s decision to give him an extra years contract.
            It was UE who then let him go and just look at what the man is doing now.

            UE cannot handle players who have a style of play that doesn’t fit in with his boring kind of football – Cazorla, Ozil and Cebs are examples of that, along with Xhaka, Socratis and Luiz shining examples of the kind of player he wants.

            If we were playing the type of football that over £215,000,000 of new players, brilliant younger players breaking through and a top class attack should be producing, then fans would accept the status quo, but that is not the case and we have every right to protest against the type of football not seen at our club since the days of Billy Wright.

            You were correct, we certainly disagree, but I respect your views.

          2. I definitely see your point though, and I do agree that we are sorely missing an attacking midfielder in the side. Not only that, I also agree that UE isn’t putting enough emphasis on empowering someone for that very important role. Perhaps he is playing it too safe to appease the board and steady the ship after AW’s last few years. I am skeptical that it could be Ozil because he hasn’t really proved that he is capable of taking that sort of responsibility and leadership roles that come with it, but I still think we should be looking for a viable alternative and Emery’s got it wrong at the moment.

            With Santi, who I loved and still admire more than 99% of players, I don’t necessarily think it was anyone’s fault that he ended up leaving. It’s normal that after that kind of struggle and injury lay-off coupled with his age, he would be more suited to a lower level team and less competition for spots. It was just time for him to move on, for his own sake too and I for one am happy he’s lighting it up again. The mistake was not being aware enough of his impact on the team’s performance. It was no mystery that even before the lengthy injury, we were toothless when Santi wasn’t playing.

            Ultimately, I just want to say you have every right to want better for our great club, especially when we’ve been known for such attractive football for so many years. I guess for me, personally, I am willing to trade that for the time being in exchange for a steady season and a top four finish. I predict and hope that UE won’t be a long term solution for us, more like a pallet cleanser and I hope the following manager can have more room for maneuvering. But given the circumstances and the competition, I think he’s doing an ok job so far. You are well within your right to form your own opinion and I mutually respect that. I think we disagree on certain things (Ozil for one) but in the end, we all want our Arsenal back.

  11. Tell that man to stop talking about Ozil. Now tell me are you not seeing how xahka is playing his he playing well. so please stop this now.

  12. This bigging up Arsenal players when they don’t play is just ridiculous!!! Where I was betrayed by Ozils poor game and sturboness to play to the coach’s tactics was in the Europa League Final. Ozil played the first 15mins to Emery’s instructions and he pressed Jorghinho out of the game… later Ozil either tired out or just stopped doing the press work on Jorghinho and all of a sudden, Chelsea took over the game and ran us riot… Looking at the game tactically you would see how Ozil can never be relied upon!!! I can’t wait for Ozil to be gone.
    You cannot talk of Ozil and Henry in the same football sentence when it comes to Arsenal. Henry can react the way he did and be forgiven because of how he can single handedly win you the game. Ozil cannot do that, so he has no right not to put in the work and be blaming his team mates…

  13. He is not adapting to the manager’s system.

    He is not fighting to get in the team.

    He is not that productive of a player.

    Do not understand the constant Ozil chatter when he has been no better than a squad player under Emery.

    1. Marc,

      Can you tell me what the managers system is please?

      How do you come to that conclusion, when he has not been given the chance this season?
      It is so obvious that UE and MO do not, to date anyway, agree with the way a game of football should be played.
      If one wants defensive, negative football then UE is your man – if you want to see flowing attacking football then MO is your man – that’s how it seems to me anyway.

      Productivity? How are you judging the statement that “he is not that productive of a player” this season?
      On just 140 minutes of football it seems – something that even UE now seems to disagree with, following his latest comments, so how do you explain that?

      The discussions regarding Ozil is because, after watching UE’s style of football for over forty games, it is undeniable that his defensive, negative, boring football is not what the fans want (hence the thousands of empty seats at the Emirates) and we have a player who could bring the excitement back to our club – the latest poll revealed that more fans want Ozil to stay than UE…so now you might understand the constant Ozil chatter.

      1. Ozil played all last year and was no better than Mkhi or Iwobi offensively and if you account for defensive contribution he was much worse. He had a chance last year. He has a chance in training.

        If he is as talented as many believe it would show and he would be undroppable but he is not. He has had over a year to adapt and hasn’t.

  14. It seems quite a frw of us agree that we should stop making Özil the centre of our attention on this site. Can Admin assist? Or are we going to continue the useless and unproductive bashing of a player who does not fit into the plans of the coach?

  15. In 990 mins (not inc injury time) from all games this season , Ozil has played 142 mins (71 mins against Watford and 71 mins against Nott` Forest ) so it would be ridiculous to try and come to any form conclusion whether to blame or praise on them stats !

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