In-depth Analysis of Arsenal’s season so far – Where did we go wrong?

An Analysis of Arsenal’s 2020-2021 Season so far by Leke Osmani

Arsenal. 2020-2021. Prior to the Premier League matches of April 5th, we’re in 10th place in the league. Out of the FA Cup. Out of the EFL Cup. Winners of the Community Shield. In the Quarter-Finals of the Europa League. It’s nothing to write home about and it’s got every Arsenal fan cursing with every breath they take; some even have nightmares of this season. This article will analyse this season and try to see what went wrong, where it went wrong and why it went wrong. You may be thinking it’s already gone wrong what do we do now. Well, we can analyse and make an informed decision of how to approach matters better in the future. We can learn Arsenal fans. We can learn. This is a process after all and we might as well understand the bad side of it as well.

We’re going to look at transfers during the summer and during the winter. We’re going to look at how matches went during each month. We’re going to analyse and see what went wrong and where. Grab a stress ball because we’re going to relive some bad moments from this season, that much I can guarantee.



Let’s start with September. First let’s look at the transfers for the first team only.

Transfers In Transfers Out
Willian Martinez
Gabriel Torreira
Ceballos Guendouzi
Runarsson Mhkitaryan


Let’s look at the Transfers Out first.


Martinez was sold. Martinez spoke yesterday that he wanted to leave the club and that Arteta allowed him to do so. You cannot keep a player that does not want to stay.


Torreira did not fit into Arteta’s plans and was allowed to leave for a season to also free up space for Partey to come into the team.


Guendouzi was sent out on loan due to a lack of discipline and this sent a strong message to the rest of the team regarding Arteta’s authority.


Mhkitaryan had his contract terminated by Arsenal. This was done as he was not performing to his previous Premier League standards and the club decided to terminate his contract to free up the wage bill.


Let’s now look at the Transfers In:


Willian was brought in to help provide competition for places in the attacking roles. He also brings experience to a youthful Arsenal side.


Gabriel was brought in to become a starting centerback for Arsenal and he has done just that. He has a good, determined personality as well.


Ceballos was retained for another season to provide competition for places in the center of the park. He is also a determined individual.


Runarsson was brought in to be a backup for Leno. He has not done well at all in that regard.


Partey was brought in as a statement of intent to help toughen up the midfield. He is also a strong character that gives his all in each performance. He also has experience to add to this youthful Arsenal side.


Elneny cam back from loan and has provided competition for places in midfield. He is also a determined individual.


Saliba was brought back to provide competition for places in the heart of defence. He is an exciting youth prospect who has much more to offer.


All in all, it can be argued that not enough players were discarded in the summer. The players that were retained and were bought all have a determined nature to them or are exciting young players. Only two can be considered to be first-team starters: Gabriel and Partey. They have proven to be good additions. The downfall of this window is that the squad become too big. With Ozil and Sokratis not being included in the squads for the Premier League or for the Europa League. This must of created a very tense and awkward situation for Arteta and the registered members of the squad to deal with day in and day out.


Now let us look at the Matches for September (the Community Shield Final will be included here).


Date Competition Result Opponent Opponent’s April 5th League Position
29th August Community Shield 1-1

W on Penalties

Liverpool 6th
12th September Premier League 3-0 Fulham 18th
19th September Premier League 2-1 West Ham 7th
23rd September EFL Cup 2-0 Leicester City 3rd
28th September Premier League 1-3 Liverpool 6th


We got 4 wins out of 5 for September. Losing 3-1 to Liverpool. Strangely enough we have beaten three top half sides and lost once to a top 6 side. We lost one Premier League match right after a win in a cup competition.



Let’s look at the matches for October and see what they have to say for how we progressed.

Date Competition Result Opponent Opponent’s April 5th League Position
1st October EFL Cup 0-0

W on Penalties

Liverpool 6th
4th October Premier League 2-1 Sheffield United 20th
17th October Premier League 0-1 Manchester City 1st
22nd October Europa League 2-1 Rapid Wien
25th October Premier League 0-1 Leicester City 3rd
29th October Europa League 3-0 Dundalk


We got 4 wins out of 6 for October. We beat one top 6 side and the bottom placed team. We lost two matches to top 3 sides. We lost two Premier League matches after a win each in a cup competition prior.



Let’s look at the matches for November and see how we fared.

Date Competition Result Opponent Opponent’s April 5th League Position
1st November Premier League 1-0 Manchester United 2nd
5th November Europa League 3-0 Molde
8th November Premier League 0-1 Leicester City 3rd
22nd November Premier League 0-0 Leeds United 11th
26th November Europa League 3-0 Molde
29th November Premier League 1-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 14th


We won 3 out of 6 matches. We beat one top 2 side. Lost to a top 3 side and bottom half side. We drew against a bottom half side. We also beat all sides in the Europa League we faced. We lost a Premier League match and a drew a Premier League match right after a win in a cup competition and then lost another Premier League match after a cup competition win.


September-October-November Recap:

We managed to win 11 games. We drew in one game. We lost 5 games. We won 11 out of 17 games. That’s not the best start to the season. Interestingly enough, we managed to lose 4 Premier League games right after having won a Cup Competition game. We also drew 1 Premier League match after having won a Cup Competition game. That means that 5 Premier League games were not won after having won a Cup Competition prior to those matches.

Results Premier League Cup Competition
Win 4 7
Draw 1 0
Lose 5 0



Let’s now look at how we fared in December.

Date Competition Result Opponent Opponent’s April 5th League Position
3rd December Europa League 4-1 Rapid Wien
6th December Premier League 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur 5th
10th December Europa League 4-2 Dundalk
13th December Premier League 0-1 Burnley 15th
16th December Premier League 1-1 Southampton 13th
19th December Premier League 1-2 Everton 8th
22nd December EFL Cup 1-4 Manchester City 1st
26th December Premier League 3-1 Chelsea 4th
29th December Premier League 1-0 Brighton & Hove Albion 16th


We managed to win 4 out of 9 games. We beat one top 4 side and one bottom half side. We drew against a bottom half side. We lost to the league leaders, 2 top 8 sides and to a bottom half side. We also won all our Europa League matches and lost our EFL Cup match. We have the usual pattern of losing 3 Premier League matches and drawing 1 Premier League match after a Europa League win. Interestingly enough, after our EFL Cup loss we managed to win two Premier League matches. It seems that winning in one competition enforces our efforts in that competition and losing in one competition enforces our efforts towards other competitions. We seem to not have a focus on winning a particular competition other than the Europa League. The EFL Cup loss must have shocked the team into wanting to win in the Premier League so that they regain confidence for the Europa League.



Let’s take a look at January.

Date Competition Result Opponent Opponent’s April 5th League Position
2nd January Premier League 4-0 West Bromwich Albion 19th
9th January FA Cup 2-0 Newcastle United 17th
14th January Premier League 0-0 Crystal Palace 12th
18th January Premier League 3-0 Newcastle United 17th
26th January Premier League 3-1 Southampton 13th
30th January Premier League 0-0 Manchester United 2nd


We managed to win 4 out of 6 games. We won against four bottom half sides. We drew against a top 2 side and a bottom half side. Interestingly enough, the EFL Cup from December still had an effect as Arsenal went on a winning streak and even won two games after the FA Cup win. We did also draw a game after the FA Cup win. This is the second time this has happened the whole season since the Community Shield win against Liverpool.


This is a good time to look at the Winter Transfer period.


Transfers In Transfers Out
Ryan Saliba
Odegaard Kolasinac


Let’s look at the Transfers Out first.


Saliba was sent out on loan as Arteta did not deem him ready for the Premier League.


Kolasinac was sent out on loan to decrease the number of players in the squad.


Macey was allowed to leave on a Free Transfer. This was done as he was not deemed good enough to play for the First Team.


Sokratis had his contract mutually terminated. This was done as he was not registered and to decrease the number of players in the squad.


Ozil was released from his contract. This was done as he was not registered and to decrease the number of players in the squad.


Willock was sent out on loan. This was done for Willock to get more playing time and to decrease the number of players in the squad.


Mustafi terminated his contract with Arsenal. This was done to decrease the number of players in the squad.


Maitland-Niles was sent out on loan. This was done as he needed more game time and he was consistently unhappy with his playing position. This also decreased the number of players in the squad.


Now let us look at the Transfers In:


Ryan was brought in on loan to provide competition to Leno and to be his backup.


Odegaard was brought in on loan to provide that creative spark in attack. He has done that exceptionally well.


In total, 8 players left Arsenal and 2 joined. The team is now 6 players smaller and much easier for Arteta to manage. The letting go of Sokratis and Ozil also meant that they were then able to play football again. The release of Ozil also eased media pressure on Ozil and Arteta regarding his future. The bringing in of Odegaard has also increased Arsenal’s attacking potency.



Now let’s look at February.

Date Competition Result Opponent Opponent’s April 5th League Position
2nd February Premier League 1-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 14th
6th February Premier League 0-1 Aston Villa 9th
14th February Premier League 4-2 Leeds United 11th
18th February Europa League 1-1 Benfica
21st February Premier League 0-1 Manchester City 1st
25th February Europa League 3-2 Benfica
28th February Premier League 3-1 Leicester City 3rd


We managed to win 3 out of 7 games. We drew 1 game. We lost 3 games. We won against a top 4 side and a bottom half side. We lost against the league leaders, a top half side and a bottom half side. We drew a Europa League game and won a Europa League game. We lost two games in a row right after our draw in January with Manchester United. We then won a game prior to a Europa League match. We lost a Premier League match after a Europa League draw. We then won the return fixture of our Europa league matches. We then strangely enough for the second time this season won a Premier League match after a Europe League win. We seem to come alive in the Europa League matches and decline prior to the Europa League matches and after. Bar the win against Leicester City. This begins to make one think, have we been after Europa League success since the beginning of the 2020-2021 season?



Let us look at March and our only match in April.

Date Competition Result Opponent Opponent’s April 5th League Position
6th March Premier League 1-1 Burnley 15th
11th March Europa League 3-1 Olympiakos
14th March Premier League 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur 5th
18th March Europa League 0-1 Olympiakos
21st March Premier League 3-3 West Ham United 7th
3rd April Premier League 0-3 Liverpool 6th


We managed to win 2 games out of 6. We drew 2 games. We lost 2 games. We won against a top 6 side. We drew against two top half sides. We lost against a top 6 side. We did something different this month from every month prior. We won a Premier League after a Europa League win. We managed to do this against Tottenham Hotspur. We did this, I believe, strictly from desire. Desire to be better than Tottenham Hotspur. We have only seen this desire prior to this game in Europe League Matches. We then lost a Europa League match, drew a Premier League game and lost a Premier League game. This is much more like Arsenal this season. Failing for consistency after having won a game they deem important.


December-January-February-March Recap:

We won 12 games. We drew 5 games. We lost 9 games. We won 12 out of 26 games. Let’s look at how we fared right after a Cup Competition game. We won 3 games after a Cup Competition win. We drew 3 games after a Cup Competition game. We lost 4 games after a Cup Competition win.


Results Premier League Cup Competition
Win 8 5
Draw 5 1
Lose 7 2


Full Season Review:


We have not lived up to scratch in the Premier League. We have won 12 games and lost 12 games in the Premier League, and we have drawn 6 games. We have 12 wins out of 30 games. Prior to the second period, we lost one game more than we won. In the second period, we won one more game than we lost. That is not a great improvement but it is an improvement. Statistically speaking we have remained the same in terms of win percentage in the Premier League.

Period Win-Percentage in Premier League
September-November 40%
December-March 40%


This is certainly not top four potential and we are way below the mark necessary to compete for Europe.


In the Cup Competitions we have managed to perform very well. We have won 12 games, drawn 1 and lost 2. This is a definite improvement from our Premier League form. In the first period we won 7 games out of 7. In the second period, we won 5 games, drew 1 game and lost 2 games. Statistically speaking we declined but the quality of the sides increases as the Cup Competitions progress.

Period Win-Percentage in Cup Competitions
September-November 100%
December-March 63%


Results could suggest that we are gunning for the Europa League. This could also suggest that we were never really trying to get into the top four places since the beginning of the season but rather focusing on the Cup Competitions.

Let us know what you think of our season so far and whether we are in it for the Europa League!

As always COYG!


  1. We started so badly, that’s why we are where we are. Clear improvement post Xmas in regards to our own play, and I think we’re also 4/5th in the form table post Xmas.

    Arteta was too cautious, and maybe took too long transitioning into a back four, and improving the attack, although he is learning on the job, in the most difficult of circumstances.

  2. 12 wins 12 losses 6 draws.
    The table does not lie it just does not tell the full story.
    I think the team is 3 wins better than that and should be on around 51 points a couple of points off top 4.
    I think Arsenal will beat Praha on the way to the Final which we will win.
    Then we can say Lies damned lies and statistics.

  3. Our attackers’ inabilities to keep the ball have affected many of our games. Their stats from the Liverpool game alone (Lacazette is L, Aubameyang is A and Pepe is P):

    – Ground duels (won): L 14 (8) – A 6 (2) – P 8 (3)
    – Aerial duels (won): L 4(1) – A 3 (0) – P 4 (3)
    – Possession lost: L 11 – A 10 – P 10
    – Was fouled: L 4 – A 0 – P 1
    – Dribble attempts (succ.): L 1 (0) – A 2 (0) – P 5 (1)

    I can understand Lacazette’s problems, because he was fouled more than any of our attackers. Pepe tried hard by winning more aerial duels and making more dribble attempts

    But Aubameyang’s stats are worrying to see. I believe Aubameyang is more suitable for counter-attacking teams like Rodgers’ and Mourinho’s, not for tippy-tappy football like Guardiola’s and Arteta’s

    1. GOT so you think our problem is as a result of our players inability to deal with long balls?

      1. That was when we played against Liverpool. But our attackers were also not good in ball possession before that, in the previous games

        The worst ones among them are Aubameyang/ Pepe and their inabilities to protect the ball killed many of our attacks. Aubameyang and Pepe are very fast, but I don’t think they can fit in ball hogging teams

  4. we have an overal mediocre season and worst ever position 2 seasons back to back beating increasing that record, saved by cup to make it to EL.

    We now, beating all records in term of coaches with worst being Arteta in all combined stats. Wenger still best record in his last, worst season!.

    We have a management issue, Edu who backs Arteta, both and the one heading them should be out.

    A french expression says that “Only idiots do no change their minds or positions when wrong”.

    Let’s add that Arteta happens to have the best suqad in over a decade.

    We always had an issue in DM and CB position over past years. We never had so much options in middle attack and CBs. Short on back wings, we let jerkinson and Kolas go.

    Guess Saka will be played there or Chambers or 3 in back…

    The pb we did replaced last coach by a coach but an assistant…

    Doing it lid season means that he has one year experience for 2 seasons…

    Learning the job, but promoted to Manager in 6 month time.

    We are a top club, had a legendary coach, then Emery did better than Wenger last year, not in terms of victory and points in EPL, but same position, very close to 4th place, in the race both ways, reaching EL final.

    He asked to Maguire or Koulibaly, Zaha and Partey!

    He got ceballos, Luiz losing Captain Kos, and Pepe!

    He did not get a chance to progress and these 3 players in eaxh lines where precisly what we were missing and what Kos asked in order to stay, beside not cutting his salary by 2….Buy useless Pepe, paying for all that ridiculous management since.

    Reality, we have the best team in decade and worst coach and season!

  5. We went wrong in hiring MA as a first time manager for a club like Arsenal. We are too big of a club to take gambles like that!

    Gerrard proving himself at Rangers first and now with a strong possibility of getting the Liverpool job in a year or two is the way to do it.

    MA strikes me as a bad combination of Pep and Jose. He seems to have a massive ego like Jose and seems to be a chequebook manager like Pep. To me that is the exact opposite of what Arsenal needs, just my opinion.

    1. Cuyff’s first senior management job? Ajax. Zidane’s first? Real Madrid. Guardiola’s? Barcelona. Dalglish? Liverpool They didn’t tiurn out too bad, did they PJ.
      Whilst you may be right that Arteta won’t cut the mustard, it’s wrong to say that big club’s either do or should only take on proven managers.

      1. Read my comment again son.

        Said we couldn’t afford to gamble not that it’s impossible or other clubs shouldn’t. We also gambled on UE so do do it again is stupid. We gambled and lost

        The clubs you mentioned were the top in the world and most with a huge budget which we do not

  6. The obsession with stats in the modern game worries me in that there is a danger that significant decisions are taken in the recruitment of players where more emphasis is placed on data produced than what is seen with the naked eye and assessed in the brain.It gets worse in the way that some fans, and indeed contributors to this site are completely influenced by computer produced info.I think most rational fans would agree that poor recruitment allied to incompetent Management are the reasons for our virtual demise as a side which can challenge, regularly for major honours.Without going into the merits of every player listed in the article,I would like to focus on our inability, as a Club, to recruit a top quality centre back.Why have we consistently failed to bring in a CB who can cope with the demands of the EPL.Someone who has a physical presence,allied to skill, composure and pace.Gabriel is the latest relatively big money buy, who is failing to make the transition from a less demanding League to a really demanding one.Other Clubs, notably Leicester, have recruited successfully ,but their recruitment team is not led by stats but conventional scouting carried out by competent people.Virtually every Club now has access to stats for every league in Europe and beyond, but without a proper scouting system, you simply cannot determine who is likely to make it in the EPL.There may well be a place for state to back up scouting, but it seems to me that we are currently in a situation where the tail is wagging the dog big time.

    1. Corrections : Mhikatarian bought out his Arsenal contract for £500k, whilst Torreira was unhappy in London.
      The principal reason why Arsenal FC is in the position they are in, is because the Board had no succession plan for when Arsene Wenger finally departed.
      After 16 years as Arsenal manager, Wenger was given a 2 year extension. Regardless of the argument as to whether this extension should have been given, the important issue is that the Board failed to put in place a succession plan for the new manager. There appears to have been no consideration/investigation into the type of head coach/manager Arsenal required, style of play, transfer budget for revamping the squad, representing the Club, media presence and communication etc.
      They did however go away from the all encompassing, all powerful manager in the Wenger mould to a three man triumvirate with a head coach. This did not last long and many potential applicants obviously wouldn’t work under it and/or were unhappy with the remuneration package and transfer budget available.
      Also no one appears aware of the performance criteria and targets the Arsenal Board has set for head coach/managers. It appears different depending on whether you arr Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery or Mikel Arteta.

        1. Excellent points, 100% agree.

          Ownership failed, board failed, upper management failed.

          With all that failure how could any manager succeed?

          It doesn’t absolve anyone from individual failures, merely provides context. Afterall, ownership & upper management don’t select players or decide tactics.

          Just making a point that it is a top down failure.

          1. My views are well known on the ” top down failure” stance.

            Well put ozziegunner & Durand, totally agree.

            David Dein is for me a presence we desperately miss at our club, and have struggled to come anywhere near replacing in our boardroom.

            Mr Dein was Arsenal through and through. He celebrated with us when we won, and felt losses as deeply as the average supporter “on the terraces”.

            The last thing Arsenal Football Club was to David Dein was merely a “business”.

            Now I stress NOT as MANAGER, but one name keeps coming to mind as someone who may have the passion, demeanour and capability to bring a real “Arsenal presence” into the upper echelons of our club is a certain David O’Leary.

          2. So true Durand, as per usual we’re on the same page

            as for AJ, I’m always pleased whenever I see someone else addressing the real missing link at this club…the facts speak for themselves, since Dein was sent packing we’ve never even come close to reaching the same heights…left to his own devices Wenger simply couldn’t get the job done…as for those who claim this was due to the financial constraints, this argument rings hollow for me, as I believe that not only would Dein have found other innovative revenue streams, he would likewise never have allowed Wenger to occupy such a monopolized position, which had severe negative connotations for the club during his latter years

            to give another manager such autonomy, especially such a novice, was short-sighted and irresponsible, when what we really needed was someone with the drive, experience, ingenuity and open-mindedness of Dein to guide us out of this malaise

            of course, these types of unique individuals are difficult to find, but to not even try is inexcusable…at least if Diamond Eye had won the power struggle with the scoundrel Raul, we would have had an organizational philosophy that was tried and tested…can someone tell me what our philosophy is now

      1. clearly we had no “real” succession plan, even though the possibility had been bandied about for years and the fact that we had the luxury of witnessing the struggles faced by United post-Fergie…we needed to bring in a Dein-type then hire a manager, for a 1 or 2 year period, who’s sole purpose was to rid the locker room of any deadwood, get our wage bill in check and start the developmental process of our youth prospects…only once this “transitional” phase was completed should we have pursued a managerial candidate we felt could resurrect the brand…Arteta was given a chance to be this candidate, albeit things were complicated further by the administrative upheaval during Emery’s tenure, but instead he and the club started to read his headlines, after the FA win, and jumped the shark with the Willian acquisition…this is when things went off the rails

    2. Grandad, How wonderful to know that there is at least ONE wise fan(besides me and rather few others on JA) who fully understands the FOOLISHNESS of over reliance on stats, to the exclusion of dedicated and experienced scouts, who use their eyes and brain, instead of RELYING on often misleading stats!

      Stats, used alone, can do more harm than good and we are a living example of a club suffering that fate.

      1. Jon- how about the facts and reality that you insist on.
        FACT- We are TENTH in the Premier League
        REALITY- We have gone BACKWARDS since Arteta took over as manager.
        If you would like the statistics to back those comments just let me know.

        1. Phil.. it wasn’t long ago Jon mentioned you, I and a few others and how he’ll love seeing us proven wrong ‘when we come good’…those 4 words tell us everything we need to know…

          1. Sue- he just omitted to tell us exactly how long we will be waiting. Funny that. All the answers. But no answer at all

  7. We are where we are right now because we have a manager who is too scared to stick to his football philosophy, when we play against the small teams we always play out from the back but when we played against the big teams, we will start defending and playing long balls. This sort of thing will definitely confused the players, till now I still don’t know Arteta formation or tactics, as bad as Jose Mourinho might have been, he has a philosophy which everyone knows, kloop has always been about high pressing, Pep fancy possession football, everyone knows Rodgers plays counter attacking football, Ole plays counter attacking football, so what exactly is Arteta own tactics. I was excited when Arteta was appointed because I thought he will bring the same possession football that Pep is known for but no, even Arteta doesn’t seem to know what type of football he’s playing. From the first season of Kloop at Liverpool everyone already knows what he’s type of football is, can anyone say the same about our coach.

  8. Arteta doesn’t know how to implement whatever he is trying to instill in this team. We’l’l hear more about his misdirection when he is sacked, but I suspect the players either don’t understand what he wants, or they disagree with what he wants and don’t buy into it. Still not an excuse for the laziness we routinely see every week. But I don’t think the players have Mikel’s respect. And the fans dont have the players respect, and players have no respect for the fans… basically everything is a mess and the buck falls onto the owner who is totally absent from participating in the vision of this club.

    1. How can it be the owner. He has allowed the club to spend a considerable amount of money on players. The problem, it seems to me, is that the players that have been recruited are for the most part not able to cope with the intensity of the premier league. This is the responsibility of Edu and Arteta . It does not matter how much you spend its how you spend it. It was pointed out previously, the emphasis on data to find players is not enough. It lacks key information on players character and the real potential to succeed in the premier league. Arteta has full responsibility to ensure that players he brings in have the technical ability, physical and mental characteristics which allow him to implement his playing philosophy. In this Arteta and the club have failed. Some of the current squad have little or none of the above which is why,when the pressure is on,we are seeing unacceptable performances from them.

      1. I think some of what you suggest has validity but I do think to pin the situation on just Edu and Arteta who have not been long in their jobs hasn’t accounted for mismanagement of the business by Kroenke for years and to me this has led in large part to the club being where it is today.
        He hires the senior management team and leaves them to their own devices. He’ll probably have a pretty good idea or understanding of his North American franchises, but as anything more than an investment, it looks like he hasn’t got a barking clue what is going on at Arsenal.
        It’s all very well hiring who you think are the right people but if within the club it concludes damagingly high contracts and questionable transfers then somebody somewhere isn’t doing their job properly or has something to gain. The club ends up over remunerating the wrong people over a number of years and as a result the rest are now made up with bargain basement signings and loans with the occasional splash of investment Thank heavens a couple of the younger generation are coming on.
        All of this is going on while Kroenke is nowhere in sight. Faith was put in his senior executives to do the right thing and it looks, instead, as though advantage has been taken of his ignorance of his brand in the UK.
        I think it was ozziegunner who wondered what plan, if any, had been adopted by the club to oversee the direction the club was heading in.
        It looks like until recently the senior management group were not fit for purpose and hopefully, rather late in the day though, Kroenke has eventually reacted to bring in the right people Time will tell if this trickles down in any meaningful way

        1. Thank you SueP, the issues/problems with Kroenke were that he drove out David Dein, a proven performer and maintained or added incompetent non entities to the Board. No succession plan post Arsene Wenger was put in place, nor performance criteria or targets for Wenger or his siucessors to meet. Emery as “head coach” was doomed to fail and Arteta, despite having more power as “manager”, is performing worse with apparently no accountability for himself, Edu or the Board.
          This not the way to run a £2 billion business.

  9. 32 points adrift of the log leaders after 30 games, means that we are not competitive. It has never happened since 1999 when I started supporting Arsenal. It’s happening now whwn Arteta is in charge. We made a mistake by appointing Arteta as a Manager

    1. We haven’t been competitive in the league for 17 years, so many others to blame, especially those that created, and were complicit with mediocrity at Arsenal.

      Big job for Arteta, and from what we saw, too big a job for Emery, to change that kind of long standing mentality.

      1. “We haven’t been competitive for 17 years..”really?as you can see I haven’t included 4th 5th or even 6th finishes which now seems to be our benchmark nowused (with their we are only few points from 6th…)
        I guess we have a different understanding of being competitive in the PL!

        1. Yes we do, because I mean putting in a genuine title challenge.

          Take your last example, the 15/16 season (Wenger’s worst ever league campaign, despite not being his lowest finish). We were NEVER in the race. We only snatched 3rd right at the last minute from Spurs who messed up. That’s not a title challenge.

          Many other times we were top for a while, reference the 13/14 season (if I remember correct). We finished that season 4th, but were top longer than the three teams that finished above us, combined. Despite being top for ages, we never looked like winning the league, and as per usual we crumbled once the pressured part of the season kicked in.

          1. Third Man in fairness there was no mention of fighting for the title in your comment but being competitive in the PL!i mean if you have 16 17 18 teams out 20 finishing behind you that’s being competitive for me but as you mention fighting for the title well you’re right that’s a different story!

  10. If our Prof can run devellopment at fofa, he certainly run Arsenal.

    Viera has more experience than Arteta who was an assistant year ago.

    He is more settled and all to succeed home.To add Henry, will keep our image and us attrack top young players.

    To have Prof to zdvise both and have our youth academy flowing is simply a dream and reality should and can be’

  11. Easy to say Armoury but what about some constructive thoughts as to how we can improve the situation with this group of players most of whom have contributed precious little to the cause this season.Given a blank sheet of paper and unlimited funds I would retain only 7 of our current player pool which represents only 28%.Unfortunately we live in the real world and as far as I am aware Arteta does not process to have a magic wand.

    1. Well grandad- being such an admirer as you are of Arteta, and he brought seven players of his own choosing to the club, I take it everyone else other than those seven are the ones you want to see gone. I take it I am reading you correctly.

      1. Sorry to interfere again Phil but do you think that without a complete re-boot the club can claw its way up? My view is that over so many years insufficient interest has been taken by Kroenke in the running of his investment coupled with little idea if his senior staff are doing their jobs properly. I just picked up on a post, I think by AJ who mentioned David Dein who understood every bit of the club. Since his departure there has been no one I can think of who has worn the mantle. A football man and an Arsenal man.
        I genuinely believe that a large part of this club’s fall has been down to not having such a man involved and it is rudderless

        1. SueP- It’s almost as though the day DD was forced out of Arsenal was the exact time everything began to slowly implode. AW lost his wingman but Arsenal Football Club lost a whole lot more. The loss this Club has suffered over this one wrong and immoral decision by the Board at the time has cost more than can ever be imagined. That one man knew more about this Club, and football around the globe, than anyone, yet he was deemed to be a hindrance and obstacle to the club’s future. Not the best of decisions I would suggest

          1. And there the problem lies,Phil and Sue P. Where in Kroenke’s organisation are Arsenal going to find such a forward thinking innovator who had the club’s best interests at heart. Definitely not amongst the yes men and self interested opportunists currently running the club.

          2. The appointments of Tim Lewis and Richard Garlick, in my view, are positive steps to bring required expertise to the Arsenal organization
            However David O’Leary is highly qualified and experienced in football management, yet his advances to Arsenal FC are constantly rebutted.

  12. Now Phil there is no need to be cynical.I have never said I admire Arteta, I just do not see the benefits of sacking yet another Manager when he will inherit a mediocre bunch of players.Arteta , and Edu who I believe is the main decision maker when it comes to acquisitions,have made a number of errors of judgement which have frustrated me just as they obviously annoy you.Making wrong decisions is part of life, but the trick is to more than make up for them which can take time.For your info Phil , if I was given a clean sheet of paper, and the necessary financial backing I would retain Tierney, Partey, Saka,ESR, Martinelli, Odegaard and Leno who it has to be said has been poor of late.I exclude from that list some of our promising young players such as Balogun etc.As a matter of interest Phil who would you clear out apart from Arteta ?

    1. @Grandad- my first answer would be that out of the seven players brought into the Club by Arteta, the only two you would retain are Partey and Odegard. I actually find that surprisingly if I’m honest, as I can see more in most of his choices than you suggest.
      Mari I like, but as a squad player. He cost very little and was an improvement on Sokritis.
      Gabriel I believe will progress. He is, in my opinion of course, the best CB we have at the Club and looks fairly comfortable paired with Luiz. I hope to see a CB pairing of Saliba and Gabriel, mentored and covered by Luiz next season.
      Cedric, what is not to like? He will never be a natural first choice behind Hakimi, if rumours are to be believed, but he covers both full back positions when required, and is, again in my opinion, a better option than Bellerin has proven to be this season.
      Willian. Wow what a mistake this signing has turned out to be. Honestly, with the players we had, what has he brought to the team that was not there already? Ozil sidelined. Nelson overlooked. Pepe in and out of favour for a player who has just not justified this wages. If Edu was ultimately responsible for this, bearing in mind his connections through the Agent and Brazil, he should be sacked on the grounds of gross inefficiency. A terrible decision on a player who could likely be here for two more years. What signal is that to our youth players?
      In regards youth players, I just cannot understand what Martinelli needs to do to get a game. Arteta sees him every day, and the reports suggest he tears it up in training, yet is constantly overlooked in spite of our attack being spineless at times.
      Balogun? There’s a real goal scorer there I’m sure, yet he is another continually overlooked by Arteta with the ineffective Nketiah always included. Thers obviously an issue between a young hungry talent and what seems a very obstinate manager,
      Cebellos? Nope not for me. Has a little of everything with not enough of one particular skillset. I understand why Arteta wanted continuity this season, but it hasn’t worked so the player should not be signed.
      Holdings new contract? I would sell him to the highest bidder, which.will not be too many and not for very much. He’s behind everyone including Luiz, highlighted by the horror show on Saturday. No leadership qualities and no improvement since we signed him.
      Calumn Chambers- I would keep. He offers cover and seems happy to be a squad player. His versatility will prove beneficial over a full season.
      Xhaka. He does his job and that’s it, but we need someone much much better than this and Arteta knows this more than anyone. We should get rid of fairly easily as he is apparently rated in Germany and other European leagues, but is not the standard we need. Azeez looks very very promising and I hope he is gradually introduced next season. But Partey needs someone now who is proven and Arteta knows this.
      Lacazette? Sell him. There is apparent interest so get rid.
      Aubamayang? Nobody will match that contract so he will be going nowhere and that is a ditto for Pepe.
      Leno- difficult for any keeper with this team “ defending” in front of them, andtbis is despite Arteta supposedly drilling us into a more defensively sound unit. I believe Liverpool would not agree with that statement.
      So Grandad, where do. I finish? We will I believe do better business in the transfer market than. most teams. Why I’m not sure, but I feel Kronke will prove a few wrong and finance the deals the manager wants.
      Will that manager be Arteta? If we are top 7 and EL, then he sneaks another season,. If we win the Europa Cup, which we are more than capable of doing, then CL Football will be welcome. If we do not get either of those options, then failure must not be rewarded and Kronke MUST do whatever is required and pay whatever is needed to get Naglesman to Arsenal. This guy will do everything Arteta wants to do, but fails repeatedly to deliver. For those who watched RB Liepzig very unluckily go down 0-1 to Bayern they will agree this manager took the game to probably the best team in the world, and were very unlucky not to win. No fear from his players. A style ofplay that caused Bayern huge problems all game. Compared to our meek surrender to Liverpool. Again.
      Just my opinion of course.

      1. I preferred Nagelsmann from the beginning over Arteta. Delivers results, improves youth, gets production from his players.

        Instills discipline, tactical, and his teams play good football and are competitive.

        Young coach who understands the modern game. I believe he’s the next manager to make it big, we should bring him in this Summer

        1. It’s interesting what you say about Nagelsmann and he is very much on a lot of people’s radar having got his team up the league and into the CL.

          Relatively speaking he is unproven. No league or cup titles yet, I believe. Do you think this could hamper Arsenal if he joined as his CV has been sound as manager but has not yet borne any fruit? I understand your frustration with Arteta but is he at the level yet that Arsenal should be aiming for? Can Arsenal afford not to have a more experienced man?

      2. Good comprehensive piece Phil. Can’t argue with Nagelsman, he is one of the few I think may be able to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear. I’ve admired him for a while. I think he would relish the challenge, unless like many he is holding out for one particular club. I dont reckon MA will go inside 6 more months even if no improvement though.

  13. Good, in regard to AFC, all that’re needed to be said by JustArsenal about the club and the 1st team that is competing to win honours this season in all competitions for the club have all been said to the letter. I would imagine.

    But all the sayings are to no avail as Arsenal are yet to show match winning consistency in all competitions losing out in the Carabao and FA Cup this season. But are still in the Europa League Cup competing to win the Cup this season as their season saver after losing just once at home in the competition so far this season’s campaign.

    But it is pertinent to ask Mikel Arteta and the 23 man Gunners team he’ll select to play at the Ems tomorrow night against Slavia Prague if they will beat them convincingly in the match to keep us Gooners hope rising of qualifying for the semifinals of the competition after the return leg match away to Slavia Prague has been played.

    And in the Premier League, will Arsenal make it 8 wins out of their remaining 8 matches this season to end the season on a high? And possibly pick a ticket to early assured us of their playing in Europe next season. Despite that if Arsenal win the ELC this season which they can and ought to win. It will give us the assurance of Arsenal playing in Europe next season.

  14. Can I ask those who want Arteta out NOW to change the record just for a minute, based on my assumption that regardless of results its highly likely that he will get at least 6 months more.
    Rather than simply answer “sack him” to every question and treat that as the solution to all problems, can you answer based on him staying?
    I would like to hear what the club and Arteta can do based on that scenario to improve.

  15. I’m willing to give Arteta up to January. Simply because he helped us win 2 trophies ( 1 major and 1 minor ).

    If we win the EL then happy to give another full season plus

  16. The simple answer is in December when we should have removed arteta and brought in one of the available options … personally I still think sarri would be a good fit but tutchel was available and pochetinno ( yes money talks whatever he said)… anyway he’s here til season end when I predict we will finish no better than last season and with no trophy ( if we win EL would reconsider) but agree with others that the real problem lies in indifferent ownership and sadly it’s not clear to me what the answer to that is .. and the only way to nullify it is with a top class manager … bielsa?

  17. It takes more than just the manager to build a good team. There is always other factors whether that’s money or great recruitment or something else. Pochettinho is often given as an example of a top manager and it’s fair to say he improved Spurs a little without winning anything. Personally I doubt he would have improved Spurs at all if the young Kane that emerged from the academy had proved to be merely a good 15 goal a season striker. Kane being a 30 goal a season player who cost nothing is the man who made Pochettinho. With the Arsenal,
    decisions made at the club need to be improved significantly. We can all see us paying over the odds on transfer fees for players and awarding ridiculous salaries and then a few years later letting these expensive assets go for free. This is bound to result in a decline for a club running a self sustaining strategy. You can’t keep throwing money away and expect to prosper. There was an article the other day about us considering selling Saka. We all know there is no chance of this because we will wait until his contract expires and let him go for free. Until we stop this nonsense we have no chance of improving.

  18. Bring in Brenda Rogers and half of the Leicester board and watch us fly .
    He has a lot to prove in this league knowing he should have won the prem with Liverpool and his tactical skills as a manager are underrated ,he would be my first choice and I said that when Emery was fired .

  19. Dan- I have a good hunch for Paul Casey at The Masters. He is long, straight and knows the course so well. He has been in decent form the last couple of years and I’m tipping him as a rank outsider.
    But I know pretty much nothing about football so don’t bet your mortgage on this mate

    1. DeChambeau for me Phil ,Cameron smith outsider ,love the Sunday late
      Night masters if it goes to the wire ,especially if we have just been done over by sheff Utd it might cheer me up .

      1. I just cannot see that driver keeping him in play for four rounds Dan- but if he’s in play he has a very small iron second shot that’s for sure
        Sheffield Utd? No problem mate. Not with our defence. And Xhaka back, and goals for fun

  20. Is there really any need for such a scientific analysis regarding Arsenal’s ongoing decline? I thought it was quite simple. Lack of quality, lack of discipline and lack of ideas. Fixing it will not be so simple.

  21. Arteta has made a success out of failure. As our club slip into the abyss of mediocrity Arteta has become untouchable. With cheap uncaring owners nothing will change….pure failure. This is the club who thrilled the world with Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Robert Pires. Now look where Arteta has taken us.

  22. Uh the article is about this season.. a lot of people have missed the point!!
    This season has been a disappointment. 12 defeats and counting…. 10th in the table… rookie or not, I expected better.
    Matchday has arrived… confident? I’ll let you know later 😂

  23. Thanks for your input Phil.I appreciate we cannot unload every player who is less than top quality, and apart from Holding I agree with most of your suggestions.I hope Gabriel comes good because we could really do with a CB on whom we can depend.

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