In-depth 5 year analysis of Arsenal’s injury problems – The facts!

Every year it seems that Arsenal have an ever lengthening injury list from the beginning of the season until the end, and according to a new in-depth injury analysis by

This fascinating study gives us a warning that things could still get worse this season, as Arsenal’s worst month for injuries is January (26 in last five years) closely followed by November (24) which is just around the corner!

In total, the Gunners have succumbed to 194 different injuries in the last five seasons, which averages out at 38.8 injuries per season – or just over 1 injury for every Premier League game! This adds up to 362 playing hours lost which is about 6 years per season.

Not surprisingly Abou Diaby is the biggest loser here, having lost 36.5 months on the treatment table out of the 60 months of the investigation, but both Kieran Gibbs and Theo Walcott have both had 14 injuries each since the 2009/10 season, which has lost Walcott 24.5 months and Gibbs 23.5 months of playing time.

Surprisingly 50% of our injuries are inflicted on our midfielders, and the most common affliction is the hamstring (34 occurences), followed by ankle (30), then knee (25) and calf (21). Although hamstring problems are the most common, it is knee injuries that have lost us the most playing time at 79 months, with ankle coming up close behind with 75 hours lost.

We all know that averages don’t ALWAYS predict the future results, but if Arsene Wenger (who is a great lover of analysis) had factored in the expected injury levels every season, perhaps he would have bought a few more defenders in the summer?

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  1. top 4 champions and highest amount of injuries- we’ve done the double!

    ot- happy birthday to robert pires. what a player

    that villa lob, the curler against southampton- great times- have a good one robert

  2. Are our training methods outdated?
    Are our players just targeted more so because of the type of football we want to play
    Are we a curse to the fact so much is replied upon young growing players who will be prone to injuries?

    Injuries never use to be a problem for us, nor did winning titles. The two now go hand in hand!!!! Injuries, and no titles

    1. Are you sure about what you are saying or you are just vomiting whatever negativity that hits your head first? Arsenal was formed in 1888 or there about and won its first trophy in 1929. After 1936 the next trophy came in 1949, then 1970, after 1978 the next trophy came in 1989, 1991, 1994, then came the wenger era whom you accuse of causing injury problems. So if you blame wenger for injuries then there was always an inverse relationship between injuries and winning trophies, because under the wenger era winning trophies became less of a problem, while injuries increased as you want to tell us.

      1. Wow, did you wake up on the wrong side of the trash can!!!lol.
        At no point I speak about Wenger, nor blame an individual.
        The point does remain though, IF Arsenal didn’t have any injuries at all (including the likes of Diaby,TV5.etc…all immune to injuries) I am very confident Arsenal would have won more or competed better atleast.
        In 2010-11 we had appox 1500days out with injuries, 5 years later…1700days appox.
        I now do believe alongside other issues, one of the main reasons winning titles is difficult is due to the high injury counts. facts, simple facts

  3. I think it is a preparation and training problem.
    I also believe that keeping Tony Colbert (current physio) was/is a mistake.

    Shad Forsythe, the new physio and fitness coach told German newspapers (and I am just quoting) “I found in an important club, fitness methods and physiological concepts that were almost prehistorical… Personally, I will need more than a year working with the players without any interruptions in order to fix the situation. I have to say that based on my previous assessments long term damages have been done already and might be irreversible”

    Those words are coming from a well known and world recognised effective physio…!!

  4. We also have to consider that football has greatly evolved and I am not sure the medical staff as well the physio have been following and keeping up to date to new practises and current strategies.

    1. Football evolved but our manager and fitness team didn’t.
      Big correspondence in the rise in injuries when Garl Lewin left in 2008, 28% increase I believe.
      The big issue is why no one addressed this from day one.

  5. I think some major problems may also be the players and their life style, some may do extra training when they should not, some may party too much, in some cases it may be diets or are just poor physically, but it should have been addressed years ago

    If that quote is really from forsythe we are really in bad condition physically and these injuries will take some time to start getting less, well i hope he does a good job in revamping the techniques needed to ensure a healthy squad

    1. Well Wenger controls their diet so that is down to him.
      Thing is the latest advances show that fat should not be avoided but is essential, some MMA fighters are on 60% fat diets!
      I have a horrible feeling we could be stuck in some old fashioned diet scene such as egg whites where the cholesterol rich yolk, essential for testosterone production and strength is lost.
      Also Wenger doesn’t like the players doing any weight training when we can all see the advantages.
      Nothing wrong with a player doing some extra training, Beckham would stay behind and practice dead ball kicks, never did him any harm.

  6. The real reason why we have so many injuries is the conversation below which happens before every match –

    *Asst manager walks into Wenger’s office*

    Bould/Rice: boss you need to complete tthe team sheet

    Wenger: *is lying on sofa having a nap* Bruv I’m trying to sleep. Just photocopy last games sheet, tipex out the date and submit

    Bould/Rice: don’t you think you are over working the players by submitting the same sheet every game? Giroud fell asleep at the wheel today

    Wenger: Its always about you!!!! Am I not overworked by having to cut short my nap?

    Bould/Rice: *sigh* OK I’ll pass it onto the ref

    1. i like to think wenger says bruv, an yo cuz, and damn homie.

      but in reality he look/sounds/talks like a geography teachers from the 80’s

  7. Wenger is a fraud now

    So many f##king transfer blunders plus this pass to death boring football
    F##k 4-1-4-1

    We 90% of the time look toothless f##king toothless against big teams
    No organisation in the team whatsoever

    These are the problems we have been facing for many years
    But not one f##king one of them has been solved

  8. You are waiting to see what happens when we play man utd or dortmund right? Keep waiting you will be surprised and ashamed when we pick up maximum points. Fans like you who always wait for the worse to happen to AFC will eat shit and drop dead.
    Our performance is below par but we should get behind the team to motivate them. Your so called man utd and dortmund will not beat arsenal MARK MY WORDS, we will beat them both and when we do I will buy you jersey of the squads that play both matches.

    1. @Jamvia, that was damn hash there is nothing in his comment that suggests pessimism. By the way, the fact that we expect and hope that our team wins does not guarantee victory.

      However, due to the return of Theo and Abou likely to be available, I too am really looking forward to those games. I hope and pray we win, honestly, no matter how badly we play. I just pray we win first, then we could talk about how we played thereafter.

  9. While the writer did well by bringing up stats about injuries over the past five years, the fact remains that those stats do not tell anything unless compared against something else. You might have wanted to generated average league stats, so that we have an appreciation of where Arsenal stands in relation to the league average. You may have given us the injury records period say to Wenger era so that people may have bases for argument.

    As it stands the stats say nothing useful, and this has allowed jackals that pretend to be Arsenal fans to promote the hatred of Wenger and other backroom staff. If you go through the comments you say derogatory causes put forward which lack any empirical backing, all calculated at abusing the clubs and its employees.

    1. Hey Mr Analyser, these are REAL stats that someone has taken a lot of time to compile. They will gradually go through every team for comparisons but alphabetically they started with Arsenal. Don’t worry I will give you updates as they continue their analyses…

  10. Admin the pop ups are disturbing and the download content is auto download. Fix it please.

    Nice name of the website. Cuteinjuries.

  11. Keep possession and run with the ball at your feet you are bound to get knocked. Make the ball do the running you minimize the chances. The knee injuries happen to speedy players who are caught in full flight. Maybe that’s why Wenger is trying to introduce the 4-1-4-1 formation which less energized than the 4-2-3-1 formation. If that is the case I think the 4-4-2 formation suits the current Arsenal squad until the proper time arise to introduce the former.

  12. Sanchez is South American, he was born solid…
    English players are moaners and over paid as soon as they have a “small” talent…!!!

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